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Story writing and multiplication

Wow! It has been another busy week in Willow Class!The class worked hard to learn the story of Little Charlie off by heart.  We then used post-it notes to innovate the story. Our finished pieces of writing are nothing short of wonderful. Even those of us who find writing tricky were really impressed by how easy it was to write!  Maddy wrote five pages, using amazing story writing words and conjunctions to make her story interesting to the reader. Teagan sat down and wrote and wrote. ” I just started and boom it came out!” she said. For her amazing focus and great writing, she received the star of the week award.In Maths we’ve been learning to multiply. We used arrays to calculate multiplication problems.We’ve also been busy practising for our Christmas play ‘Humph’. Next week, we’ll be running through without any script, so please help us to learn our words. 

Wild Things!

This week some of us have been scaring each other with our Wild Thing masks!  Lots of us have been practising our writing- particularly the letter a, which we had a focus on because it is a bit tricky. We worked on starting in the right place and going anti-clockwise first of all, then adding the leaf and a flick!Lots of us are enjoying writing, especially on the teacher’s whiteboard. Lots of us have been really trying hard to share resources and work as a team.Solving a puzzle is so much easier when you work with friends.*******The Certificate of Achievement******* this week went to Layla Price for improving her letter formation of an a- now she can write her name beautifully and she has been practicing all week!

Kyra and Izzy’s blog

This fantastic week in year 5 we have been writing our own advert to come on the Titanic as it’s our topic. We described the Titanic and what you can do whilst travelling on it. We are also going to write them on a plain piece of paper and tea stain them.In our maths lessons we have been looking at word problems and how to unpick them. We have looked at all the strategies in hard and difficult ways. For multiplication we did the grid method, for adding and subtracting we did the column method. Finally for division we did the chunking method.For S.P.A.G we have been learning about plurals of s and es. We all had a sheet to sort the words that end s or es. Also we looked at grammar. We put were or was in a sentence to make it sound right.One of our favourite lessons has got to be topic. In topic we are learning about the Titanic. We love it so much because we love to learn about why it sank. We asked Hannah M ,Hannah O and Louis about why they like our topic, they said “We like our topic because the lessons are always exciting, fun, interesting and enjoyable,”. Aaron also said “I enjoy learning new things”.We also love French. We drew pictures of our family members, wrote about them in French and wrote how to say the French word for Mum or Dad. Katie and Rylee Jai said “I think it’s fascinating because you know what to say.”This week’s certificate winner is Isobel! She got it for explaining word problems. Congratulations Isobel!Question of the week!What is your favourite subject? Most of our class said topic. Even our teacher voted topic! They won with 19 votes out of 29.We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Bye 

Off with her head….! 21/11/14

In year 4 our topic is the Tudor’s.  This week we had a whole day learning about the Tudor Kings and Queens.We voted for a King, Queen and a servant, for both the morning and afternoon.  They got to dress up in traditional Tudor clothes and even had ‘wine’ on their tables.  King William said ‘the wine was delicious’.  In the morning we had King William I, Queen Leona I and Servant Kiara.  In the afternoon we had King Kyle I, Queen Gracie L I, and Servant Lara.  We used the computers to research Tudor Kings and Queens.  We also looked closely at Henry VIII wives.  In groups we researched one, and created a poster about her.  We also filled in a family tree for the Tudor family.  We played a game on the internet, where we had to answer questions about Queen Elizabeth I, in order to crack the code and reveal a secret message.  We also started our Tudor topic cover page to go in our topic books.In the afternoon we all had mince pies and ‘wine’.  The mince pies were delicious but some of us had rather a few!  Mince pies originated in Tudor times, but when they ate them they were filled with meat mince! This week’s awards:House point winning team: GraceHouse point winning individuals: Noah and Charlie.Perfect Presentation: Billy and Faye.Table of the Week: Italy – Noah, Faye, Elliot and Lara.Certificate: Kiara – She said ‘I was really surprised!’ 

Ancient Britain

So far this term, we have been creating art work linked to our topic … Ancient Britain! We have made a Stone Age vessel and have started to experiment with soap towards carving a sculpture. Today we completed our first ever ‘Writing Swap Shop.’ We had to imagine that three characters had gone back in time and write a story about their adventure.The most successful house team this week were … JENNER! Well done!Certificate of Achievement – “I was proud that I got the certificate!” exclaimed Tyrese.Ellie sang and played her guitar in front of the whole school today! It was a song she had written herself! Ellie explained … “I felt nervous but excited at the same time!”

German cooking

In Year 6 we have just started our new Geography topic called ‘Modern Germany’. Every Thursday groups of Year 6 children have been having a go at making German biscuits. Germans love biscuits and cakes and often include unusual ingredients such as almond flour and marzipan.This week we made two types of biscuits- Spitzbuben biscuits: These are jam filled biscuits that are made at Christmas time in Germany. (We think that they look like giant Jammie Dodgers!)- Spritzgeback biscuits: These are piped biscuits that are dipped in chocolate!We worked with Miss Oxford to prepare and then bake the biscuits but the best bit was taking them home and eating them.                                 These are the recipes that we used – we loved these biscuits. Why don’t you give them a try? (Paste in to your browser)www.ocado.com/webshop/recipe/spitzbuben/1355www.ocado.com/webshop/recipe/spritzgeb-ck-biscuits/1432  

Opera, dancing and birdwatching

This week we have been busy learning our new sounds, sh, v, j, r. We had fun with j because it is a Jack in a box, so we put our own Jack in a box and he jumped out! Then we had Jamie in a box, and then the box broke….!We were also learning how to count really accurately and then working out one more and one less, without starting our counting again.We have started our regular PE sessions, every Wednesday and  Thursday and we are really good at getting changed into our PE kits. Once in the hall we have been pretending we are Max, a Wild Thing or one of the trees growing in his room. We have also been learning how to balance in different positions and catch and throw with a partner. We have started to plan a dance of Where the Wild Things are, telling the story without saying any words.

This week we have watched an opera version of Where the Wild Things are in seven small parts- it had talking and music too and it has really helped us think about what a Wild Rumpus looked like. The Wild Things had amazing costumes and Max was played by a girl!
Here is the link for Part One if you would like to watch it again.
Because it is autumn, we have been looking at how the leaves change and have an autumn nature table in the classroom with lots of conkers and leaves already on it. This week we have been learning about which birds need feeding in autumn and which birds we might see in our gardens.
We have seen a few crows and gulls nearby on the school grounds. Next week we will be making bird feeders to take home to our own gardens so we might see more birds.
This week’s Certificate of Achievement went to FELIX FORGIONE for showing such excitement in all of his learning and recently making such good progress learning his sounds. Well done Felix!!!

Castle Capers

We started our new “Castles” topic with a rattle of swords and the rustle of silken skirts. Yes….Hazel class became a castle for the day! Brave souls who entered had first to clamber over a very convincing drawbridge. All chivalrous knights had to leave their swords at the portcullis. The class was transformed into the Great Hall prepared for a banquet. Long tables groaned under the weight of mediaeval Milky Ways and princely pretzels.“Red wine-ish” was served in plastic goblets by several rustic serving maids and then a hush descended… there was a sharp intake of breath as the lovely Lady Lisa of Young entered. She was amazed at the creativity of attire on the gathered nobility.We were also honoured by the gracious flying visit of the Great Quangle Wangle herself….we think she arrived on a dragon but we’re not quite sure where she parked it. As you can see: great fun was had by all!

Measuring and writing

The children in Willow Class are working their socks off!In English we have been writing reports about different pets. We are now all experts in looking after turtles!In our Writers’ Cafe,  we chose what we wanted to write from the menu – most people wanted to have a go at Story Soup or Poetry Pizza. We concentrated hard and worked independently for 40 minutes!In Maths today we have been measuring, using our decimetre strips. A decimetre is 10 centimetres. We measured each other and items around the classroom. We really enjoy practical work.Our afternoons have been mostly taken up with learning songs for the Christmas play and thinking about our topic – The Gunpowder Plot. We have learnt that King James was not especially kind to people who did not share his beliefs.

Hard at work writing.

Measuring each other. How many decimetres?

Year 4 14/11/14

Last Week’s Results:Individual House Point Winners: Ella-Mae and Martha.Winning House: GracePerfect Presentation: No one, the box was empty!Table of the Week: Spain – Holly, Luke, Gracie L and Edward.Certificate: Leona.  She said ‘I didn’t know it was going to be me’. This week we have been working hard to try and improve the quality of our written work.We have been exploring different states in our Science lessons over the past few weeks.  This week we looked at the processes of melting and freezing.  We tried melting different things in the classroom, but most were unsuccessful.In PE this term we have started our new unit of Games.  So far we have looked at the games of Bench ball and Hockey.  We will continue to look at a variety of Games over the next few weeks.This week’s results -Individual House Point Winner: BillyWinning House: HolstPerfect Presentation: Leona and LukeTable of the Week: Greece – Emily, Faye, Harry B and Alfie.Certificate: Charlie.  He said ‘I thought it was going to be somebody else but it was really me’!

Charlie and Rylee-Jai’s blog

This week year 5 have been learning about the Titanic. We have learned about where it was built, their stops on the way and where the Titanic sunk on the way to New York. We have also learned about when it sunk. We have drawn the Titanic to stick in our Topic book to show what we’re learning about it.We have been learning division in maths. For a couple of lessons we have learnt about doing division mentally. Next we did the chunking method accurately. We have been dividing tens and hundreds by a one digit number, sometimes it will have a remainder.We wrote about a persuasive holiday so that Miss Szarko will go to the holiday because she said she was grumpy and she didn’t like to spend her money. We had to persuade her to go on our holiday. We had to use persuasive language. We had to write lots of adjectives.We did questions about what we have learnt so far in all are science lessons. Miss Szarko asked us some scientific questions. She asked some questions that we knew but some of us could not remember. We were asked about the shape of the Earth, Moon and Sun.

First week back after half term

In science this week we have been learning about the Moon’s phases. It has been very fun and exciting. We made a Moon diary over half term which helped us to know all the phases. There are several names that are waxing crescent, 1st  quarter, waxing gibbous, full Moon, waning gibbous, last quarter, waning crescent. These are the phases of the Moon. In maths we  have been studying the grid method specifically using multiplication, we will be starting division which we are kind of scared about. We have all been practicing our times tables over the half term. This helps us with our times table races.We have also started to get ready for our new topic of the Titanic. We have decorated a Titanic page for our Topic books. We were coming up with some ideas to raise money for charity. Please tell us if you have ideas.