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No rush, No fuss, That’s us!

On Wednesday Year 4 walked along the canal.The things we saw:Swing Bridge, flood gates, spill weir, Oil Mill Bridge, Ryeford Double Lock and Snow Mill.  Ask us about some of the things that we learnt at each of these places.At Ryeford Double Lock we had the chance to operate the locks and to pull a 26 tonne barge through the lock.Here are some photo’s of us all in action!And here we are outside Snow Mill, on our way home, at the end of a very tiring walk.  Kiara wore a pedometer and when we got back to school it showed that we had walked 7088 steps!!

What’s your favourite flavour?

In our topic on farming, we have been learning all about where our food comes from. In RE we heard a story Jesus told a long time ago, about a farmer trying to grow wheat seeds. The birds ate some. Perhaps he should have made a scarecrow!We have been using this story in our PE. It’s fun to stretch and twist, pretending to be a seed growing.On farms today, farmers have lots of different machines to help them. In Science we watched a video of a tractor digging up potatoes. They were taken to a factory where they were turned into crisps. If you want to watch the video again, click here. How its made crisps ( potato chips )So what is your favourite flavour?   

K’Nex Challenge Winners!

The winning building that had a locking draw bridge to defend against enemies! Aaron and Fin are now hard at work practicing to prepare for the big competition in Cheltenham where they will be representing St Matthew’s. Good luck boys”

All aboard!

Rowan class have spent nearly all of this week altogether! We are busy making new friends and learning their names, taking turns on the bikes in the big playground, learning the letters m, a, s and practising writing them in different ways, taking phone calls in the ‘School Office’ and typing out messages, digging in the sand and mixing ‘cement’, as well as climbing the trees using the skipping ropes and painting both indoors and out. Lots of us like looking after the babies in the home corner and fixing dinner and some of us spend some quiet time in the reading corner looking at the books on Elmer we have been reading this week. We can all now sing our Chick Chick Chick chicken song and flap our arms like chickens!We have learnt so much this week- eating our lunches in the hall and playing out in the big playground with the older children have been 2 new routines. Today we met our buddies in Y2 and had lots of fun playing with them. We will look out for them the next time we play in the big playground! 

Year 6 Battle of Britain diaries

Year 6 have been hard at work on their battle of Britain diaries this week. We have been writing in role as a battle of Britain pilots and we have had to imagine what they must have felt as they took part in battles high up in the sky in 1940.We have been finding out about the planes they used and some of the special slang language that pilots usedfor example:- Bale out = Jump out of your plane with a parachute- ‘Tally ho’ = Go in for the attack-‘Bought it/binned it’ = Got killed!- ‘Gear up’ = Took off and folder up the wheels- ‘Scramble’ = Run to the planes as quickly as possible- ‘Dogfight’ = A battle between two planes in the air- ‘Spits’ = Spitfire fighter planesWe have tried to use a chatty style in our diaries and we tried include other historical details like ‘wireless radios’, ‘The blackout’, ‘The Blitz’, ‘Barrage balloons’ and ‘Rationing’.  We are writing up our diaries on special paper ready for the first display of our work in the classroom.

French bread tasting day! Yum! Yum!

Today we got the opportunity to taste and analyse different French breads. They were all scrumptious!! As a class, we preferred the Pain Baguette (French Stick) and our least favourite was the Oignon Boule (Onion Boule). Here is the worksheet we filled in …

Type of Bread





Do I like it

Pain Blanc

(White bread)

Pain Bis

(Brown bread)

Pain Baguette

(French Stick)

Pain Baguette Fromage

(Cheese French Stick)

Pain Baguette Pépins (Seeded French Stick)



Oignon Boule

(Onion Boule)

Petit Pains


Here we are tasting and analysing the different breads.  

Year 4 19/09/14

Last week we had a busy week settling in to our new routine. We started brand new SPAG lessons and were pretty tired by the end of the week.Last week’s certificate was awarded to Kyle.Last week’s Table of the Week was a draw between: Poland  – Lara, Charlie, Kyle and Gracie C and Italy – Ellie, Ben, Gracie L and Kiara. This week we have finished our unit on Instructions and  we have been typing up a set of instructions.  Some of us wrote instructions on how to make a purse, to link in with our DT work.The Year 4 classroom has been a hive of busy activity and concentrated faces for the last 2 afternoons.  We have been beginning to make our purses.  Most of us have now sewn both sides of our purse together and are ready to begin to decorate them next week, watch out for pictures!!Today we also played our first ever Netball match in PE.  We have been practicing all the skills we needed for the last 2 weeks, and today was our first chance to put them into a match.  We followed the rules pretty well, and lots of goals were scored.This weeks certificate was awarded to Amy.  She said ‘I was shocked and I thought I misheard’.This week the house with the most House Points was: HolstThe children with the most house points were: Ella Mae with 6 and Sean, William, Gracie C, Noah, Emily, Martha, Jack Br and Harry B with 5.  Their reward will be time on the computers next week during lunch times.This weeks Table of the week was Sweden – Jack C, Alfie, Holly, Harry C.

Getting into the swing of it….

Year 2 are working so hard. In the mornings, we are able to concentrate so hard on our Read Write Inc, English and Maths. We are rising to the increased challenge and are trying so hard. We know it’s ok to make mistakes, because we are learning from them!We’ve been reading a story called The Egg. We imagined that we had our own dragon. We painted them and then wrote terrific descriptions of them.

Our Fantastic Week – 18th September 2014

In P.E we did our 2 minute races with Mr Pritchard. We had different activities to do like weights, press ups and sit ups and lots of other things. It was hard work! In football we did defending , passes and penalty shoot out. Mr Baird joined in with the penalty shoot out! The last thing we did was netball with Miss Szarko  we did foot work, passes and 2 mini games of netball and Miss Szarko joined in with both games. Miss Szarko is really fun to play with!

In literacy we have been learning about letters. At the moment we are writing a letter to a friend or a relative from are amazing holiday we have been on and some people did their dream holiday. After we did some setting descriptions of a picture that Miss Szarko had printed out for us. Miss Szarko wanted them to be descriptive and Miss Szarko liked and she was cheered up at the end of the day.In geography we planned a trip around the world some people did contenants and some people did places.  We also wrote our list of what we needed to bring around the world. We drew dotted lines on a map so we can know where we are going. In maths we did rounding to the nearest 10,100 and 1000.Today we did rounding to the nearest 10,100 and 1000 in decimals. It was really hard for some people.The certificate was awarded to Lily-Mae for responding to her green for growth correction. She said, “I was so surprised that i got a certificate”.                

Newsletter 2

Newsletter 2 12-9-14Please read for information about Parents’ Evenings, the new after school clubs and important information about changes to the school calendar.

How to bee amazzzzzing in Hazel class (Year One)

Jumping BeeIn year One we have been thinking about how to “bee-hive” in class.

  1. Be kind: be friendly, helpful and polite.
  2. Be careful: with your own and other people’s things
  3. Be sensible: choose the best way to behave, move quietly around the school…

All of these rules have been thought up by the children.If you would like to find out more about real bees, check out the nature video collection at www.bbc.co.uk/nature . There is an introduction called “Brilliant bees.”  You might like to watch this little cartoon as well. The Hive – BuzzBee’s Big Film  Just click on this link and it will open up 5 minutes of fun!Bees are not really part of our farm topic, but we are counting them on our maths display in class.See you next week, we need to buzz off now,Year One. 

Our first week in Year 6

Our First Week In Year Six

This week was our first week in Year Six with Mr Baird and we are now the oldest children in the class and have lots of special jobs to do. We also have a refurbished classroom with brand new tables and furniture.

This week has been really good and even though we are just settling in, we have learnt lots already! We have taken to the roles of being playground support and wake and shake. Mrs Libbiter has been helping us get the class room displays up and get everything ready for our first full week.

Our topic for this term is ‘The Battle of Britain’ and we have already begun to find out about it. Yesterday we learnt some of the causes of World War 2 and  learnt about how Hitler invaded lots of countries before war was declared in 1939.

Year Six children have lots of special jobs like:

– Playground support – where we have to help the younger children at break and lunch times

– School Council – where we have to run meetings about what should happen in School

– House Captains – where some children get to be in charge of their house and lead teams during sports day etc.

This has been an exciting week!!!!!

                                                                                                            Playground supporters

By Kira and Grace

Starting our fabulous week in Year 5

I hope you have enjoyed your 6 weeks hoilday off now here is a Year 5’s blog enjoy!!!!!!!Miss Szarko is a very nice and fun teacher just like Miss Beebee and ALL the other teachers .The first day of Year 5 we got used to our class.Miss Szarko told us things about what we need to do in Y5, we need to read alot,  join up handwriting,spelling,AND SUCCESFUL LEARNERS!Our successful learners are so  far are Hannah O ,Daisie, Aaron, Ruby.Miss Szarko nags us about successful learners.In Y5 we do for Librarian’s and also do the other classes .We do not know how are librarians yet in our class .In Y5 we do P.E on Tuesday but with Y6 but in teams .Our Topic in P.E is Football ,Rowing and Netball.School councilWe voted for who we wanted to be for school councilThe people with the most votes won the winners were Ruby AND Casey. We wrote what we want Miss Szarko to be like.Be Happy kind and caring everydayMake lessons funny and excitingJoin in with usBe fairGive adviceBe helpful when were are stuckBe yourself [awesome]Be honestShare ideasSupport usThe certificate this week was for Hannah O FOR trying hard to become a more successful learner by finding ways to use all of her learning time .Hannah how do you feel about getting the certificate?“I feel proud of myself and happy”From year 5 I hope you enjoyed the blogWrote by Eva and Hannah O

Welcome to Yr 4!

On the first day, we were all very excited to come back to school.  There was quite a lot of information that we needed to remember.  In the classroom we are sat on tables, that are named after European countries.  The countries are: Greece, Italy, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway and Spain.On Tuesday we drew a self portrait, which is a picture of ourselves.  It was really fun because we had to make sure the shape of our face was right.  We had to include lots of colour and lots of patterns on our faces.  The finished pieces of Art looked really weird, but very colourful.We have done lots of reading this week.  We read every morning when we first come in to school.  It is great because we get to read more books over the school year.We figured out that in PE this term we are playing Netball.  We learnt how to do a chest pass, a shoulder pass and a bounce pass.  It was fun when we were practicing our shooting because we all worked as a team and supported each other.This week’s certificate was awarded to: Alfie.  He said ‘I felt surprised that I got the certificate.’This week’s table of the week was: Norway!  Well Done for working hard, listening carefully and trying your best all week!  The children on Norway are: Jack Br, Martha, Edward, Ella-Mae, Leona and Emily.Miss Beebee has also chosen the photocopier monitor.  For the Michaelmas term it is: Leona.  She said ‘I was a bit shocked.’

Welcome to Maple Class

We were welcomed into Maple Class (Year 3) with a fresh, new refurbished classroom.We think it was quite strange going from the oldest in the Infants to the youngest  in the Juniors. However we enjoyed the fact that we could play with the older children in the school at playtimes. Fortunately we have been able to play on the adventure playground! We get a shorter play time at lunch than the Infants but that’s okay because we love learning!*Certificate of Achievement – I felt a bit scared but was also happy – RosieOur topic this term is FRANCE!!! 

Our First Week in Year 2.

Wow! We’ve had a busy few days in Year 2. The children have been concentrating so hard during our English and Maths sessions. In Maths,we’ve been working on learning numbers that go together to make ten.  In the speed challenge Sam D managed 60 correct sums in 4 minutes!The class have made me (Mrs Panton), and the new class bear (Zane), very welcome. We’ve written letters to the class bear to tell him all about ourselves, and have asked him questions to find out more about him.We’re looking forward to an amazing year of learning.  We’ve decided we’re going to: listen, work quietly, not give up, aim high and be happy!