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Inter house football and netball

On Friday 27th September Year 5 and 6 had their annual Inter house football and netball tournaments. All of the teams played really well and the experienced players helped children who were playing their first competitive matches. All of the games were exciting and there was great sportsmanship between all of the players. We have posted some photographs and some videos of our tournament for you to watchThe winners of both the netball and football tournaments were HOLST – congratulations!!!Check out our fab videos below – click on link to open.IMG_0330[1] IMG_0307[1]       

Our First Whole Week All Together

This week we have been playing with all of our class mates. We have had great fun learning to help each other and play with new friends.\n\nThis week we made self portraits by looking in a mirror and painting what we saw, we really liked holding the paint brushes and mixing the paints. We love looking for our portraits on the wall display we have made.\n\nAt the end of this week we enjoyed Toy Time in the classroom before all sitting to eat lunch in the hall. The mid day supervisors told Mr Lewis that we all ate our lunch brilliantly (even though we were very tired!).\n\nWe are looking forward to spending some full days at school with our friends next week.

Forest School and real fire!

Base camp

On Monday we had our first Forest School session with Mr Pritchard.  We were looking for items to burn on our camp- fire linked to both our Science topic and our Fire Topic work.  We sorted them into two piles, predicting whether they would burn or not. Mayanna lit the fire and we tested our predictions by seeing if our items would burn. After that,  we could choose what we wanted to do in the Forest School area but we were not allowed to walk inside the base camp circle because of the fire. Some of us built a wigwam and hung  string from inside it, lots of us lined up to have a go on the rope swing, some of us dug into the soil with little trowels and looked for creatures and some of us discovered fungi.  We all loved it and are looking forward to our next session. Mrs Armstrong was there too with some parent helpers.In maths this week we have learnt how to add and take away tens – some of us found it hard but persevered, some of us got it and loved doing lots. Some of us even came in  and did extra during lunch for fun!We have gone crazy for Dr Seuss this week and have a big collection of books  in the classroom now. We all have different favourite stories by him. His rhymes are funny and silly.We had Writing Cafe this Friday –  Maddy, Jayden and Marley were the best customers, writing lots and sharing the snacks.Tyler took the stick insects home last week and the magic pot will choose who has them next……. 

Does soil burn?


Free play with our friends time


We took turns on the rope swing.

Our fun packed week in Year 3

We’ve watched a couple of short video clips in Literacy this week. Our favourite was the video about an Anaconda, which was scary but awesome!  Once we had watched this video, we wrote a summary about it in our books. The Polar Bears video was more cute than scary. For this video we wrote notes as we watched it to help us to write a summary.In Numeracy this week we have been looking at adding and subtracting 1, 10 and 100 to 3 digit and 4 digit numbers. This is what our homework is about we should be experts at this now.We had great fun trying lots of different fillings in DT this week. We now realise that some foods we haven’t tried before, we actually like! For example: cucumber, sweetcorn, beetroot and red onion. However, we found the red onion quite hot and spicy.In RE we found out about why people enjoy reading the Bible and why the Bible is so special to Christians. Did you know the Bible is a best seller!We enjoyed doing a class survey in Science about Year 3’s pets diets. This was interesting because we learnt about the food different animals like. Even though one cat might eat fish doesn’t mean other cats like fish too.*** Certificate of Achievement*** – “I felt ecstatic because it was my first time in Year 3 getting a certificate.” – Luke

Year 4’s Exciting Canal Trip

On Tuesday Year 4 went on our canal trip.  We walked along the canal from our school, all the way to Ryeford Double Lock.  Along the way we saw lots of interesting things.First we saw a new swing bridge outside Ebley Mill.  We also saw the flood gates, which are there to stop the houses in Ebley from flooding.  They work by pushing the water back towards the centre of Stroud, away from Ebley.Next we saw Cloth Mills Bridge.  This is a new bridge, so there weren’t any rope marks from where the men pulled the trows through.After this we saw a spill weir.  We think that a spill weir is there to take any excess water away from the canal to the River Frome, so that the canal doesn’t flood.Next was Oil Mills Bridge, which is an old bridge with rope marks in the brick and the iron covering, from where the men used to pull the trows.  The top half of Oil Mills Bridge is newer than the bottom half, and has a hole built into it for bats to live.  There is a mill by Oil Mills Bridge, which used to be a cloth mill, then it turned into an animal factory, now it makes fake snow for films.Finally we arrived at Ryeford Double Lock.  Ryeford double lock has 3 big gates to control the water level.  We learnt how to open and close the lock gates.  We also learnt how slow the Trow’s would have travelled when men had to pull them, because in groups of 7, we tried pulling a 26 tonne barge!  The captain of the barge called us all very good donkeys!  We were taught a saying for people who work on the canal, it was: No rush, No fuss, That’s us!Lock’s were built along the canal so that boats could travel up and down hills.  We also saw a canal boat called Goliath. Our certificate this week was awarded to Keira, for being a supportive and encouraging team member in our swimming lessons.  Keira says: “I was stunned to get my certificate”.

Forest Fun and Writing Cafe Frolics.

This week the children wanted to talk about their Forest School experiences and the unusual people they meet in Writing Cafe.Tell me about Forest School this week:

  • We be making some bread and little houses out of wood. We catch little bugs and look at them and I like the thing with the rope swing.
  • In the Forest School I catched a little baby bee. I didn’t hear the buzz noise but I saw the pointy bit at the back and the stripeys.
  • My mum says “Don’t scrape them into the little box or you might kill them.”
  • And they won’t see their mummies again…
  • …and their daddies…
  • … and their grannies… (and a whole other crowd of assorted relatives!)
  • I like it when we builded a bonfire.
  • Mrs. Young says, “No pick; no lick!”

What do you enjoy most about Writing Cafe?

  • I like eating carrots and pears. (Break time fruit is available as finger food on the table while the children are thinking what to write.)
  • I like writing.
  • We get to eat and write. I writed about the scarecrow. He was scary.
  • I like it when you colour.
  • I wrote about the Lost Sheep. he got stuck in a hole.
  • Pig poster…and bananas!
  • Arabella the waitress (The children’s Writing Cafe name for Mrs. Libbiter, our TA. Mrs. newbould is called Madam Mim and we have a mysterious burly chef called Shirley.)


Interhouse Week for Year 5

We’re looking forward to this afternoon when we will be taking part in our first Inter-house tournament. We have had a fun week where we watched a video clip on Internet Safety as part of our first ICT lesson. We used a website to find out how safe our passwords are. Some of us were shocked at how easy our password was to hack! Yesterday we also looked at King Henry VIII’s wives and their tragic ends.

This week in Year 6…….. (20.09.13)

What we have been up to this week in year 6

This week we have learnt about the evacuation during World War Two. During Literacy lessons we have been writing diaries in role about being evacuated to Cornwall or Devon. We thought about and how we would feel about leaving our families to live with complete strangers. We started by doing some hot-seating so that we could find out what an evacuee might be thinking. We started to type our diary entries up using the netbooks.On Wednesday we had PE. Because it was raining we did rowing, table tennis and indoor golf – we even got to make our own golf course! In Science we have been studying micro-organisms. In this weeks’ lesson groups of us went out with Mrs Evans to set up experiments to see how long it would take different foods to get mouldy. So far the plums have already gone mouldy and its only been one day!! The whole school has houses and every child collects house points for their house if they do a great piece of work or work really hard. Also in year 6 we do a special raffle so that anyone who gets a house point will also get a raffle ticket. Every Friday we do a raffle – whoever wins gets a prize (This week Martyna was the winner!). We have also been making small models of air raid shelters to help us get ready for making much bigger ones for our DT project.That’s all for now but we hope you read next weeks blog. ByeBy  Georgie and James

Scarecrows and sandwiches in Year 1

Here are some of the things we have enjoyed recently in Year One…….\n\nMarnie:  I liked making the scarecrow’s trousers; they were really sticky! ( We have made a life sized collage of a scarecrow, in case you were wondering. Sam designed his giant carrot nose.)\n\nZachary: I enjoyed drawing someone’s face. I drew Archie. ( and Archie drew Zach.)\n\nPhebe: Making bread and sandwiches, they were really yummy.\n\nIzzie: It was fun watching the bread mixing and putting different things in the sandwiches. (Fillings that is, not some strange Science experiment.)\n\nAdam: I was very good in PE twisting like a seed.\n\nAnd Nicholas had a certificate for being such a kind friend.\n\nWhat a busy week. Keep watching for more news about our farm topic and have fun this weekend.

Bread Tasting Mania and Dinosaur Mayhem in Year 3

BREAD TASTING MANIA\n\nWe tried ten different breads on Wednesday! We had a great time … until the rye bread came out!! Basically the whole class put it straight in the bin except Haydon, Noah, Harry B, Ella -Mae, Kyle and Jack C.\n\nDINOSAUR MAYHEM\n\nWe have had great fun researching about dinosaurs.\n\n*How long ago did they live? Did you know they lived 65 million years ago!\n\n*When did they die? Did you know that scientists believe that an asteroid hit the earth causing a dust cloud which made dinosaurs extinct.\n\n*Where did they live? Did you know that some dinosaurs could swim under water.\n\n***Certificate of Achievement*** ‘I felt a bit embarassed going up in Church but I was quite pleased with myself.’ – Ella – Mae\n\n 

Friday 20th September – Year 4’s Week

This week in Literacy Year 4 have been continuing to look at instructions.  We enjoyed writing different sets of instructions, which have included how to play a game, and how to draw a picture.  We then followed the instructions to see if they worked.  We have also enjoyed Maths this week because the working out that we have been doing has been a challenge.This week our homework is based on our DT lessons.  We had to create a questionnaire in school, then get someone to fill it in as our homework.We also had a visitor this week from the Cotswold Canal Trust, who introduced our trip, ready for next week.  We looked at the Wallbridge painting, to see what we could see.  Some of the things we saw were a lock, a trow and the Stroud Scarlet fabric which was being dried in the fields.This afternoon we had PE and we were doing Netball.  For the first time, we got to play a full game of Netball, which was AWESOME!  It was a little bit difficult to remember not to run with the ball and the rules about where we were allowed to go.This week our certificate was awarded to Andrew, for persevering with his Maths work, even when he found it tricky.  “I was stunned when Mr Weekes called my name.  The reason I got it was because my Maths work was really tricky, and I took most of the lesson to complete it because I kept making mistakes”.  Luckily Andrew stuck with it and by the end of the lesson he understood what he was doing and had done his corrections.

Skipping, sorting, singing and story telling in Y2

This week we have learnt how to role play our Indian folk tale “The Tiger Child”.  One person in the group narrated the story using their story map while the rest of the group mimed the story, playing various characters.\n\nWe’ve also done lots of sorting this week in both Maths and Science. We sorted 2D shapes with Mrs Morris on Tuesday and then on Wednesday in Science we sorted materials according to different properties into a Venn diagram.  Some of the properties we chose to sort them by were rough, soft, fluffy, hard, smooth and transparent.\n\nIn PE we are starting to learn how to skip. Some of us are really good at it but some of us can’t do it at all and we want to improve.\n\nY2’s Art club started this week with Miss Oxford and we are exploring colour patterns. Some of us have joined lunchtime singing club and we are learning how to sing The Floppy Ear Song.\n\nWe can’t wait to find out who is taking the stick insects home for the weekend…….!

Reception Class All in Together

This week we have had the excitement of meeting all of our classmates. For the last two days of this week we have all been playing and learning together. We have been making some new friends and enjoying meeting up with old friends from playgroup. Mr Lewis has given us all special tags that help us to choose activities and enable us to share the resources in the classroom. Some of us have had the opportunity to eat our lunch in the hall with all of the other children and next week the rest of the class will join in too. We have been enjoying some wonderful reading and love bringing our reading books home to share. Our e-learning journeys have been set up this week and an email message has been sent home so that our parents can see exactly what we are doing at school as we do it!

K’Nex Challenge and Our Week by Year 5

Our favourite thing we did this week was the K’Nex challenge. This involved learning how to use gears to move specific parts of a model. We learned how to make the axle spin at the same time as the wheels. We worked in pairs to make a carnival float and shared ideas to improve our models. At the end of the afternoon, a winning pair was chosen to represent the school at a competition in Cheltenham. We also enjoyed doing PE with Year 6 where we played Table Tennis and Crazy Golf. We made our own golf courses using materials from around the classroom. It was our final lesson today of learning about the Plague, we wrote a story about someone who was living during 1665.

Year 4’s Fun First Week!

In Year 4 this week we have been VERY busy!In Literacy we have been learning about instructions.  At the start of the week we did some finger painting.  We had to make a picture with a bonfire and some fireworks by following a good set of instructions.  Then we told Miss Beebee how to make a picture but we put the instructions in the wrong order!  Miss Beebee’s picture was rubbish because half of it was on the table and half on the newspaper!  We also made exciting posters about how to help fairytale characters.  This week we also started a busy round robin timetable where we do lots of different activities all related to reading.  We particularly enjoyed the silent reading in the reading corner.We have done lots of fun things in our foundation subjects.  In DT we looked at our own and others money containers.  We discovered that money containers can be any shape, size and colour.  We also enjoyed finding out about canals in our History topic.  We learnt that canals are man made and they do not flow.  We had a brilliant PE lesson today where we learnt different stretches for our muscles and learnt some of the rules of Netball.  We practiced chest passes.We have been doing lots of Mental Maths tests which we enjoy because they are a challenge.  We score a house point if we beat our score from last time.  This makes us motivated to improve our scores.Finally we have also enjoyed a tricky Science lesson where we learnt about solids and liquids and the differences between them.  We also learnt about the particle theory – ask us to explain it to you!Our certificate this week was for: Aaron for ‘asking brilliant Scientific questions to enable him to have a fantastic grasp of a very tricky concept’.  Aaron said: ”I felt very excited going to pick up my certificate.  The question that I asked was: if particles close together mean that you can see things, then why can’t you see air?  The answer is: because the particles in air are so far apart”.

Our Second Week in Year 2!

This week in Year Two we have been storymapping the Indian Folk Tale, “The Tiger Child”. Our Topic is called Fire! Fire! and this story is all about how the tiger lost his fire and became a cat.  We will be telling this story to our parents, Nannys and Grandads, cats, hamsters, dogs, rabbits and cuddlies on the weekend for homework.In Year Two we have some new pets which we are very excited about. Mrs Armstrong is going to show us how to keep the stick insects, clean them out and feed them. Then every weekend she will choose someone to take them home and look after them.

Reception Children’s First Week at School

Since the start of term we have been getting used to our new school. We have met our teachers and support staff as well as all of the other adults and children in the school. We have all enjoyed exploring the classroom and engaging in the huge selection of activities that are available to help us learn. We particularly enjoyed splashing in puddles and playing with the water pipes outside. Inside the classroom we have been very good at learning new routines, especially when the tidy up or line up music plays. We are looking forward to meeting all of our classmates next week.

Year 1’s First Website Blog

This week we have been listening to the ‘Little Red Hen’ story. We also learnt about farms. Then we made some bread. We put the ingredients in the bread tin. The bread machine mixed them up. The bread machine warmed the bread up. The bread rose because of the yeast. Then the bread cooked. It got hotter and hotter and hotter! We made sandwiches with the bread for the little red hen. It was fantastic!!!