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Blog Monster here again

Hi everyone, Blog Monster here!Did you have a good holiday with lots of Easter eggs? My friend Shirley the chef, told me this Easter riddle. Can you solve it?

In marble halls as white as milk,

All lined with skin as soft as silk,

Within a fountain crystal clear

A golden apple does appear.

No doors are there to this stronghold;

Yet thieves break in to steal the gold.

 Riddles are great fun. Here’s one to puzzle the grown-ups:

From the beginning of eternity

To the end of time and space;

To the beginning of every end

And the end of every place.

First week back and already we are thinking hard enough to make our brains ache!  We’ve enjoyed telling each other lots of different Traditional Tales. see how many baddy characters you can think of in one minute? (The Joker doesn’t count, he’s not in a fairy story/Traditional tale!)We practised jumping in 2s, 10s and 5s in Maths. That means counting along a number-line although we have done quite a lot of jumping too, when we put on the Times Table Rap.In Science we are learning about what plants need to grow. We have set up an experiment with lots of bean seeds in jars. we think plants need to have light, water and warmth to grow best. So we want to see what happens if we take those things away. No water is easy. No light… we have shut that jar in a cupboard. No warmth was more tricky. we decided to keep the seed cold in the fridge, but to make sure it still gets some light, we will take it out every lunch hour. All the rest of the seeds are having a lovely holiday on the windowsill. My favourite is Seedric, he’s good at football; he says he shoots for England. It makes him very popular with the girl seeds: they just can’t leaf him alone.Seedric says he eats 5-a-day of fruits and vegetables, to keep himself healthy and strong for sport. I make sure I get 5-a-day. As well as cheesy socks, I’ve started to eat gloves. Five fingers a day helps you work, rest and play.

Time lapse radish seeds sprouting, top and roots growing

I hope you like this little video clip of some radishes growing.

On Friday, we all took home a sunflower seed to look after.Have you given your  seed a name yet? Tayla says plants grow quicker if you talk to them. What do you think? Remember, there will be a small prize for the tallest sunflower, and another prize for the best Sunflower Diary. I’m looking forward to reading them all!Mrs. Newbould says, ” Don’t forget your other diary: about what you like to do with your time out of school.”   Have a super weekend,

Furry hugs,

The Blog Monster.


Just Horrid!

We have been reading Horrid Henry stories this week.” He is mean and very naughty” says Zoe. Some of us think it would be great fun if he was a member of Y2, others think it would be awful.”Horrid Henry, The Big Bad Book is really exciting to read, ” says Tyrese. For Science we have been sorting pictures of plants and animals and discussing what makes animals animals and plants plants.”I found it a bit tricky to decide why all of them were plants but eventually I decided that plants have stalks and leaves, and animals have blood and organs,” said Zoe.In maths we had carousel activities all focused on recalling our 2, 5 and 10 times tables as quickly as we can.”Our favourite activity is when we do the times table grid and we have to get the answers right in under 2 minutes,” agreed both Zoe and Tyrese.Ashlee took the stick insects home this weekend. Bring back 3 please Ashlee! 

The Science of plants

In Year 6 we have just started a new Science unit on ‘Interdependence and adaption’. We began by looking at the features of plants and how they get their energy and gases. We found out that most plants have green leaves which contain ‘Chlorophyll’, a chemical that turns water in to sugar when sunlight is shone on it. Plants can make their own food instead of having to eat things like animals do.We also discovered that plants breathe in Carbon dioxide (CO2) and breathe out oxygen (O2) – Oxygen is what humans breathe so this is why plants are so important to us.Young children think that plants ‘drink’ water through their roots and that this is all they need to live – they don’t understand how plants can make their own sugar/food.Plants have tubes in their stems and roots which carry the sugar, water and other minerals around the plant just like blood vessels carry blood in humans. It was fascinating to discover how amazing plants are! 

First week back

Yesterday Jenner went out with Mrs Evans and did some gardening. We some weeding and then planted some flowers. We also tried chives, mint and time.On Tuesday afternoon we did are first lesson of P.E doing cricket and rounder’s it was really hard.Today we did our successful learners.  Joe came first, Mikkie came second and Hollie came third.  By Mikkie and Joe

Poster competition info for Scholastic Book Fair


Are you BRILLIANT at drawing? Do you LOVE colouring?

Are you a WHIZZ on the computer? Do you fancy winning £5 of FREE MONEY to spend at the Scholastic Book fair?

IF SO……………………………Read on!


The  Book Fair is coming to school for both parents evenings this April.

The challenge is to design a WOW poster that could be photocopied , laminated and displayed around the school during the first week back, telling everyone’s parents to bring their wallets when they come to parents evening!

All you need on your poster are the words-


Money raised will go towards new books for our library!

Deadline for entries to Mrs Armstrong: Wednesday 23rd April.

The five winners will each get a £5 voucher  for the fair and their poster displayed.




Information, tadpoles and measuring

“We both loved publishing our information texts!” said Maddy and Ruby. “Mine was about Deer and mine was called  All About Gymnastics.””I wrote about wearing a leotard, flips, handstands and forward rolls. I also added some diagrams, “said Maddy.” Some interesting facts from mine are that there are no deer in Australia, girl reindeer have antlers but normal girl deer don’t,” said Ruby.”Publishing was cool because we could choose our own topic to write about. I wrote about Selsey Beavers because I think it is very exciting. Some facts from mine: there is a Science badge, Hobby badge, Creativity badge and a Friendship badge. There are lots more but those are the important ones, ” said Billy. ” We are all excited about our new topic next term!” 

We published our information into leaflets.

The tadpoles hatched from the frogspawn this week. Miss Oxford is looking after them over the holidays.

 In maths we have been measuring liquid in litres and millilitres and learning how to read measures in grams and kilograms- or Killer Grannies!This afternoon we had our commendation Assembly. Theo received a certificate for being kind and helpful: Max got one for being a challenge enthusiast and Marcus got one for his incredibly determined learning attitude.Charlie the chimp is keeping Woody company in the Reading house over the holidays and Mrs Armstrong has taken the stick insects home…..Happy holidays everyone! Remember what Mr Baird said in assembly- be kind and helpful at home as well as relaxing and enjoying your break.

Raise your Swords to Robin Hood!

This week was the week of our production! We hope you were entertained and amused by our performance of Robin Hood.  We know we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!!! 

Jesters .. fooling around!


The poor villagers


The vicious soldiers


The wild outlaws


The Traders with their tasty treats

 Commendations“I am amazed and extremely excited!” – Harry B“I was really shocked because I didn’t know I was going to get it!” –Kiara” I was surprised I had a commendation!”-  Alfie