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Dear Year Six

Below are a list of revision websites that will help you to prepare for the KS2 SATs tests in May. These websites contain quick games and activities that will help you to practice your skills and revisit different areas of Maths or English.Tell me about any games that you found particularly fun or useful. These websites can be visited whenever you have a spare 10 minutes!!Happy revising!! Copy and paste the link in to your browser bar to go to the website www.icteachers.co.uk/children/children_sats.htm        (A fab multi topic revision website – quick-fire games) http://resources.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/revision/ www.subtangent.com/maths/revise.php    (a great little website – some Level 6 questions too!) www.bgfl.org/bgfl/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks2/maths/booster_sea/index.htm       (Great fun!) http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks2/        (Fantastic revision site from the BBC)


Year 6’s Eco Week

This week we have been focusing on recycling and keeping the planet safe.On Monday, morning a man from ‘Printwaste’ came in to talk to us about recycling and why it is important. When he asked if anybody had any questions and no-one put their hand up – he offered cream eggs as a prize!!! We found out that many plastics can be recycled – old bottles can be made into fleece jumpers and CDs can be made into plastic cups!During the afternoon, Lisa Newport from ‘Nampak’ to talk to us about recycling milk bottles and the gear you have to wear when you are in the Nampak factory – she also set us a challenge to decorate a milk bottle and recycle it in to a plant pot.On Tuesday, Year 6 did some fashion designing using recycled clothes. Some girls from Stroud College came in to help us with the alterations. Some children made pencil cases out of trousers, some people made dresses out of t-shirts and others redesigned items by painting them.Thursday was the day when we started making ‘papier-mache’ globes using balloons and ripped pieces of  recycled paper covered in glue. We then painted the globes and made holes in them – when a torch is shone inside them they will give out light from where cities are. In the afternoon two players from Forest Green came in with someone from ecotricity to talk about what they do and what matches they’ve played.Overall we had an awesome week and it was great fun!


This week we learnt lots about recycling and we also investigated our daily composting and asked   “What happens to our fruit waste?”All week we went to the big compost bin to look for worms, slugs, snails and fruit flies because we found out they are the creatures who turn our fruit snack waste into compost to use in gardening club!Lots of us thought the compost bin was too smelly but lots of us went every day to look for creatures. We had all brought in shoeboxes to make into houses, which we first painted and then added windows, a door, and some of us even put in an upstairs and a downstairs. Those of us who finished showed ours during the sharing assembly at the end of the day. On Wednesday, we had a visit from the recycling bin lorry and they showed us how the bin crushes the rubbish. Lots of us wanted to sit in the cab and pretend we were driving- see our Evernote notebooks for those photos!We have had a fun week and we particularly enjoyed dancing to the Recycling song……https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heskCH-YADQ– Here is the link to the song and the video- it was very popular with the children! Finally- many of the children labelled the Recycling bin for paper and we learnt how paper is made from old waste paper and how it is better to do this than cut down a tree. Our writing skills are very impressive, as Mrs Thomson noticed when we brought the bin into our assembly.What could you recycle this weekend? See you on Monday!

Rubbish Rhymes!




Has been the motto of the week.

We make anything out of anything

With some glue and a little tweak.

We had some fun planting mystery seeds.

The compost made us mucky.

We were given lots of bottles (recycled to make plant pots)

Aren’t we lucky!

We watched a dustbin lorry

Munching rubbish in the rain.

We promised to reduce the load

before they came again.

keep smiling!

 We used our imaginationTo create some junk-strumentsOut of packets, bottles, boxesAnd cardboard rolls that you’d all sent.We really like to shake themAs a song accompaniment.   But take care with all the seeds inside(They won’t agree with our inside;So keep them safely locked inside)Then we can rattle to our heart’s content.   In an Enrichment week…These are just a fewOf the amazing things we do.Hope you enjoyed it too!! 

Recycled Roman Activities

This week we linked our Science enrichment week to our topic on the Romans!We had great fun making our 3D Roman solider Titus! Each group made a particular body part then we attached all the parts together. Here he is … We are looking forward to playing the Roman game CALCULI which we made from cardboard, milk bottle tops and tin foil! You could make this game at home with your own recyclable materials! The rules are that the first person to line up 5 counters in a row diagonally or in an L shape wins… but you can only move one space at a time.   

Yr 4’s Recycling Week

This week we have had a fantastic week learning about waste and recycling.On Monday, we had a good introduction to our week by Printwaste.  They told us a variety of information about waste and recycling.We also had a really great Swimming lesson, where we all managed to achieve a lot.  Miss Beebee was particularly proud of her group, 7 of whom managed to swim a whole length. On Tuesday the students from Stroud College helped us to transform a piece of clothing.  We also decorated our plant pots ready for the competition.Wednesday Severn Trent visited us.  We had a whole school assembly about how to save water then we did some work in Yr 4 on the water cycle. Thursday Forest Green Rovers came to visit us with Ecotricity.  They told us about how their club is a ‘green’ club.Today we had our sharing assembly where we all chose something that we wanted to show from the week.  Some of us chose our clothes, some of us chose our plant pots and some of us chose our ‘rubbish’ pictures, which we created based on clips from Wall-E.  We have also been writing a class playscript about recycling.  Ask us to tell you about it! Celebrations:Individual House Point Winners – Amy, Jack Br and Holly, who had 3 house points each.Team House Points – 4th = Scott, 6 points.  3rd = Jenner, 9.  2nd = Grace, 10.  1st = Holst, 11.Table of the Week – Spain – Amy, William, Elliot and Charlie.Certificate – Riley.Perfect Presentation – No one this week, it has been a busy week!

Recycling Week in Year 5

Year 5’s enrichment weekOn Monday the juniors had a visit from Geoff and Hannah (local Printwaste recycling). They told us about what we can recycle and what we can’t. They offered us Cadburys crème eggs and suddenly everyone’s hands shot up.Also we had a visit from Nampak; they make our milk and Frij bottles. We also tried on some hair nets when they showed us what a visitor has to wear. We looked at the pellets that make plastic bottles. Would you believe Nampak make 1l bottles, 2l bottles, 4l bottles and 6l bottles? On Tuesday we had another visit from Stroud College fashion students. We made rubbish into a new item of clothing including recycled things!On Wednesday we had an interesting visit from Severn Trent water. Did you know that if you leave the tap running when you brush your teeth you waste 11 litres of water?! Also year 4 and 5 had to keep a water promise chart that they stick a sticker on if they kept it. On Thursday we had a stunning visit from Ecotricity, James Jennings and Sam Russell from Forest Green Rovers Football Club. Everyone loved it. They spoke about how they save money and we all had a chance to ask them questions. As a gift they gave us a half price ticket to go and watch them. Today we are making our Viking long ship out of recycled materials that we will be showing in the sharing assembly. By Daniel  and Casey

Eco Week in Year 2

We’ve been having a busy and fascinating week in Year 2 : our key words are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.It’s been fantastic to have so many interesting visitors coming to talk to us. We loved learning about how milk bottles are made and recycled and we loved seeing the recycling lorry with its scary crushing jaws!On Tuesday afternoon, Kay, Manni and Charlie came from Stroud College and helped us to reuse our old clothes by sticking, sewing and cutting to make something new! The results were spectacular, certain to turn heads at any party!In class, we have been using recycled materials to make some wonderful works of art to go with our Under the Sea topic. We’ve made blue whales and sparkly fishes out of various bottles.We have also been talking about pollution and conservation  – highlighting the plight of sharks and why we should try to help to save them.On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to have a visit from a Smiths recycling lorry. The men answered all of our question and showed us how all of its features worked. It was fascinating!