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Happy New Year!

Just a quick THANK YOU for all the cards and presents we were given during the last week of term. Very much appreciated.We hope you are having a lovely, restful holiday and enjoy the New Year Celebrations.  Remember, there is an INSET on 5th January.Looking forward to welcoming the children back, refreshed for a new term!Mrs Armstrong, Miss Davies and Miss Newbould

Sportshall Athletics 16th Dec 2014

On Tuesday Miss Beebee and Mr Szkrybieniec took 25 Yr 4/5/6 children to the Stroud and District Sportshall Athletics Finals.  There were 7 schools there altogether, including St Matt’s from the whole of the Stroud and Dursley District.  The main skills covered were running, jumping and throwing, with specialist events designed to be done inside a sports hall.Our children were a real credit to our school and behaved beautifully.  They showed fantastic team spirit and really supported each other.  Although it was a competition our children showed great sportsmanship and had great fun being there.The children had never taken part in any sports hall Athletics events before, and had not practiced once before going to the event because of a lack of time, so they did incredibly well to just pick it up and run with it!A HUGE Congratulations to all children who took part and thank you for being such a pleasure to take out of school!  WELL DONE!The Boys Results:Obstacle Relay – 5th – Jack, Ewan, Andy, Rhys.1 + 1 lap Relay – 4th – Jack and Fin.2 + 2 Lap Relay – 1st – Dylan and Charlie.6 Lap Paarlauf – 2nd – Dylan and Charlie.Over/ Under Relay – 4th – Ewan, Joe, Toby and Elias.4 x 1 Lap Relay – 6th – Joe, Toby, Elias and Rhys.Chest Push – 1st – Bailey, Harvey , Jacob.Speed Bounce – 5th – Ewan (40), Toby (35) and Charlie (41).Standing Long Jump – 3rd – Jack, Joe and Fin.Standing Triple Jump – 7th – Dylan, Charlie and Rhys.Vertical Jump – 7th – Jacob, Andy and Toby.Soft Javelin – 6th – Bailey, Harvey and Andy. The Girls Results:Obstacle Relay – 3rd – Eva, Daisie, Lara and Holly.1 + 1 lap Relay – 2nd – Eva and Daisie.2 + 2 Lap Relay – 6th – Ruby and Kyra.6 Lap Paarlauf – 6th – Ruby and Kyra.Over/ Under Relay – 3rd – Josie, Amelia, Lara and Holly.4 x 1 Lap Relay – 2nd – Josie, Grace, Kira and Amelia.Chest Push – 7th – Grace, Casey and Lily.Speed Bounce – 5th – Eva (38), Daisie (36) and Holly (34).Standing Long Jump – 2nd – Josie, Ruby and Holly.Standing Triple Jump – 7th – Josie, Kira and Ruby.Vertical Jump – 3rd – Amelia, Eva and Daisie.Soft Javelin – 6th – Grace, Casey and Lily. Mixed, Non-Scoring Events Results -Obstacle Relay – 6th – Casey, Bailey, Lily, Jacob.1 + 1 Lap Relay – 1st – Kira and Grace.1 + 1 Lap Relay – 4th – Fin and Jacob.Over/ Under Relay – 3rd – Grace, Kira, Ewan and JackTeachers Speed Bounce – 1st – Miss Beebee! Final Team Scores:7th – Kings Stanley – 158 points6th – Cam Everlands – 212 points5th – St Matthew’s – 226 points4th – Blue Coat – 244 points3rd – Leonard Stanley – 268 points2nd – Minchinhampton – 290 points1st – Nailsworth – 296 points

3-D shapes and German sausages!!!

This week year 6 have been investigating the properties of 3-D shapes. We focused on counting the faces, edges and vertices and then we tried to visualise and draw the nets of various shapes.We learnt the proper mathematical names for common 3-D shapes such as:-Square-based pyramids-Hexagonal-based pyramids-Tetrahedrons-Triangular, Hexagonal and Octagonal prisms-Spheres, hemispheres, cylindersWe also learnt about some more complex 3-D shapes such as:-Dodecahedrons- Isocahedrons-OctahedronsOn Friday we tasted some German foods as part of our topic work. We tasted two types of German sausage as well as German cheese and a special German Christmas cake called Stollen. 

An Isocahedron!

Camelling along to Bethlehem

We are very proud of our part in the Infant Nativity “Humph”. We had lots of songs and dances to learn. We were Wake and Shake camels at Camel School and a whole desert scene all by ourselves. We made up our own star dance and composed our own desert music.What a scene of wonder:A baby in a manger,The little newborn king was resting in the hay. the Star of Bethlehem Bright angels gazed.Joseph stood amazed.Mary sang a song for her baby where he lay. 

A desert-ready camel.

 Shepherds stood and smiledAt the little child’Offering their lambs as all they had to give. 

A Star Dancer

 Kings knelt in aweTo worship and adoreThe child who would teach us how to live. 

I am a desert musician who had to play a MASSIVE cymbal!


The desert Sun…..what a beaming smile!


This was an exciting week for all of the children in Rowan class- their first Nativity show ever!On Monday we had a full run through in costume, on Tuesday we performed for the Juniors, who LOVED it and on Wednesday and Thursday we performed for the parents.  We were excited and nervous all at the same time. Because we only came on at the end we had to wait quietly in the corridor until it was our time to get on stage. Then, when the curtains opened, we could see our parents in the audience! Such an exciting moment.”The stage lights were so bright I could hardly see a thing!” said Tobias.But we all sang really enthusiastically and Mary and Joseph (Evie and Jamie) said their lines confidently and loudly. What stars! Everyone did a really good show and worked together. Mrs Armstrong is very, very proud of us. Evie Pearce got the ******Certificate of Achievement***** this week for performing so confidently as Mary. As Mr Baird said in Assembly, she is really the most important character in the story of Christmas. Happy weekend everyone. One more week of school left and then it’s the Christmas holidays!


This afternoon in PE we had our first experience of Rugby.  It is a really tricky game, especially when you have to learn to pass backwards.  We just about mastered the skill of passing and catching the rugby ball, which was difficult enough, then we tried to apply the skills into a game.  We did forget some of what we had just learnt, but the match was good experience for us and made us realise how difficult the game of Rugby really is. This week in topic, we have been learning about the Great Plague, which happened just after the Tudor period.  We have learnt how the plague began, where it came from and how it spread.  We also learnt that the Great Fire of London ended the plague.  We have now planned a letter imagining that we were part of a family that was affected by the plague.  We will be writing these next week and then tea staining them, ready to go in our topic books. On Wednesday afternoon we all made snowmen ready to decorate our Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is all ready for the Christmas tree hunt on Sunday. This Week’s Awards -Perfect Presentation – Kiara and Jack BrHouse Point Individual – Noah and EmilyHouse Point Team – HolstCertificate – Emily – She said ‘I was really surprised, and in my head I didn’t think it was going to be me!’

Christmas is coming …

Every morning we open our advent calender which counts down to Jesus’ birthday. The names are selected at random and we receive a small chocolate.On Wednesday we created candy canes with pipe cleaners and wool. This is for the Christmas Tree Hunt on Sunday!On Monday we made French Christmas stockings. The French usually place a small chocolate inside their stocking on 6th December.In Maths we have started to use an expanded written method to solve addition and subtraction number sentences.We have spent this week writing our Stone Age stories up neat on lined paper and have now began to word process them!We learnt all about soils in Science yesterday. We now know that soil is made up of small pieces of plant and rock mixed together.We are looking forward to all the festivities next week!Most successful learners of the week – Jenner!Certificate of Achievement – ” I was extremely excited when I got the certificate!” – Maddy

Smartie data handling, ice balloons ….. and Humph!

This week has been busy, busy, busy! We had a dress rehearsal and two amazing performances of our Christmas play, Humph! We hope that you enjoyed the show as much as we did. We gained so much confidence while doing it, although some of us confessed that it felt like we had “elephants jumping up and down in our tummies” before the performance to our parents!In Maths, we had a fantastic lesson- learning how to make tally and bar charts. We concentrated like never before!In Science lesson today, we investigated melting and freezing, by experimenting with ice balloons. We observed closely, drew  what we saw and tried different things, like adding salt to our balloon and seeing what happened. We are amazing investigators!  

Magic Moments

We apologise for the loss of blogging signal. Normal service is now resumed!Our new topic of castles has brought some magic moments in Hazel Class, especially in Golden Time when we choose what we would like to do for half an hour on a Friday afternoon. As you can see….WE LOVE IT! We might choose anything from writing stories and early Christmas cards, to number work on the maths wall and science EVERYWHERE. We are also having a lot of fun in the Wizard’s Cave. We hope you enjoy our photos as much as we enjoyed the activities.   

05/12/14 Weekly Results

This Week’s Results: Table of the Week: Spain – Sean, Gracie L, Ella-Mae, Ben.  And Poland – Holly, Luke, Haydon and Riley.Individual House Point Winners: Noah and Holly.Team House Point Winner: Scott and Grace!Perfect Presentation: No one!  The Golden Box was empty again this week.  We are going to be working really hard next week, to improve our presentation again, particularly in Maths!

Newsletter 13

Newsletter 13 5-12-14Important news about our recent visit from Ofsted. Please have a read about stranger danger and make a note as to when the after school clubs end.

Year 4 28/11/14

We have been finishing off our Tudor Royalty non-chronological reports.We also designed our own Crest, using typical Tudor symbols.  This Week’s awards:Individual House Point Winner: Charlie.Team House Point Winners: Grace, again!Perfect Presentation Winners: Leona and Luke.Table of the Week: Italy, again – Elliot, Faye, Lara and Noah.Certificate: Jack Br.  He said ‘I was amazed it was actually me!’