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Story writing, doubling and experimenting

Year 2 have been very busy this week. We have been learning a story about a boy who finds a mysterious egg. We made story maps to help us retell the story. Next, we used post it notes to innovate the story, adding our own characters and creatures. 026We are now writing our stories; they are looking pretty impressive so far!!In Maths we have been working hard doubling and halving. Ask us to double a number, we’re really good!We have been learning new scientific words in our lessons this week. We found out about transparent, translucent and opaque materials.

Year 1 Acebook

web 091Ruben gave year one an insight into the Hungarian language. He delivered a short teaching session with much enthusiasm.  We all thoroughly enjoyed hearing the different words and numbers and had fun having a go ourselves.

Year 2 Acebook

Isabelle Price used her imagination to paint a super dragon.  She then concentrated on using describing words to write an amazing description of the dragon.web 102web 089

Year 3 Acebook

Shawn has shown his unique individuality in designing a hand print reflecting his culture.  This hand print forms part of a whole class display celebrating our sense of unity. web 086

Year 4 Acebook

web 084Ellie Woodward has paid such attention to detail. Her pencil sketch is an amazing representation of Woodchester Mill.

Year 5 Acebook

web 082Kiara has worked hard at using scientific language and has included a diagram of how materials change state.  She has also included information about different melting points of materials. 

Year 6 Acebook

web 080Kyra Cooke has worked really hard on our focuses of perspective, size and shading.  She put a lot of time and effort into her London skyline and it is looking fabulous so far.

Beech Class score at Rovers!

Gosh! Time is certainly flying by, the summer holiday seems like a distance memory!It has been another busy week in Beech class; especially with our trip to Forest Green Rovers.  The children were able to put into practice the successful interviewing and learning skills, which they were learning at the beginning of term.In the morning we began with a football coaching session which all the children took an active part in. They learnt how to pass with both feet and were taught to dribble at pace whilst looking up. The children also showed great team work skills and were encouraging each other, which was lovely to see. The crab football was a particular highlight of the day.It wasn’t all about the football; the children were also shown what a difference Forest Green Rovers have made in protecting the environment and what they continue to do to make this home town club special.  Thank you Forest Green Rovers for an amazing day.IMG_1362 - Copy IMG_1365 - Copy IMG_1371 - Copy IMG_1390 IMG_1399 IMG_1495 IMG_1498 IMG_1499 IMG_1507 IMG_1504

Buddy time and inventing dragons

We’ve had a couple of hard working weeks in Year 2. We are learning a story about an egg that a little boy finds underneath his mother’s favourite chicken:  it hatches and a dragon comes out!We imagined what the dragon might look like. We painted some amazing pictures. Buddy Time 059Next, we tried to describe our dragons using the most interesting describing words possible. The finished work was really amazing. You can see them in the corridor and in the classroom.On Thursday, we had our first ‘Buddy Time’ with our new buddies in Reception class. We are proud to be able to help to look after our new friends!Buddy Time 3Buddy Time 1Buddy Time 2

Year 3 18/09/15

We have had a busy week again in Year 3 today!On Wednesday Mr Baird taught us and we did Science in the afternoon.  We learnt about the different food groups and how to design a healthy meal.Evie got her certificate this for her enthusiasm and understanding in Science.Last week’s certificate was for Toby for his positive and resilient approach to his tricky Maths work.We have also done our first school ‘Acebook’ this week.  Shawn was selected for our first Year 3 ‘Acebook’ for his wonderful hand print that he designed for our class display.  Shawn decided to decorate his hand using a beautiful henna pattern!  Please pop into the office to have a look at his hand and to see a picture of the whole class display!100_1849

18th September

Today we had fun exploring different areas of Maths…  100_1841[1]100_1839[1]100_1845[1]100_1843[1]  This is Lily and Sophia using their imagination to create their own story. Lily is sat on our class story chair.sophia and lilyCertificate of Achievement – AvaAcebook – Ruben 

Marble fever

 This week we have all been in together, learning each other’s names and making new friends. The children have been very busy outside in the mud kitchen, in the sandpit and playing with water. Indoors the children are enjoying building with train tracks, lego and experimenting with the marble run. Joshua had the idea of making a big marble run outside, using the water channels and this became an exciting focus for many of the children.


A giant outdoor marble run


Do the marbles reach the end?

We have been learning the song “I know an old lady who swallowed a fly”- I wonder if any of the children might be able to sing it to their parents? The children have enjoyed reading the picture book of the song. She ate so many animals!

How many animals did she eat?

Have a relaxing weekend!The Rowan Reception team


We have had a very creative week this week with lots of hands-on experiences. On Monday, we were exploring how we could strengthen paper so that it was able to take a greater weight. This is one of the first steps within our project of creating an Anderson shelter. We have also been creating sketches of the London skyline, focusing on getting the size and perspective of the various buildings to be accurate. Yesterday, we had lots of self-reflection time where we were thinking about our lives so far and the milestones we have achieved. We then considered the milestones that we could achieve in our future lives. With these milestones in mind, we create a piece of art that showed metaphors for our life, such a roller coaster of a puzzle.

Water crazy!!

We had a very exciting walk down to the canal and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and a story read to us by Mrs Young. We have made canal safety posters and begun to learn all about the Mills in the area. Next week we will be visiting Ebley Mill and then the following week we are off to The Waterways Museum in Gloucester.

Canal visit

Canal visit

Story time

Story time

Our water theme continues with the start of swimming sessions at Archway school every Thursday afternoon.The Achievement wall in the classroom is packed with the achievements celebrated by children in our class. We all look forward to our class assembly when we have the opportunity to discuss and celebrate our achievements.Everybody Reading In Class (ERIC) is enjoyed by all of us and we would welcome any comics or magazines that could be of interest during our ERIC sessions.This weeks certificate of achievement went to Ruby Weager for her enthusiastic hard work!

Beech Class Blog

Beech Class welcome you to our first blog of  the year!Year 5 have had a really exciting first full week back.The children have thrown themselves into drama and acting, performing our text  for literacy.  They should now know what it takes to be a successful learner in year 5. On Wednesday we welcomed a special guest into Beech Class. The children became interviewers and interviewed our deputy head Mr Baird. The children all prepared questions and gave Mr Baird a great interrogation on what it is to be a successful teacher.In Maths the children have been understanding Roman Numerals and place value. There has been some great Roman Numerals spotting already and the children have been finding lots of examples in the world around them. I look forward to them finding more.Beech Class have also elected their school council representatives, and I am pleased to announce that Akos Tomcsanyi and Emily Kovac have been given the responsibility to represent Beech class. I am sure they will do their upmost in this important role.Finally, I know the children are all excited about our forth coming trip to Forest Green Rovers on Tuesday 15th September.  Please make sure they have their PE kits in school.  I am sure that it will be an amazing day!

A warm welcome back from Mrs Bateman

 A very warm welcome back to all our old and new St Matthew’s Families. I hope your holiday’s were peaceful and restful, and if not, I hope they were packed with fun and frivolity!The new term has started off with a very positive feel, shiny new classrooms, shiny new teachers and very shiny new, happy pupils! (If not new, relaxed and ready to tackle whatever is thrown at them!)Happy Gardeners! prayer week 2 019prayer week 2 015prayer week 2 020 We have already had some very keen parent volunteers in to weed the new flower border in the spiritual garden. Its really starting to take shape now, as Mr Armstrong (Mrs Armstrong’s better half) has also laid our patio that had been kindly donated by a St Matthew’s family. We are expecting a donation of topsoil and gravel to arrive shortly to finish the hard landscaping and then the garden club can plant the other borders for us. Its amazing how little miracles happen with a lot of generosity and good will. Prayer WeekI wanted to share with you some of the lovely photos from our Prayer/Reflection week. The children really surpassed themselves by demonstrating their empathy and resilience. We asked them to reflect on some very challenging topics. prayer week 2 007 prayer week 2 014 prayer week 2015 067 prayer week 2015 068 prayer week 2015 072 prayer week 2015 079 prayer week 2015 092 prayer week 2015 109 prayer week 2015 058

Our first few days in Year 2

We’ve had a great start to the new school year in Year 2. We have spent the last few days learning new classroom routines and we have adapted really well.Our class bear, Billy, wrote us a letter so we all wrote a reply to him. We also read the book Dear Teacher by Amy Husband and used that to spark our imaginations to write some postcards to explain why we weren’t able to come to school. Evie wrote that she “was swimming in the sea with sharks and they had captured her so, unfortunately, she wasn’t able to return to school”. For this writing and her amazing illustrations she received the first Star of the Week certificate of the term.This half term, we will be doing Forest School every Monday afternoon, so please could you make sure that the children have suitable clothes with them on this day. Thank you in advance !We’re all looking forward to a wonderful year of learning and fun.