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A new house, Playgroup visitors and Buddy reading time

This week it was very exciting because a new house appeared in the outside area. We already have a small playhouse, which mostly gets used for climbing on and off but this one was much bigger, with a fireplace inside and windows with shutters that open and close. We are allowed four in the house at a time so we have to count and take turns.JpegEvery Friday this term playgroup come and share our outside area. We are learning their names….some of us already know them and we really like showing them how to play in the different zones and what the rules are for being safe.JpegJpegOn Thursday afternoons we had our first buddy reading session. We meet up with our Y2 buddy, either in their classroom or ours and we read together. We impressed our buddies with our reading skills and then they wrote a message in our Reading records.Jpeg 

Welcome back …

We have started our new topic Ancient Greece and are thoroughly enjoying it! Last week we role played Pegasus the Winged Horse …IMG_0016IMG_0014IMG_0011 We loved creating our very own mythical creatures ready for our Greek myth stories.  We are half way through writing our quest myths and are looking forward to finishing them off next week. We can’t wait to publish them!Forest school was great fun this week as we made 3D shapes out of twigs and sticks. Also, we loved the freedom of the outdoor space.In the Life Education van we learnt about the brain which was very interesting! We think our brain is a huge blessing!Certificate of Achievement – “I never knew I was going to get it, I felt ecstatic!” Lewis 

Another busy week in Year 6

Year 6 have had another really busy week.We are getting ready for our SATs tests in a few weeks and we have been working in our ‘booster’ groups for Maths and English. This week we have focused on converting between metric units for length, distance and volume in our Maths lessons. Our writing focus has been on Newspaper reports where we have written an article about a house that collapsed in to the sea because of erosion – (linked to our Coastlines topic) IMG_0591[1] During our afternoon sessions we: found out about coastal erosion in our geography lessons; visited the life education van as part of our PHSCE; studied  the work of a Japanese artist called ‘Katsushika Hokusai’ in our art lesson;and we played rounders in PE.IMG_0587[1]IMG_0592[1]IMG_0586[2]Plus – being on the field this week has been awesome – we are all praying for good weather next week too!!

Paddington, Karlson and other characters

We’ve been going character crazy in Year 2 this week. Thinking about characters in the books we have been reading, we’ve been writing character portraits. We have found out that it’s good if we can include evidence from the text. Lightning learners have been improving their writing by including interesting sentence starters and ‘drop ins’.In Maths we have been partitioning big numbers and adding. We’ve also done some little tests, and the whole class worked so hard and did really well.In our topic work, we are looking at woodland animals. We learned how to draw and paint an owl and we are really proud of the parliament that are sitting on our wall, looking down on us as we do our learning.


This week in year 5, we have been learning a lot of exciting things!EnglishWe have been writing non-chronological reports. Our homework was to write facts about a topic. Then we wrote a report about it. We are now researching Brazil for a non-chronological report. For example, we searched things like Brazilian sport and the Amazon rainforest.MathsIn math this week we have been learning about geometry and angles. We have solved multi step problems including shape. Volume is what we have also done. TopicBrazil, our new topic, is what we have been learning about. We have a made a topic page for Brazil.ScienceIn science we have learnt about milestones. Instead of doing a small milestone we had bigger milestones that went beyond our age.        

Year 4 24th April 2015

On Wednesday we did PE with Mrs Strachan.  We did multi-skills and we had to do things like crawling on our hands and feet.  We did some practice of some of the events we will do on sports day.  We did lots of races. On Tuesday we went to Archway to do some cooking and wood work.  Half of us did cooking and half of us did wood work.  We will then swap after a couple of sessions.  The cooking group made Mexican cookies.  They were supposed to be dough cookies, but they went a little bit wrong.  The people that were doing woodwork were making coat hangers.  We cut out plastic hooks using a saw.  We haven’t finished yet. Our topic is Aztecs and Mayans.  They lived in Mexico.  In Art we have designed Aztec repeating patterns.  We have also done some topic work on the Day of the Dead.  We designed some posters to show information about the festival.  We wrote Newspaper reports based on our book ‘Grandmother’s Song’,which we are looking at in English.  The story is set in Mexico.  Last Week’s Results – House Point Teams – Jenner – 19, Grace – 20, Holst – 21, Scott – 23.House Point Individual – Ella-Mae and Martha.Certificate – Ella-Mae.  She said ‘I felt very proud of myself and didn’t expect it. This Week’s Results – House Point Teams – Scott – 6, Grace – 9, Jenner – 10, Holst – 16.House Point Individual – Martha!Certificate – Martha.  She said ‘I was very shocked when I got the certificate’.