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Delectable transport, desirable trucks…

In other words…. we have had a great week of D.T. : making wheeled vehicles.How many elephants can you get into Dr. Who’s mini??As many as you like because it’s bigger on the inside!We have designed, constructed and painted like Ford himself. We know all about axles and wheels if you care to ask us. We could probably design our own Batmobile in the Easter Holidays if we run out of other things to do!! There have been some super photos taken of the whole process but due to technical difficulties these are unavailable at this present time. Watch this space however.We also had a super party at the end of term. We earned it by collecting 163 marbles in our class jar. That means 163 moments of excellence from wonderful Hazel class. Thankyou to all the adults who contributed to our Easter goody bags and joined in the fun on the day.. We had music and dancing; a short Disney video of how the Easter bunnies make chocolate eggs, pin the tail on the bunny and cake from Woody.  A wonderful time was had by all.Have a lovely Easter. 

End of a busy term

Well, we’ve come to the end of another busy term. Year 2 need to be congratulated on all of their hard work and have earned themselves a good, long rest. We’ve been working right up to the end; writing reports about the ocean (using all the facts we have accumulated during the term), and doing really tricky counting on to calculate differences in Maths. We’ve also enjoyed having the French exchange students in our class. Margerie and Oceane taught us the French words for lots of different animals that live under the sea. Last week, we were excited to visit St Matthews church to ‘Experience Easter”.  The children listened very carefully in their different stations and asked some really thoughtful questions.    Hope you all have a lovely, restful break.

Easter and some very messy play

These past few weeks have been very busy.Last week we went to the church to Experience Easter. We listened to stories and thought about our hope and dreams. Then on Thursday of this week we returned to the church to have our Easter Church service and lots of mums, dads and grandparents were there which was so exciting. We sang really well and sat beautifully all through the service.Some of us have been really exploring messy play. Some of us love getting messy and some of us hate it so Mrs Armstrong challenged the children who didn’t like it to have a go..and..guess what, we found out that we do like it, so long as we are wearing aprons and wellies.The weather is improving and lots of us are spending much more time outside; climbing the blossom tree and digging in the sand.Today we were given homework folders! We have some maths and writing to do, as well as our usual reading jobs- very exciting!Sorry there are no photos this week, we are experiencing technical issues with computers/internet but they will soon be resolved. Please do check your Evernote notebooks for new photos all the time and please do upload photos, if you like, over the holidays.Congratulations to George Lavis, Felix Forgione and Sophia Marshall for their Commendations this term.HAPPY EASTER! Have a super break. 

Happy Easter from Year 4

We have had an incredibly busy week this week in Year 4! We really hope you enjoyed coming to watch our performances of The Wind in the Willows.  We worked incredibly hard to practice them, I’m sure you’ll agree that they were fantastic!  Here are just a couple of pictures from the production.   If you would like a copy of the DVD and lots of other pictures, then please speak to the office.  No homework over the Easter holidays, you all need a break.  I hope you have a lovely break and come back feeling refreshed and ready to learn next term! Happy Easter!

Chariot Wars

Today we made our Roman Chariots! We loved every minute, especially the tournament at the end of the day!Here are our Roman Chariots …  


Welcome to Year 5’s sensational blog!This week we have been doing newspaper reports about Viking invasions. We wrote them up on the computer in a journalistic style. The whole class did a violent invasion rather than a friendly one.In Maths we have been looking at geometry, We did different activities which involved going outside to look for 3D shapes and make our own out of polydron.This week we had commendations that were awarded to Ruby Brook, Jacob Clutterbuck and Aaron Bottomley. Ruby Brook said, “I was astonished when Miss Szarko called my name! I am full of glee!””I was euphoric! I had butterflies in my tummy!” said Aaron Bottomley.Jacob said, “I was ecstatic and honoured!”

Experience Easter

YEAR 6 – Experience EasterOn Monday Year 6 visited St-Matthew’s church and the brilliant ‘Experience Easter’ sessions. The class was split in to small groups to explore different aspects of the Easter story and Holy Week. It was a chance for the children to really think about and reflect on the key events and how they might relate the experiences of Jesus to their own lives.Thank you very much to everyone who organised the sessions but especially Mrs Williams, Mrs Kemsley, Mrs Bateman  and Woody who gave up lots of their own time to make it possible. We look forward to thinking about the Easter story again soon at the Easter service.

Year 4 Experience Easter

This week we visited the Church, to do Experience Easter.  We had a really lovely time and gave some very thoughtful answers.  Here are a couple of photos of us!  We also had a DT morning, where we were able to finish building our models.  Could you guess what we made?  Here are some:  This week’s results will be announced on Monday!

Experience Easter and Violins

We have started a new unit in English on poetry. We thoroughly enjoyed learning ‘Oh, I wish I looked after me Teeth!” and performing it to the rest of the class in the performance area. We videoed it and then evaluated our performance.During Design Technology we had a 10 minute challenge to make a stable structure out of an art straw. Afterwards, we got into groups and designed our Roman vehicle ready for battle. Don’t forget to bring in junk modelling materials to make our chariots the last week of term!We went to Experience Easter on Tuesday and thoroughly enjoyed it! Here are some pictures we took when we were there!Thank you for coming to watch us playing the violins the other day…we were nervous but excited at the same time!

Wonderful World Book Day

We thought you might like to see how magnificent we looked “in mufti”. Lots of us came in Super-Hero disguise. Some of us came in our secret identities!! 

Anyone need rescuing?


We came dressed as super animals!


supersonic sportsmen


Fabulously Frozen…


Pretty as a princess.


We came in our secret identity…just like Awesome Man, we’re really children!


…faster than a speeding bullet…

 We hope you enjoyed our gallery of World Book Day pictures.Love from Hazel Class.

World book day, buddies and porridge making

We have been making porridge, just like the Three Bears. We noticed the changes that occurred as the porridge was cooking in the pan and then we tried a variety of healthy toppings, such as raisins and bananas with our bowl of porridge. Lots of us thought it was yummy.  On World Book Day we dressed up as various characters from books. We had SAM I AM from Green Eggs and Ham (Dylan!) and a few Elsas and Anas. Also some superheroes made an appearance. Later on we had buddy time with our Y2 buddies.

Superheroes Captain America and Bumblebee playing Spotty dog


Alice in Wonderland on the digger with her buddy!

Bristol Aquarium Visit

We’ve had a couple of exciting weeks in Year 2. Last week, we went on our trip to Bristol Aquarium. While we were there, we had the opportunity to be taken around by Dave, an expert in fish. We saw stingrays, turtles (Jack’s favourites!), sea horses, lobsters and leopard sharks.  Perhaps the most interesting thing we saw was a Giant Pacific Octopus called Elsa. We found out so many interesting things, such as the  fact that they have 3 hearts to pump their very thick blood around their bodies.We have used the information that we found out to write some amazing reports. We are now marine experts!The day after our trip, our school celebrated World Book Day by dressing as our favourite book characters.  

Year 4 13/03/15

This Week’s Awards:Certificate – Noah.  He said ‘Table of the Week – Germany – Amy, Kyle, Jack Br and Elliot.Perfect Presentation – Ellie – for her myth in English.Individual House Points – Ella-Mae and Kiara.Team House Points – Jenner – 10, Holst – 12, Grace – 14 and Scott – 16.

Interhouse Tournaments

On Friday afternoon, the Year 5s and 6s took part in another Interhoue tournament. They took part in an exciting tournament of hockey and rugby where they really showed the skills. There was a high quality of skills and the children showed great sportsmanship

Year 4’s World Book Day

We have had a lovely day today in non-uniform.  A huge well done to everyone who dressed up, we had some really fab costumes!Here are some photo’s of us all dressed for the occasion!             Year 4 Class Selfie 2015!This Week’s Results:Certificate: Harry B.Table of the Week: Germany  – Kyle, Elliot, Jack Br and Amy.Individual House Point: Faye and Haydon.Team House Point: Holst = 7, Scott = 9, Jenner = 10, Grace =17.