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Year 6 Enterprise fayre 2014


 On Friday 27th June, Year 6 held their ‘Enterprise Fayre’ in the School hall. For the last 4 weeks Year 6 have been involved in the ‘Enterprise project’. Each child in Year 6 was given £10 to set up and run a small business with the aim of making as much profit as possible. The team making the most profit per team member would receive a prize and the new ‘Enterprise challenge’ trophy. The children had to design, make and sell an original product.After lots of research and discussion, the children formed small groups of between 3 and 5; which meant they had £30 – £50 of start-up money for their business. The next task was to come up with a product and think about how they would go about making it and what materials they would need to buy.Before starting, they had a visit from their ‘business guru’ Andy Bateman, owner of Bateman’s Sports Ltd.  He explained his business model top them and gave them lots of top tips on setting up and running their businesses.The rules of the ‘Enterprise challenge’ stated that everything had to be paid for. Paper, photocopying, printing, laminating, use of the school ovens……everything!! Groups had to think very carefully and control their spending using a budget spreadsheet.Eventually the day of the Enterprise Fayre had come and the businesses would be put to the test…..

(Business guru Mr Bateman makes some last minute suggestions to the Cookie Co. Ltd team)

(Brilliant bookmarks Ltd try to help a very picky customer!)

(Crazy cupcakes find that their cakes were selling like…well …hot cakes!!!)

(Bands and badges Ltd find a winning formula and are mobbed by eager customers!)

(A+M gifts. “How can we help you?” )

At 3.00pm all stock had sold out!! Every single item had been cleared and the businesses handed in their final money pots to be counted. The winners will be announced next week but everyone involved in the project worked incredibly hard and learned a lot about business. Time to pack up and close up shop…Thank goodness its Friday!!!

This week in Y2- a snippet

Today we went to the Y6’s Enterprise Market- it was AWESOME! We nearly all bought delicious cookies, lots of bookmarks, some flags, cards, fridge magnets, smoothies and cupcakes. The key rings had almost sold out but some of us managed to buy a few before they did. We went back to class and nibbled and munched before we got on with finishing our published leaflets all about How To Make Elderflower Cordial. At the end of the day we all voted for our top three; Zoe, Ellie and Ruby’s were voted the best by the class because of their presentation, illustrations and excellent content.We have been designing our own maths board games for about a week and many of them were laminated this week and we got a chance to play them during maths.Sol is the last person to have Charlie the Chimp this weekend, after that he will be in the class full time and we can read his adventures in the Reading house.Marley got the ******Certificate of Achievement******* today for doing his homework more regularly and handing it in on time. Well done Marley!

Best Week of Year 5

This week in science we learnt about germination. We found this really interesting because we have not learnt this subject yet, we had to set up our own experiment. We needed to work as a team to set up the experiment. On Wednesday we did R.E, we have been studying Christian Aid and what they do. We made a poster about how Christian Aid helps poor people. Christian Aid helps towns and villages in need. Year 5 and Year 6 have been practicing the production “Go for Goal” the production is in 2 weeks time. In literacy we are learning about Egyptian myths. The class is excited about the Redwood trip next Tuesday.

Newsletter 36

Newsletter 36 27-6-14A brilliant business experience for the Year 6 pupils, info about District Sports and details of the upcoming Year 5 & 6 production. Have a look!

Year 6 Cathedral leavers service

On Wednesday 18th June Year 6 attended Gloucester Cathedral for the Primary Leavers service. Children from all of the Church schools in the county gather to mark the end of their time at Primary School and celebrate the work of the church in the county.This year was a fantastic service with songs, dance performances and a banner parade. It was amazing to see children from all four corners of Gloucestershire, in every different colour uniform but all there for the same reason. In school we will be saying goodbye to our Year 6 children at the St-Matthew’s leavers service on Friday 18th July.This week we have also been working on our ‘Enterprise project’ and getting ready for the Year 6 production.  

Van Gogh week in Y2

This week we spent the week learning all about Van Gogh and particularly his paintings of Sunflowers. We all had a part of the painting to draw in oil pastels and put them all together at the end- this is the result!”I loved it when it was finished because it all looked different, but BETTER than Van Gogh!” Said Billy.This week’s *******Certificate of Achievement*********went to Corey Flight for improving his attitude to working hard in lessons.  Ruby has Charlie the Chimp for the weekend- look after him Ruby! 

Circus Skills

This week we had a very exciting time trying out a variety of circus skills. This was on Thursday when we officially opened our outdoor performance area. It was great fun and we learnt a lot of new skills. Our favourite was the peacock feather balancing, although the ice creams after school were also very good!We have been learning a story about a brave knight who rescues a princess. His name is Mouse Quixote. Ha and his faithful friend Sancho defeat the evil giants to rescue the princess from the tower. This has inspired us to act out traditional stories in the tole play area. The video below is of us acting out one of these stories.We have been getting to grips with 2 digit numbers (two digits, one number) this week. We have been very successful in learning to recognise and write numbers up to 100.Next week we will be starting to write out own stories and making swords and shields.  

Y2 Circus!

We’ve learnt some cool circus skills this week,  taught by Alan who did an awesome assembly on Thursday, when our Outdoor Performance Area was opened. 

Juggling with scarves


I can spin a plate on my finger!


Alan demonstrated each skill

 This week’s ****Certificate of Achievement*********went to Harry Clarke for improving his reading- Well done Harry!Marley has Charlie the Chimp and the stick insects are staying with Mrs Armstrong because 6 of the eggs hatched so we have 6 new, very small stick insects. When they are bigger and easier to find, the stick insects will start going home again. 

A really busy week in Year 6!!!

 On Monday in assembly we talked about respect and about respect to others like in the world cup. In the morning we did a range of different activities. We did some singing rehearsals for our Year 6 production and some of us were taken out for rehearsals on the stage. We also did a design for our production programme which will take place on the 8th and 9th of July.  In the afternoon we went swimming at Archway swimming pool. It was fun because at the end we got to play water polo and our team won 6-2. Besides playing water polo, we did a life saving excise and worked on other skills.On Tuesday we had a photographer come in and take individual photos and group photos for us to take home as we are leaving soon. After we had the photos we went back to class to carry on with our enterprise project. Its fun setting up a business but hard at the same time!! In the after-noon we had P.E and played kwik cricket in the beautiful sunshine.On Wednesday in the morning we started off by singing with Mrs Fairly. We sang our production songs and the songs which we will be singing at the leavers service in Gloucester Cathedral. In the afternoon we all picked a world cup football team for a special Year 6 Sweepstake. If our team wins we get a prize which is a football even though the girls don’t really want a football they could give it as a present.On Thursday our new outside performance area had a grand opening. (Above)We had an amazing circus  performer who did Circus workshops with us. We learnt loads of amazing tricks like juggling five balls, Diablo, Poi swinging and walkcycles!!! . Each class had a session  to try out new skills. Our class mostly learnt how to juggle with three balls and it’s really hard trust me!This week has been so busy but sooo fun!!By Mia Brown & Georgie-fleur Eager!

Singing and Circus

On Tuesday we walked up to Callowell School for a war and peace event. It was a very long walk up the hill.On Wednesday we looked at some sad stories about kids that had had something bad in their lives. We will continue on this project until the end of term.On Thursday a circus man called Alan came in for the grand opening of the outdoor performance area. He was amazing! He showed us lots of tricks that we learnt in a workshop to become circus people. We learnt how to juggle, how to spin a plate, ride a peddalo, Diablo and ribbons.by Mikkie and Josie

Class Assembly Time

We have had a very busy week getting ready for our class assembly. When the time finally came we were very excited and really enjoyed performing for the whole school and our parents. The smiles on our faces showed everybody how confident and keen we are.Here are some of the photos from the last few weeks exciting activities that we have taken part in: 

Elderflower crazy- Y2

How to make elderflower cordialWhat you need:27 children30 elderflower heads, freshly picked locally55g of citric acid (Thank you Mrs Libbiter)6 lemonsA 1kg  bag of sugarA jug of boiling waterHow to make:1) First you check the elderflower heads for insects and take the insects outside if they are still alive.2) When you have checked them all, weigh out the sugar and dissolve in boiling water, stirring continuously.3) While someone is stirring, zest the lemons by grating their skin onto a board. Be careful not to nick your fingers!4) When you have zested the lemons, stir the rind into the sugar water solution.5) Next slice the lemons using a sharp knife, being careful to hold the lemon strongly so that it does not slide off the chopping board. 6) When all the lemons have been zested and sliced, add them to the sugar solution and stir. Then add the citric acid and make sure it has dissolved. 7) Finally, push the elderflower heads down into the solution so that they are submerged.  8) Then leave, covered with a cloth, for 24-48 hours to steep in a cool, dark place.9) Strain the steeped mixture through a fine muslin cloth and use a funnel to pour into a sterilised bottle or other clean container.10) And now for the best bit…..dilute with water and drink with friends!  Barley was awarded the **************Certificate of Achievement**************for getting organised and more self reliant.Corey took the 3 stick insects home for the weekend and Mayanna has Charlie the Chimp for the weekend too!                

Year 5’s Singing Practice Week

This week we’ve been practising songs, based on WW1 and peace. The songs we have been practising are Down by Riverside, Imagine, Vine and Fig Tree and I’d like to teach the world to sing. All of us have enjoyed these songs  very much, thanks to Mrs Fairly.In literacy this week we’ve been looking at non-chronological reports. In this we’ve looked at how to take useful notes properly. Then we turned the notes into detailed paragraphs. Which made the non-chronological report. Whilst we’ve been doing this groups of children have been going out to do booster groups. In these booster groups children have been practicing  maths, english, reading and comprehension. In maths we have been solving problems including proportion and ratio. By Sam and Jack