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Fee, Fi, Fo, Fun!

This week we have been story telling using the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. It has been a lot of fun learning the special story telling words and actions. Such as suddenly, next and happily ever after. \n\nAny visitors to our classroom this week would have heard the giants roaring in the home corner and giant beanstalks being built outside. We also loved using the puppets and props to retell the story to our friends.\n\n\nimage\n\n\n\nWe have also completed some writing about plants. Our sunflowers have started to grow up out of the soil and this inspired us to write sentences about how plants grow.\n\n\nimage\n\n\n\nimage\n\n\n\nWe have been busy making work for our display board on plants and growing. It has been a challenge to make sure our cutting is accurate. The sticking was messy work.\n\n\nimage\n\n\n\nAlso this week Mr Lewis ended up with bright pink and blue hands after helping us  to make our papier maché eggs.\n\n\nimage\n\n\nWe also worked on a little surprise that we have tried to keep very quiet about….\n\nNext week we will be finishing our own Jack and the Beanstalk stories as well as preparing for Easter.

Information texts about………….

This week we have been using our research homework to help us start planning our information texts. We have all chosen our own  topic to gather facts about and write about. These are the topics we have chosen:Maddy- GymnasticsLibby- CatsLewis- The human skeletonEmma- DogsMia- ButterfliesMax- FrogsAshlee- MinecraftTheo- Greek Gods and GoddessesAbbie- BeaglesPoppy- Guinea PigsBarley- ChessEllie- LadybirdsTyler-BikesSolly- Tottenham Football ClubMarley- RabbitsBilly- Selsley BeaversRuby- DeerThomas- DesertsTyrese- LionsJayden- SpaceHarry – LegoMilly- ViolinsCorey- GirraffesHadyn- TigersWe had a times table trial today on our 2, 5 and 10 x table- some of us are really quick, some of us need more practice! Libby Hill received the *********Certificate of Achievement********** this week for her improved learning attitude. Keep it up Libby!Libby also took the stick insects home for the weekend and Poppy has Charlie the Chimp at her house. We hope Charlie is well behaved and has lots of adventures with you this weekend, Poppy!

Second Winner of 500 Words Competition

The Surprise at the Shark Tank

By Greg McCrink

Greg was a daring boy, who was always getting into surprising adventures. His best friend Iain however was a smart and sensible boy and the best kind of sidekick to have along on an adventure and today’s adventure was a trip to Weston Super Mare, Greg and Iain couldn’t wait to see the sand sculptures, visit the aquarium especially the shark bit and to have the most enormous ice cream on the way home.

Iain was waving as Greg was walking up the road, he ran to meet him.

“Hey Greg, Mum gave me £20 spending money, today’s going to be great. What would you like to do first?”

“Let’s go see the sand sculptures,” said Greg.

“O.k. race you.”

They arrived at the entrance, “I win, I win,” shouted Greg as he jumped up and down and punched the air. (He was a nice boy but did like to win everything…) Iain was holding his side and rolled his eyes and said, “I think I’ve got a stitch.

They went into the sand sculpture display, it was cool. There were sculptures of Batman, Star Wars, Knight Rider but the best was an 8ft sculpture of King Kong that was holding a damsel in distress. It felt like he was coming to get you.

” Pretty scary stuff, eh?” said Iain.

“Nah,” said Greg, “My Dad’s scarier looking than that in the morning.

“Shall we go to the aquarium before lunch?” said Greg.

“Yeah, come on,” said Iain, “I’ve heard it has a lush cafe where we could have burger and chips, with a chocolate milkshake.” said Greg,

“Mmmmm,” they both murmured.

“Can’t wait to see the sharks, they are the best bit” said Greg.

“And the frothy milkshake all over your chops!” said Iain.

The aquarium was great there was loads of colourful fish, Piranhas, Jelly Fish and they even found Nemo. Iain thought he was dreaming when he saw a huge tank for the sharks and what a lucky day because it was feeding time.

“Come over boys,” said the shark keeper, “do you want to feed one?”

“Yeaaah!” they both said, “this is the best day out eveeer,” said Iain.

As they started feeding the sharks the keeper said, “Don’t lean over too much, if you fall in you’re a goner.” What did Greg do, fall in.

As he sank to the bottom he thought this is it, this is how I’m going to bow out. Up top there were lots of people running around and Iain was screaming, this was mainly muffled out because of all the water. Greg sank to the bottom and landed on what he thought was a big rock, he picked it up in case he needed to whack a shark with it, as he grabbed it he realised it was a skull. This must be what happened to the last boy that fell in thought Greg, guess I won’t be getting that enormous ice cream now.

To be continued…….


Year 4 Update

World Book Day! What do you think of our costumes??

 Year 4 have been incredibly busy over the last few weeks, preparing for our production of Robin Hood.We have been learning about play scripts in Literacy, which links in really well with our rehearsals.In Maths we have started learning about ratio and proportion – we were really surprised by how well we were understanding the topic so far.We are still continuing our work on our Pop up books for DT, hopefully they will be finished by the end of term, although we are quickly running out of time.Our homework and spellings at the moment  is just to learn all of the words for the play – any speaking lines that we have and then all of the words and actions for any songs that we are singing.The performances will be on:Wednesday 2nd April 2014Thursday 3rd April 2014We lo0k forward to seeing lots of friends and family there to support us!

“It’s big because God is big”: visiting some special places

We have so enjoyed visiting two very special places recently: St. Matthew’s Church and beautiful Gloucester Cathedral.

We sat here to eat our snack. Do you think the monks did the same, long ago?


Give your local cathedral a hug. What makes you think this is an action shot?

Just a quick word in your ear, Lord…


A heavenly choir in the heavenly Quire.


Where’s Harry Potter then?


Kool and the Gang in the Cloisters.


…mediaeval bus queue?


Beautiful fan vaulting on the Cloister ceiling. Did you find out what the little holes were for?


How many monks can you fit in a lavatorium?


“When I was quiet I heard God whisper to me.”


A wonderful time was had by all.

 Finally, thank you to all the lovely grown-ups who have helped us on our trips to the church and the cathedral.We could not have done it without you!              

Enrichment week picture gallery

As you know, we were very busy in enrichment week: making, baking and tasting bread baked by Mr. Cratchley; meeting, greeting and hiding aliens. We steered mini space ships through asteroid belts and found a safe place for our friendly alien visitors to land in the school grounds. We designed super hero cloaks and planned super hero stories. We even found out how many pops and splats an alien needs to drink (measuring water containers!)Here are a few reminders…     

Super heroes!!




Inside the Reading Rocket.


Hope you enjoyed our gallery!


Beasties, bugs and bravery : Zoo-lab photo gallery

At last… here as promised …   ( and the Blog Monster hopes you weren’t all holding your breath!)    are the Zoo lab photos . We did try to get everybody in but as Mrs. Newbould was so excited at being close quarters to a ghost snake, some of the pictures had too much camera shake to be usable.

A giant African land snail called Turbo.


We weren’t as confident with the tarantula, until we realised she was staying in her carry case. Someone asked how we knew it was a she. If you look carefully you can just see her handbag.


See how lovely these creatures are?


One person’s pet is another person’s “I’m not convinced!”


We were promised that it only swallows mice whole, not small children.


Now for lots of happy smiling faces because rats are furry, cuddly and have got cute frilly ears.


Bugs Galore

This week we had so much fun bug hunting in the Forest schools area. After an hour and a half we had found a huge variety of mini beasts. These ranged from wiggly waggly worms to beetle larvae and snails eggs.\n\n\nimage\n\n\n\nimage\n\n\n\nimage\n\n\nThis week we also experimented with changing the colour of our paint by mixing. After making brown we soon learnt how to make a variety of colours and enjoyed finger painting with them.\n\nWe have played lots of different games with 3d shapes and are very good at describing the properties of a variety of solid shapes. We have built impressive towers, some were even taller than Mr Lewis! We still find sphere tricky to say but have managed to remember triangular prism pretty well.\n\nNext week we will be getting messy with some balloons and papier maché.

Frogspawn and a chimpanzee called Charlie

This week Charlie the Chimp has been going home with some of the Y2 children to have adventures! Thomas, Amber, Tyrese and Billy have already had Charlie home and written about what they did and drawn some pictures. Billy even made up a story about Charlie!Maddy has Charlie for the weekend so I hope Charlie has fun and is well behaved, Maddy! Miss Oxford brought in some frogspawn from her garden pond so we have a tank of it in the classroom and this week the tadpoles have been slowly emerging from their jelly eggcases!We did a maths test at the start of the week, which we all loved! In PE we are learning how to play badminton and also tried some long distance running, which Marcus and Lewis did particularly well in because of their stickability! This is a word we like which means that you don’t give up.Mia got the ****************Certificate of Achievement********** this week for working so hard on her maths, both as a Maths Monster and in lessons. Mr Weekes wondered what a maths monster might look like. Maybe somebody would like to draw one for him?  

Year 5 rocking class blog 21.3.14

This week year 5’s certificate winner was Jasmin I felt very nervous and excited.In history we have been learning about The Great Titanic and we made unsinkable ship’s each out of cardboard, milk bottles and toilet tubes.In English we have had fun because Miss Szarko fell asleep (not really) in class. We also found out Miss Szarko nearly ran over our headmaster that is what we did in English but it was all a joke to write a newspaper report about. We made up crazy stories about school to write fun newspaper reports.In maths we have been doing percentages we are AMAZING! At them. At first we were not so good, but now we can do 5,15 and 25 percent. By Jasmin and Iona

Starting off the week with a SPLASH!!

This week was our first week of swimming lessons at Archway School. Miss Beebee, Mrs Fairly, Mrs Evans and Mrs Bateman came along with us.  Firstly, we had a little play around in the pool to get used to the water, then at the end we practised swimming some lengths of the pool.In Numeracy, we’ve been looking at fractions again. We are slowly but surely becoming more confident at finding fractions of shapes and quantities.In Literacy our week started off by watching a short clip from the film Babe. This links closely to Dick King-Smith’s book The Sheep Pig as his book was turned into Babe. Yesterday and today we have been thinking about what questions we would ask Dick King-Smith’s publisher about him. Which did he prefer The Sheep Pig or Babe? What was his favourite book? Did he base any of his characters on people he knew?We’ve been rehearsing lots in the afternoons for Robin Hood. Don’t forget to practise the Lyrics at home and in the playground at break times with your friends. ***Certificate of Achievement*** – ”  I was shocked, surprised and excited! ” – Jack C 

Problem solving and challenges week- no problem!

This week we have been solving various maths problems, such as how many different ways can Jack climb the beanstalk and how many different ways can we pay 6p?During the afternoon all week we have been tacking the SHOEBOX challenge- how to make the inside of a shoebox look like our bedroom? For homework we drew some floor plans and have had fun recycling cereal, medicine and snack boxes into beds, wardrobes and tables for our models. Take a look at these! Whose bedrooms are these? Also, we went on a challenge trail all around the school, turning left and right to solve the clues and find the next clue, with the help of Ms Newbould! At the end we found Charlie the Chimp, who was hiding in the wet play box. He went home with Thomas this weekend, who will hopefully have a fun adventure with Charlie and write it all up for us to read about on  Monday.Emma took the stick insects home this weekend and Amber got the *******Certificate of Achievement********* for being so conscientious during her time at St Matthew’s. She is off to Germany! Auf Wiedersehen Amber!

Enrichment week

We have had great fun this week tackling lots of problems and challenges!

During Numeracy lessons, we particularly enjoyed looking for hidden codes in numbers,  investigating magic squares and exploring palindrome words and numbers.

In Literacy,we have had the opportunity to choose who to work with in order to solve challenges including word searches, crosswords, puzzles and riddles. We have also played Sentence Doctor where we had to try to solve grammar and sentence structure problems in order to come up with a diagnosis.

In Music we were Pirates and problem solved which non pitched percussion instruments and actions work best with a given rhythm.

In PE worked in House Teams to challenge each other to be efficient at completing tasks related to ball and beanbag games.

***Certificate of Achievement*** – I was extremely happy to get the award but I wasn’t expecting it at all! – Gracie C

Uphill Challenge

This week we have been problem solving as part of our enrichment week.\n\nMr Lewis set us some challenges that we worked on all week. One of them was to design and make a car that would carry an egg down a ramp. We had great fun building these from Lego or cardboard. We even hunted through the outside area for sticks to make the axles. Here are a couple of our cars.\n\n\nimage\n\n\n\nimage\n\n\n\nWe also had great fun seeing who could build the tallest tower. The towers were made from sand, large construction blocks or Lego. We had to work out how to reach up high.\n\nWe enjoyed making obstacle courses for the bikes and racing around them. Some of us even earned our driving licence!\n\nOne of the hardest challenges was to make water go uphill. We used the plumbing pipes to try and make water go up and into the water tray. Some of us actually succeeded but we all had a great time trying. Check back here soon for an update including a video to prove we got water to go uphill.\n\nNext week we will be back to solving the ‘normal’ challenges that a being in Reception class entails. These will include making eggs and monitoring our plants growing.


Year 6 Spaghetti structure challengeOur main challenge activity in Year 6 was on Friday when we had to design and build structures using only dry spaghetti and marshmallows!Before building we looked at examples of bridges and towers and examined the shapes and techniques used to construct them. We looked at large, framework structures like electricity pylons and even the Eiffel Tower in Paris. We noticed that lots of triangles were used – this is because triangles are very strong shapes.The first challenge was to build the highest, free-standing tower and the second was to build a bridge that would span a gap in some tables. We divided in to teams and worked to solve the problems. Many groups tried out ideas which did not work but they learnt from the mistake and the designs got better.The winning groups for each challenge were:Highest tower challenge = Theo, Matt and LouisLongest bridge span challenge = Nathan C, Ryan and Sean All of the groups worked well as a team and there were some fab designs that collapsed just before testing!!! We all enjoyed the challenge and learnt a bit about engineering too!

Y5 Problems problems and challenges week

To start off our challenges week Mrs Weekes set us some hard word problems to solve. The problems were based around spelling, jumbled up words and linking meanings and words together. For this some of us worked together, to solve them.In maths, we did a murder mystery. We had to answer varied questions. We then changed the answers to letters. For example A would = 1.Then we would put the letters together to make words to make clues. That would tell us who killed the person.Related to our history topic we made our own unsinkable ships. We did this by sticking bits and bobs together such as cardboard boxes and bottles. Some of them sank so we made modifications. They were all different.