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Story telling

 It has been very busy in year 4 since our last blog. We have been to the canal to read a story and explore the area in relation to our topic.  Over the past week we have been acting and retelling our warning story about the canal. Please feel free to ask your children to tell you the story; they know it really well.The children have continued to look at books by our author of the month, Anthony Brown. We would like to develop our reading corner, so if you have any photos of your children reading please share them with us; the more extreme the pose the better!In Maths we have been continuing with understanding numbers. Over the next week we will be looking at addition and subtraction. If you have any questions or want to discuss anything; please do not hesitate to come in and see me. Thank you. Mr Halliwell









Year 5 – English, Science, Maths

We have had another really busy week in Year5. We have been working on newspaper reports this week – story mapping our model text and then starting to think about how we can adapt them to include our own ideas.In Maths we have been looking at rounding and negative numbers. We thought about where we have seen negative numbers in everyday life. Some examples include:- temperatures (oC)-Elevators (The basement floors are sometimes labelled as -1, -2 etc- Football league tables (Some teams have a negative goal difference)In Science we created pictures of the solar system and then started to find out about each of the planets. thermometer_cover

Year 6 – 23rd September

This week, Year 6 have been getting stuck into their topic of WW2. We have continued to work on diary entries about the day that war was declared against Germany. We have explored an existing diary entry and adapted it, exploring different viewpoints about how we may feel during this eventful day. During our afternoon topic lessons, we have explored which countries were involved in the war and started to develop a map which shows the different sides of war. We have also used some of the scenes from WW2 to inspire us with our real life sketching skills, building shading and shape into our images.

Count your blessings.

“Count your blessings one by one,” is a childhood song familiar to many of us. This week we have been trying to collect 100 blessings as a school. Here are some examples of things we count as blessings:

My pets and family

My Russian dwarf hamster, Hannibal.

My sister

The first time I went to a football match and my team won.

Pokemon Go

I’m thankful because I’ve got a house.

Y5 and Y6 class assembly listened to Miss Szarko tell a rhyming verse of Aesop’s fable: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.

“How lucky that I live here,”

Said the country mouse one day.

“I’ll ask my friend the town mouse

If he’d like to come and stay.”

So the chubby mouse from Slough

Visited his chum

But he was filled with horror,

“Pal, you live in a slum.”

The country mouse was envious until he walked a day in his friend’s shoes (or is that “paws”?) and realised that bigger is not necessarily better. He returned home even more thankful for what he had.

Miss Szarko’s final thought for the day was:

“The grass is not greener on the other side; it’s greenest where you water it.”

First Buddy Time

Today we had our first Buddy time with the Y2s. Some of us remember getting a letter in the post during the summer holidays from our buddy. The Y2s were so excited to meet us and next week they will be looking after us in the big playground after lunch. It will be so nice to have an older child to look after us and to help us when we play out after our lunch.Here are some lovely buddy photos from this morning:


High 5


Kitchen buddies


It is such fun making mud soup


Pony friendsJpeg


Ipads in Y2 classroom


I can help you


We both have the same name!


I love my buddy


In Y2 together


We made pancakes


Let’s build together


We help each other


My buddy is reading to me


Let’s decorate the cakes with leaves


We are playing outside togther

 JpegNext week the children will be having free hot lunches, if they choose. We are asking parents to indicate their child’s choice of meal on a clipboard before the school day starts. We gave you a menu in your child’s bookbag today so hopefully you can help them make their choices with them at home. We will be looking after them during their first few lunches to make sure they are happy.Have a great weekend and see everyone on Monday!The Rowan class team

23rd September

In Maths we have been practicing counting to 10 and back using the Numicon shapes. First we made a sequence of numbers from 1-10. Then we played some games. One of us took away a number. Which one was missing? Where should it go? After that we started to think about comparing the numbers. Which number is bigger? Which number is smaller?img_0522 img_0652Last week we went on a tree hunt and discovered that there are lots of trees on our playing field. In Science this week we went on a plant and flower hunt. We found grass, sunflowers, dandelions, daisies, poppies and ragwort in the garden patch. Here we are exploring …img_0577 img_0584 img_0586This week our School Council representatives were elected. Scarlett and Charlie will be the new voices for Year 1.picture1 picture2 This week it was time for Issy to wear the birthday hat and choose a present from the birthday box…img_0654 Certificate of Achievement 16.9.16 – SpencerCertificate of Achievement 23.9.16 – Rie 

Year 3 22nd September 2016

This week in Year 3 we have been continuing to learn about our new topic of the Wild West.On Tuesday we had our third forest school session where we learnt how to cook bread.  Mr Pritchard had already made the dough so we just had to roll it out with our hands, then wrap it round a stick.  We then cooked our bread rolls in the fire before enjoying them with some Strawberry jam.  They were lush!We also learned more about where America is in the world and some of the different climate areas in the USA.  We then learnt about how the different climates forced different Native American tribes to live differently.  It was tricky to compare them, but we will keep learning more about them.On Wednesday we finished off some of our art work that we have been working on.  We had our sunset pictures, where we used oil pastels to create a sunset, before layering black paper over the top to create a silhouette of a Wild West scene.  We also had pictures of Fire to finish.  We are learning a story in English called Fire, so we created pictures of what we imagined the fire to look like.  We chose what materials we would like to use to create the pictures. Finally, today we had our second violin lesson.  We recapped the two songs that we learnt last week before learning a new one.  We also got to use our bows for the first time.

Year 1 Acebook

Sophia Handbury sings her heart out whenever it is time to sing a hymn in collective worship. She stands out like a bright, shining star.p1050004-2

Year2 Acebook

Dylan walker used some amazing adjectives to describe the Big Bad Wolf from our story. He wasn’t afraid to have a go at spelling ambitious words!p1040996

Year3 Acebook

p1040994Brandon Ponting has used a wonderful range of colours to create his sunset scene. I love the choice of silhouette shapes he has used.

Year 4 Acebook

Evie Cratchley showed great resilience with this maths puzzle. She was not only the first to complete it, but she also encouraged her classmates to have a go!p1040992

Year 5 Acebook

Poppy Davis has thought carefully about what she knows about space and what she would like to know. Her questions are really thoughtful and her recording is clear.p1040990

Acebook Year 6

p1040988Ella-Mae has chosen to find out about the role of the  woman in WW2 as part of our topic. It is clear that she has put in a lot of time and effort in creating this propaganda poster.

‘Great Fire’ cakes, Red Riding Hood and lots of Maths

We are busy, busy, busy in Willow class. Mrs Terrett has been helping us to bake ‘Great Fire of London’ cakes in small rooms.  They are made using a very old recipe. We have been enjoying weighing and measuring the ingredients, mixing it all up and tasting our delicious cakes.  If we haven’t had chance to make cakes yet, we will very soon.img_4860 img_4917img_4916Using our story map, we have been retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We have also been looking at how we can choose exactly the right word when we are describing things. We made “Wanted” posters to help the police catch the Big Bad Wolf. Maths is one of our favourite things. We have been looking at adding, using different equipment to help us. We really enjoy our Friday Maths Circus, this week we were challenged to complete a tricky 100 square puzzle and find as many ways as we could to make 12.img_4891img_4887  img_4888

Add a little sparkle to your day

Gratitude is an attitude.

Our shiny new term starts with the shiny new Collective Worship theme of


Mrs Thomson shared with us the great memories which make her smile: special birthday celebrations and a sunny beach with her lovely boys. These are things which she continues to be thankful for. If a day is feeling rather grey, or if nothing seems to be going right, she unpacks these memories, dusts them down and remembers how good they made her feel. They add sparkle to even the dullest must-do jobs!

This week, in St. Matthew’s, one of those sparkle moment has been this fantastic Friday. The school was a chatter of children as we all trooped to that wonderful staging post: Cainscross Roundabout. We hoped to catch a glimpse of the Olympians hurtling by on their bicycles like a flock of winged mercuries.

The anticipation built as a stream of police vehicles ostentatiously roared ahead. The ambulance crews were friendliest: honking horns and waving as they passed. Then wonderfully, gloriously, our heroes  streaked by. The vanguard of four super-cyclists were through in a flash. Four minutes later, the pursuing pack swept on in a breathtaking swirl of colour, power and pounding pedals.

As the poet Tennyson said: for all of us there, this moment is now one of those,

“Jewels…that on the stretched forefinger of all time, sparkle for ever.”


Welcome to Year 6!

We have had a very busy and exciting first week in Year 6. We have been busy learning to find our way around our new classroom and getting to know all of the new jobs that Year 6 children are in charge of! We have also started our new topic of WW2 and thrown ourselves into creating our topic books.The highlight of the week happened on Thursday when we were lucky enough to see the Tour of Britain! Mr Halliwell taught us all about the route that the cyclists were taking and the sorts of bikes that they use which got us really excited. We then carried out some research to find out more about the individual cyclists that were taking part and made flags to wave as they rode past!When we saw the cyclists we were so amazed at their speed and how close they all were to each other! It was brilliant to see and was a really special way to start the new school year. Our only complaint was it was over so quickly!



Active Kids Vouchers

Over the summer holidays we have had a very exciting delivery of things from Sainsbury’s.20160908_164338 20160908_165439 20160908_165453We ordered a variety of things which will add to school equipment we currently have.  We now have new saucepans, sieves, chopping boards, cake tins and weighing scales, to improve our cooking facilities. We also ordered some new small balls including 3 buckets of tennis balls, bean bags, skipping ropes and rounders balls, to enable more of us to be active at the same time in PE lessons. Finally, Mrs Bateman placed a large order of things to add to our playground games equipment.  She will be sorting it out and distributing it soon, so look out for it on the playground! Thank you to everyone for collecting the vouchers, they really do get us lots of great, FREE equipment!