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Times tables

We have had another busy week in Chestnut class. his week the children have really taken with the timetables race and the times have been tumbling. You can see all the children have been working hard and trying. This week it has been our 8 times tables. We will be revisiting them later in the term. In the coming weeks we will work on our 3 and 6 times table.The children have also been looking at the geography of Stroud and what make it such a special place to live. The children did some amazing map work where they created a map of ideas they would like to bring to a future Stroud. 

Year 5/6 Netball Tournament 11/11/16

This afternoon, 7 Year 5/6’s came to Stratford Park to play in the Year 5/6 Netball tournament with schools from all over the Stroud District.We had 4 games in our group of the tournament:St Matts v Minchinhampton – 4 v 0.St Matts v Leonard Stanley – 0 v 4.St Matts v Birdlip – 4 v 0.St Matts v Calowell – 2 v 0. This meant that overall:5th – Birdlip4th – Minch.3rd – Calowell.2nd – St Matts1st – Leonard Stanley.The top two schools from each group go through to the finals in 3 weeks time.  Keep your eyes peeled for the results!After the tournament had finished, we then played some friendly games, using what we had learnt.St Matts v Leonard Stanley – 1 v 3.St Matts v Minchinhampton – 3 v 0.St Matts v Birdlip – 3 v 0.St Matts v Calowell A team – 0 v 3.What a successful afternoon, 5 out of 8 games won!  Well done to: Sean, Thomas, Emma, Gracie, Lara, Leona and Emily.

Netball Friendlies

Over the past few weeks we have played three Netball friendlies. Firstly, a team of 6 Year 5/6 girls and a team of 7 Year 5/6 boys went up to Calowell for a friendly match.The girls lost 4 v 1, but learnt a lot over the game.  By the end, their skills were really starting to improve!  Well done to Lara, Leona, Gracie, Emily, Felicity and Emma.20161031_163311   At the same time, the boys were busy playing their match.  They won 3 v 2!  It was a really close game and there were some well matched players from both teams.  Well done boys: Charlie, Thomas, Sean, Jack, Max, Elias and Solly.20161031_162805 At the start of this week, our Year 4’s had their first ever Netball match.  They played so well, worked brilliantly as a team and learnt absolutely tonnes from the game.  We look forward to seeing them out more and more!  We had possession of the ball for the majority of the game and kept the ball at our shooting end.  However, lots of unlucky shots from us, and one very lucky shot from Callowell we lost 2 v 1.  Huge well done to Ellie, Tayla, Kyesha, Tom and Alfie.20161108_111948

Year 3 – 11/11/16

Wow, another busy week in Year 3. At the start of the week, we had brilliant fun writing simple stories, which we then acted out using shadow puppets.  We had to experiment how to appear to change the size of our puppets, depending on how close to the light source they were.  On Tuesday afternoon we went into the hall and had a go at acting them out ourselves behind a screen.  Again we had to use our shadow knowledge to help us to show the stories really clearly.  They were great!  Can you tell which group was yours?!20161108_133739 20161108_134010 20161108_134140 20161108_135347 20161108_135838 20161108_135942 20161108_140313 20161108_140703 20161108_141449  Also this week, another group of us went out with Mrs Terrett to do some cooking.  We are making Roman Honey Biscuits.  Keep an eye out for when we bring some home, they are really tasty!

Work In Progress!

Mr Baird showed us the rocket model he had made.

Mr Baird showed us the rocket model he had made.

Then we began to make our own models.

Then we began to make our own models.

They are at different stages of completion and we can't wait to finish them!

They are at different stages of completion and we can’t wait to finish them!

We have had some very busy, productive sessions planning and building our models. There has been cardboard, wood, plastic, paint and glue everywhere! With a lot of effort and teamwork, we are well on the way to creating our own models, based on Mr Baird’s prototype. Watch this space to see the finished products-and if you want to know more before then, ask any of the year five children. They will have plenty to tell you! 

ISing Pop Week

This week we had our ISing Pop performances. We all gathered in the church with a very large audience and sang our socks off! We danced and sang and made all of our parents and teachers very proud. We did also make Miss Szarko a little nervous with our jumping up and down on the stage! As today was Remembrance Day, we held a 2 minute silence to reflect on those who fought and gave their lives during the wars. We continued this back in the classroom by creating Remembrance poems, centred around the poppy. We did such a good job, Mrs Thomson came to read them and we shared them with the Year 3 class in the afternoon.


This week we had our second ever Forest School. Mr Pritchard had 13 cuddly animals (we counted them) he wanted us to make homes for. We also took turns on the rope swing, made mud pies and lots of us hid under the leaves, of which there were so very many! Mr Pritchard had built a shelter because rain was forecast, but in the end it was fine- but chilly!




Hiding under the leaves

On Thursday we couldn’t play in our outside area because Mr Dallison and his helpers spent all day painting our sheds, the bench under the tree and the fences. It now looks lovely and colourful and we made them a big thank you card the next day.On Remembrance Day we made ourselves poppies and watched the Cbeebies film about the war and why we remember with poppies. Harry made this poppy for Mrs Armstrong.Jpeg At the end of each day recently we have been acting out stories that the children have invented. Every day someone has a turn to invent a story and a grown up will write it for them. They then choose the characters and act it out to the class.  We sit in a story circle and perform for everyone.JpegHave a good weekend!The Rowan class team

ISing Pop and testing materials

Yesterday was a really exciting day! We performed our  ISing Pop songs in the church for our friends and family. We certainly enjoyed it and hope that you did too!img_5182 img_5194 We’ve had another busy few weeks. In Science, we’ve been doing experiments. We were given the task to find the best material to make a towel for Chico. The ideal material needed to be very absorbent. We really enjoyed experimenting.

In English, we have written instructions based on Toy Story, telling someone how to mend a broken Woody doll. In Maths, we have been doubling and halving numbers.

Year 6 Acebook

Edward has generated his own ideas to create an interesting and effective adaptation of a newspaper report. He has thought carefully about his use of language and the piece is very journalistic.p1050159

Year 5 Acebook

Zoe has planned her story carefully using a model text as a guide. Her story opening is really exciting and her descriptive language is superb.p1050157

Year 4 Acebook

p1050161Maddy showed that great perseverance and practise helped her beat her own personal time in the times table race. Fantastic!

Year 2 Acebook

Lily and Olivia worked together as a team to solve the maths problem. They found a way to represent the animals with letters and worked systematically to find the 15th object in the pattern.p1050155

Year 1 Acebook

Tommy Daffern you persevered to find the most suitable food to use on your collage. I especially like the mouth and hair. What was lovely to see was that you thoroughly enjoyed cutting out and building up your food face. p1050152

11th November

In Maths we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We have investigated and explored their properties. Shapes are all around us. What shapes can you see when you are out and about? This week your child’s MyMaths homework is all about 2D shapes.ViviLnkViviLnkThis week we started to learn the dances for our Nativity play. Ten of us will be sheep, ten of us will be snowflakes and 10 of us will be stars.Yesterday the children enjoyed performing the songs we learnt during Ising Pop at the church. Thank you for coming along to watch the children. It was lovely to see all of them back in the evening wide eyed and eager to perform again. Their dance moves were ace and they sang beautifully. I am so proud of them all.Don’t forget to sign up to ClassDojo!Certificate of Achievement – Luca  

4th November – The start of a new term

We have thoroughly enjoyed Ising pop this week. Yesterday we recorded the four songs we had learnt and Miss Ward said we were pitch perfect!This week have had started learning a poem called ‘Walking through the playground’ which is all about Autumn time. Why don’t you ask us about it! Here we are performing the poem to the rest of the class…img_0639img_0625This week Miss Ward was has told us all about ‘Growth Mindset.’ We know that Neuroscientists studied the brain and discovered an incredible secret…your brain is like a muscle! When we try challenging things or keeping trying and don’t give up then we are giving our brain the exercise it needs to get stronger, which makes us smarter. In the classroom we now have some posters to help us remember this…growing train-your-brainYour child will have brought home today a letter about ClassDojo. This provides you with a student and parent account to access ClassDojo which is an app that links school with home. I will able able to update you about your child’s efforts and achievements more regularly using this app. ClassDojo links closely with the Superhero learners display that we have in class and the idea of Growth Mindset.