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Happy holidays!

We celebrated the end of the Reception year with a Teddy Bear’s picnic. What a fabulous turnout, thanks to everyone who made the effort to come. It really was very successful with parents, grandparents, toddlers, babies and pupils mingling happily and WOW, what a spread- there were many delicious cakes and sandwiches with plenty for seconds. We were blessed with perfect weather too- it was a lovely end to the academic year.Here are some photos of the event:


Teddies relaxing




Babies welcome!


Many biscuits and cakes!


Eating with friends


scoff, scoff


The biggest cuddly of them all


Mrs T turned up too for some snacking and chatting

Thank you too for all the gifts you showered us with- so very generous and kind.Happy holidays everyone- have a good rest.Mrs A and  team

Last week in Year 2

Well, a busy year of learning has come to an end. Today, we enjoyed a final session with our reading buddies from Reception. We shared a story book that we had written and also read our favourite stories. We have loved sharing books with our friends throughout the year.Reading Buddies 021 Copy of Reading Buddies 002 Reading Buddies 015Copy of Reading Buddies 004Thank you, Year 2, for being such a great class. I will really miss you all!Have a safe and happy summer.Mrs Panton 🙂

Birds of prey visit.

We were thrilled on Thursday for two reasons. First, we were lucky to have our classmate Shawn talk to us all about his recent visit to India. He made a really interesting Powerpoint presentation and was able to answer our questions really thoughtfully. We tasted some Indian food too. Some of us tasted something we’d never tasted before.After that, we went into the hall to see the amazing birds of prey. We had to sit quietly and not lift our arms so we didn’t scare the birds.  Alfie and Ellie were lucky enough to hold a bird!birds 005birds 003It was Ellie’s birthday, and it was a real treat for her to hold the falcon.In other news, we have been learning how to count on to find change in Maths and in English we’ve been writing the story of a boy who finds a penguin on his doorstep. 

Year 4 10th July 2015

We have had a busy week as we are beginning final preparations to get ourselves ready for Year 5. We had a really exciting afternoon on Tuesday, when we met our new teacher Mr Halliwell.  We spent the afternoon getting to know him and him getting to know us. On Thursday afternoon, we were visited by the Welsh Birds of Prey centre.  He bought with him a variety of birds of prey and some of us even got to hold them!  It was rather exciting!IMG_0104 IMG_0131 IMG_0138 IMG_0143 IMG_0145 IMG_0186 IMG_0228 IMG_0235 IMG_0239 IMG_0246 IMG_0250 IMG_0257 IMG_0266Today the whole school moved up to their new classrooms, which was great as we got to see what the Year 5 classroom is like.  We also went out to watch a bit of the exciting inter-house tournament for Year 5 and 6, in Cricket and Rounders.

Production Week!

Year 5 have had a really exciting and successful week this week.Production week was finally here. This meant we finally had the chance to show the results of all of the children’s hard work and effort that they have put into rehearsing their play, “The Rocky Monster Show”. The children were fabulous and made wonderful zombies, scaring the audience. There were lots of proud mums, dads, grannies, grandads, auntiesl, uncles, teachers, etc. in the audience. Well done Year 5 and 6!As well as this, the children had the opportunity to attend a Languages day at Marling school. The children experienced speaking French, Spanish, German and Latin and really enjoyed themselves. It has inspired lots of the children to learn languages when they go to secondary school.On Thursday, we had a special visitor from the Welsh Bird of Prey Center. They brought several birds of prey for the children to see and learn about. Some of our children were even lucky enough to hold them! Photos will follow shortly!The week ended with further excitement when the Year 5 and 6 classes joined together for our final interhouse tournament of the year. The children competed in their house teams to play rounders and cricket. We had a lovely support from parents and the children were wonderful sports people as usual.

Fine Feathered Friends.

Hazel Class has just spent an amazing time

learning all about some beautiful birds, courtesy of the Welsh Bird of Prey Centre.

This is a young Eagle owl He has caught four foxes this year when he was out hunting.

This is a young Eagle Owl. He has caught four foxes so far  this year when he has been out hunting.

Here is a “Did you know” of some fascinating facts that we learned:

  • that a lannister falcon dives at speeds faster than 120mph.
  • if owls were the same size as us, they would be 20 times stronger.
  • that an owl is covered in very soft feathers and fur so that it is silent when it flies.
  • a bird of prey has huge claws to catch its food.
The Lannister falcon

The Lannister falcon

One of the owls even talked to us! (It sounded like lots of hooting.)

We know two brave children who wanted to hold a kestrel.

They had to wear a really thick glove

and the man held tightly onto the bird’s lead so it couldn’t fly away.

Y1 137     Y1 138      

Mrs. Newbould’s favourite bird was the grumpy little White-faced

Scops owl. He was called Victor.



We also saw a red-tailed kite and a buzzard.

Which bird of prey was your favourite?


District Sports 2015

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the District Sports Field event evening, but I hear that we had some really great results as a school, which contributed massively to our overall success.Results I have been told:Junior Girls Long Jump – Holly 1st, Emily 2nd.Senior Girls Long Jump – Eva and Amelia.Junior Boys Long Jump – Sean and Alfie.Senior Boys Long Jump – Toby and Josh.Junior Girls Throwing – Gracie C.Senior Girls Throwing – Hannah SJunior Boys Throwing – Elias 5th.Senior Boys Throwing – Andy.Children, please come and let me know your results so that I can update this blog with them. Track Results:Junior Girls Relay – 8th – Holly, Lara, Maddy and Ruby.Junior Boys Relay – 2nd – Elias, Charlie, Tyler and Solly.Senior Girls Relay – 1st – Eva, Ruby, Josie and Kira.Senior Boys Relay – 1st – Dylan, Kieran, Toby and Fin.Junior Mixed Relay – 2nd – Leona, Sean, Zoe and Max.Senior Mixed Relay – 3rd – Grace, Rhys H, Aaron and Kyra.Yr 3 Girls – Ruby 5th, Maddie 3rd.Yr 3 Boys – Tyler 1st, Solly 1st.Yr 4 Girls – Holly 1st, Lara 4th.Yr 4 Boys – Elias 3rd, Charlie 1st.Yr 5 Girls – Eva 1st, Ruby 1st.Yr 5 Boys – Toby 8th, Fin 4th.Yr 6 Girls – Josie 1st, Amelia 5th.Yr 6 Boys – Dylan 5th, Joe S 3rd. Track Finals:Yr 3 Girls – Maddie 8th.Yr 3 Boys – Solly 4th, Tyler 5th.Yr 4 Girls – Holly 1st.Yr 4 Boys – Charlie 4th, Elias 5th.Yr 5 Girls – Eva 2nd, Ruby 3rd.Yr 6 Girls – Josie 4th.Yr 6 Boys – Joe S 5th.Junior Boys Relay – 6thSenior Girls Relay – 3rdSenior Boys Relay – 3rdJunior Mixed Relay – 3rdSenior Mixed Relay – 5th  Out of 16 schools who took part, we finished 3rd!!! Massive well done to all those who took part, you represented us beautifully!