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Hoodwinked and pyjamas

It has been a busy and productive week in Beech class.We have been writing our own Little Red Riding Hood stories which the children have all ‘hoodwinked’ into their own style. The children have made the big bad wolf big and good, whilst in some cases Grandma has become very evil!On Thursday all the children looked amazing wearing their pyjamas (not because they had forgotten to get dressed as Mrs Thomson remarked); this was their reward for showing fantastic team work and being successful learners throughout both the Michaelmas and Advent terms. Thank you to all the parents for your support in supplying such an incredible array of pyjamas and onesies.Next week we are looking forward to our Festomane workshop, in which we will be building and controlling a fairground attraction using computers. The day is sure to be full of fun, spiced with teamwork, communication, engineering and computing!005

Blast off!

This week we have really got going with learning about Space and our topic, The Night Sky. The children have been keen to learn about the planets and you may hear them singing our Planet Song this weekend. We have learnt all of the planet names in order from the sun- there are 8! We have been counting them as we learn them. We also watched a short film with lots of great information about space, which they have really enjoyed.So we need a rocket! We have been painting our rocket this week, which took 2 afternoons of hard work.


Despite the rain, we got it done


Silver, purple and black

It looks great in our classroom and we enjoy blasting off into space in it, dressed as an astronaut.This Friday we had storytelling cafe. We now have a storytelling chair in the classroom and at Storytelling Cafe we share bowls of fruit and tell stories using objects in the special golden box. We are learning to use storytelling language and be inventive!

We are a good audience


There was a green rocket in the gold box

Our focus pupils this week were Harry Poole and Alfie Pearse who stood up and told us all about their photos from home. They spoke very well; we loved Alfie’s motorbike and Harry’s pony Tuppence.Have a good weekend!

Year 3 20/11/15

On Monday we had another forest school lesson.  Some of us started to use some really sharp knives to carve sticks.  The rest of us were trying to make shelters, we even managed to include some furniture! This week we have been looking at Roman daily life.  We did some research about homes, food, children and jobs.  We found out lots of interesting facts and have turned these into a report.  We will be publishing our reports to go in our topic books. In Maths we have now got the hang of using partitioning to add numbers together.  This week we applied our knowledge to help us solve word problems.  We have now started looking at subtraction and are currently using number lines to help us to solve subtraction questions.

Firefighter visit

We were very excited last week because Firefighter Chris came to our school.First, he talked to us what to do in a fire. Then, Mrs Burrows got dressed up in his heavy boots and fireproof trousers. She also put a helmet, jacket and gloves on.After that, we all went outside to see the fire engine. We all got a chance to sit in the cab and to spray the hose.IMG_3814 IMG_3833 IMG_3862 IMG_3843 We have made some wonderful fire engines for our homework. Avery’s was made of a large sugar cookie!Thank you all for your hard work.IMG_3890

20th November

It was very exciting last Friday because we had a walkabout gallery of our first ever topic homework. Some of us made a farm in a box and some of us made a farm animal mask. We were all extremely proud of our artwork.100_2165 100_2167 100_2168 100_2169 100_2170 100_2171 100_2172 100_2175 100_2176 100_2177 100_2179 100_2181 100_2182 100_2183 100_2184 100_2185 100_2186 100_2187 100_2188 100_2189 100_2190 100_2191 100_2194 100_2195 100_2196 100_2199 100_2200 100_2203 100_2215 100_2216 Thank you for coming to our class assembly today we hope you enjoyed it!

Friday 20th November

We have been busy learning more about our topic of World War Two this week. We have explored what Anderson shelters were made of and how they were constructed. This is going to help us later on when we try to make our own! We have created some beautiful poppy work, related last week’s Remembrance Day. We have carefully mixed colours to make a simple background, making the red poppies stand out. We wanted the poppies to be the main focus of the painting to show how important they are in our memories. We have spent most of the week finishing off and publishing a very special newspaper report. This report is about our visit to Scarlett House last week, where we interviewed some of the residents about their wartime memories. We are hoping to share this work, amongst other pieces, with the residents at a Christmas tea party in a few weeks time. 

A busy week!

 We are all beginning to feel that the festive time of year is just around the corner. We have designed our Christmas cards and collected items for the shoeboxes for children abroad and in our class assembly we thought about the special messages that could be put in the boxes. We were pleased to welcome Mrs Ahmad to our class during our R.E lesson. Many children were able to join in discussions and share their experiences and understanding of the Christian ethos.Our swimming sessions are going well and it is lovely to see so many children enjoying the lessons and making such good progress.  Maths homework is proving to be a bit tricky with a few technical issues; however we have seen some well researched and detailed homework coming into school. Children are enjoying the tasks and learning so much!

Year 6 Acebook

WEB 083Faith Molloy has used all of the key features of a newspaper report as well as lots of language detail and links with fairy tale stories. Her use of a formal journalistic style is very impressive.

Year 5 Acebook

Billy Girvan showed amazing focus in his work. Firstly in building his model, then he had perseverance to program de bug and to make sure it worked correctly. He has shown great computing and engineering skills.WEB 082

Year 4 Acebook

Corey Flight has successfully included speech in his story writing and has chosen vocabulary that shows the relationship between the two characters.WEB 081

Year 3 Acebook

WEB 080Ellie Beale has used some great adjectives to describe a picture of a forest. She has even used an expanded noun phrase! Ellie also worked by herself to do this work.Well done.

Year 2 Acebook

WEB 079Evie Smith used ambitious vocabulary to describe the Big Bad Wolf.  She read and checked her own work and used her very best handwriting.  Brilliant!

Acebook Year 1

Gracie Selway’s work shows  amazing creativity. She took her time selecting the pictures she wanted in her collage. Here is her finished Giuseppe Arcimboldo face.WEB 078

Year 6 Indoor Netball Tournament

On Friday I took 7 Yr 6’s to Stratford Park to take part in an indoor Netball tournament.  We played 5 games in total.20151113_154352Our first game was against Uplands and we won 4-0!  A great start.20151113_145658Our next game was against Cashes Green and we won again, 1-0.20151113_154355.Our third game was against Gastrells.  They were a really strong team and unfortunately we lost our first match of the tournament.  Gastrells won every single match that they played, but had dibbed us as the team to beat!20151113_154906We then played Bussage and again we won, 5-0!20151113_140234Our final game was the decider on whether or not we went through to the final.  We played Leonard Stanley and it was a really closely matched game.  Our children played really well, but unfortunately we lost, meaning we came third overall.  Just missing out on the final.20151113_140231We came third overall in our group, a result that the children should be really proud of.  Our team consisted of: Eva, Daisie, Ruby, Aaron, Lucy, Hannah M and Hannah S.  I am certainly incredibly proud of the children, how fairly they played and how well they followed the rules.  We had a strong team and were unlucky to miss out on the final.20151113_155058

WW1 exhibition and ‘Goodwill lanterns’

Year 6 have had a particularly exciting week this week. On Wednesday we went to Nailsworth to visit the WW1 Centenary exhibition at the Comrades club. We met one of the actors who appeared in the film War Horse but the best part was seeing (and handling) genuine World War One artifacts.Nailsworth Comrades Club Tresurer Richard Llewellyn with a picture of his great uncle from the First World War, which will be included in a centinary exhibition at the club next year   STW2485H13On Friday we spent all day doing an amazing DT topic in preparation for the Stroud Goodwill evening. We had to design and build a giant lantern sculpture in the shape of a space rocket. Using willow, we built a framework which was then covered in glue-soaked tissue. After building the frame, we put an outer skin on the rocket and decorated it. On the night of the Goodwill parade (Dec 4th), the sculpture/lantern will be lit up and carried through Stroud.

6th November

We found out that Miss Ward bought a dragon over the half term. It’s called Sam and she bought him from ‘Dragons R Us!’ We having been learning all about how to look after a pet dragon and have been very bossy doing so. We have used bossy words like: collect, place, get and run. Next week, we will be planning our own instructions for how to look after a farm animal. Here we are retelling the instructions for ‘How to look after a pet dragon’…100_2134100_2132 We have started learning all about 2D shapes and will be moving onto 3D shapes next week. 100_2117100_2116  Miss Ward is looking forward to see all our wonderful topic homework next Friday. Layla has already made a brilliant, fluffy sheep mask made out of cotton wool. Certificate of Achievement – Keira