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Old diaries and lots of Sparkle!

This week we have been Samuel Pepys, and have written our own diaries.We imagined we were Samuel Pepys and wrote about The Great Fire of London using an old painting of what it was like in 1666. First, we had a go at writing using shorthand because that is how Pepys’s diary was actually written. Once we had written it, in proper English,  we published it, making it look like an old leather bound diary.“We soaked paper in tea to make it look old!” said Thomas.“We have been rehearsing for the play, but we can’t tell you anymore!” whispered Billy. Lots of us have already learnt our lines and, as well as trying the play out on the stage, we have been singing our songs all week.This morning, we had our Advent service at the church. Mayanna got the *****Certificate of the Week*********for being an enthusiastic learner and being especially enthusiastic about the play.This weekend Thomas got to take the stick insects home………………could you count them please Thomas? 

An Awesome Week in Year 6

This week in year 6 has been awesome. We have been making our model Anderson shelters in DT and some of us have been painting our shelters and they’re looking amazing. Next week it will be the last week on making our shelters so we need to concentrate. But Scott hasn’t got a chance to improve because they were cooking food.\n\nIn cooking this week Scott has made delicious jam buns and rock cakes. The rock cakes had raisins, mixed spices and lots of flour. In the jam buns there was jam, flour and milk. They only took 10-12 minutes to cook. They were DELICIOUS! Everyone liked them except the people who don’t like raisins or jam.\n\nIn maths we have been finding percentages of a number. They are so fun. In yellow group people have been attempting level 6 maths (WOW). Mr Baird let us choose which groups work we wanted to work with because it was very hard for some people. At the end of this week everybody understood a lot more about percentages. We have also done two tricky maths SATS papers one with a calculator and one without one. Some questions were challenging and some were easy.  We will get our results next week.\n\nEnglish has been fun because we have been writing NCRs (Non-chronological reports). We have had goes on the tiny net books to type up our NCRs. We could write them on anything we wanted to write about anything we wanted to. Most people wrote theirs on their hobbies like Tyler and Ryan, who wrote their report on football. \nThis week in year six has been fun and we hope next week is even better.\n\nWritten by Louis Wilkins and George Bullock.

A Visit from Joseph and Mary

We had two surprise visitors to our class this week. After a trip to the church this Friday for our Advent service we were presented with Mary and Joseph to take back to our classroom. We had the privilege of starting them out on their journey around the parish. \n\nWe heard about the story of the birth of Jesus and enjoyed looking at the pop up book. \n\nThis week we also had a lot of fun trying on our costumes for the Nativity play we are performing at the end of term. We all have a wonderful costume and can’t wait to get up on stage.\n\nEarlier in the week we had a surprise when we entered the hall for P.E. Mr Lewis had arranged the gymnastics equipment all around the hall. We were soon climbing, balancing, crawling, sliding and squeezing in out and over the apparatus. It was great fun and we were all very confident and brilliantly balanced.\n\nWe also found time to write some stories about a magical journey that we had imagined that we went on. We also made a huge step forward with our spelling and addition.\n\nNext week we shall be rehearsing our acting and singing as well as looking at some magical poems. We may even find some time to bake some biscuits for a class party we are planning. Before all this we will be having a visit from Colin the Crocodile to teach us about road safety.

YEAR 5 CLASS BLOG 29.11.13

Hello and welcome to our class blog. This week was AMAZING. We learnt about the 3 states, (not the USA), but solid, liquid and gas. Miss Szarko poured the water onto a tray and it automatically formed into the trays shape. Today we had our advent service we sang about our first candle. Also we had our Maths assessment and it was pretty hard. The assessment was about Percentages, Fractions and Decimals! We also wrote some diary extracts about a man playing a jet black piano. Our diary extracts where really good. Everybody’s was good. . Our natural disasters topic is really good. This picture is what might come out a Volcano.By Kira & Grace

Year 4’s Epic Week 29/11/13

This week we have been doing Art.  In Art we have been making pop up pictures of ourselves.  At the end of every art lesson we have a gallery where we look at everybody else’s pictures.  The pictures that we saw were amazing!In Maths this week we started our new unit of Multiplication.  Charlie won  the times tables championship in times table shoot out.  In times table shoot out, you call out a times tables question, and the first person to say bang and say the correct answer wins.  We absolutely love it!This week in ICT we have been making posters to enter a competition that Miss Beebee is running.  The posters are all about internet safety, and how to keep safe on the internet.  We have used 3D effects for the titles to our posters, so it looked great.  Some people created their poster on a laptop, and some did it on paper and used colouring pens.In Literacy we have been writing a letter to aliens who are visiting St Matthew’s because they have never been here before.  We explained about the school and talked about different days in Year 4.  Also in Literacy we were following a play script, to perform a short scene.  Some people added extra bits to the script to make their performance longer and more exciting.  We had groups of 2 or 4.In History we are learning about the Groovy Greeks.  We have written our own versions of the story of Theseus and the Minotaur.  Some of the stories were very funny and a bit gruesome!!  Then we drew a picture at the end of the story to illustrate it, most of us drew a Minotaur, and they were a bit scary.This week our certificate was awarded to Barney, for being a Science whizz this week, and using some fantastic Scientific language to explain some tricky ideas.  He said “when Mr Weekes called my name out I was thrilled”.

Our exciting news …

This morning we all went along to the Church for our Advent Service. Harry C, Emily and Holly told a reading about ‘The First Candle’ which is for God’s people. We enjoyed singing all the hymns. 
In Literacy this week we have been typing up our quest myth stories. We thoroughly enjoyed this but realised that we need practice typing with both hands because we are rather slow!
In Numeracy today we learnt how to draw a bar chart. We found out that to be accurate we had to use a ruler and have an appropriate scale.
In History this week we had great fun researching about The Celts. Did you know … Iron Age was named after The Celts, the Romans thought that Celts lost their temper often, the Celts loved drinking wine and having massive feasts and they painted their bodies with bright, blue, swirly war paint ready for battle.
*** Certifcate of Achievement*** – “When I went up infront of the whole Church I was quite scared and wasn’t expecting it.” – Lara

Funky Mummies and Lifeguards

Here it is everybody. A  great website for fun games.  As a class we will be using these games in our Maths and ICT lessons over the next few weeks. The children really wanted to be able to play them at home as well!www.ictgames.com Find the website, select “maths” and then try out these activities:

  1. Addition > Save the Whale
  2. Addition > Funky Mummy  (possibly our favourite!!)
  3. Addition > Lifeguards ( I like to play with the radar OFF!)
  4. Money > Money payer
  5. Money > pay for it ( what’s not to like about your own personal scanner?)
  6. Subtraction > Soccer subtraction. ( A little unfair that your opponent scores a goal if you miss your shot!)

Have fun but remember, like Hector and Smarties…….   Stay SAFE. Always let your grown-up know what you are doing and ask for help if you are worried. 

St-Matthews F.C Results and Fixtures (CLICK TO READ)

LATEST NEWS:   29.01.14Team celebrate return to form with convincing win over Thrupp Primary School RESULTS:TUES 15TH OCTOBER:               ST-MATTHEW’S (A)          15 –  0          CALLOWELL (B)TUES 5th NOVEMBER:              CALLOWELL (A)                  4  –   7          ST-MATTHEW’S (A)TUES 12th NOVEMBER:              ST-MATTHEW’S  (A)         0  –   8          ST-MARY’S (A)WED 20th NOVEMBER:              CAM HOPTON (A)              4   –  10        ST-MATTHEW’S  (A) TUES 26th NOVEMBER:             ST-MATTHEW’S (A)           1  –  0           GASTRELLS  (A) THURS 5th DECEMBER:            NAILSWORTH (A)               2  –   3          ST-MATTHEW’S (A)THURS 5th DECEMBER:            NAILSWORTH (B)               6  –   0          ST-MATTHEW’S (B)THURS 23rd JANUARY:             RIDDIFORD CUP 5 a SIDE.  (JOINT LAST WITH WHITESHILL!)TUES 28th JANUARY:                 THRUPP PRIMARY (A)     1   –    7         ST-MATTHEW’S (A) UPCOMING FIXTURES:TUES 28th JANUARY 2014  – ST-MATTHEW’S (A)  v    THRUPP PRIMARY (A)  MARCH 2014 – STROUD DISTRICT FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT           

Cooking and assembly

This week we have been really busy. We have been doing some World War Two cooking with Mrs Evans. Jenner have been cooking this week. We made corn beef hash and mock apricot tart. Corned beef was a was a cheap meat that was brought over from America. Corned beef hash was a mixture of corned beef, potato, tomatoes and carrot. Most people thought it was really nice but we didn’t get to taste the mock apricot tart that day because we were saving it for the VE-day party. So far we have cooked

  • Potato and Cheese scones
  • Baked pears
  • Carrot cookies
  • Corn beef hash
  • Mock apricot tart

  This week we have also been preparing the Year 6 class assembly. We had to get our lines right and prepare the props for the entertainment (we only rehearsed twice!) most of our parents came to watch it and they thought it was really amazing. We had a chance to show our recent work (e.g. evacuee diary entries) we read out examples of:

  • Setting descriptions (after an air raid)
  • Newspaper reports
  • Our homework (finding about a WW2 main event)

  The air raid shelters that we are building in dt are now reaching a completed state, however we still need to paint them and include fine details. We are hoping we will finish them within the next few weeks.By Finlay Orr and Nathan Lewis

Shapes, full stops and lots of babies!

We made 3D shapes and talked about their properties.

In maths we made 3D shapes with Mrs Morris.  “It was great fun!” said Harry and Hadyn. Which shapes can you see in the photo?This week in Science we investigated forces.  We pushed and pulled different objects.  We also twisted, turned and rolled them.This Friday was writing cafe and the best customers were Marcus, Solly, Marley and Mia. Mrs Armstrong read out a sentence of Marley’s to show why he needed a full stop- it was a funny sentence without the full stop and didn’t really make sense.  Some of us wrote Charlie and Lola stories, some of us wrote an acrostic poem about November and lots of us wrote a diary about an imaginary fire in our street. It was interesting hearing the diaries of Y6 in their assembly this morning, it gave us ideas!Harry got the **Certificate of Achievement*** this week for making such good progress with his writing and maths. He is starting to become a properly  independent learner. Well done Harry!“I felt excited and happy when I went up” he said. And his mum was there to see his sister in her assembly, that was lucky!We now all know which role we have in the nativity play and have started to learn some of the songs.The stick insects are going home this week with Milly and Emma and four more eggs have hatched! Do you know how many baby stick insects we have now? 

Adding Some Magic

This week we have been learning about adding one more. We have been very successful playing a variety of games that help us to understand what adding is all about. We have even gone as far as looking at number sentences and even a little bit of taking away.We have been looking closely at two books this week, It’s a Secret and The Magic Bed. Both written by John Burninghamand both involving just a little bit of magic. Some of our classmates showed their wonderful acting skills by recounting the story of It’s a Secret in small groups. This also helped us to write a short sentence about an animal that could have been in the story. Most of us took inspiration from pets that we had at home.The story of The Magic Bed made us use our imaginations to the full. After hearing about the wonderful adventures that Georgie went on with is magic bed we imagined where we would like to go if we had a magic bed. Scotland was a very popular choice. In the story Georgie also needs to work out a magic word that starts with m and ends with y. We made lots of suggestions but decided that if we chose the word it would be mummy.In our phonics sessions this week we have moved on from learning the sounds to looking at whole words. We have even been introduced to Fred the Frog’s cousin Freddie Fingers. He helps us to use our sounds to write words.This week we also completed our dance entitled ‘Going to the Park’. Among a multitude of skills this involved very careful listening, counting a rhythm and balancing on one leg. We were all very successful at this. Mr Lewis will video us doing or dance next week.Next week we will begin to prepare for our part in the Nativity. We will be trying on the costumes the school has in it’s wardrobes and listening to the songs that we will sing.

All New


This week we have been leaning about Venn diagrams, Carroll diagrams, frequency charts and excel for bar charts.


This week we have started writing our own quest myth stories. First of all we started off writing our introduction, then our build up and finally the climax today. Next week we shall write our resolution and ending to our stories.


We thought like a scientist and made conclusions from data. This linked to our Numeracy work.


In art we have been creating patterns of the sea. We have been looking at the work of Monet and drew a calm sea and wild sea. ***Certificate of Achievement*** “I felt amazed because I’ve only got a  few certificates.” – Charlie By Charlie, Holly, Jack Br and Harry C

This week in Year 4 – 22/11/13

Year 4 have been doing some Gymnastics in PE, including some awesome stretches and balances.  We also learnt a new word whilst doing PE, it is aesthetics; it means making something look good.  Miss Beebee gave us a sheet that had lots of balances on it for us to practice, so we chose our favourites and put them into a short routine.In Science we were investigating how to prevent an ice cube from melting.  We had a stopwatch on the IWB to time how long it took to melt.  We wrapped ice cubes in different materials to see which one lasted the longest.  The materials were bin bag, tin foil, kitchen roll, paper towels and cling film, we also had one that wasn’t wrapped in any material.This week in Literacy we have been doing explanation texts.  With Mrs Weekes we were looking at better connectives that we can use to make a sentence longer.  A connective can join two short sentences together.This week our certificate was awarded to Charlie, for always trying his best in Maths lessons.  He said ‘I felt joyful and shocked when I got the certificate’. 

Year 5’s class blog – 22nd November

This week in year 5 we have been doing natural disasters. It was amazing because we found out that a volcano erupted under water which created a new island.  We also found out that a tornado hit America on   Monday 18th November, this was lucky for us because of our topic.In maths we have been comparing fractions and decimals, this has been very hard but easy at some points.In art we have been drawing volcanoes, it has been fun. On Friday 22nd November we coloured our volcanoes using oil pastels and that has been our most exciting week yet!By Hollie and Amelia

Newsletter 11

Newsletter 11 22-11-13We have a lot of details in this week’s newsletter about the Christmas Market, Our fantastic Football Club, plus important information about the Infant Nativity.  Take a look!

Please Keep My Room Tidy

This week we have been learning about signs and labels. We have been making door handle signs for our bedrooms. These have included ‘Please keep out’, ‘Only girls allowed’ and Mr Lewis’ favourite ‘Please keep my room tidy’. \n\nWe have also been learning about repeating patterns and we have become very good at spotting them around the school. We had a lot of fun making paper hats with repeating patterns all around them (especially when we got to use the stapler). We have also used our knowledge of shapes to make some complicated patterns in the outside area.\n\nOur new tables and chairs arrived today and we are looking forward to having them in the classroom Monday for us to use.

Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes

Forest SchoolThis week we built a Guy, which we then set on fire,  while saying the rhyme:Remember, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot….as we watched him burn, we ate marshmallow and biscuit sandwiches!

Our Guy Fawkes is burning!

Has he all gone?

 This week’s***** Certificate of Achievement *********goes to  Tyrese and the stick insects went home with Abbie!   

Our class rules

 We have had a BIG talk in class about what sort of a class we would like to be.We started off with 2 safety rules:

  • Tuck your chair in.
  • Walk sensibly in class.

We decided we needed these because nobody has learned to fly yet and we don’t want people to trip and hurt themselves!Then we thought about our work and wrote the rule:

  • Always do your best work.

Finally, and most importantly, we talked about how we can look after each other:

  • Help each other
  • Play kindly together.


So we have got a FIVE finger rule

For how we should behave in school!