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Year 6 Wartime lessons and VE day party

This week Year 6 celebrated the end of their WW2 history unit by having a WW2 experience day. In the morning we arrived at school wartime fancy dress! Mr Baird was dressed up as a 1940s teacher – he looked very scary. We had a wartime lesson where we had to write in really difficult handwriting and we had to do maths with pounds, shillings and pence!!! Mr Baird called us all by our surnames and we did our work on chalk boards.At lunchtime we had a special ‘VE day’ party. VE day was ‘victory in Europe’ day and was a day of celebrations to mark the surrender of Germany and the end of the war. It actually happened on 8th May 1945 but we thought it was a good end to our history topic. We had a special VE day feast with food made to wartime recipes….it was delicious.Adding with pounds, shillings and pence!!…..really hard.Our wartime feast!  

Such a Busy Week

We have had such a busy week in Reception class. The week started with finishing off all of divas and making calendars. \n\nOn Tuesday and Wednesday we decorated the biscuits we made. \n\nOn Thursday we had our Christmas meal and played party games.\n\n On Friday we had our first commendation certificate assembly, it was very exciting! For a special treat we ate the biscuits that we had made at snack time. We all agreed that they were delicious and that we had done a fantastic job. It was in the afternoon that we had a big surprise. Father Christmas came to visit and have us all a present. It was brilliant.\n\nWe are really looking forward to Christmas and hope you all have a wonderful time.\n



Year 5 Christmas Week – 20.12.13

At the start of the week, we cut up some bottles to make  volcanoes. We stuck these on paper plates that we had painted green and paper mached them to build up a volcano shape. Finally we painted them to make them look like an erupting volcano.\n\nMiss Szarko brought in a big bottle of Coke and put 5 mints into the bottle. It erupted, and Miss Szarko couldn’t run away quick enough so got splashed all over her hands and feet! Luckily she was wearing her wellies! We did try to make it erupt again, but it didn’t work a second time.\n\nOn Wednesday, the whole of the Juniors had to come back to school in the evening to walk to the church for our Christmas Carol Service. We all sang carols like, “We’re the Guys on the Camels, He Is Immanuel,” and, “Good Christians All Rejoice”.  Some children from each class also read some of their work to the audience.\n\nOn Thursday, at lunchtime, we went into the hall to have a Christmas lunch with crackers. Some of us ate so much, we felt sick, like we would explode! Miss Szarko was particularly worried about Harvey, who looked like he would pop! Each class had brought in a certain type of food, our class brought pizza and little sausages.\n\nWe also made some calendars, where we included a poem and a picture of the 4 seasons. We chose whether we wanted to write a poem about the 4 seasons or the 12 months.\n\nOn Friday, we got into pairs with a friend and we had to put our arms around each other’s shoulders. We had to wrap up a book, only using one of our hands. When we finished wrapping it, we had to sit back to back with the present on one person’s lap. We had to unwrap the present without looking at it whilst the other person told them what to do. The winners with the neatest present wrapping were Amelia and Hollie.\n\nEach term we have commendations for a few people who the teacher thinks have done really well all term. 3 people were chosen from each class, our class had Harvey, Joe and Bailey. Well done!\n\nFinally, Santa came in to see us! He gave us all a present, which was a book about mysteries.\n\nHo Ho Ho ! Merry Christmas everyone!\n\n 

Preparing for Christmas

This week we have been doing lots of art activities related to Christmas.We made the following:* Door hangers for Santa to stop at our houses.* Christmas cards using our knowledge of sketching into polystyrene tiles and printing onto card.* Christmas tree decorations.* Christmas calendars spilt into the four seasons and written in French.We also had a great time during our KS2 Christmas lunch yesterday. 

Newsletter 15

This week there is important news about our Head Teacher and competition winners are announced!

Year 4’s Magical Week

We have been doing some fun things this week.  On Monday we did some cooking, we made Coconut Mice.  They were delicious.We also made flying angels and decorated them.  We cut out 4 shapes and stuck them together to make the angel.  We folded a piece of paper one way and then the other to make a concertina.  This made the wings.  We used colourful, shiny stickers to decorate the angels.We made Christmas cards for our family and friends.  Some of us added glitter onto our cards, at the glitter station.  Some of us used half a pot!  We added bits of crafty stuff to add to our cards.We made posters about Christmas in other countries.  In Brazil they don’t have many presents, because they often give presents to very poor children who live on the streets.  In France they hang shoes up instead of stockings.  In Finland instead of Santa they believe in the Christmas Goat.  In China Christmas isn’t a public holiday.  In Spain part of the main Christmas meal is sweets.  In Italy they have meatless Christmas dinners.  In Australia Santa’s sleigh is pulled by 6 white kangaroos.This week’s commendations were awarded to Aaron for being inquisitive and asking lots of questions.  He said “I was amazed when Miss Beebee called my name out”.  Louis for working hard and always having a big smile on his face.  He said “I was really happy when Miss Beebee called me out”.  Hannah M for being a quiet and conscientious member of Year 4 who can always be relied upon to be doing the right thing.  She said “I was shocked when Miss Beebee said my name”.We have done lots of fun things and had lots of fun doing them.Merry Christmas everybody, and a happy new year!Love Year 4!

Sparkle and Chuckle

What an amazing week! We are all so proud of the Infant Nativity “Sparkle”! Every child is a superstar for getting involved and working so hard. In Year One  we saw awe-inspiring planet dancers (not strictly scientifically accurate, what with Mercury orbiting Jupiter, and two Neptunes in rehearsal – until we spotted that little hiccup!)  but we were shining and spinning enthusiastically. The Star Choir impressed us with their sweet music of the spheres and the Star Polishers were real scene stealers. Are they as energetic about tidying up their bedrooms?  (They say NOT!)We have been busy Christmas making…. and learning about the true meaning of the season by looking at the Christmas Story. We had one Mary take a “thinking  walk” after Angel Gabriel came to visit with some surprising news. We were fairly evenly divided about whether we would have said “Yes, please,” or “No thank-you” to God when he kindly offered for us to look after Baby Jesus. Teagan, who was Mary for us, finally decided that actually, on the whole, all things considered, she would rather not “because babies are a lot of trouble.”When we got to the journey part of the story, a different Mary uttered the immortal line, “Are we nearly there yet?” Joseph replied with, “Help, someone!!”  Any picture-book or video has been greeted with excited cries of “That’s Sparkle! That’s what that star is. That’s our play. Is our play true??”We’ll leave you lovely parents and carers to untangle that knotty question. Have a lovely last week of term. It’s packed with festive goodies.

Water, fire and polar bears.

And this is what we wear to rescue cats from trees.


That is a BIG fire engine!

 Year one had a fantastic trip to Stroud Fire station this week. Thankyou to all the lovely grown-ups who helped us to walk there. Thankyou too, to the fantastic fire-fighters who told us so many interesting things. We learned such a lot about polar bears! (Ask us children in Year One.) 

Guess who is in here!

Where did you say your teacher is standing?

Big hats and big smiles.


Divas off Stage and Superstars on It.

This week we have had so much fun performing on the stage under the lights. Three times we made the journey from back stage to the bright lights to perform our parts in the Nativity. We played our parts brilliantly and sung the songs better than we have ever done.\n\nWe have also been thinking about another celebration of light this week. Although the celebration of Diwali took place in early November Mr Lewis chose this week for us to make the special lights that signify the happy ending to the Diwali story. We have compared this to our celebrations for Christmas. Mrs Burrows and Miss Davies helped us with the clay and you can rest assured that we used plenty of glitter. What we have done with them since is a bit of a festive surprise!\n\nThis week we have all had a go at making fortune tellers. This was to help us with our number recognition but also proved a very good way for us to improve our pinch grip. A template for the fortune tellers can be found here.\n\nWe have put up the Christmas decorations this week and have been busy decorating and redecorating the home corner with copious amounts of tinsel.\n\nNext week we will have more festive fun and have some very special projects to finish off.

Sparkling like Superstars

This week in year two,  we have all ‘ SPARKLED!’  The show got better and better as the week went on and we were all pleased Mr Weekes made it to the last performance, which was the best.  It has been tiring, but worthwhile and very enjoyable.” I loved singing twinkle, twinkle little star, because I sing it at home to my brother, ” said Milly, who sang a lovely solo during the show.” I enjoyed being a cool star the most” giggled Mayanna. Mayanna, we couldn’t have done without you!In Maths we have been working hard, doubling and halving and some of us have been quartering. Some of us can even calculate 3/4…..We also wrote a letter to Santa this week. Before we gave him our wish list we decided that it would be polite and thoughtful to ask him how he was. We worked hard on getting our addresses right and in the right place.  When we put them in the envelopes we designed our own stamps, because letters to Santa don’t need a real stamp. So said Mrs Armstrong, but Jayden wasn’t convinced.The ****Certificate of achievement***** went to the whole class for sparkling like superstars on stage all week.Lewis took the stick insects home. Hope you enjoyed looking after them Lewis!

Year 5’s Amazing Class Blog – 13/12/13

This week in year five has been fun.  We went into the year six class room and practiced our songs for our carol service. The songs are called the Guys with the Camels and He is Immanuel. The carol service is on Wednesday.  Some of us have readings and there is one in the song in He is Immanuel. We did an end of unit assessment, most of us found it alright. On Wednesday we did RE all day. It was really fun we learnt about refugees and what it was to be like one and wrote poems about it. On Tuesday in year five we watched a maths question by One Direction it was on Sheffield maths. We started making volcanoes, we had to paint two paper plates green and then we had to get a bottle and cut it small we then had to wait for our paper plates to dry because we needed to stick the bottles on the paper plates. Some of us got on to the paper mache. On Friday we had to plan a story based on flash backs. We had to say what made them have the flash back using objects. Soon we are going to start doing Christmas things we think it is going to be very fun!By Iona and Faith

This week in Year 3

In Numeracy, we have been perfecting drawing bar charts which we have very much enjoyed. We have also been looking at capacities. We now know that: 

  • 1litre= 1000ml 
  •  1/2 a litre =500ml 
  • 1/4 litre =250ml

In Science this week we were investigating the property elasticity. We found out that tights were the most elasticated, we think this is because so anyone can fit their legs in and be tight to their skin.In Art today we painted our clay tiles, expressing our creativity. We are excited to bring these home next week!***Certificate of Achievement*** – “I felt special and important but a little bit shy to go up and thinking … Am I sure it’s me!” – Emily

Newsletter 14

Newsletter 14 13-12-13Take a look at this week’s newsletter. Plenty of details about next week’s Christmas lunches and the Carol Service, plus Stranger Danger and term dates! 

Bright Lights, Dressing up, Glitter and Puss In Boots

This week we have been busy preparing for our Nativity play. We have been on and off the stage to make sure we know where we have to go. We have also been getting used to the bright stage lights!\n\nWe have had great fun trying on our costumes. Once we got over the disappointment that Superman and Darth Vader didn’t figure in the Nativity scene we thought we looked great and can’t wait until the performances. \n\nWe have spent some time this week making headbands for the play. The cleaners told Mr Lewis that they had never seen so much glitter!\n\nWe also had a great surprise this week as a travelling theatre company came to school. We had so much fun watching Puss in Boots.\n\nNext week we will be performing our Nativity play and producing some special festive items…

Putting the shine into the show……….

This week we have been practising the play a lot.  “I enjoyed practising singing the songs, ” said Marcus. We all have different favourite songs- Sienna, Maddy, Tyrese, Ellie and Milly love the song “I want to be a superstar” best. Libby, Mrs Armstrong and Marley like “We have followed the star” best and Zoe loves “Glisten and Sparkle”. We are looking forward to our dress rehearsal on Monday but we are also a little bit nervous.We also did PE with Mrs Morris this week- it was a PE/Science lesson using the adventure playground, learning about pushing, pulling, how to stop and how to go faster and slower.Lewis got the ***Certificate of Achievement*** this week for his loud, enthusiastic singing during our rehearsals.Tyrese took the stick insects home.Tickets for SPARKLE have now been given out and we look forward to seeing you next week in the audience……    

Our news this week …

In Science we were investigating the property of absorbency. We found out different things in our groups but this might have been because our tests weren’t as fair as they could have been. We all enjoyed the experiment anyway!A drama group visited the school on Wednesday and performed “Puss in Boots” for us. We found it hilarious and exciting to watch. We hope they will return with a new show next year.In Art we made clay tiles. We experimented with different tools. We used rolling pins, clay tools, pencils, stones, beads, sand and twigs to create a sea inspired tiles. We are looking forward to painting them next week.***Certificate of Achievement*** – ” I was shocked when I went up to get my certificate in front of the school because I haven’t had it for ages!” – Jack Br

Year 4’s Marvellous Week

In RE this week we have been thinking about the Christmas story. We wrote down what we  would feel like if we were Mary or Joseph and we coloured in a picture and stuck it on card. If you had finished you would make up your own prayer. When we finished we wrote our own Christmas story and we could  illustrate our story.For our Art homework this week we had to make our own moving picture, it had to be an animal.If you wanted to you could do some think different too.In PE today we were doing some partner balances.  They were called counter balances.  We actually found the balances quite easy to do.This week’s certificate was awarded to all of year 4, for the quality and effort that they put into their homework.  Miss Beebee said “that this class are fantastic at handing their homework in each week, and there are only usually a one or two children who forget.  The homework is always completed to a high standard and is nearly always all correct.  This week’s homework was completed at an exceptional standard by most children, and it was very clear that a lot of effort had gone into it!  Well done everybody!”

Year 5 – 6.12.13

In our class we have had a different teacher when Miss Szarko was on a course, she has taught us before and it was nice to see her again. On Wednesday we watched a pantomime, it was amazing. We wanted them to stay but they only had time to perform one to the children at St Matthew’s .  At Nailsworth school, the year 6 and year5 played a football match against  them.  There was a B team and an A team, the A team won the match but the B team lost sadly. This was our week in year 5 by


Five Top Tips for Learning in a handy little rhyme

This little rhyme is something that year One have been learning. We have called it 5 Top Tips for successful learners.Straight to work!Have a go.Ask for help if we don’t know.Choose the challenge.Try again; we will succeed in the end.Do our best and we shall seeSuccessful learners we will be! As an added bonus we wanted to include a website we enjoy exploring, just in case you haven’t found it at home yet:www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/homework.  Have fun!