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Last ever week in Y2!

Charlie and the winning banana rocket!

We all displayed our topic books and Charlie the Chimp entries for the parents to see

Mums and Dads and Grandparents too!


Charlie loved this tree!

 We had our Charlie the Chimp competition this week and Charlie wanted EVERYONE to win! So he gave all the children a signed photo of himself and the winner got him plus the books written by Y2.Thanks to all the parents and grandparents who visited, the children really enjoyed sharing their work with you. Have a FAB summer and see you in September!

Penultimate week in Year 4!

This week has been a busy one, where we have been trying to finish off lots of topics before the end of term.Our Literacy has continued to look at persuasive writing, but this week we have had a focus on adverts.  We have planned, written and now started to present our own advert, for a place that we have visited and loved!  We will be finishing these off next week by trying to make them colourful and eye catching.Maths this week has seen us continue our revision work of various topics that we have covered before.  We have looked at Multiples, factors and square numbers.  We now know the difference between the 3 and what all 3 mean.  We can also give examples of all three.In the afternoon’s we have finished our Art topic of ‘Journey through a landscape’.  We added colour to our pictures of Stroud, using oil pastels.  We learnt how to blend oil pastels to create different shades and to add texture to our pictures.  We were all then successfully able to use our new skills in our pictures.This afternoon we enjoyed going out to watch a little bit of the Yr 5/ 6 interhouse tournament.  Cricket was a sport that we covered last term, and Rounders is a sport that we are currently doing.  It was nice to see the older children play, and to take some tips from their play, particularly with tactics.It’s difficult to believe that we only have 1 week left together in Year 4, but I intend to make the most of the last week of term and enjoy it as much as possible, as I hope the children do to!Have a nice weekend, and don’t forget homework needs to be in on Monday, so that I can mark it before the end of the year!!Miss Beebee x

Spiffing sport and jolly hockey sticks

We thought you might like to see what we get up to in our PE lessons. We often practice our skills in small group activities and then move onto team games (like our rounders match at the museum) where we can use what we have learned. Rebecca has been helping us this term. it has been great to have an extra pair of eyes to find those sneaky lost balls!

So this was hockey …. those little balls get every where!

 Then we tried football skills…..

You’ve got to show it who’s boss…

Then, there’s throwing and catching and – of course – that most English of games: CRICKET!! 

Posing for the England captain’s job.

Have a great time out in the sunshine this weekend. If you decide to try and take on the Year Ones at sport….you have been warned!   

A gingerbread house in Y2

This week we have been decorating our reading house with sweets to make it more like the gingerbread house in the story we are learning about.We have chosen our characters and are writing our own versions of Hansel and Gretel and hopefully will find time next week to publish them. We are using our class story map to remember what happens in which part of the story. Hadyn has taken the stick insects home and both Mayanna and Corey got a  ************Certificate of Achievement **** this morning- Mayanna’s was for being a more independent learner and Corey was for making his handwriting smaller and neater. Well done to you both.

Our penultimate week in Year 3

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed Rounders this term and have learnt how to throw a ball accurately overarm and underarm, developed our fielding techniques and batting and bowling skills. We’ve played a game of Rounders each lesson so we could develop our understanding of the rules.  We’ve loved our Art lessons too this term ….    

Go For Goal Week

This week has been packed with long nights and exciting days. Throughout the week we have done our amazing production, Go for Goal.On Monday we did our dress rehearsal and it went really well but by the end we were very tired. Then on Tuesday we did our first night of our production. We were very nervous but worked up about it. It was great. On Wednesday we did our last performance it was the best one we had ever done that week and put a lot of effort into it. There was also a DVD and pictures on the disc too. By Mikkie and Hollie

Go for Goal!!!

This week Year 6 have been doing lots of rehearsals for our production of ‘Go for goal’  We have been working on the songs and making sure that we all now when to come on and off the stage and when to pick up props or change costume. It has been really hard work but we are all enjoying it. The stage is starting to look really good and we are beginning to try on our costumes and get a feel for what the final performance will be like.We are also doing other projects. We are designing and making a model of a river using Papier Mache and we are working on a book called ‘The Midnight Fox’ by Betsy Byars.In the back of our minds we are starting to think about leaving St-Matthew’s as well. We are starting to plan our leavers party and leavers service.On Friday 4th July we all went to visit our Secondary Schools. We met some of our teachers and made new friends in our tutor groups. Secondary School feels absolutely massive and a bit scary but also exciting.See you all when you come to watch the production next week Year 6

The Time Machine in Stroud.

Did you know that there is a time machine in Stroud? It’s called The Museum in the Park and Year One went to visit this week, for an old-fashioned trip to the seaside.Such a quick coach tripWe had barely time to ask,”Are we nearly there yet?”Before we’d reached Stratford Park. We had a clamber in the playgroundUsing lots of energyBefore we went in the museumTo see what we could see.  

A fantastic slide show whisked us all into the past

When life was so much slower and we travelled round in carts.

(Or on foot, or on a bike, or in a boat or on a horse.)

We all thought Chalford donkeys were the best of course!

Then we all raced outside for some games “on the sand”.

In the chilly English summer by the seaside it’s just grand!

We played “Piggy in the Middle” then had a rounders match,

Until one team was out ‘cos Marnie made a SPLENDID catch.


We had a storyteller, on the grass in the sun,

Who had seven hats to help him make his characters great fun.


We looked round the museum: there is such a lot to see;

And lots of things for little hands to fiddle with for free.

We had such a brilliant day, so thankyou everyone

Who helped us on our trip: it was such fantastic fun!


Y2- right angles, wrong angles, Hansel and Gretel

This week we learnt what a RIGHT angle is and that there isn’t a LEFT angle! We learnt how to check for right angles by folding up bits of scrap paper and checking. We did some sorting of angles into Venn and Carroll diagrams and some of us know what an obtuse or acute angle is! We are learning the story of Hansel and Gretel and all week we have role played the beginning, middle and end. Each group had a Leader, who had to sort out any arguments (and there were some!) about who played which role. We also used instruments to make sound effects- Emma used her instrument to make the sound of the evil stepmother laughing! In music this week we learnt to sing our Dinosaur song, by popular vote! We had to listen very carefully for the different words and instruments and some of us kept a rhythm on the bongos or with a tambourine.If you haven’t already- go out and buy STROUDLIFE newspaper- can you find the St Matthew’s story in there? Mrs Armstrong was out this Friday so we will find out on Monday who the Certificate of Achievement goes to. Will it be YOU????????

Epic Sports Week

We have had an incredibly busy week here in Year 4.On Monday we had a very exciting Science lesson with Mr Baird, where we learnt about floating and sinking.  We did an experiment, where we put clay in pots to see if it would float or sink.  We learnt about the forces involved in floating and sinking.Tuesday was our trip to Redwood.  First of all we went on a walk around the woods and found lots of exciting objects like a dead shrew, animal skulls and an antler.  Then we walked to the pond, where we did our pond dipping activity.  We found newts, fish, tadpoles, dragonflies and back swimmers. At lunchtime we enjoyed playing in the meadow.  In the afternoon we went on a bug hunt.  We found toads, spiders, woodlouse and toadstools.On Tuesday evening Miss Beebee and Mrs Thompson took a group of KS2 children to District Sports, check out the separate blog on the Year 4 page, for all of the fantastic results!On Wednesday we enjoyed doing PE.  Miss Beebee ran a game of Cricket, while Miss Haughton and Connor did a game of Rounders.Thursday Miss Beebee and Miss Haughton took a group of Yr 3/4 children to a cricket tournament at Stroud Cricket Club.  They did really well, and although we lost our first game against Nailsworth, 234 v 233, we won our second game against North Nibley, with a huge score of 254 v 221.  Unfortunately it meant that we did not qualify for the next round, but we had fun and played some great Cricket anyway.  Whilst they were out the rest of us had a lovely Art lesson with Mrs Bateman.Today in PE we did lots of different Athletics activities, including: shuttle runs, hurdles and target throw.  Then we played some catching and agility games, where we had to use a funny bobbly shaped bouncy thing, which bounced off in all directions, and we had to try and catch it.  We finished off the lesson with a relay in teams.  Scott also went out to do French cooking, they made Madeline’s.  They were even kind enough to bring some back for Miss Haughton and Miss Beebee; they were yummy!Today it was Miss Beebee’s birthday, so this afternoon we had a tasty cake!  Miss Beebee said: ‘I have had a lovely day, and have had lots of beautiful cards from the children, thank you!!!’It was also Miss Haughton’s last day in Year 4.  She has been with us every Thursday afternoon for the past year, and has just come to the end of a 2 week placement with us.  She is now off to University to do Teaching, so we wish her lots and lots of luck, we will miss her!!

Banner Making and Time Telling

This week we have been learning about the days of the week and the months of the year. We enjoyed looking at calendars as well as singing some songs about the days of the week. We even made some books about what we get up to each week.\n\nWe have also been making banners with coats of arms on. This involved using careful printing techniques and some large writing. Both of these were tricky.\n\nWe really enjoyed ourselves at forest schools this week. We spent time making story characters out of clay and naturall objects. They looked very scary! We will bring them gone when the clay is dry.\n\nWe can’t wait to see the year 6 production next week.

Our Science experiments on plant growth

This term our topic is plants. The children have been learning about the effect of light, air, water and temperature on plant growth.

They have developed their skills at planning observational investigations. Additionally, they have used their scientific knowledge and understanding to explain their observations, measurements and conclusions. 


All our experiments


Cress seedlings 1 & 2

Cress seedlings 3 & 4

Bean seedlings 1 & 2

Bean seedlings 3 & 4


Food colouring and celery



District Sports 2014

Wow! What an amazing evening we had on Tuesday!  Myself and Mrs Thompson took 22 children to Stratford Court to participate in the track events for District Sports.  We were an incredibly successful team, and had impeccably behaved children. Results:Junior Girls Relay – Holly, Lara, Eva, Daisie – 1stJunior Boys Relay – Elias, Sean, Fin, Toby – 3rdSenior Girls Relay – Josie, Amelia, Ellie, Eva – 2ndSenior Boys Relay – Jack, Dylan, Theo, Louis – 2ndJunior Mixed Relay – Ruby, Kyra, Aaron, Andy – 2ndSenior Mixed Relay – Rosie, James, Tyler, Daisie – 5th Yr 3 Girls – Holly – 1st, Lara – 5thYr 3 Boys – Elias  – 4th, Sean – 3rd

Yr 4 Girls – Eva – 1st, Daisie – 2ndYr 4 Boys – Fin – 4th, Toby – 3rdYr 5 Girls – Josie – 2nd, Amelia – 7thYr 5 Boys – Dylan – 2nd, Jack – 6thYr 6 Girls – Elly R – 4th, Rosie – 6thYr 6 Boys – Theo – 4th, Louis – 7th Finals Results:Yr 3 Girls – Holly – 2ndYr 3 Boys – Sean – 6thYr 4 Girls – Daisie – 1st, Eva – 2ndYr 4 Boys – Toby – 6thYr 5 Girls – Josie – 6thYr 5 Boys – Dylan – 8thJunior Girls Relay – Eva, Daisie, Lara, Holly – 1stJunior Boys Relay – Fin, Toby, Elias, Sean – 3rdSenior Girls Relay – Elly, Eva, Josie, Amelia – 4thSenior Boys Relay – Theo, Louis, Dylan, Jack – 4thJunior Mixed Relay – Aaron, Andy, Ruby, Kyra – 6th These finals results, mean that out of the large schools, we have THE best Junior Girls relay team in the whole of Stroud.  We also have the TWO fastest Yr 4 Girls in the whole of Stroud, and the second fastest Yr 3 Girl in the whole of Stroud, and the third fastest Junior Boys Relay team in the whole of Stroud!!Yr 3 Individual Sprinters        Yr 4 Individual Sprinters        Yr 6 Individual Sprinters        Junior Mixed Relay Team       Junior Girls Relay Team        Junior Boys Relay Team        Senior Girls Relay Team        I’m sure you’ll agree that these are totally fantastic results, that these children and everyone at school can be incredibly proud of.  All of the children worked incredibly hard, and you can see from the pictures, just how determined they all were to win!                                                                I was incredibly proud of all of our children, who took part and really gave it everything they had, and these amazing results just finished the evening perfectly.Miss Beebee

Rescuing the Princess

This week we have been reading and writing traditional tales. We used the story of Don Quixote to inspire some animal related story writing. We had such wonderful tales as Bat Quixote who fought bad giants to rescue the princess and Dog Quixote who fought vampires to get to the tower where the princess was. We had great fun making these up and couldn’t wait to read them to the class.We also spent some time writing book reviews about the enormous number of stories Mr Lewis has shared with us over the last two weeks. SOme of our very favourites were: Rumplestiltskin, Pinnochio and The Three Little Pigs.We also found time to investigate 3D shapes. We had lots of fun building tall towers from different 3D shapes. Although Mr Lewis kept on asking us about the shapes were using. We think that he is happy that we know the names of them now!The role play area has been very busy with stories of kings, wizards and princesses being created throughout the day. In the outside are we have even built towers and trapped people in them in to be rescued.Some of us have been creating huge sandcastles with real moats. Although the water seems to disappear quite quickly. Next week we hope to work out why.