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The Corinium Musuem

Our first we of the Lenten term…In Numeracy we are beginning to  identify fractions of shapes and quantities.In Literacy our focus is on poetry. We have been exploring rhyming words and tongue twisters.

All Aboard!!

   On Tuesday we all went on our school trip to The Corinium Museum in Cirencester. We had a fabulous time as you can see from our photographs.

Fish sauce … YUCK!!

Dressing up as Roman men and women.

         Today we had the opportunity to dress up for World Book Day! See if you can guess who we are!   

What have Year 6 been up to this week?

This week at school we have been looking at ‘discussion texts’ during our English lessons. Some titles that we have looked at were: should children be allowed to choose their own bedtime; should wild animals be killed; should mobile phones be allowed in school and many more. We have all been separated into our S.A.Ts booster groups for this task. Once we had planned out our discussion texts, we copied them out neatly onto lined paper, trimmed them and stuck the finished draft into our English books. In maths, we have been studying factors, primes and square numbers. We have also been looking at square and prime numbers which sound complicated but they aren’t. These all link in with our maths topic this term called ‘Properties of Number’. Like English, we all split up into S.A.Ts booster groups again to do a few practise S.A.Ts questions but mainly to practise our maths ready for the tests in May.  In art we have been looking at ‘Pop Art’ which links to our history topic of ‘Britain since 1948’ as the Pop Art that we are looking at was first seen in the 1950s. On Thursday afternoon, we made cereal boxes that were inspired by Pop Artists e.g. Richard Lichenstein and others. We made up our own names and added amazing detail to them. Also, in History we have been looking at ‘Immigration’ since the 1950s which has interested most people because it would be weird to think that if they hadn’t of moved here, we wouldn’t have a lot of things that we have today. In science so far, we have been looking at ‘Light and Shadows’ and discovering why shadows are formed. Mr Baird took us outside and showed us how shadows are made but by using a stencil and spray paint – the paint didn’t go where the stencil was just like opaque materials block the light and make a shadow.  We have really enjoyed this week at school, we hope you have too.  

By Beth Dowdeswell and Elly Price

YEAR 5’s amazing blog 28.2.14

 YEAR 5’s amazing blog

This amazing week we have been writing a letter each about how good the Titanic was. We wrote about the food and how luxurious first-class rooms were. For the food they used to have breakfast in bed, they had eight types of cheese. They had nice chips that sizzled in their mouths.We had a fancy dress competition for the best costume the winners were Rhys and Kira. Rhys dressed up as the cat in the hat and Kira dressed up as Dorothy from the wizard of OZ. They both won a book Rhys won Sam Silver the undercover pirate.For collective worship Keelan won the certificate of achievement for writing a good letter as a passenger on the Titanic. Our successful learner board  winners: Joe was first, Greg and Rhys came second and Jacob came third.

Working in the Rain

This week during Forest Schools we had the excitement of a huge downpour and as it was so windy we weren’t able to put the shelter up. We kept busy building and making patterns and that kept our minds off the lashing rain and howling wind. The major benefit of which was the vast number of worms that made their way to the surface of the soil. We were very careful not to harm them and made sure we returned them to their habitat once we had finished looking at them. We also made some impressive repeating patterns out of carpet tape and natural objects that we found. We are going to display them on our wall.\n\nAnother piece of work that we are going to display is the pterodactyl that we have made. Putting on the papiêr maché on the frame and mixing the correct colours was great fun, we only got a little bit in out hair!\n\nThis week we also showed off our fantastic rhyming skills by writing a dinosaur poem. We used rhyming couplets that a few months ago we would have found very hard to understand.\n\nMr Lewis was also very impressed with our time telling skills. Not only did we master the use of o’clock but many of us are getting  to grips with half past. Now we don’t have to ask Mr Lewis when lunch time is – we just look at the clock.\n\nLots of us said we are looking forward to the holidays but all agreed that we will miss our friends and can’t wait to get back to school already!

Houses, cafes, prayers and a party

It has been a very busy week!First, we painted our reading house.

We painted it to look like bricks and painted the window sills white

Then, we spent time reading in it, after Miss Oxford put up the curtains!

We love reading in our new house!

 On Wednesday we had a party to spend the marbles in our jar. We had earned 64 mins!

We brought in party clothes to wear

We brought in our own toys

 On Friday we had writing cafe, which we love. Corey, Mayanna and Barley were the best customers this week.

Would you like some fruit?

 Finally, we spent time with Mrs Bateman in the prayer space, on the stage.”It was amazing!” said Emma. “It was so cool, ” said Lewis. “I liked lying in the tent and thinking thoughts.”

Time for thought and reflection

 Have a happy half term! 

Prayer Week

During our final week of the Candlemas Term we have had lots of fun!**Prayer Space** – this morning we went into the Prayer space in the hall. We found the experience very magical, peaceful and  calming. We were able to relax and think about God.* Literacy – we have now all published our adventure stories and blurb. Additionally we have illustrated our stories with a front cover.* Numeracy – we have been attempting lots more word problems this week. We are becoming more confident and have improved our understanding of what operation ( + – x ÷ ) to use in our calculations to solve them.*Music – In music lessons in class we have been practising some of the Robin Hood songs. In our brass lesson this week we worked on “Hot Cross Buns” again to become more confident playing it.* DT – we have finished making our photo frames and brought them home yesterday.We are looking forward our half term break now but are excited about all our new topics in the Lenten Term! 

Before Half term – 13th February

 This week we’ve been mostly focusing on the Titanic. We have been making and finishing our posters to persuade people to board the biggest ship of them all, we have been looking at a recount from a survivor from the Titanic  the 14th April 1912. In science Miss Szarko has challenged us to work groups and find how fast water can evaporate, we will leave this experiment over the half term. The data we get we’ll record in our books. On Wednesday we went on the stage to see what Mrs Bateman had done for our prayer reflection week, it was amazing. Some of our classmates said it was awesome! Also, on Wednesday w  did R.E. We are learning about the Jews and we had a traditional meal that the Jews have once a year to remember how life was in Egypt as slave sand each food represents it own thing. We got to try different foods. Everyone enjoyed the lamb and apple and honey we did this when half of the class was in the hall doing the prayer and reflection week. We had spilt the class in half by house groups they were: Jenner and Grace in the morning and Scott and Holst in the afternoon. Year 5 went swimming on Monday as we will do every Monday till Easter. The top group were learning how to tred water, we also had to yell, “Help!”  All the other groups were staring at us trying to work out what was happening.By Josie and Josh By Josh and Josie

St Matthew’s in 1947……..

On Monday this week we had two interesting visitors. It was not a  usual day at all!Before lunch a lady came into school to talk about recycling and how important it is. We had all brought a sock in and made sock puppets using little bits of decoration she had brought in. It was really fun!After lunch we had another visitor. He name was Marion and she lives near Poppy and Mr and Mrs Weekes. She told us all about what it was like to be a pupil at St Matthew’s in 1947. The school that we now go to had not been built, Marion went to the school near the church. She told us many tales of strict teachers, afternoon sleeps and knitting being unravelled but our favourite was about “going across the yard”. We took a walk to the old school site and Marion explained where children came in and how the windows were blocked up so you couldn’t look out and daydream! Even though school was very strict then, Marion said she loved school. Her favourite thing was reading. We all had many, many questions to ask her.Today in Literacy we wrote a diary as if we were Marion on our first day at St Matthew’s in 1947.We have also been learning our times tables and sorting multiples into Venn diagrams this week.Jayden got the ******Certificate of Achievement**********this week for improving his Literacy work.Harry took the stick insects home- there are only three left because Barley’s cat ‘lost’ three. So look after them carefully Harry!

The successful learner week 7th February

This week in year 5 we have had very successful people in our class .We voted  one main person to be on our successful star and we voted Mikkie, second was Willam and third was Amelia .In Maths we learned  all kind of things this week .It  was very fun and we enjoyed it.In literacy we wrote two stories. One of our stories was an assessment and  we had two days to write it and the other one was just a subject.We have  had a fun week  .Yours sincerely,Amelia and Hollie

Year 4’s Marvelous Week

On Tuesday we went outside to draw fractions. We drew 2 rectangles and split them into fractions. We were looking at equivalent fractions and if it was the same or not. On Friday we were looking at fractions of numbers.\n\n \n\nOn Friday Miss Bebee read

**Smile for the camera**

We have had a lot of fun this week!* Literacy – we have finished writing our adventure story and have now started to word process our work.* Numeracy – we have been attempting lots of word problems this week. Firstly we felt a little unsure of what to do but our confidence improved throughout the week.* Science – we have been exploring springs and elastic bands and the forces associated with them.* DT – we have started to make our photo frames this week. We had a range of materials to choose from to decorate our frames. We are looking forward to completing our frames next week. **We need to try and remember to bring in a photograph to go inside our frame next week.****Music – In music lessons in class we have been practising some of the Robin Hood songs. In our brass lesson this week we learnt a new song called “Hot Cross Buns.”*** Certificate of Achievement*** – “I was surprised and quite pleased with myself because I wasn’t expecting it!” – Edward