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Angel voices, St. Matthew’s rejoices.

What a fantastic Carol Service! We had a wonderful turnout from you lovely parents. As always, thank you for your support in bringing the children back to school through the dark and gloomy night.As soon as we entered the church, with its atmospheric, candled windowsills and holly wreaths, there was a buzz of anticipation.The children sang like angels (and that was not just the ones dressed like angels…but the shepherds, Mary and Joseph and numerous whooping Native American braves.)The readers were so clear and had some very tricky vocabulary to cope with. Instrumentalists kept rhythm fantastically. I know that many of us really enjoyed the variety of music and the enthusiasm with which it was sung (thanks to Mrs. Fairley’s expertise.)I found particularly touching, the moment when Baby Jesus appeared, visited by Indian chiefs. Christians believe that Jesus came to all peoples of the world as a saviour. What a lovely way to show it…and it was a cross-curricular triumph!The song which has been in my head ever since, was the beautiful Y5/6 song New Boy Born. The haunting words by Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy have a contemporary resonance.

Out of the pinpoint light of a star,

Out of a journey cold and far,

Out of a seed in the wind above,

Out of the human need for love

Out of the clouds into snowflakes torn

Out of the night’s desire for morn

Tonight a new boy born.

In these challenging modern times, in the “night” of difficult news and trying circumstances, our children once again brought us the Christmas message of light and peace and love.


Year 3 – Happy Christmas!

We have had such a busy week in Year 3!First, the reindeer came…  Then we practiced for our carol concert performance.  We all had important roles to play during our Native American Huron Indian Carol.  We had chiefs, cowboys, choir, ‘Mary and Joseph’, dancers, instrument players and even angels! On Wednesday we saw the results of our Science experiment, it was gross!  We had put egg shells into different liquids to see what would happen.  We did this because egg shells are made of enamel, the same as our teeth.  So we could see the effects of these liquids on our teeth.  The effects were quite shocking, but we did discuss how our teeth aren’t ever left to soak in these liquids like the egg shells were, and the fact that our teeth are also made up of more than just enamel. On Thursday we did some cooking.  We made coconut mice by mixing together desiccated coconut, condensed milk and icing sugar.  Some of us then used food colouring to colour our mice red.  Finally we used sweets to decorate our mice.  They looked ace! Pictures to follow, due to technical problems! Year 3 – I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and see you in the New Year!  Love Miss Beebee x

Christmas countdown!

Well, we’ve come to the end of a busy and exhausting term! On Tuesday, we were visited by some reindeer and a snow machine! We couldn’t believe our eyes! We all had a chance to feed the reindeers some lichen. We’ve been doing ‘cold tasks’ to find out what we know about money in Maths. We have written Christmas acrostic poems. This one is by Lily.Merry Christmas, everyone!

Merry Christmas 2016

It has been a very busy last week of term with the carol concert and the children have been busy with various activities. On Tuesday we had a special visit from reindeer, which included snow! On Wednesday the children enjoyed their Christmas lunch they had a great time.The children have also been involved in researching the Victorians ready for our new topic in 2017.Once again thank you for all you support over the term and have a great Christmas and an amazing 2017.img_00081img_00101img_00121reindeer

It’s Christmas!!!!

What a fun filled week it has been.Firstly a visit from some reindeer with a snow machine. Then Santa came. Today was a pantomime, Christmas games and a party! Finally not forgetting the salt dough candle holders we made earlier this week.Hope you all have a restful break and wonderful Christmas.  

End of the Space Race!!

We have mixed emotions in Year 5 – we can’t wait for all the fun of Christmas but we are also sad to be finishing our amazing Space Race topic! We have loved finding out about the History and Science of space and using it in our topic work. Our next topic will ‘The Titanic’ and we can’t wait to see what our topic display will look like! Here are some highlights from our topic work this term.


                        Building a model of the moon phases


         Max’s famous model of Saturn V


Designing our own planet and then writing a report about it.


             Building an Orrery (model of the solar system!)


                                                  Our topic display


                              Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Whoops-A-Daisy Angel

We have been working very very hard on our play “Whoops a Daisy Angel.” Although some of us were really nervous and didn’t really want to go on the stage, we did it and felt so proud afterwards! We hope that you enjoyed watching. Last Friday, PC Jane visited us to tell us about staying safe. She let us sit in her police car, which was really fun!In Maths, we have been using “chips and peas” (that is tens and units) to help us to subtract large numbers. We have challenged ourselves not to give up and keep trying and as a result, we’re doing really well! In English, we have been writing amazing non-fiction sentences about penguins and reading the story Lost and Found.