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ZAP! POW! We’re SUPER now!!

All things Super-hero are appearing in Hazel class this term. Writing at the speed of light, calculating faster then a speeding bullet, leaping tall gym mats at a single bound. We are super-kind, super-clever, super-have-a-goers and here’s the proof…..Is it a bird? Is it a plane?? NO! It’s SUPER-LEARNER!    We also had a lot of fun sorting out the dressing up box in Golden Time. Mrs. Newbould asked us just to keep things we needed for our super-hero topic. We decided to keep it ALL!You need brave knights and courageous kings to fight terrifying monsters like this.And Super-heroes often have to rescue princesses, I’m reliably informed…especially when they’re having trouble with their tights.Have a SUPER weekend. And don’t forget non-uniform day next week…. you might want to create a super costume (shorts over tights anyone?) !!! Love from Hazel Class.     

Year 4 27th Feb 2015

Today we have done our first PE lesson of the term.  Some of us got to use the springboard and the box. We were taught how to do balances on the bench (turned upside down).  It was very fun.This week has been our first week of rehearsals for our play of The Wind in the Willows.  We have started working out where we need to be on stage for some of the scenes.  Some of our lines are very tricky, but we are doing a great job of learning them.In Art we have been sketching some Native American Sand paintings.  It has been very fun, but we haven’t got to the stage where we are adding colour yet. This Week’s Awards:Individual House Point: William with 4 house points.Team House Points: Jenner, Scott, Grace then Holst in 1st!Table of the Week: Spain – Sean, Noah, Kiara, Harry C, Billy and Ellie and Italy – Faye, Emily, Thomas and Riley.Certificate: Elias, he said ‘I didn’t know it was me and I was very happy!’ Awards from end of last term:Individual House Point: Lots of us all drew on 2 house points!Team House Points:Scott and Jenner = 6, Grace = 7, Holst = 12.Table of the Week: Sweden – Harry B, Jack C, Gracie C, Martha, Edward and Holly.Perfect Presentation: Jack C and Lara.

Our 1st week back …

This term, each house group is going to be cooking Roman honey oat biscuits and cheese straws with Miss Oxford.We have started looking at structures and their features in preparation for making a stable Roman chariot towards the end of term. We will have a tournament to test the chariots and see which ones can withstand 3 hits against an opponent.In violin we have been practising super hard ready to perform to our parents on Tuesday March 17th at 11.30.There are new school council members – Rosie and Max – we wish them success in their new roles.Can you solve our Maths problem this week?1.)  Dan the detective looked for a number. He found a two-digit number. The sum of its digits was 12. Their difference was 4 and their product was 32. What number do you think Dan found? 2.) Dan found a two-digit odd number. One of its digits was half the other. The number was greater than 50. The product of its digits was 18. What number do you think Dan found? Certificate of Achievement – ” I was so excited I couldn’t believe it!” – Abbie


LONDON RESIDENTIAL TRIP DAY 5Today was our last day in London. We feel sad to leave London but happy at the thought of seeing our parents again. On our last morning we all had a big breakfast and packed up our bags ready to check out. After loading up the coach, we headed to Covent garden on the tube train. We have really loved riding the tube this week – it is such an exciting way to get around London and it saves waiting in traffic jams!After arriving at Covent garden, we watched a live string quartet performing and then a live opera singer!! We then walked to the Transport museum, which was just around the corner. The transport museum was packed with historic buses, trams, trains and coaches. We were allowed to explore all of the vehicles and evn go up to the top deck of the double-decker buses. There was a tube train simulator and amazing models showing how the underground network was constructed.We had our lunch at the transport museum and then headed off to meet the coach and head for home.Our trip to London was amazing! – It was hard to be away from home sometimes  but we all learnt a lot about ourselves and our friends! It seems like a hundred years since we left St-Matts on Monday – we have learnt to be much more independent and grown-up!

(look carefully at the last picture!!!)

Open classroom! All welcome!

On Wednesday and Thursday of the last week of term, Rowan class children invited their families into the classroom.Firstly they told the visitors the story of The Three Little Pigs, which was our topic story, and then the children showed their family around the classroom and outside area. The children were so excited to share their learning and play with their families.Thank you to everyone who took the time to come along- it was a really enriching experience for all and we hope to do it again in the summer.But for now, enjoy these photos!           Have a super half term everyone!

Year 4 13/02/15

This week’s celebrations:Certificate of Achievement – Thomas.House point team – HolstHouse point individual – No one.Perfect presentation – Jack C and Lara.Table of the week – Sweden – Gracie C, Holly, Harry B, Edward, Martha and Jack C.


LONDON RESIDENTIAL TRIP DAY 4 Today was our last whole day in London and it was amazing!! We began our day by travelling up to North West London for our visit to Wembley stadium. As soon as we saw it we began to get excited and we weren’t disappointed! Even before the tour we got to play on some Xbox Fifa arcade games for free!!The tour began with a visit to the press room where the players and managers are interviewed before or after games. We then visited the changing rooms and saw the players shirts and a special ‘legends’ room – we all took loads of photos with our heroes!After going pitch side, we got to touch the FA cup and we found out all about how the Wembley grass was grown and loads of other facts. The trip finished with a visit to the shop, where many of us spent all of our money!Immediately after lunch, we visited the RAF museum; a huge hanger that was packed with hundreds ofcool planes. There were Spitfires, Hurricanes, jet fighters, helicopters and even flying boats! There were lots of hands-on displays and we found out about how planes fly.The day finished with tea at Planet Hollywood! – it was really cool and was full of artefacts from movies – the food was great too!We are now packing up our clothes ready for check-out tomorrow.Goodnight and see you all tomorrow!


LONDON RESIDENTIAL TRIP DAY 3 Today was another amazing and jam-packed day in London. We began the day by walking under the river Thames through the Greenwich Foot tunnel. We walked down a long spiral staircase (next to the ‘Cutty Sark’) and then walked right under the river and appeared on the other side!!After having lunch at the base of the London eye, we walked over Westminster bridge and went in to the Houses of Parliament! We met the MP for Stroud (Neil Carmichael) in a special committee room. We asked him all sorts of questions about his job and Joe B even invited him to visit our school for lunch!!!!The most interesting part of this visit was when we saw the House of Commons  in action. We sat in the viewing gallery and watched a debate about health and hospitals – we saw the Secretary of state for health (Jeremy Hunt) discussing issues with other MPs.In the afternoon we visited the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth. The museum was packed with Tanks, planes, rockets and artefacts. Our favourite part was the trench experience.Before heading home, we went to the Slug and lettuce for a delicious tea. We are all very very tired now but really looking forward to Wembley, the RAF museum tomorrow and Planet Hollywood tomorrow. Missing you all loadsYear 6!! 


LONDON RESIDENTIAL DAY 2 Hello again everyone!We are coming to the end of our second day in London and we are having a fab time! We woke up at 7am and had a big breakfast – we could have: bacon, eggs, sausage, beans, toast and croissants. Some of us felt a bit tired because we did too much talking and not enough sleeping!!!Our first stop was the Natural History museum in South Kensington. It was massive and we saw loads of different areas  with  hands-on exhibits. The most impressive parts was the dinosaur section and the Earth Science section, which had an earthquake simulator! There was also a life-size model of a blue whale and we saw ‘Dippy’ the famous diplodocus skeleton.We rode the underground from South Kensington to Leicester Square and then walked down to the National Gallery at Trafalgar square. In the National gallery we had a talk about three famous paintings. Our teacher was called Gaynor and she knew all about the history of each painting and explained all the secret meanings.Finally we walked around Trafalgar Square and saw Nelson’s column and the famous lions.After a long, busy day, we are now back at the Youth Hostel. Tonight we will be having a special quiz, writing our postcards, updating diaries and having an earlier bedtime.Goodnight everyone


LONDON 2015 – DAY 1 Hello everyoneWe have had a very successful first day in London. We had a smooth journey in to London without any major traffic jams and arrived in South Kensington at about 11.00am. We explored the different exhibits before attending our Launchpad Science show called ‘Flash, bang wallop!’ – it was all about explosions and there were lots of flames and big bangs!!We then explored the children’s zone which was chock full of hands-on experiments and investigations. After a trip to the shop and a short sightseeing tour by coach, we arrived at the ‘Hard Rock Cafe’ for tea and singing!! The food was fantastic and the waiters were great fun-we all sang along to our favourite songs while we ate our burgers!Finally we have arrived at the Youth hostel, checked-in and we are now getting settled and ready for bed. We hope you enjoy the photos. Next update will be tomorrow. Everyone is happy and thinking of you all.Goodnight St-Matthew’s – speak tomorrow!!!  

Symbols and silence

A lot of the former and not a great deal of the latter in our trip to St. Matthew’s Church this week. We love our church…it feels like a big, warm, welcoming hug as we walk through its doors. The children were excited before we had even got out of the school car-park. With the cries of, “I can see it! I can see the tower!! It’s huge!!!” ringing in our ears, you would think we had never visited before. We were obviously looking at the building through fresh eyes as a special place.As we arrived, we wondered why such a huge, beautiful, expensive place had been built at all. Avery decided God wanted it large enough to get us all in together, like a big family. Brilliant!Once inside we walked round in small groups to look at wonderful treasures we had never seen before: embroidered vestments, a silver chalice and patten, special wafers with a cross on top, the stained glass window showing the story of St. Matthew…..so many amazing things to find out about.Then we chose one special place to sit and draw our favourite part of the church.Finally we had a few moments to think quietly about how the church made us feel, to say a prayer if we wanted to and to ask questions. What a lot of questions….thoughtful ones like…

  • Where does God live?
  • Who was Jesus’s real dad?
  • When we pray how does God hear us if we don’t pray out loud?

It certainly lead to some interesting discussions later amongst the adults!A wonder-full time was had by all. As usual, thankyou to all the lovely grown-ups who came to support us. We hope you enjoy the gallery of our photos. 

Year 3s exciting blog…

In Maths we are learning all about telling the time!We have been exploring newspaper reports in English!This week we have continued practising our Roman dance… we have put together the rowing, marching and crossing the channel. We are looking forward to the Celt Vs Roman battle.We have been continuing making our recycled Roman mosaic and started thinking about colour and pattern.We have been rehearsing for our production. The songs we have learnt are ” Friends Together, Twenty Years, The Stoats, Messing about in boats, He can’t be stopped, Yellow Caravan and King of the Road!”We enjoyed Year 1s class assembly this morning!Certificate of Achievement – ” I was quite nervous when I went up because I didn’t know I would get it! But when I went up I was proud!” – Ruby 

The Papaya the Spoke

In Willow class this week we have been writing and writing and writing!First, we learned the story of the Papaya that Spoke, complete with actions. Next, we drew story maps to help us remember. We acted out the story and pretended to be the farmer from the story, answering questions about what happened. After that, we drew new story maps, innovating the story to make it our own. We had The Soup that Spoke, The Pizza that Spoke and the Chocolate Cake that Spoke!This is Tayla’s innovated map. Finally, we sat down to write our own versions of the story. We impressed ourselves with how much we have been able to write and our concentration in getting so much better! You wouldn’t believe how great our writing is!We’ve also been doing some tricky Maths; finding half and a quarter of quantities! I think we’ve all earned a restful weekend!

Year 4 6th Feb 2015

In Maths yesterday we had chocolate cake.  Miss Beebee promises that it was to do with Maths, not just for a treat!  We were discussing fractions and what they mean.  We decided that we would be happier if we could have 1 whole cake, rather than 1/2 of a cake! In English we have been looking at the story of ‘When Jessie Came Across the Sea’.  We created posters trying to persuade Miss Beebee to pick us to go to America (unfortunately not real, Miss Beebee isn’t that rich!)  The posters were fab, and it was very difficult for Miss Beebee to choose some winners.  In the end, the winners were Amy and William.  The runners up were Faye, Edward, Charlie and Holly.  Well done to everybody, great effort! Last Week’s Results:House points – Scott = 9, Grace = 12, Jenner = 13, Holst = 15.Individual House Points – 3 HP’s each – Leona, Lara and Amy.Perfect Presentation – Luke and AmyTable of the Week – Italy – Martha, Holly, Kyle and Ben.Certificate – Billy – He said ‘I was surprised that I got it, because it is the first time this year’. This Week’s Results:House points – Jenner = 5, Grace = 10, Scott = 11, Holst = 12.Individual House Points – Haydon with 4 HP.Perfect Presentation – Gracie L and Thomas.Table of the Week – Italy – Thomas, Faye, Riley and Emily.Certificate – Gracie C – She said ‘I was very excited and I didn’t know it was going to be me’.

Primary School Indoor Rowing Competition 2015

On Tuesday 16 children from Yr 5 and 6 represented our school at the Primary School Indoor Rowing Competition.  The competition was held at St Matts, making use of our indoor rowing machines.  We had some absolutely brilliant results and there was a fantastic atmosphere in the hall.  We showed great team spirit and really cheered each other on in the races. The children were also the first children to be wearing our brand new St Matthew’s kit, kindly sponsored by the UK Careers Team at National Oilwell Varco (NOV) in Stonehouse.  They certainly stood out from the crowd, and looked incredibly smart.  https://www.nov.com/Careers.aspxResults: Yr 5 Individual Girls 2 minute sprint:Hannah M – 2nd – 416mLucy – 3rd – 406mKatie – 4th – 400mRuby – 5th – 391m Yr 5 Individual Boys 2 minute sprint:Fin – 1st – 458mJacob – 4th – 419mDaniel – 4th – 419mRiley – 9th – 393m Yr 6 Individual Girls 2 minute sprint:Jasmin M – 3rd – 420mMikkie – 5th – 416mGrace – 12th – 366mJosie – 14th – 357m Yr 6 Individual Boys 2 minute sprint:Bailey – 1st – 463mJacob – 4th – 429mJosh – 4th – 429mWilliam – 6th – 424m Yr 6 Boys 2000 m Relay – 1st – St Matts – 08:53:042nd – Whiteshill – 09:25:083rd – Burlish Park – 09:38:074th – Longney – 10:08:05 Yr 6 Girls 2000 m Relay:1st – Burlish Park – 09:13:012nd – St Matts – 09:21:043rd – Whiteshill – 09:22:074th Longney – 10:31:06 Yr 5 Boys 2000 m Relay:1st – St Matts – 09:42:052nd – Whiteshill – 10:02:063rd – Burlish Park – 10:03:084th – Longney – 10:14:04 Yr 5 Girls 2000 m Relay:1st – St Matts – 09:47:052nd – Whiteshill – 10:25:043rd – Burlish Park – 11:02:064th – Longney – 11:56:02       Overall Results:1st – St Matts – 262 points2nd – Whiteshill – 202 points3rd – Burlish Park – 186 points4th – Longney – 92 points.A great big WELL DONE to all the children who took park, you all did fab!Look out for the Stroud Life Newspaper on Tuesday, where there will hopefully be a write up and some pictures, in the Youth Sport section of the paper. 

Year 5 Blog – 5th February

This week year 5 have been doing our topic work which is the Vikings and the Anglo Saxons. We learnt about the poor people who lived back then and what they used to wear and what they used. They made their clothes out  of sheep’s wool but first they had to get all of the fibres out of the wool.We learnt how to say our birthdays in French and also we learnt a new word. The new word was anniversaire which means birthday. We also wrote a couple of our friends and families birthdays in French.In Science we are going to do an experiment which involves mixing. We are going to get two or three materials put them in a pot then we are going to try and separate them. It is going to be a really difficult challenge!By Eva and Lucy