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Games to play on a wet weekend

Rain again.Same again.Day after day again:Another wet play again.What a pain!Rain again!! If you are feeling a little sad and soggy here’s something to brighten up a damp day without having to get your wellies on.Try out:                                                                            www.arcademicskillbuilders.comIt’s a  great website with lots of  free educational games. We have been using it to practise our maths adding and take away skills. However,  it is a site where you are playing against real people, not just the computer, so the children have been remembering to keep their personal details secret and have chosen themselves usernames (” nicknames”) to play on-line. They know they should only play with an adult in the room so that they can ask for help if anything worries them.To help you support them in enjoying this website, Year One recommends selecting Grade 1 games. Our favourites are:

  1. Ducky Race ( take away)
  2. Jumping chicks ( reading numbers)
  3. Kitten Hop ( word recognition)
  4. Kitten match ( pairs of numbers to make 10)
  5. Koala karts (counting)
  6. Tugboat ( adding)
  7. Spider Match (trickier take away)
  8. Alien addition (shooting invading spaceships against the clock)
  9. Minus mission ( take away whilst racing against creeping slime. What’s not to like?)

 Mrs. Newbould really enjoys “Ducky Race” , “Kitten Match” and” Alien Addition”!Of course, you could always put away the computer and go and jump in puddles. Have fun, whatever you choose,Love from Year One. 

Bench ball and times tables!

This week we played bench ball in PE. We learnt how to play last week and this week we are finding ways of making it more challenging. We are also working on our team work skills. Solly loves bench ball and enjoys being both a mover and a blocker (just like our successful learner targets!) and trying to pass the ball to the team captain. Marcus says that eye contact really helps when you are passing the ball.This week in maths we have started learning how to divide and we have all got our own time tables booklets which we can have forever! Some of us are making the link between division and multiplication which really helps when solving division problems. Theo says “Division is excellent!”We had writing cafe today; some of us wrote instructions on how to play bench ball, some of us wrote a story about Duffy and the swish trains and some of wrote a diary about being a servant at the big house, which is now the museum in the park. Billy, Lewis and Marcus were all best customers and Billy read his story out to the class, with real feeling!Solly got the *******Certificate of Achievement**********for his skills as a learning partner AND as a team player- at bench ball and as a kind, helpful member of Team Year 2!Barley took the stick insects home……….how many are there now Barley?

Year 4’s fun filled week 31/01/14

In Literacy we have been learning about Grandmother’s Song.  This week we have been writing our own stories based on Grandmother’s Song.  Grandmother’s Song is set in Mexico – you will get to hear all about it in our assembly next week!In PE we did a Dance also based on Grandmother’s Song.  We had to work in partners to create a dance where one person was Grandmother and the other person was Granddaughter.  Also we have learnt a new game called Bench ball.  You have 2 benches and 2 teams.  You can make up your own rules, but one that is always played is that you are not allowed to tackle anyone, or snatch the ball out of their hands.By: Izzy and Lucy.This week our certificate was awarded to Izzy for applying her fractions knowledge to help her answer some tricky percentages questions.  She said “I was really surprised when Mr Weekes called my name out.  I’m really happy that my mum was there to see me get my certificate.” Also this week some children from Yr 4 played in a Netball match against Callowell.  The final score was 1: 1.  The children all played really well, and it was a very close match.  Both the parents and Miss Beebee were getting a little bit over excited because it was so close!!! 

Year 5 Class Blog – 31.1.14

On Monday we had another of our swimming lessons. Each group did lots of different things e.g. backstroke, butterfly stroke & breast stroke.  We also learnt to dive down to the bottom of the pool and collect sea horses, or to have a go at gliding on our fronts or backs. Mrs Bateman gave us the challenge of a 500 word story. This challenge will be really hard.

On Tuesday we did an end of unit assessment it was about air, evaporation and gases around us. Some of us finished the assessment fairly quickly. This did test our brains a lot so we all had a brain ache. In maths we started our volumes.On Wednesday we learnt about the Jewish festival Shavout. It was very interesting about the backgrounds of Shavout. That day we had Mrs Weekes. In maths we did rotating shapes. We used tracing paper to help us. You have to times length by the height by the depth. That was the best part of the topic/unit.On Thursday we did our end of unit assessment for maths. It was all the things we did in this term.  In literacy we planned our stories for Friday. Some of us did really good plans so we would do a good story. For maths we had extra time in the afternoon, because most of us hadn’t finished the assessment.On Friday we went to the church for the Candlemas blessing. The classes took it in turns. In maths we had a go at some very challenging word problems, to test our brains and knowledge. In literacy we started to write our different stories we didn’t get time to finish because the service went on for a long time. In the afternoon we researched the last bit for our Titanic poster. A couple of our posters will be put on display.

Dinosaur Teeth, Camouflage in the Woods and a Blessing in Church (a blessing in disguise?!)

Despite the weather this week started with some great fun in Forest Schools. We searched high and low for wool worms. Some were green, some were brown and some were pink. It was hard to find the green and brown ones but the pink ones were easy to spot (although hard to remove from the trees with our gloves on!). We took all of the worms we found back to base camp and counted them under cover of the tarpaulin. It would have been a good day to learn about making fires, but we will have to wait a bit longer to learn that skill.We have been getting nice and messy in the classroom this week. With no more than an art straw, some newspaper and a bowl of what we lovingly refer to a gloop (papier mache mix) we have been making dinosaur teeth. It is hard work cutting and sticking the straws but with the help of a clothes peg and some ‘pinchy’ fingers we managed to get them to stick into a ‘T’ shape. After that we placed a small amount (well tried to) of gloop on the paper and wrapped it around the ‘T’ to make  triangle shape. This linked on nicely with the shape work we have done recently and if they are dry enough we will use the teeth in our shape work next week to make a repeating pattern dinosaur tooth necklace.We have also started writing our own dinosaur books based on stories we have been reading over the last two weeks. We have stuck very well to our story plans and can’t wait to finish them off with some illustrations. We will see our stories up on the wall once we have finished them. This week many of us have also met a very big challenge – to write our very first whole sentence all on our own. We spent some time building up to this during the week and are very proud of the stickers we earned.We finished off the week with a celebration in church where we all received a blessing. It was the first time for most of us and we were brilliant in waiting for our turn at the front of the church. All of the adults are very proud of us.Next week we will be adding some more pieces to the pterodactyl for our classroom and looking closely at some dinosaur poems. We all love rhyming words and will be looking at and writing them in our own work.

Our week in Year 3

Things we have done this week:* Literacy – we have started to write our adventure story and have now written the opening and build up.* Numeracy – we have been learning different ways to mentally add and subtract several numbers.* Science – we have been exploring how far different magnetic objects need to be from a magnet  for the attraction to work.* DT – we had a timed challenge to create a photo frame back made out of paper. Then we all chose which back was the most stable for our design.*Music – we have learnt some of the Hansel and Gretel songs. In our brass lesson this week we learnt a new song called “Fish and Chips.”*** Certificate of Achievement*** – “It was shocking when I went up in Church because I couldn’t believe it! – Elliot

Dino Stories.

We spent this week making characters for a dinosaur story that we will write next week. \n\nWe acted out how our characters might behave and then wrote about them in preparation for making our own books. We can’t wait to get started.\n\nWe also looked at 3D shapes this week. We decided that cylinders look like Pringles tins and square based pyramids look like house roofs and of course the sphere was a ball.\n\nWe also met the furbles this week. They live here and love to be organised by us. We worked hard to come up with some categories that could help us to put them into groups.\n\nNext week will be starting to make the giant pterosaur that we decided would be a good addition to our classroom dinosaur family. That means lots of lovely sticky and gooey papier maché and a healthy helping of cardboard.

Year 6 boosters begin!!

This week year 6 started their SATs booster lessons. SATs are tests that Year 6 have to do in May. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays we split in to three different groups for English and Maths. As well as Mr Baird, some children have been working with Mr Lewis and some people have worked with Mrs Thompson. It has been really challenging sometimes but it has been fun too!We now only have one more week before our trip to London on Feb 3rd. We are all really looking forward to it. Some boys are looking forward to the Wembley stadium visit and most girls are looking forward to the restaurants like Planet Hollywood. We have found out that we have to do some work when we are in London……..but not too much!!!  

Are you curious to find out about our week?

This week we had our second brass lesson. We learnt a new song called “Feeling Down.” For this song we learnt two different notes.In Literacy, we have started to plan our adventure stories. We have now planned who is going to be in our story and where it shall be set.In Science, we explored the effect of magnets on each other and on certain materials. We were surprised to find out that brass and copper are not magnetic materials.In geography, we used the laptops to explore how waste is recycled in our local area. We discovered what can / can’t go in the green wheelie bin and box, why it is recommended to compost green waste and where our seven local recycling sites are.*** Certificate of Achievement*** – ” I was shocked but also quite excited because I wasn’t expecting my certificate.” – Martha

Jumps and leaps of all sorts

First of all we want to give a big St. Matthew’s welcome to two new faces in our class. It is great to have you,Tom and Kyesha. You have already fitted in so well.This week we have really enjoyed jumps and leaps in all sorts of activities:1.PE and Wake and Shake are very popular.  Gymnastics is a big hit at the moment. We are being very brave, walking along the narrow beam and balancing up high, (sometimes we can even manage on one leg with pointy toes.) We have learned how to jump off and land safely. We are also making up our own ball games with bats, hoops, buckets and hockey sticks (plastic and child-friendly). We could now write a book entitled, “101 ways with a bean bag.”   Wake and Shake was even more fun today because the Juniors couldn’t come in so the Infants had the space all to ourselves. We certainly helped Gary Barlow to “Fly High”.

  • I like balancing on the wood. (Adam)
  • Wake and Shake is all sorts of dancing. (Kyesha)
  • I liked the extra space “up the back” (Nicholas)
  • I want to do gymnastics when I am bigger. (Thomas)

 2. We have been learning how jumps on a number-line help us to add up. Did you know you have to count the jumps but not the number you start on? Some of us can do this with our fingers, or in our heads, but we still had fun drawing our own number-lines on the whiteboards to prove our answers.3. Our new topic on “Fantasy Worlds” has us making big leaps of imagination. We have been drawing Space pictures to give us ideas for story writing. Congratulations to Teagan who received this week’s certificate for her Space picture. Mrs. Newbould thinks they are ALL amazing and wants to put them all up. We just have to find a bit of  room first. Do you think Mrs. Young would notice if we put them up all over the Read Write Inc wall?  We even have a line of Chinese dragons hanging from the ceiling. Their scales are handwriting patterns! And some of us made clay dragons in Forest School time. Unsurprisingly, our home-time stories are Fantasy too: full of aliens, pirates and dinosaurs as poor Dad travels through time and space to get the milk for his children’s breakfast cereal.  Thank-you Lola and Ellie G. for bringing in Winnie the Witch books to make us laugh. We have the illustrator Korky Paul as our author focus until Easter, so these books were great when Jenna read them after Golden Time. Finally, we had some more super-heroes baked with Mrs. Evans. (Just two groups to go then everyone will have had a turn by the end of term.)As usual, a busy and fun-packed week. Have a good weekend….Love from Year One.

Did Mrs. Evans really say we have to BEAT the eggs?


It’s all about team-work.


Sometimes it’s fun to get REALLY messy.

Reading and Writing this week in Y2

This week we are writing our own version of The Runaway train. We all chose the names of our main characters and the colour of our train and some of us are changing the setting to nighttime (Zoe). Some of us also are changing some of the vehicles- making the cyclists into motorbike riders.Today we did a reading quiz, which we really enjoyed. ” I liked doing the Reading quiz because I liked reading about the massive gingerbread house!” said Zoe.Our focus author this term is Anthony Browne and we have a small display of his books in our cosy corner.”My favourite book is How do You Feel? ” said Emma.Emma received the *************Certificate of Achievement ************** this morning in Worship for using exciting ‘instead of said’ words and then adding adverbs completely independently for our lesson on writing speech. Mr Weekes read hers out to the whole school!Ellie has taken the stick insects home today because her mummy is going to have a baby so she wants to have time to look after the stick insects before her new brother or sister comes.Have a good weekend everyone!

Year 5’s Fun Week 24.1.14

This fun week we did some fun writing on Monday and Tuesday. We looked at openings of stories. One was called Pig Heart Boy and the story was called Northern Lights. We had a go at doing a similar style of writing. In maths we looked at angles and shapes. We used a protractor to help us measure the angles. On Thursday we did some science. We looked at the Water Cycle and how it worked. It was really fun!!! Friday we did French and some art, that was the funnest day of all the week.

Year 4’s Fab Week !!!!! 24/1/14

This week in year four we did another writing swap shop. We had to imagine that we touched something like a crystal. we had to touch it and we went into a different place like a rain forest or a haunted house.  We had to put character’s in it, it was really fun.In Maths we started fractions.  Miss Beebee bought a cake and cut it into parts.  We answered different questions on the board, so that Miss Beebee knows what we already know about fractions.  At the end of our fractions lesson, we got to eat some cake!!!In Science we are still learning about the human body.  We investigated whether people with bigger feet can jump further than people with smaller feet.  We measured the area of our feet, then we went outside and measured how far we can jump.  After we collected all our results we drew a scatter graph.  We had to put all of our groups results on it.By Lily and Jacob.Our certificate this week was awarded to Lily for being a trustworthy and reliable member of the class, who can always be relied upon to be doing the right thing at the right time!  She said “I was surprised when Mr Weekes called my name out, as it was my first time”.Miss Beebee would just like to say a big well done, to the Yr 4 Netball team.  This week we played for the first time since before Christmas, and the standard of Netball was brilliant!  We played against Foxmoor, and the final score was 2-2.  A really close match, so well done to all players involved.  Thank you, also, to all the parents who came to support us!

Paper Plate Stegosaurus

This week we have had several challenges. \n\nFirst we had to write up our dinosaur facts from last week. This was great and we enjoyed thinking of our sentences and writing them onto paper. We know a lot about dinosaurs!\n\nNext we had the challenge of our first session in Forest Schools. It was fun getting our wellies on and exploring the forest area for bugs. We can’t wait until next Monday’s session.\n\nAt the beginning of the week we started painting paper plates. We chose two colours and divided the plate in half. Each half was painted and left to dry. Later in the week we carefully cut out the colourful plates to make four legs, one head and some armoured plates. They look fantastic and are up on the walls for everyone to see.

Dragons, decorating and ducking and diving.

What have we enjoyed this week? Squillions of things!In Literacy we watched a video called “There’s no such thing as dragons.” Mum keeps tying to ignore Billy’s dragon, so it grows and grows just to get noticed. Our favourite part of the story is where the dragon is huge (and hungry) and it runs away with the house on its back. If you want to know how the story ends, ask a Year One!Another super group baked cakes this week. We had the most fun decorating them. It sounded as though a lot of  “pink and sprinkles” was involved. Some of the cakes were awarded their own names…. Superbill and Superdyll. Who thought of that?We are loving our Super Hero themed activities. It even crept into a special PE ball games session we had this week, thanks to the amazing Mr.Tanner. ( A visiting PE specialist.) Some of us were dressed in super capes which gave us special PE powers. Mrs. Newbould would like some of that, she says, to help her keep up with us in Wake and Shake.Super singing Club had our most requested song. (There’s a hole in my bucket.) hooray! We like it when the girls get grumpy with the boys and the boys get away with doing NO WORK!Super Science has had us out in the Welly Area in all weathers. Sometimes we even manage to come home in our own clothes. We are also investigating light and dark in class with all sorts of interesting torches and light boxes. Which one turns out to be the brightest has yet to be decided.Have a super week from all of us Ninjas, Bats, the Supers, the Wonders and Ben 10s Alien Forces. 

Our museum trip on Wednesday

On Wednesday we spent a whole day out of the classroom, learning about our local area and what homes were like in the past.  We did lots of jobs like they had to do before they had electricity.

It was actually fun sweeping the yard!

We washed clothes by hand using old fashioned washboards and Sunlight soap.

“I liked washing the clothes and cleaning the shoes” said Marcus.”I enjoyed beating the carpet ” said Mia.  We walked to the museum and looked at all the different houses. “We walked past my house! ” said Marcus.

Everyone loved beating the carpet!

After lunch we looked at old maps of the area near our school and watched a slide show of old photos.


We saw Billy’s house in the slideshow. On the way home we looked at the buildings that had been on the slideshow.  We also sang old nursery rhymes like Polly put the kettle on and pretended we were having tea!

Suki take it off again!

We learnt lots about Cainscross and Stroud!The next day we all wrote thank you letters to Ann and Steven at the museum telling them how enjoyable our day had been.