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Year 5 Chocolate

 Welcome back! I hope you had a great half term, the children have come back very excited – I think it might have something to do with our new topic Chocolate!Throughout out this term we will be exploring chocolate. We will be reading about it in our termly book ‘The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop’; writing about it with persuasive letters and stories involving chocolate and cooking with it as some children already have with Mrs Libbiter (The chocolate brownies were delicious!) In Maths we will use chocolate to look at fractions and 3d shapes. So I am sure it will be a chocolate filled term just in time for Easter!In class we have submitted all of our entries to the 500 words competition so fingers crossed for a visit to the Globe Theatre!


Emirates cable car and Maritime museumToday was our final day in London. We were sad to be leaving but glad that we would soon be back home and seeing our parents again. After packing up our rooms and having a final room inspection, we headed down for our last big breakfast of the week.

image1 (20)

Ollie tucks in to his last “awesome” breakfast of the week (Sorry Mum!)

The first stop of the day was Greenwich and the Emirates cable car over the Thames. We boarded the cable car at the ‘airport’ next to the O2 arena and began our ‘flight’ over the Thames towards the London Excel arena on the other side. The cable car went up to nearly 300ft and wobbled about a bit but the view was amazing. We all had special maps that showed us which sights and buildings we could see. Some people got a bit scared but we all thought it was amazing. Once we reached the other side, we came back again – we were riding the cable car for nearly 25 minutes.When we landed safely back in Greenwich, we explored a mini museum about aeroplanes which had lots of displays and simulators to play with.
image1 (23)

300 ft above the Thames!!

image1 (22)

Faith playing it cool!


Captain Toby prepares for departure (I want to get off!!!!!)

image1 (21)

Year 6 happy and ready for take-off in a pretend plane!!

Next we visited the National maritime museum in Greenwich. The museum was in the old Admiralty headquarters and was all about the history of the navy and ships. There were lots of hands on displays and amazing artefacts. The most interesting part was the Nelson exhibition which had some of Nelsons clothing and belongings, including the coat he was wearing when he was shot at the battle of Trafalgar!!!

The coat that Nelson died in (Complete with musket ball hole in left shoulder and blood stained shirt!!!)

 After lunch it was time to head for home. We said our farewells to London and started the long trip back. It was a very quiet journey because most of us fell asleep and the rest of us just watched movies on our ipods. We all began to get excited when we arrived in Stroud and we were really glad to see our parents again.It has been an amazing week that we will never forget!  

Year 3 12/02/16

This morning we performed our assembly to the whole school and some of our parents.  This was an extra assembly that we had prepared as part of our RE work with Mrs Newbould.As we were learning about the Romans, we linked this knowledge with our school Christian value of courage.  We learnt about the ‘Armour of God’, things we can use in everyday life to help us make the right choices.  The armour consisted of: The Belt of Truth, Sword of Spirit, Shield of Faith, Gospel Boots (Boots of peace and getting along) and the Breastplate of Right Choices.We performed three short plays to show how these items of armour would be used in a real school situation and then sang a song called ‘The Armour of God’. The children performed really well, considering they had never had a practice in the hall and I still have the song stuck in my head now! I hope you all have a very relaxing and restful half term and see you in the new Lenten term.  Our new topic will be Ancient Britain…

Pancakes, Parents and Callum’s tiger

This week we had 2 special occasions to celebrate. The first was Shrove Tuesday, which we marked by learning how to read a recipe, mix ingredients and cook a pancake- the eating part was easy!We worked in small groups and enjoyed whisking the batter to make it smooth. Then we each cooked our pancake, turning it over until it was brown and cooked. We ate it with our friends- yummy.


Cooking our pancake!


Eating it with sugar and lemon

On Thursday afternoon we had an open afternoon. We had written invitation for parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles to visit and listen to our storytelling. We told them our MONSTER topic story Not now Bernard and our innovated version Not Now Callum, which had a tiger in it. Then we played with our visitors until home time.

Not now Bernard (and Callum!)




Mum reads Little Red Riding Hood in the Reading Corner


We are Knex mad in Rowan class

Finlay Gardner received today’s Certificate for being such a keen learner, always trying his best.Have a lovely holiday  and see you back for a new term and a new topic!

Our topic has come to an end …

Here is the bouncy castle taking up most of the hall!100_2604 100_2623 All of us having fun on the bouncy castle…100_2612 100_2614 100_2616 100_2618Time for our banquet… 100_2636 100_2624 100_2625 100_2626 100_2627 100_2628 100_2629100_2630 100_2631 100_2632 100_2633 100_2634 100_2635 Thank you for coming to our open afternoon!


  We completed our topic about robots by having a technology-full week. We learned all about algorithms and spent a busy afternoon instructing the beebots to get home, working through a maze.IMG_4282[1] IMG_4280[1] IMG_4284[1] IMG_4285[1]We also used the iPads to work on our programming skills – using the Beebot and Kodeable aps.In Maths we have been finding fractions of amounts; some of us moved on to finding three quarters of a quantity!In English we have been learning about adding adverbs to describe  ‘how’ something is done. We watched a short film about a little sad robot, and we wrote some sentences describing his movements.Have a lovely, safe and happy half term.

Year 5 Step Up!

This week with the year 6’s away, some of the pupils in year 5 have taken over the weekly year 6 tasks.  They have been shaking their thing demonstrating the wake and shake routines and being playground support, which they have really enjoyed, especially playing with the toys!In class we have been completing our 500 words stories ready for submission when we come back after half term. Over half term if possible the children should add to, develop and embellish their chosen stories. You can always go to the 500 words website on the BBC for hints and tips.In Maths we have been working on time this week. The children have been practicing changing analogue (AM and PM) into 24 hour clock, so over the next week it would be great if they could keep practicing.As the children know, next term leading up to Easter our topic will be chocolate (nobody is looking forward to this one!) where we will be exploring the African rainforest and fair trade. I hope you all have a fantastic half term break and look forward to seeing you all refreshed afterwards.


Science museum and Olympic ParkToday was our final whole day in London and it started with a trip to the Science museum. It was packed with different exhibitions but the first thing we did was have a special workshop about structures. We found out about how different bridges can hold different loads depending on how well they spread the weight. Later we put Mr Szkrybieniec in a giant wooden sandwich and the Teacher hit him with a wooden mallet!!! – luckily he didn’t feel a thing!!


Glass suspension bridge


“Spin that wheel!!”

Later we explored the museum in our groups. There was: a space section with real life rockets, satellites and space suits; a glass suspension bridge that was 100 ft up; a static generator and loads of hands-on stuff.In the afternoon we travelled to East London to visit the Olympic Park. We saw the Olympic stadium and then went inside the Aquatics centre. We then had races outside the giant sculpture tower and had some time to play.

Making a splash at the Aquatics centre!


Year 6 burn off some energy!

For our evening meal we went to the Rainforest Cafe. It was like being in a real jungle – it had Gorillas and butterflies that moved, thunderstorms every five minutes, a waterfall and a piranha tank in the middle!!! Today was also a special day for Shannon; it was her birthday! We surprised her with a cake and candles after our meal – we all sang happy birthday. It was a great end to our last full day in the capital.2

“Happy birthday to you!”


Last week of term

We have carried out research for our work on the Tudors and have all written a report on many aspects of Tudor life. It was interesting to find out all about Tudor coats of arms and we have designed our own.Maths sessions have focussed on fractions. We really enjoyed finding out about equivalent fractions using chocolate cake and then eating it!We have finished our swimming lessons and Miss Beebee is pleased with the progress we have all made. After half term we will have P.E lessons at school.The topic after half term is North America. Many of us are looking forward to bringing items and pictures into school linked to our topic.Enjoy the break!


V&A museum and TheatreLast night we were very tired and most of us were asleep by 11pm!!! We started today with another hearty breakfast before taking the tube train to South Kensington. Riding on the tube was amazing; not nearly as scary as some of us thought it would be. We took the Jubilee line to Westminster and then changed on to the Circle line to South Kensington and the Victoria and Albert museum.


Soaking up some culture

The V&A museum was full of artefacts from all over the World. Most of us liked the suits of armour and samauri swords best but there were some really cool hands-on activities too. After lunch we headed to the West end by tube and went to the Royal Theatre to watch Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

Enjoying the Theatre exhibition at the V&A

The show was breathtaking – we were all blown away by the scenery and the amazing actors. It was two hours long but it flew past so quickly. Everyone had their favourite characters but Willy Wonka was really funny and Augustus Gloop was absolutely hilarious!!

Soooo excited!!!


Interval time!

We had our Tea in a restaurant called ‘Henry’s’ – the food was great and we were all talking about Charlie and the Chocolate factory! We took the tube home and right now we are relaxing in our rooms and having some time to have a shower. We can’t believe that tomorrow is our last whole day in London!Hope you are all well and not missing us too much!From Year 6


daniel medal eirc relaya b4start Indoor Rowing ChampionshipsLast Sunday 31st January our team of Rowers took part in the Indoor Rowing Championships in Manchester. Daniel Ponting achieved a new personal best and gained the bronze medal in the men’s J11, 2 minute row. Ruby Brook came 4th in the girls race out of 27 followed by Hannah Sands in 7th, Katie Pritchard 8th and Ella-Mae Ahmad in 12th. Martha Mason and Kyra Cooke also rowed hard, almost reaching their personal bests. In the 3000m relay Ruby, Katie, Fin and Daniel came in 6th overall!The children represented St Matthew’s brilliantly and they all had a fantastic day. Thank you to Mr Pritchard for taking the time to organise the team, taking them to this event, and to the parents for supporting the children and taking them all that wayruby ella race


Politics and Football!!Today started with a great breakfast in the Youth Hostel. Some of us had cereal, some had croissants but most had the Full English!!! Our first stop of the day was the Houses of Parliament where we had a tour of the main parts including: The House of Commons, The House of Lords, The Queens robing room and Westminster hall. Some of us were extremely lucky and got to go up to the viewing gallery to see part of a debate on failing hospitals!


Hanging out in Westminster hall!!


A bridge too far!?


The four Tops?

After some sight-seeing around Westminster, we headed off to North-West London and Wembley stadium. We had a bit of time to chill out and play free football games on Xbox and then we started our tour. We saw the players dressing rooms, physio room, media studio and hospitality areas before heading out on to the pitch.We sat in the players dug-out and then went up to the Royal box before getting to hold the FA cup!! We pretended we had won the cup and held it up to the crowd – it was awesome!Finally we visited the Wembley superstore where some of us bought souvenirs.

“Jacob has the full backing of the board!!”


The real “dream team”


Come on you blues!


The FA cup!!!


Wembley VIPs

We had tea in the Youth Hostel tonight and then had a bit of time to chill out in our rooms. Right now we are writing some postcards and doing a quiz in the common room before bed. Can’t wait for the Theatre tomorrow.Miss you all loads.See you soonYear 6

Year 1 Acebook

Freddie Powell confidently retold his story about Sleeping Beauty using only his story map. Amazing story telling, well done!IMG_0436

Year 5 Acebook

Martha Mason has used a range of adjectives to describe her setting. She used personification in describing how the setting changed. It was amazing!IMG_0439

Year 2 Acebook

IMG_0434Brandon Ponting used compound sentences and interesting sentence starters to write his ‘Robot See Robot Do’ story.Beautiful handwriting too!

Year 3 Acebook

On Friday, after story-mapping the story of ‘The Door,’ Dylan was confident enough to re tell the story to the whole class on Monday, using his own map. He also helped other groups to learn the story over the rest of the week.IMG_0432

Year 4 Acebook

Maddy Brown has a very enthusiastic and determined approach to developing her gymnastics style. She should feel very proud of her achievements.Well done Maddy!IMG_0426


We have arrived!!!We have arrived safely in London after some heavy traffic in Cirencester and a short snack and toilet stop at the services. We arrived at the Natural history museum and had an early lunch before splitting off in to groups and exploring the massive museum. Most of us really loved the geology section which had an amazing Japanese earthquake simulator in it!! We saw a life-sized model of a blue whale and walked through a human body exhibition. There was a section about ecology and the history of planet Earth as well as a huge escalator that carried us up through the centre of the Planet.

image1 (1)

Eva getting an aerial view of ‘Dippy’ the Diplodocus


Chillin with a Gorilla


Year six have the weight of the World on their shoulders!!

image1 (2)

Having a quick rest in the ‘Baby’ section!!

 After visiting the shop and relaxing next to ‘Dippy’ the dinosaur, we headed off for the Hard Rock cafe for tea. The food at Hard Rock was amazing and there were loads of signed guitars, outfits and drum kits. Lots of us had a ‘Legendary’ burger and some had ‘Mac n cheese’. We have now arrived at the hostel and we are having some time to relax in our rooms before bed.
image1 (3)

Hard Rock Cafe

Tomorrow we are off to the Houses of Parliament and we are really looking forward to our cooked breakfast.