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St-Matthew’s F.C APP for 2014-15

Check out the new St-Matthew’s Football Club App for the 2014-15. You can download the app to your I pod, I phone or Android device.Click and follow the link belowhttp://appsmakerstore.com/appm/ts9uve7uyitr6n On I pod or I phone click ‘add to home screen’ + to add a link and iconThis App can also be viewed on a laptop or Tablet Match reports, results and fixtures will be updated weekly!  

The King’s Breakfast!

This week Rowan class have been reading poetry by A.A.Milne for our Poetry Enrichment week.We learnt the poem The King’s Breakfast, talked about what an Alderney was, what the word Royal means and learnt how to curtsy. All the children made their own crowns and on Thursday we all had a King’s Breakfast- bread with either thickly spread marmalade or a little bit of butter.Which did we prefer? (Like the King the vote went to Butter).  We also liked the poem Halfway Down and learnt to sing it. It’s not at the bottom, it’s not at the top. We performed both of these at out sharing assembly at the end of the day on Thursday- we were amazing! So confident, you wouldn’t have thought we had only been at school for a matter of weeks.Happy Half term everyone!   

Year 6 Half Term Homework – Websites list

Websites list for Year 6 Homework.These websites might be useful as you complete your half term homework project. http://www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/Britain.html  (lots of ww2 info)http://www.ducksters.com/history/world_war_ii/d-day_invasion_of_normandy.php      (D-day)http://ww2throughthelens.blogspot.co.uk/2009/03/miracle-of-dunkirk.html (Dunkirk)http://www.ducksters.com/history/world_war_ii/pearl_harbor_attack.php (Pearl Harbour)http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/maritime/collections/boa/   (Battle of the Atlantic)http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/world_war2/ (General ww2 website – games and videos)http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/the-battle-of-el-alamein-begins (Battle for North Africa – a tricky topic!) Good luck Y6 – I look forward to seeing what you find out!! {Mr Baird}

A Plethora of Poems and Feasts of Fun!

In Poetry Week, Hazel Class have been learning some Autumn poems by Shirley Hughes. Linking with our Farm Topic, we have looked at Autumn fruits and frolics.We started the week by building fires in Forest School. Mr. Pritchard let us throw on magic fir-cones which burned with different colours! We also made some Art pictures out of natural materials, like the artist Arcimboldo. He painted faces made from fruits and vegetables. What do you think of our creations?  This paper collage Arcimboldo is by Tom. After Forest School we tried writing our own Fire poems just like Shirley Hughes. She said fire is like a dangerous and beautiful dragon. Isabelle thinks, “Fire is like a ballerina…like a dancer…Fire is orange.” we wrote our poems in flame shapes and have made them into a bonfire picture.We have been story book authors this week, as well: writing about the Enormous Turnip and the Little Red Hen and their Autumn Feasts.

What a lot of writing in this zigzag book!


Using a story map.


Storyboarding with captions in a mini-book.

 Sometimes using story actions to help us remember the story order made us laugh sooo hard that we…..see for yourself!  We had lots of practical maths this week: weighing real vegetables in the Farm Shop;  using all sorts of measuring sticks and tapes to find out  how tall we are, how big our hands, feet and heads are… and how long the playground is; using timers to see how many catches, hops and skips we could fit into just a minute! We have been so busy that we had no spare hands for taking photos, except for these two on the last day, showing part of a leaf investigation. Mrs. Burrows helped the children to collect leaves then measure their length and area. We also looked closely at the parts of our leaf and made oil pastel drawings.  And of course, we found lots of other creative ways to explore our stories and poems:

Painting our favourite part of the Enormous Turnip story.


The moment the turnip goes “Pop!” as it comes out of the ground.


Sticky spot “Lost Sheep”

  On our last day of term, the school had a poetry celebration. Hazel class recited “Feasts” by Shirley Hughes. We also sang “Big Rock Candy Mountain”. We made up a verse of our own where chocolate grows on bushes and trees are full of “Smarties”! Jasmine and Kayla accompanied us on their ukeleles. What a fantastic week. As usual, a HUGE thankyou to all the adults who helped us.Happy Half Term, Love from Hazel Class.  

End of Term Yr 4

Mr Szkrybieniec came in this afternoon to meet us all.  We asked him some questions to find out more about him.  We found out that he cannot actually speak Polish.  He likes pretty much every sport, both watching and joining in.  The sport that he plays the most is Football.  He is really excited to be coming to St Matthew’s to work with us in Year 4, but he is a little bit nervous! Our poet this week was Wes Magee.  He was born in Scotland in 1939.  His favourite colour is red.  He used to be a teacher in Swindon.  He started writing poetry because he couldn’t find any poems about Dinosaurs when he was a teacher, so he wrote his own. We have learnt a poem called The Witch’s Brew, ask us to perform it for you!! We have also written our own gruesome versions! This week’s house point winner is: Ella-MaeThe winning house is: ScottThe table of the week is: Germany – with Martha, Sean, Elliot, Edward and William.Perfect presentation winners this week are: Ellie and Kyle. Well Done Everyone! I hope you have a lovely half term break and come back feeling refreshed and ready for a brand new term with a brand new topic!

Walking With My Iguana

This week has been poetry enrichment week and focus poet was Brian Moses.We learnt ‘Walking With My Iguana’ off by heart and performed it to the the whole school this afternoon. Here it is…I’m walkingWith my iguanaI’m walkingWith my iguanaWhen the temperature risesTo above eight-five,My iguana is lookingLike he’s coming aliveSo we make it to the beach,My iguana and me,Then he sits on my shoulderAs we stroll by the sea…. I’m walkingWith my iguanaI’m walkingWith my iguana Well if anyone sees usWe’re a big surprise,My iguana and meOn our daily exercise,Till somebody phonesThe local policeSays I’ve got an alligatorTied to a leash. When I’m walkingWith my iguanaI’m walkingWith my iguanaIt’s the spines on his backThat make him look grim,But he just loves to be tickledUnder his chin.And I know that my iguanaIs ready for bedWhen he puts on his pyjamasAnd lays down his sleepy head. And I’m walkingWith my iguanaStill walkingWith my iguanaWith my iguana…With my iguana…And my piranhaAnd my chihuahuaAnd my chinchilla,With my gorilla,My caterpillar…And I’m walkingWith my iguana…With my iguana…With my iguana… Here is just a few examples some abstract art that we created linked to the poem ‘Walking With My Iguana!’Below is a spine poem that we wrote as a whole class about an Iguana.   

Poetry Week!

We have been enjoying our poetry enrichment week: we love the poem The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear. We have learned to poem off by heart and now some things about the poet’s life. We were particularly fascinated to find out that Edward Lear had 20 brothers and sisters!We drew the Owl and the Pussycat. This picture is by Sam Dallison.We have been writing poems every day. This is a spine poem about an owl which we wrote togetherThe OwlLight, giant wings spreading out to fly,Huge glaring eyes, scanning for its prey.Sharp pointy beak feasting on fleshLong elegant feathers, flapping in the breeze.Razor sharp talons to grab a meaty treat.By Year 2


YEAR 6 HALF TERM HOMEWORK – Website list: (these are some websites that you can try) http://www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/Britain.html  (lots of ww2 info)http://www.ducksters.com/history/world_war_ii/d-day_invasion_of_normandy.php      (D-day)http://ww2throughthelens.blogspot.co.uk/2009/03/miracle-of-dunkirk.html (Dunkirk)http://www.ducksters.com/history/world_war_ii/pearl_harbor_attack.php (Pearl Harbour)http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/maritime/collections/boa/   (Battle of the Atlantic)http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/world_war2/ (General ww2 website – games and videos)http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/the-battle-of-el-alamein-begins (Battle for North Africa – a tricky topic!)

Poetry Week in Year 5

This week in year five we have been learning about the famous poet Michael Rosen. We have visited a website about him, and we have watched his poems being acted. So far we have watched Chocolate Cake, Washing Up , the Michael Rosen rap and Strict.In literacy we have been writing some different poem sorts. We have done a spine poem and a poem about a simple job that causes the character to get into trouble. A spine poem describes a living thing or an object.On Tuesday afternoon, we acted out different poems by Michael Rosen and we had to make them interesting for the person that watches them. We had to watch every ones performance and give them a green and pink.In art this week we have picked out a sentence from our favourite poem and draw the image.

Rowan class- making a mess, tidying up!

These past few weeks have seen Rowan class really start to become part of the whole school. We now go to Wake and Shake and follow the moves by watching Y6 really carefully, we now go to Collective Worship and have been listening really well, we now have both our playtimes with all the other infant children and every lunchtime we are in the hall with the rest of the school. We have settled in so quickly and so well- we are ready to be full time! Next week is our first full week of being full time, altogether.Despite the bad weather recently, we are still outside every day. Particularly popular is the mud cafe, where we serve mud cakes and biscuits to customers, writing up the menu on the mud cafe blackboard. We always remember to wear our wellies and aprons when we go in the mud cafe and we wash our hands well afterwards.Look how busy we are!   As well as making mud pies we have been doing some real baking with Miss Davies. We have baked cornbread rolls, just like the Little Red Hen and we will need no help with eating them…………just like the little red hen! We have learnt how to weigh and measure the ingredients and about how bread needs yeast to rise.  “Who will help me knead the dough?” asked The Little Red Hen.    After all of that hard work, we have learnt some excellent tidying up skills too this week and some of us have got stickers for being helpful and working well as a team to get the room and the outside area tidy. It is hard, but if we all work together, we can make it happen! 

The balls go in here!


Scissors go in here, sharp blades down!

 And alongside all of our learning, we are slowly getting to know each other and some of us have already made new friends.This week’s Certificate of Achievement went to OLIVIA SMITH for being an excellent listener, excellent at sharing and always willing to learn new things. What a super skill set to start school with! Well done Olivia!  

All our own work.


Forest School fun

 We thought you might like to see what we get up to in Hazel Class (Year 1) when we are investigating for ourselves. 

Maths investigations. Numbers are fun!


Finding out about plants in Science.


What can this mystery farm object possibly be???


A brilliant model of the parable of the house built on the Rock…. first told by Jesus…


…and brought up to date by this merry band of architects.

 Just a few of the highlights of our work this term.     

Shannon and Riley’s blog

This week we did a lesson on Solar Systems. We learnt about the 9 planets in our Solar System. We had to write facts about a planet in our Solar System. We have to look the facts up on the internet. Year 5 found out loads of interesting facts like Uranus has 84 Earth years. The farthest planet, sometimes called a dwarf planet,  is Pluto. Year 5 was so confident to find out interesting facts about the planets. In Year 5 we did literacy on flash backs using made up characters. Miss Szarko showed us her special items in a box like a photo of with her sister in Paris, her scarf that keeps her safe and warm, a good luck card for her first day as a teacher, her hunger games book and her pebbles from island. Then she told us to make a plan and to put the plan into are writing.Today in maths we did known timetable facts like 4x 4=16Today’s certificate is awarded to Riley for always being brave enough to volunteer or have a go, despite not always being sure.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Instructions, adding and baking in Willow Class.

In English lessons, over the last two weeks, we have been learning how to write instructions. We have learned how to write  an introduction, a What You Neeed section and then numbered steps containing time connectives and ‘bossy verbs’. To help us with this, we all made chocolate Rice Krispie cakes with Mrs Oxford, then we wrote instructions to tell others what to do. We also watched a clip from Toy Story and very carefully wrote step by step instructions to repair Woody. We all tried very hard to write clearly and to read our work to check that it made sense.In Maths we have been working on adding and taking away in our heads. We are trying to add 11, 21 and 31 by adding our tens on and then adding one more.We have all now been lucky enough to do some cooking with Miss Oxford. We made various types of tasty biscuits. 

Our Healthy French Baguettes

Have you ever tasted a mouth tingling French baguette? Well we have now!!! Last week we each made our very own healthy French sandwich that we designed in DT lessons.Jayden –  “I loved eating my sandwich”Max – “My sandwich was tasty!”Mayanna – “I really enjoyed making my sandwich!”Maddy – “It was scrumptious!”Marley – “My sandwich was lush!”Libby – “My sandwich had far too much tuna in it!”Barley – “My sandwich wasn’t very tasty because I had too much cucumber in it!”Here are some pictures of us all …We loved eating them at lunchtime … Certificate of Achievement – “I was really happy when I went up to the front to get my certificate!!” – Ashlee  

17th October 2014

This week in English we were writing Autobiographies.  An autobiography is a book written about your own life.  We planned it using pictures and notes of important occasions in our lives.  Today we published our own Autobiographies, in our neatest handwriting. In Maths this week we learnt how to do the Column Method.  We did some work on sheets and some work in our books.  At the end of the week we did an assessment, where we had to use the column method to answer questions. For the last two weeks, in PE, we have been playing a new Netball game, called Savior.   Last week we played in house teams, and this week, we used it as an end of lesson fun game.  For this weeks Netball games, we had two team captains who chose their teams. Results from Friday 3rd October 2014:The Certificate of Achievement was awarded to Gracie L.  She said ‘I was amazed and a bit shocked’. Results from Friday 10th October 2014:Table of the Week was Spain – Martha, Jack C, Harry B and Leona.The certificate of achievement was awarded to William.  He said ‘I was quite surprised because I don’t get a certificate very often’.House Points – The individual winners were: Ella-Mae, Billy, Emily, Gracie C and Faye.  The winning house was Holst. Results from Friday 17th October 2014:Table of the week this week was Spain again! With Martha, Harry B, Jack C and Leona! Well Done!The certificate of achievement was awarded to Ben.  He said ‘I was really surprised and I didn’t know it was coming’.House points – The winning house this week is Holst.  The individual winner is William, with 5 house points.This week we have started a brand new Presentation award in Year 4.  If we present our work neatly with good handwriting, we get a sticker in our book and a raffle ticket in the Golden Box.  At the end of the week Miss Beebee will pick out, at random, 1 boy and 1 girl to win the prize.Perfect PresentationThe winners this week are: Elliot and Faye.  Well done to everyone who got tickets in the Golden Box this week!

What a character!

This week in year 6 we have been looking at how we can present characters in our stories. We looked at some fab character descriptions by authors such as Roald Dahl. Our favourite characters were “Miss Trunchbull” from Matilda and “Grandma” from George’s marvelous medicine. We looked at how we can present our characters using physical description, speech and actions. We also looked at how we can use figurative language (simile and metaphor) to describe our characters.e.g.“she ploughed right on through them like a tank, with small people bouncing off her to left and right.”“You could almost feel the dangerous heat radiating from her as from a red-hot rod of metal.”“Marched like a stormtrooper with long strides and arms swinging.” Our final task was to imagine that we had a crazy new teacher. We had to describe them using all of the techniques we had looked at. Our aim was to create a picture in our readers’ minds.

Farm frolics and woodland wanderings

We apologise for the hold-up in publishing these photos of some wonderful children on a super day out!  (All due to technical problems outside our control.)We had a fabulous time at Copesgrove and hope you can see how much we enjoyed ourselves (and how much we learned!!)We started off by thinking about where our breakfast comes from.

What is your favourite breakfast: toast, cereal or the “Full English”? Do you know where the food comes from?

   We saw some amazing Highland cattle with huge horns.  We also visited some friendly cows and calves … and some noisy Gloucester Old Spot pigs. This is us setting off across the field to see the pigs. It felt like mountain climbing!  We were very pleased with our woodland art. Somebody is having fun!! We discovered skulls in the woods. We were good at guessing what animals they might have come from. We learned that if you look at an animal’s teeth you can find out what food they like to eat. We went on a discovery trail to find all sorts of nature clues about woodland animals and trees.  How many things can you find to do with a tree? Some of us even tried hugging one. It took more than 4 children to get all the way round.    We had a great time, but of all our favourite things to do (and the interesting rural earth-closet featured highly as a main attraction) we all REALLY enjoyed toasting marshmallows to make chocolate biscuit “smors”.         Thank-you to all who helped us to have such a brilliant time. We could not have done it without you.