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Marshmallows roasting on an open fire.

A fantastic week of outdoor activities from Sporty Maths (measuring and timing our running, jumping and throwing out on the field) to spotty toads in the mobile pond. We had damp but delicious fun in the Woodland Wagon enjoying Forest School activities such as den-building, marshmallow toasting  and rope swinging. Teagan and Theo both enjoyed swinging really high. Mrs. Newbould had a go. Marnie had to teach her because she wasn’t very good!”Field and Furrows” brought in some amazing woodland creatures: hedgehogs, rabbits and owls (which were James’ favourite!)

Owlets. Have you been following the live webcam from Somerset?

 We had yet more creatures when The Mobile Pond arrived on Friday: pond-dipping for wonderfully wiggly mini-beasts, a surprisingly soft and silky toad and a beautiful, stripey grass-snake. Did you know that snakes are the boniest creatures? See if you can find out how many bones they have.

A tray full of tadpoles and other aquatic mysteries.

Did he say we would see a shark?

No…. he said there would be a crocodile.

That beetle waved at me.

Our beetle’s a rower! (They’re called water boatmen really.)

I wonder what it’s like to be a water snail?

I’m telling you- MY tadpole won the race!

Jules and his Marvelous Mobile Pond. Several of us are wondering what he feeds the creatures on. Hopefully not Infants!

Holding a toad.

More holding…

…more little toads (The amphibians not the children!!)


Airing a grass snake.


Airing a grass snake.


Some of my best friends are grass snakes.

 We have also had a physically challenging week. We “ran our socks off” at Sports Day (and our trainers in some cases.) The whole day was a resounding success with Year Ones, who voted it one of their two top favourite activities in the week. We are very proud of our runners and throwers and jumpers. We cheered ourselves hoarse for the Mammoth Relay and still had energy left for the Climbing Wall on Friday (Our second favourite activity!!) Mrs. Newbould was amazed that, despite our little legs, short shorts on a chilly day and teeming rain, many of us were up that wall like Spiderman without a word of complaint. Some of us were a bit worried at first but eventually we conquered Everest (if a trifle damp on the descent.)Congratulations to all who took part. When is the next one???         

What a week in Y2!!

We have had a fabulously exciting week. Aswell as writing about the lifecycle of a sunflower and showing data in pictograms we had Sports Day, which was exhausting but fantastic. Luckily, the weather was sunny and warm that day.On Tuesday we had a visit from Oak and Furrows  and they showed us animals from the local area, which fits in brilliantly with our topic at the moment.

Oak and Furrows brought in Woodland creatures

 On Thursday The Woodland Wagon visited and set up camp in The Forest School Area. We had a Forest school session with them and they showed us how to cook a ‘smorg’ over a campfire.

Building a wigwam style den

 And on Friday we had the climbing wall which everybody eagerly scaled, despite it being cold and rainy…even the teachers!

Look who turned up on her day off!

 And the man with his mobile garden pond……..which was fascinating. We identified so many different varieties of pond life, some we had seen at Redwood, others we hadn’t. Once we had looked carefully at the wildlife in the pond, he showed us two toads and a grass snake. We learnt how to identify the grass snake and why toads are different to frogs. It was fascinating!Overall we had a terrific week! Have a good half term everyone. 

GET OUTSIDE!!! Enrichment Week Photos

SOUTH CERNEY…. WOODLAND WAGON… THE WILDLIFE MAN AND HIS POND … THE CLIMBING WALL… If you click on the photographs they will enlarge so you can get a better view! 

Our action packed week…

On Tuesday we went on our trip to Redwood …On Wednesday we started to make our ‘Moving Monsters’ using a pneumatic system ….On Thursday we observed our shadows appearance throughout the day … Today we practised for Sports Day next week …   


This week started off full of maths tests. We all found these quite challenging, but we still tried our hardest. For the first test we were equipped with a mirror, tracing paper, pencil and a ruler which helped all of us a lot. For the second test we had all of those things plus a calculator because it was a calculator test. We did both of our tests in the hall but some did it in the classroom.On Wednesday we had  Mrs Weekes. We did R.E. the activity was the creation story. We had to create an animal or plant from our imagination. Some people’s creation was a Muckey which is a duck and a monkey another person did a four winged red fly both of these creatures help the environment in different ways.On Thursday we had a jolly good time singing and gardening. We are practising for the songs of war and peace event. For our last gardening session we all got a tomato plant to take home and look after. Lots of us are taking care of them very carefully.That was the end of year 5’s test week.By Josie, Joe Blackwell and Sam Mason.   

Y2 Redwood photos plus this week’s learning weblinks

 First of all, here are the weblinks for the children- we’ve been learning about data collection and representation this week and, in particular, learning how to sort information into a Carroll diagram. Topmarks weblink is a great interactive resource to have a practice on.We have also been learning how to spell all different kinds of homophones and playing this interactive, BBC, memory matching game.To understand our story better, The Owl who was afraid of the dark, we have been watching the Barn Owl Webcam. We think it might be even better to watch when the sun goes down, see link below. Although there is still quite a lot going on during the day, as we’ve noticed!Carroll Diagrams – 6-11 year olds – TopmarksHomophonesBarn owl web camAnd now, here are the photos which show what an “epically awesome day” (Billy) we had on Tuesday at the epically awesome Redwood. Thanks to all of the parent helpers who came along. We couldn’t have done it without you!  

We found a rabbit!


Look which woodland creatures we found!


I found an owl!


We found a den!


Playtime in the meadow!




Pond dipping. We found tadpoles, water boatmen, a newt, a small fish and blood worms.

 Tyler got the *****Certificate of Achievement********* this week for his fantastic behaviour all day at redwood. Felicity has taken the stick insects home.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast off!

image\n\n\n\nThis week we have been having great fun exploring space in our rocket, Reception 1. We have been exploring the Milky Way and imagining what it would be like to be in space.\n\n\nimage\n\n\n\nWe are very proud of the planets and stars we have been making all on our own. We have decided to put the finished ones up on the display. We are going to add even more next week.\n\nThis week we have also been thinking about our favourite toys and making alien fact files. We have done some brilliant independent writing and are remembering our finger spaces as well as trying to use ‘and’ as a joining word in our brilliant sentences.\n\nimage\n\n\n\nWe have been learning to double and half numbers and other items in the classroom this week. We have become very good at doubles and halves when adding and subtracting items. We have even been helping Mr Lewis when he gets his counting wrong or has less items than he wants.\n\nNext week we will be preparing for sports day, learning about the planets in our solar system, working a bit more on halves and taking away and finishing off our alien writing. On top of that we have a very exciting trip to Bristol zoo!

Tales of whales and strawy stories.

Year One have traveled the high seas with Jonah and plunged into the oriferous beguilings of Rumplestiltskin this week. We have had stories to wonder at and to ponder over. We have even learnt some storyteller actions to help us retell these traditional tales.Jonah and the WhaleYou can find the Rumplestiltskin story on  www.kids-pages.com/stories/Rumplestiltskin Meanwhile, here are some storyteller actions to help you retell some stories of your own:story actionsLove from the Blog Monster 


 This week it’s all about the froglets that have been growing- losing their tails after growing legs.  The tank is at the back of the classroom and it’s our most favourite activity, watching the frogs and using magnifying glasses to see them swim about.   During the week one of the froglets, who has completely lost his tail, started climbing up the inside wall of the tank and we had to put a whiteboard over the top of the tank to stop him from jumping out!  Miss Oxford took these froglets back to her pond today because they were starting to jump and will need to catch flies now and be in the open air. We hope they like their new home. Max has taken Charlie the Chimp home and Jayden has the stick insects.Poppy got the ******Certificate of Achievement************ for being a great learning partner. Well done Poppy!See you at the May Fayre!

Year4’s beautiful week!!

In Literacy we are doing imaginary settings and characters. Today we did imaginary characters. Yesterday we described a spooky  haunted house on the IWB.In Maths this week we did compass directions. Today we worked through 3 pages(50-52) it was hard!! We had to write down the co-ordinates of an object, for instance a black ball is on (5,1).Last week’s certificate was awarded to Riley. He says “I was so pleased , it was a big shock!”This weeks certificate was awarded to Daniel, for his exiting and detailed setting description of a haunted mansion. He says ” I was so shocked when my name was called by Mr Weeks. I walked up to the front and i’m nearly as tall as Mr Weeks!!”Blog by Daniel and Riley

The Guinea Pig Who Thought The Grass Was Greener

Nibbles the guinea pig was washing his colorful hair thinking “That grass looks fresh and juicy.”The only problem was that he was stuck in his run and the grass he wanted was outside. He spoke to his fellow guinea pig friend Bubbles who defiantly wanted to stay where he was, however he did agree to help Nibbles escape.They managed to dig a big enough hole to fit Nibbles under the run. “See you later,” squeaked Nibbles and skipped excitedly towards the inviting grass. “splendid,”  he thought munching thoughtfully down to the root of the grass.Suddenly he could hear a hissing sound behind him getting louder and louder, it was Cleo the obnoxious Siamese cat from next door.”Oh great,” he muttered under his breath anxiously looking around for cover. He scurried towards the old rustic shed on his little legs as fast as he could go with Cleo bounding violently behind him. Nibbles shot through the small gap in the ancient broken door just as Cleo’s paw skimmed over his muddy, furry back.”Phew that was close,” he panted breathlessly. Luckily Cleo was distracted by a noisy magpie who was taunting her from his branch and she went to try her luck with the magpie.Nibble peeped out cautiously to see if the coast wads clear, he stepped out nervously and decided to take a different direction t the glorious green grass. He was just checking over his shoulder to see if the naughty Cleo was following him, but he wasn’t looking where he was going and slid into a big dirty hole, he felt shocked and started squeaking unhappily, he felt afraid.Meanwhile, Ralph the enormous grey haired rabbit hopped along and stopped when he heard Nibbles squeaking loudly, Ralph jumped down the hole to help him, “I’m so pleased to see you,” quivered Nibbles.”You have got yourself in a pickle,” replied Ralph laughing.”Jump on my back,” commanded Ralph and hold on tight, Nibbles was ready, Ralph started to bounce up the slippery hole digging his sharp claws into the crumbly mud.At the top of the hole, Ralph asked Nibbles where he wanted to be dropped off.”I never want to go out of the safety of my run again, can you please drop me off there,” he cried. Ralph knew all the short cuts to avoid big holes and obnoxious cats. He flew over the ground effortlessly and was soon back at the run in front of a very surprised Bubbles. Nibbles tumbled off the rabbit’s back carefully and hurried back into the run quickly. He flet so relieved and told Bubbles he would never venture out again. They both asked Ralph if he oudl please fill in the runnel so nothing dangerous could get in and thanked him very much.Nibbles sat tiredly back on his bed and thought to himself “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side!”Written bySam DavisYear 5

Times tables fun

 This week we filmed some of the Y2 children singing and dancing their times tables. Unfortunately the films are too large to upload but hopefully next week we can film shorter versions and find a way to upload them……All week we have been practising our 2,5 and 10 x table and some of us are also learning our 3s and 4s.  We like to wear our sunglasses and rap them before we go into lunch.We watched Horrid Henry and Sports Day this week and wrote great character descriptions all about him- we think he is mean, a liar, mischievous and sneaky. We had writing cafe today, which was the first time for Felicity!The best customers were Mia, Marcus, Milly and Solly.Marley earned his ******Certificate of Achievement*********this week for putting in lots more effort in all of his work recently. Keep it up Marley! Max has the stick insects this bank holiday and Felicity has Charlie the Chimp. Have a lovely long weekend everyone.

Class Assembly Week 2.5.14

Today we had a class assembly. It was about the Titanic. We had a lot of different work shown. Like:. Diary entries. Letters home. Interviews.Art work.Homework.Titanic boats.PrayerWe also had news reporters to make our class assembly different. After we had finished it the certificates were handed out Iona got one. Also on Monday Jasmine B got one because they weren’t handed out on Friday. On Tuesday we went in the life education van and we talked about dangerous chemicals. There are 4000 chemicals in cigarettes.By Jasmine and Iona