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Pirate craft

Here is our amazing topic homework. The classroom is now wonderfully decorated with our pirate craft. A brilliant effort made by everyone! Well done!IMG_4413 IMG_4422 IMG_4423 IMG_4425 IMG_4426 IMG_4427 IMG_4428 IMG_4429 IMG_4430 IMG_4431 IMG_4432 IMG_4433 IMG_4434 IMG_4435 IMG_4437 IMG_4438 IMG_4439 IMG_4441 IMG_4442 IMG_4443 IMG_4444 IMG_4445 IMG_4446 IMG_4447 IMG_4448 IMG_4449 IMG_4451 IMG_4452 IMG_4416 IMG_4421

Friends, Pets and Pirates

This week we finished our ‘Friendship cards’ during Writing Cafe. We had all taken a photo of our talk partner (who is also our friend) and we made a card for our friend telling them why we liked them. This links with our Friendship theme in Collective and Class Worship at the moment. The photos are so good we are doing to display them in the classroom. We have also been getting used to having the guinea pigs in our classroom. Every day the ‘magic pot’ decides who the helpers are and now their extra duty is to feed the guinea pigs and fill up their water. In the afternoons we have guinea pig stroking time, one at a time, with a cushion on our laps.


They are very fluffy


We have to be quiet and hold them carefully

We have a guinea pig log book which we write in when we have fed or held them so we know who has done it.Today Hazel Class (Y1) visited to tell us their innovated story of The Night Pirates. It was very exciting with lots of Pirate words and Pirate voices!JpegJpegWe will visit them next week with our new version of Dear Zoo. The Certificate of Achievement today went to Oliver Chandler for his great progress and attitude to his reading. Well done Oliver!!!Have a great bank holiday everyone. 

Friday 29th April

Yet another busy week in Year 6 to complete our final preparations for our SATs tests. We have completed some wonderful story writing this week, further based on our “Ice Forest” settings that we explored last week. The children have been really creative and Miss Szarko was very proud of the finished results. We have also started a new Science topic this week, all about evolution and how animals have changed throughout time. This led to some very interesting questions and discussion!

Sailing away…

IMG_4465[1]We’ve been thinking about sailing away this week! On Thursday, we created these amazing works of art using sponges and forks. The fork was used to create the waves in the sea and the sponges made great fluffy clouds. They look really great on our wall.IMG_4463[1] IMG_4462[1]In English, we have moved on to innovate the story of Little Charlie. We changed our storymaps and told each other our new tale. We have had lots of ideas for new characters, like skeletons, zombies and TY toys!IMG_4458[1]Telling our stories.IMG_4454[1] IMG_4455[1] IMG_4460[1]

Looking forward to our class trip!

This week during the maths sessions we have been measuring perimeter and area of regular and irregular shapes. We have been asked to use our measuring skills as often as we can at home.ViviLnkViviLnkWe have started to plan our discussion texts and have looked at a range of texts including –

  • Should a skateboard ramp be built on the playground?
  • Should school uniform be banned?

The designs and models for a bridge to cross the Avon Gorge are absolutely fantastic and will soon be on display in our classroom. We are looking forward to learning more about Brunel and the Clifton Suspension Bridge during our class trip to Bristol next week.

Year 2 Acebook

Freya imagined that she was ‘Old Tom’ from the ‘Mousehole Cat’.  She described the storm, really getting into character.  The adjectives she used create a great image in the reader’s mind.IMG_0502IMG_0503

Year 6 Acebook

Kyra has worked so carefully to choose and blend her different shades to show the colour of the sea, sun and it’s reflection.IMG_0516

Year 5 Acebook

Emily has set out her work perfectly.  She has included number sentences and answered the questions asked using the correct units of measurement.  Emily has followed the success criteria correctly to help her solve these area problems.IMG_0514

Year 4 Acebook

Marcus has carefully used cutting, shaping and joining skills to make a clay plaque that is detailed, well designed and vibrant.  Well done Marcus!IMG_0512

Year 3 Acebook

James showed great enthusiasm when observing and describing the appearance of shadows throughout the day.IMG_0507

Year 1Acebook

Dylan acted like a mini teacher by supporting his classmates when using the programme ‘Scratch’.  He explained clearly how to code in certain things so that the objects would behave in a particular way.IMG_0494

Year 5 Chocolate Assembly

Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful Easter break.  Today was the children’s class assembly, which they produced all by themselves.  Using great team work they divided the roles each amongst themselves.  They all had different ideas of what they wanted to show case from our topic and the end result was brilliant, as lots of you saw.  As a reward for such great team work this week we will be having ‘Wheelie Wednesday‘ where the children can bring their bikes, scooters or even roller skates and use them in the playground.This term we will be looking at the Ancient Egyptians, which is a topic I am really looking forward to myself.  We will also be getting ready for year 6 with Mrs Bateman coming in to teach the children playground support, which I know the children are really looking forward to.Once again thank you all for your support it was wonderful to see so many parents at our Class Assembly. 

Things children say

We all have anecdotes about the amazing things that our children say. Often these are funny little phrases that pass into the family annals as “in-jokes”. In my own family, we still talk about being covered in “pimple-gooses” when we are cold. I also remember one of my off-spring seeking reassurance by asking, “What do BIG spiders do to little girls?” and her father rather unhelpfully replying, “Eat them!”We have similarly entertaining experiences with the children in school. One colleague, taking a Nature Club asked, “Where would you find a coot?” “I know! I know!” was the excited reply, “On a coot hanger.” When asked about their ideas of the afterlife recently, some accounts included an “angle of pinkness and redness” and massive walk-in wardrobes!More often our children challenge us with their pragmatic spirituality. As Mrs. Thomson said in the Easter Service, “Our children lead the way.” These are some contributions taken from our new school “Worship Books” and class “Thinking Books” where the  children have a chance to respond to the term’s Christian value theme and also to the class RE topic:The after life: 

  • I think people change into angels and can transform into anything peaceful because God, and the people that believe give them magic. I think angels are very tall.
  • I don’t know.
  • They go up to heaven and God cares for all of them.
  • Heaven is a place to start a new life.

Forgiveness is like:

  • an animal being set free.
  • love in your heart.
  • starting your work again on a new page.
  • sitting in a warm bath and watching all your worries go down the plug-hole.


  • Friends are like a mini-family. They are very important to everyone.
  • Friends mean everything to me because I can look up to them, I can play with them, I can care for them, and they can help and care for me.
  • Friendship is happiness and kindness: loving, caring and being interested in what other people think. Treat others how you want to be treated – always!

Messages from God to our world:

  • Don’t worry, I will never forget you. Do not let your worries take over you. Remember happy times.
  • Always have courage.
  • Be strong, be bold, be helpful, be imaginative, be kind. Be what I will be.
  • I am thinking of you.

Year 3 – 15/04/16

We have had an incredibly busy week in Year 3! On Monday we had PE, where we played an exciting bench ball tournament.  There were different winners on each game which kept the tournament exciting.On Tuesday we had a class trip to Gloucester Cathedral.  We all had great fun dressing up as pilgrims, from the medieval times, and going on a pilgrimage to the cathedral.  We also did a range of activities which included identifying peoples jobs using artefacts, creating clay with a stone mason’s mark on, footprints with feelings, creating a pilgrim badge and playing the pilgrims progress game.  We also visited the tomb of Edward II who was murdered at Berkeley Castle.  His tomb is linked to miracles and answers to prayer.On Wednesday, we had our first DT session at Archway school.  We had a very enjoyable walk up in the sun, before splitting into two groups.  Half of us went with Miss Beebee and Mrs Brindle to do Woodwork, while the other half went with Mrs Libbiter and Miss Marsh to do Cooking. On Thursday, we had another recorder lesson in the morning to practice for our concert.  In the afternoon we held a small concert for our parents and Year 2, to show off our newly learned recorder skills.  The concert went really well and we will be holding another concert soon.  We all need to remember to bring our recorders back to school ready for Thursday’s lesson!On Friday, we had our first topic afternoon, learning about our new topic: Ancient Greeks.  We thoroughly enjoyed finding Greece on a map, sequencing key events from the time and then beginning to learn the alphabet in Greek.  We discovered that the Greeks actually have 2 letters less than us in their alphabet.

First week back 15.416

A busy first week back for Year 6! We have been doing lots of creative writing this week,  focusing on a story called “Ice Forest”. We were inspired by this to write about our own wintry settings and the end results were fabulous! Miss Szarko was very proud!  We have also made a start on our new topic of coasts.One of our favourite lessons of the week was our science lesson where we exercised to investigate what happened to our heart rates.  It was tiring work!

Welcome Back!

The first week of term has been action packed!  Our interactive topic display is packed with artefacts linked to our class topic and the chimney brushes have been a real talking point. During our Art sessions we have researched the Willow Pattern design. Many of us recognised the design and are going home today to seek out the plates, cups and teapots with the Willow Pattern design.We have started to read Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.  In our music lesson we listened to and researched the lyrics of ‘Food Glorious Food ’ from the Oliver musical.We had a great time learning how to make and edit imovies and realised we had some very talented movie makers in our class.P.E sessions got off to a great start. It was so good to be outside and practise our running skills.  We are looking forward to Sports Day and the Olympic Games.We have a few shoe boxes in school but need lots more to make our puppet theatres.

Cutting up flowers!

This week we returned to school ready for work!In Maths, we have been counting in fractions and finding fractions of quantities. In English, we’ve been doing lots of spelling and grammar work and reading the book The Mousehole Cat. We’ve written some amazing descriptions of a storm and some character portraits of Tom, the hero of the story. In Science, we began our topic on plants by dissecting and investigating a flower. We found this fascinating.plant2plants1 plant 2We have begun our new topic ‘ Explorers’ by learning about Christopher Columbus and his early life.    

Tiny visitors!

This week we started our new topic off- All Creatures Great and Small- with our topic story, Dear Zoo. We read the book, told the story with a story map and learnt a great song. We talked about our favourite animals and pets we have at home.On Wednesday Finlay’s Aunty Corinne visited with a box of freshly hatched chicks! They were only 5 days old and Finlay had watched them hatch. Everybody had a chance to hold a chick! When Corinne lifted the lid we all listened to their cheeping! We had to hold them carefully so they didn’t flap away. Their beaks were very sharp.


We had to be gentle


It was exciting


They were fluffy and tickled our hands


We had to hold them very still

Lilly Daffern got the Certificate of Achievement this week for being helpful, kind and eager to learn all week. Well done Lilly!