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Our week

This week we began to word process our Japanese Haiku!We had great fun at Forest School investigating roots, stems and shoots of plants, as well playing on the rope swing, making dens and magical potions!Sports day was amazing as we all tried our best and competed with stamina and enjoyment. The mammoth relay race at the end was one of our favourite activities!In maths we explored the chunking method and by the end of the lesson we all had brain ache!!!Friday afternoon was so exciting because we visited the Year 6 Enterprise stalls and spent lots of money on goodies and treats! We can’t wait to find out which business made the most profit!

Year 4 Blog

We all had a really good time at sports day, we really enjoyed taking part in different events.  Twelve people in every class got to take part in a sprint race, in year 4 Charlie won the boys sprint and Holly won the girls sprint.  The mammoth really was really exciting for everyone in the whole school. There was also a trophy that you could win for encouraging everyone in your team, Josh in year won it this year.  The overall winners this year were Scott, it was their first win in six years.

Sports day 2015

Sports day 2015This Thursday was our Sports day. We look forward to it every year and luckily the weather was great this time round. We all represented our Houses in one of three teams, everyone worked to earn points by participating in each of the carousel activities. The activities ranged from: cricket bowling, long jump, kick at goal and wheelbarrow racing!Later on in the afternoon, we had the class sprint races and the mammoth relay!After a day of intense competition, the winning House was announced…..Scott House!!! They were overjoyed as this was the first time they had won in over six years. Scott received their Sports day trophy during assembly on Friday.IMG_6132[1]IMG_6129[1]Well done everyone in Scott House and thanks to all of the staff and relatives who came along to cheers us on.We were a little bit sad that this will be our last ever sports day at St-Matthew’s. 

A sporty week

Phew! We are all a little bit tired out after a very sporty week. On Thursday, it was sports day. We really enjoyed the activities and it was lovely to see so many children working brilliantly as part of a team and supporting their friends.On Friday, we walked to Stratford Park Leisure Centre to take part in a multiskills tournament. There were children from Year 2 at seven different  primary schools competing. Although we did not win, we all had fun scoring points for our school.  (photos to follow)After the tournament, we had a picnic lunch in the park and then visited the Museum in the Park. There we learned more about the History of Stroud and got the opportunity to explore the wonderful artifacts  that are kept there.As well as our sporting activities, we have been putting maximum effort into our learning. In Maths, we have had a measuring week. We weighed a variety of things, measured liquid and temperature.In English we have been looking at how we can use language to persuade. We are getting quite good at it!

Our first Sports’ Day and Playgroup visitors

Rowan class had their first ever sports’ day on Thursday and we were really impressed by how well they participated. It was a hot day but there was no complaining- just brilliant teamwork in their houses. Olivia was particularly brave in the afternoon- deciding she would run the girls’ race after all, when in the morning she felt unable to. The same for Felix- he had a go in the mammoth relay in the afternoon after being worried about it in the morning. Everyone was cheering so it took a lot of courage to run down the track. Well done to Tobias, who won the boys’ race and it seemed to be a draw between Layla and Olivia in the girls’race.  Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came along and encouraged their children, and other people’s children, to have a go and enjoy themselves. Playgroup visited again today and the Reception children played really kindly with them. Here are some photos of what they got up to:Jpeg


Lovely sharing girls!


Who’s doing all the work here?


water madness


Messy sand play

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sports Day

Year 5 have had another busy and exciting week. We have written fabulous persuasive speeches, convincing the Egyptian people to trust us pharoah. We have also been hard at work, rehearsing our production. It is starting to come together so all of their hard work should definitely be worth it. Yesterday was Sports Day, the highlight of the week for many. All of the children worked incredibly hard and acted well as team players. Miss Szarko was particularly proud of the way the children were so supportive of others, particularly the younger children, and helped them to ensure they understood what they were doing.  

Juggling and high jinks!

We have had a fantastic week in Hazel Class this week: the weather has been glorious and we have so enjoyed racing around the school field at play times. As all you lovely grown-ups know, we had superb sunshine for our Sports Day. Did you enjoy all our sporty endeavours? Some of us must have wings on our trainers the way we “flew” down that track!We don’t have pictures of Sports Day, but we do have a gallery of Enrichment Week photos ready and waiting. These are just some of the challenges we tackled in Year One.

Blowing giant bubbles.

Blowing giant bubbles.

2010-01-19 10.58.55 
Anyone  for archery?

Anyone for archery?

We promised you juggling. here we are using scarves

We promised you juggling. Here we are using scarves

...and feathers...

…and feathers…

..a plate!!...

..a plate!!…

..a diabolo...

..a diabolo…

It takes practice to get this good, you know.

It takes practice to get this good, you know.

...and all sorts of sticks.

…and all sorts of sticks.

As you can see: we had a lot of fun!

As you can see: we had a lot of fun!

 Finally we had the Grand Prix of scooter circuits. Thank you Mrs. Burrows: we loved the ramp you set up. (Mrs. Burrows also took most of these lovely photos.)2010-01-21 09.34.572010-01-21 09.36.422010-01-21 09.36.342010-01-21 09.34.26

19th June- Our trip to Redwood

These are just some of the pictures of our wonderful trip to Redwood. The sun shone and everyone enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot about woodland creatures and what lives in a pond.


We started the day


Walking in the woods- what will we find?


Holding hands


Animal puppets of woodland creatures


Playing in the long grass


Climbing and jumping


Pond- dipping


Hide and seek in the buttercups


What’s in the pond? Investigating our findings

Our week

Over the past two weeks, we have been turning the Japanese story of Momotaro into a play script, which we have thoroughly enjoyed. We have created a final version of the story of Momotaro for our topic books.In Maths last week we were practicing our addition and subtraction methods. This week we have been practicing our multiplication and division methods.In Science we looked at the life cycle of plants. Also, we have set up our own observational investigation into whether plants need leaves to grow well. We shall update you about the answer in a couple of weeks time.Today in Art, we imitated the work of Hokusai and created The Great Wave!We are looking forward to Sports Day next Thursday!Certificate of Achievement – Zoe  

The Living Rainforest

On Tuesday we went to the living rainforest in Newbury. It took us an hour and half to get there by coach. When we got there we saw a Chinese Dragon called scarface and then we were split into two groups. There were lots of different animals there such as monkeys, turtles, crocodiles, sloths, birds, fish and stingrays. One group also saw a Salmon pink bird eating tarantula! After we saw all the animals we went to the gift shop, we had our lunch and then had some free time outside. After lunch we had some free time to look around the rainforest, we had such a great time and hope we get to go again soon.100_1427 100_1439 IMG_3270 IMG_3282 IMG_3295 IMG_3280 IMG_3291 IMG_3292

Peaceful prayers

What a wonderful prayer week, thanks to the expertise and hard work of Mrs. Bateman and Woody. (They are as inseparable as Batman and Robin!)Ask your children about the Fire-Pit, the Spiritual Garden, Prayer flags and today’s very peaceful Cherry on the cake of Prayer Week: thinking about Peace. We had a lovely calming atmosphere of dimmed lighting and soothing music. For half an hour we sat in almost silence, thinking, praying and drawing our Peace patterns on doves. We floated out totally “chilled”. 2010-02-13 13.40.402010-02-13 13.42.44 2010-02-13 13.40.112010-02-13 13.39.49 Love and peace from Hazel Class x x x x

Trinity Term begins..

Wow! We’ve had another busy 2 weeks.Last week, we began our new Science unit on Famous Scientists and their discoveries. We learned all about Isaac Newton and the amazing force that he named gravity. We experimented with spinners to see if the weight of an object makes any difference to the the speed at which it falls.  We concluded that it did: that heavier things fell faster. spinners 3 Spinners 2On Monday this week we welcomed Foxmoor School to St Matthews to take part in a long awaited multi skills tournament. We played 3 games,  using our rolling, throwing and team work skills and won points for our school. We’re proud to say that we won!! We will be going to Stratford Park in a few weeks to challenge some more schools.various 047 various 056 various 069

Year 5’s Trip to Highclere Castle

100_1367IMG_3202Year 5 had a lovely day out to Highclere Castle on Friday. This was the home of Lord Carnarvon (as well as Downton Abbey!) who helped discover Tutankhamen’s tomb with Howard Carter. We saw lots of amazing discoveries from different parts of Ancient Egypt and got to go inside Tutankhamen’s tomb itself.  We learned lots on our trip and it was a perfect way to kick start our topic. The children represented St Matthew’s beautifully and the staff at Highclere said they were the best behaved school they’d ever had!


Y6 – MATHS PROBLEMSOLVINGThis week Year 6 have been attempting lots of Maths puzzles and problems. We have been using different methods and strategies to solve problems – e.g. working backwards, trial and error, working methodically and using basic algebra. We focused on explaining our methods clearly and extending the problem.IMG_0598 IMG_0596IMG_0595We had to learn how to persevere with a problem and try out lots of different ways of solving it – some problems took twenty minutes before we got to a final answer and some didn’t even have just one answer!!!Solving these problems has really tested our successful learner skills.Here is one that adults can try!screen-shot-2014-05-06-at-21-43-15

Our first week back …

On Monday the whole class took part in forest schools. We built our own dens and we had to make sure they were water proof by using different materials in the forest. We had so much fun and really enjoyed working in different teams.Some of us got to take part in a cooking class with Miss Oxford. We made mini quiches out of pastry, cheese, chives and tomatoes. The rest of the class are really excited to make our own quiches.We started our new PE topic this week, tennis. We learnt how to control a tennis ball with our rackets and we also looked at our foot work.This week we also finished writing our own stories and we typed them up on the laptops.We started our new topic in science, habitats.  We went outside to look for different habitats in our school area and we discussed which habitat would be the best.Sean, Holly, Elias, Lara and Holly did the class assembly this week on words.


We are learning about Japan this term!Did you know Tokyo is the capital city? Did you know the flag is white with a red circle in the middle? Did you know Japan had a civil war? Did you know that Japan’s national sport is Sumo wrestling? Did you know that Japanese people eat with chopsticks then throw them away?In English we have learnt a story about a young boy called Momotaro! We are going to be turning this story into a playscript.In Science we are learning about plants and now know that the 4 main parts are; flower, stem, roots and leaves. Which part of the plant absorbs the light? Which part sucks up the water?We enjoyed watching the reception class assembly this morning. This afternoon we thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with origami and making a carp kite (Koinobori).Certificate of Achievement – “I was shocked when Mr Baird said my name!” – Max