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“I went to Kenya” Y3+Y4

On Tuesday Year 3 and 4 spent the day as Kenyans – Iain from ‘World Class citizens’ came in and took Y3 and Y4 on an imaginary journey to Kenya in East Africa.Preparing for a Kenyan wedding Building a giant map of Africa “Which country goes here?”Kenyan fashion!Maasai jumping competition! www.worldclasscitizens.co.uk 


YEAR 6 HALF TERM HOMEWORK – Website list: (these are some websites that you can try) http://www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/Britain.html  (lots of ww2 info)http://www.ducksters.com/history/world_war_ii/d-day_invasion_of_normandy.php      (D-day)http://ww2throughthelens.blogspot.co.uk/2009/03/miracle-of-dunkirk.html (Dunkirk)http://www.ducksters.com/history/world_war_ii/pearl_harbor_attack.php (Pearl Harbour)http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/maritime/collections/boa/   (Battle of the Atlantic)http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/world_war2/ (General ww2 website – games and videos)http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/the-battle-of-el-alamein-begins (Battle for North Africa – a tricky topic!) Good luck Y6 – I look forward to seeing what you find out!! {Mr Baird}

Our First Whole Term!

We have completed our first term at school!\n\nThis week was very exciting. It was Africa Week. We spent the week learning about African animals and fruits that grow in Africa.\n\nimage\n\n\n\nWe had great fun being on Safari in the role play area.\n\nimage\n\n\n\nThe Lion King film inspired us to make a sunset silhouette picture. We painted the background and then cut out silhouettes to stick on.\n\n\nimage\n\n\n\nWe loved retelling the story of Handa’s Surprise and impressed Mr Lewis because we all tried the fruits from the story. Many of us were surprised ourselves when we found out that we liked mangos and passion fruits!\n\nNext week is half term holidays but please check back here the week after for more information and pictures of what we have been learning about at school.

AFRICA week!

Making bracelets at our end of term party

Our Africa week has been really good because we made some Fire children out of saltdough. We baked them and painted them. Mrs Armstrong read us the story of The Fire Children, a West African Folktale, around the fire during Forest School. We were drinking hot chocolate which Mr Pritchard made with his Kelly Kettle.There has been a box on the stage all week with a sign up that says DANGER DO NOT FEED. We don’t know what is in the box! We all have different ideas.For homework we all found out about different countries in Africa. My country was Egypt (Billy) and mine was Nigeria (Milly). We made a giant map and made little maps of our countries and stuck them on.  See photos!On Wednesday Richard and Louis from Cameroon came and taught us how to dance. Richard is the drummer and Louis is a dancer. We wore headbands, tunics and skirts. It was fantastic fun! See photos!We learnt how to sing a Namibian Welcome song called Halima Pakasholo. Mrs Thomson and Miss Oxford came and listened to us singing it. Some of us kept a rhythm with drums.

African dancing in the hall

Our map of Africa

Our map of Africa

Playing cards at our end of term party

African dancing!

We are having our party now, spending the marbles in our jar we earned for good behaviour.We can’t wait to come back for Advent term- REALLY!Billy and Milly 

Year 4’s Awesome Africa Week!

This week Year 4 have been working on an African dance. When we say African dance we mean a dance based on African animals.  Some people were Lamas , some were Lions and Giraffes and others were Springboks’ and Elephants. In the next term we will be performing it to the Year 2’s.This week we also went into the hall and did some dancing with Louie and the drummer Richard. The girls had to dress up and the boy’s did as well. We all looked so silly!  Miss Beebee looked silly as well because they also dressed up. In the afternoon we had a go at drumming as well.By Daisie This weeks certificate was awarded to Lucy Harrison, for going above and beyond expectations to produce a beautiful booklet with information about animals from Madagascar, for her homework.  She said “I was very shocked when Mr Weekes called my name”.Over the term I have looked at a variety of useful websites to help me plan our work.  Here are links to some of the most useful ones for you to have a look at over half term:

 I hope you all have a lovely half term break, see you all in the new term!Miss Beebee 🙂


This week in year 5 we had Africa week. In Africa week we have been doing some African dancing/drumming. We had lots of fun dressing in African clothing before dancing in it. The dancing was incredibly fun with all the different moves and we all thought the drummer Richard was amazing. Mr Baird had a challenge where we had to match up the country names with the flags, a person in our class won the competition. A box from the Cheltenham art gallery had some cutlery from Mozambique and bead jewellery, also a native African shield made from rough leather, bamboo and wood. We have an inset day on Friday and a non school uniform today so our last days of school were extremely cool!



We’ve had great fun this week. Read on to find out what we have done.

We all had the opportunity to play some real African drums. We learnt how to play an open and closed tone.

With Mr Baird’s dad we acted out an African wedding where Luke and Gracie C were the Bride and Groom.

We all danced alongside Louis (an African man from Cameroon) who performed real African dance moves whilst Rich the drummer played a beat to dance to. 

Yesterday we all brought home either; an African doll, a football, a vehicle or spinning CD toy. These were all African inspired toys. 

 ***Certificate of Achievement ***- ” I wasn’t expecting it and I was quite shocked because I didn’t think I’d get one this term.” Below are some photographs from our African Enrichment Week. Click on them to enlarge them.

  If you would like to go on our Year 3 top games over the holidays then here are the websites:www.friv4schools.comwww.bbc.co.uk/bitesize www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.ukwww.mathszone.co.ukwww.sumdog.comwww.howstuffworks.comwww.prongo.comwww.ictgames.comwww.onemorelevel.comwww.nhm.ac.uk/kids-only    

Newsletter 8

Newsletter 8.  This week we have details about Africa Enrichment week, Curriculum letters, and much, much more! 

Questions, questions, questions

Here are just some of the things we have thought about in Year One this week…..Why does hot chocolate taste better when you have been running around in the Welly Area?How can I be a good friend in the playground? How am I special and what am I good at?How can I make my writing even better?Why do frogs lay soooo many eggs? How does a frog make that sound? Why are some frogs poisonous? Did you know that some frogs can fly? (well, glide really!)Why is it never my turn to go in the Farm Shop?What do you call those little caterpillars you get in windfall apples? ( Lots of suggestions: nuggets, miggots…caterpillars…)How does Izzie manage to twist herself into that pretzel shape?When can I change my Reading Book?Is it nearly lunch time? (The academic equivalent of “Are we nearly there yet?”)And finally: when asked what they liked most about school our lovely Year Ones didn’t talk about friends or food but the fun of “learning new stuff”. 

P.E. this week in Reception Class

This week we were all very excited as we enjoyed our first P.E. lesson. We all met the challenge of getting changed into our kit very well. The whole class managed to be ready in 10 minutes! During the lesson in the hall we played lots of games and learnt some new balances. We showed our friends our balancing at the end of the lesson. Getting changed back into our school clothes is always a bit more of a challenge. Most of us managed it without loosing too many clothes!\n\nThis week we have also been thinking about our favourite things to do both inside and outside of school. Lots of us love swimming and bike riding and we all love playing with friends. We have also been counting up to 30 and recognising numerals. We have learnt some new sounds including o and f.\n\nNext week is our Africa enrichment week. Look out for photos of the exciting activities we will be taking part in throughout the week.

First football match!

On Tuesday the Year 5 and 6 Football team played their first football match of the year.And what a game it was!! Our brilliant St Matthews team played with great enthusiasm and great sportsmanship and came across with a great result of 16-0! Callowell B played their best without dropping their heads once but we were on fire without conceding one single goal! Matt scored 7 goals, Theo scored 4, Louis scored 3 and Tyler scored 2.The team were decked out in the brand new St-Matts football kit which was sponsored by Mr Boulton and his business “The little garden company”. We all felt like a proper team in our new kit and we can’t wait to show it off again.We have some more matches lined up for next term – both home and away. In the classroom this week we have been writing descriptions of characters after reading some great examples of character descriptions by Roald Dahl. We have also looked at useful micro-organisms (such as Penicillin) in our Science lesson and completed the designs for our Anderson shelter models. Next week is our Africa week. Watch this space to find out what we get up to.By Matt and Theo 

Year 5 Class School Trip Week

Our school trip this week was really exciting. This week our class went to a Tewkesbury for our school trip. We were separated into four groups, then two of the groups merged and so did the other two. One of the groups learned how a Tudor house was made. The other group learnt about the life of a Tudor Merchants family. Maths this week was really interesting because we did a test and nearly everyone did well. Only one person got everything right. We are starting to learn how to do multiply big numbers in a good way.


Y2 had fun this week- True or False?

In Science this week we were trying to squash and bend things and find out if they were elastic or not. We tested playdough, balloons, soft dice, 3D shapes , our jumpers and something of our choice. We worked with a partner and it was fun. We tested Tyler’s watch , it had an elastic wrist band. We put our results in a chart and marked our work with pink and green pens.In maths this week we tried to choose our own level of challenge. ” I liked being able to choose my own level” said Amber. “I liked today’s maths because we learnt how to answer True or False questions,” said Tyrese.We wrote instructions this week explaining how to make a painted tiger with moving legs and head, which we made a few weeks ago. ” I am writing mine for  my Aunty, “said Tyrese. ” My instructions are for Georgia and Summer in Reception. ” said Amber. by Mia, Amber and Tyrese Certificate of Achievement this week went to Max.  ” I felt quite nervous going up near the stage but I’m really proud of myself. “

Our fun packed week…

This morning we all took part in Writing Swap Shop. Professor Baird came into the hall with a massive box telling us that inside the box was an amazing new animal. It had just been discovered in South America.  We had to write a report about this new animal. This was our first Writing Swap Shop, during this time we had Mrs Weekes as our teacher and we found it great fun!  We created a Tolerance prayer yesterday in class worship and were very proud of it. Miss Ward told Mr Weekes about it and today it was read aloud to the whole school during whole school worship. This week in French we learnt how to say ‘Good Afternoon’ … ‘Bon après-midi.’In Science, we learnt that bacteria in our mouths  feed on sugar and they produce acid. Bacteria and acid together are called plaque which his attacks the enamel of our teeth. We’ve started an experiment which involves 3 egg shells,  water, orange juice and coke. We want to see which drink will cause more damage. The egg shells are acting as our teeth.This week it was Jenner who went to cook with Mrs Evans. They cooked apple and rhubarb crumble.Certificate of Achievement – ” It was a really big surprise that I got the certificate. I felt ecstatic!” – Sean 

Newsletter 7 18.10.13

Newsletter 7 18-10-13This week we have details on our Enrichment Week, non-school uniform day, toy making in Year 3, the Improve your Maths course and a reminder of the Secondary school online applications date.  Take a look!

Year 4’s Kung Fu Lesson

This week in Literacy we learnt about punctuation.  To learn it we put Kung Fu moves and sound effects to each piece of punctuation.  We bent low and swiped to make a hyphen and used our arms to punch for a full stop, ellipses, question mark, colon, exclamation mark and a semi colon.  Ask us to show you our moves!  We also learnt brackets, comma, capital letters, speech marks and apostrophes.  Here we are doing some of our favourite moves.In Maths we have learnt the column method and the expanded addition method for working out addition questions.  The column method was shorter than the expanded addition.  All of us prefer to use a different method to calculate an answer.This week in PE we continued our Netball unit.  We played lots of matches against each other, in our house teams.  The highest score was 5-0 which was Holst against Jenner.  More matches will be played next week, and we will let you know the final scores then. This week our certificate was awarded to Ruby for writing a brilliant story in Literacy, and then going to lots of extra effort to complete her book in her own time.  She said “I was very proud when Mr Weekes said my name”.

Hot chocolate and baby stick insects!

Hot chocolate from the Kelly Kettle

This week for Forest School we made hot chocolate using a Kelly kettle. The Kelly kettle uses fire inside it to heat the water, which is poured into a large tube. We boiled up the water and drank delicious hot chocolate, sitting at base camp.Billy said ” I have learnt that fire can be useful today. I thought before that fire was only dangerous but now I realise how useful it can be.”NEWS FLASH! The stick insects eggs hatched this week! Four tiny babies came out of their eggs, which they drag around with them for  a few hours. We put them in with the grown ups and the younger stick insects. Now we have 2 adults, 2 toddlers and 4 babies! Theo took them home for the weekend……Libby was awarded this week’s Certificate of Achievement for such super progress with her maths work. Well done Libby!

news and views of year 1 on book week and class assembly

We had great fun in Book Week.I enjoyed the book hunt…I found a book two times!… I got stickers for finding a book… Mrs. Newbould read the book I found. She read it to the class. It was about a dog called “Noooo!” (But he wasn’t really. )We used our library passes lots.My best thing was stories in the library at lunchtime.We all liked Bill the Story-teller. I liked it when he was the hippo in a tutu… he was good as the hippo swimming… and as the monkey in the trees.It was brilliant getting a book… (in the Great Book Swap)   I took my book home ‘cos it’s to keep for ever.Finally, we are extremely proud of ourselves for our class assembly in front of the whole school. Thank you very much all you lovely parents who were able to come. We know that other commitments can make it very tricky to organise. Love from year One xxx

Story Telling for Reception Class

This week we had great fun listening to Bill the story teller. We had two visits to the hall, once with the whole school (we are becoming quite used to this now!) and once with the Year One children. We heard lots of exciting stories and not one of them was written in a book! We loved the story about the dancing hippo and the tale of the little bear.Today we loved watching the Year One class assembly. Seeing them on the stage talking and singing kept us engaged throughout. It will be our turn in the Summer.Next week we shall be going into the hall for our first P.E. lesson. Check our blog to find out how we got on.

Year 4’s Fantastic Book Week

This week we had book week.  In Year 4 we took part in a book hunt.  We had to find a book that was covered with brown paper and then read it.  Once you finished the book you could take a sticker, so that everybody knew that you had found a book.  Nobody in Year 4 managed to find all of the books.   Only 9 of us managed to find a book at all!We had the book swap, almost everyone in Year 4 managed to bring in a book to swap.  We were given a raffle ticket to buy a book.  There were lots of Roald Dahl books to choose from in the swap and quite a few cooking books.  All of the books were really interesting.  Everybody in Year 4 managed to find a book to take home, that they really liked.We had a visitor called Bill, who came in to tell us stories.  The first story he told us was about a hippo who wanted to be a ballerina.  The story was very funny and it was written by Bill.  In Year 4 we made a front cover for Bill’s story, or we drew a picture to illustrate the story.  Then we started to write the next story in the series.  We had lots of good ideas, ask us what some of them were!At lunchtimes there were different stories being told in the library, by different people.  There was a story about a dragon who turned into the size of a house!Also this week we finished off our weaving, that we started at the Museum in the Park last week.  Miss Beebee owned a wool shop, that got into a great big mess at the end of the day!!This week our certificate was awarded to Eva, for trying her best in Maths this week to learn new strategies for adding, and now being able to apply those strategies independently.  She said “I was surprised that I  got the certificate”.