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Gymnastics Level 2 Competition

6 children from Yr 3 and 4 represented the school brilliantly at the Level 2 School Games Gymnastics competition.

Theo (Yr 4) and Summer, Izzy, Kayla, Avery and Caitlin (Yr 3) did a beautiful job at their first ever Gymnastics competition.  The competition was designed for children who do not currently attend more than 1 hour of Gymnastics coaching per week.  They all had to perform a floor routine and were awarded marks for how well they performed each move.  Some of the moves included forwards roll, backwards roll, press ups and cartwheel.

Here are some pictures of the event…


Able writers workshop 2017

Able writers workshop

On Thursday this week four Year 5 children attended a special ‘able writers’ workshop at Gastrells Primary school. The workshop was hosted by children’s science fiction author Nick Cook. The children developed their own stories after working on ideas with children from other schools – they even made their own movies to promote them.

It was a fantastic day and all four children came back with loads of great ideas. They will be sharing these, along with some of Nick’s books, with the class next week.


First week back

We have had a great first week back. We have been playing well with each other and enjoying being outside in the warmer sunshine this week.

On Friday we had a special visitor called Jack Rutter. He did some fitness training with us in the hall and a great assembly all about his role as a para-Olympian Footballer. He plays for England!

He made us work hard!

On Friday afternoon we had buddy time. We haven’t had Buddy time for a while so it was really lovely to play with our Year 2 buddies again.

Working together


Chatting in the sunshine

Next week we are having our Class photo taken on Tuesday and we will be starting Whizzy Wednesdays! Don’t forget your helmets! Enjoy the weekend

The Rowan team

Jack Rutter!!!

Wow! What an exciting morning.  Today we had an amazing visit from ex-premier league and current captain of the Paralympic Cerebral Palsy Football Team Jack Rutter.  He worked with every class, before doing a whole school assembly, it was a great morning and he demonstrated our Growth Mindset ethos beautifully!  Here are some of the highlights…

Jack Rutter challenge, fractions and storms.


Today was exciting, as paralympian Jack Rutter came to our school. We were challenged to take part in a fitness circuit.

We tried so hard!


We’ve also been working hard on our Maths work. We’ve been doing some really tricky stuff, counting in halves and quarters. We enjoyed playing a fraction game.


In English, we’ve been reading the story of The Mousehole Cat by Antonia Barber. We imagined a storm and did some fabulous creative writing. In Art, we painted some seascapes.



Welcome back …

Welcome back to two more weeks of our topic on Castles. On Wednesday 1st March we will be having a Medieval day to celebrate our work on Castles and bring this topic to an end. Today a Topic Umbrella came home informing you all about our new Topic  ‘People Who Help Us’ which will be starting Monday 6th March.

This Monday, we worked in teams to make lego castles. The Reception class were so intrigued by our models they came in for a walkabout Gallery on Wednesday afternoon.

I wonder what features of a castle can you spot on our models?

Today was a very special day as Jack Rutter, a Paralympic footballer, visited us in school. We did 4 activities in 4 minutes. These were spotty dogs, leg drives, press ups and star jumps. We absolutely loved every minute. Don’t forget to complete your sponsorship forms by next Friday.



Wow what a week

Wow – what a really busy first week back! This week we have been to Victorian School where Mr Halliwell, Miss Oxford and Mrs Burrows all went back in time to show us how to be successful Victorians. We were called by our surnames and made to do hand writing! This was all to help us learn our story telling text. In maths we have been learning to tell the time, converting times from analogue to digital and back again. We have also been converting the different time units e.g. how many seconds are there in 4 minutes? So please do test us. On Thursday we went to Cashes Green School to watch a play about internet safety. The play highlighted the dangers we may face online and how to be careful with passwords and privacy settings. Do discuss this with your children and feel free to ask if you have any queries. On Friday we had a visit from Jack Rutter the Great Britain Paralympic  Football Captain. He demonstrated different exercises and we were all able to have a go. The exercises were really hard but we had loads of fun with music playing and we showed how within Team Wolf we are always encouraging each other to do well


Well … we have had a lot of fun over the past few weeks.

Our new topic on Castles has inspired many of us to make shields and swords as part of our Topic Homework. We have even used them in PE for our Dance. 


Last Friday we went to Scarlett House. We were invited along to make fat cakes with the residents ready for the Bird Watch weekend. Everybody loves cakes…even birds! After we made the bird food, Laura read us a story called ‘Follow the Swallow’ by Julia Donaldson.

We have thoroughly enjoyed writing about Dragons and have now moved onto our new unit of work based on the story of ‘The Paper Bag Princess.’ We love the ending were Princess Elizabeth calls Prince Ronald a toad because he was rude to her.  Next week we will be thinking about innovating the story to make it our own. Hmmm what could the title be instead? The Bin Bag Princess, The Picnic Basket Princess, The Bed Sheet Princess, The Cardboard Box Princess.

Year 3 03/02/17

What a day!

After much excitement, I’m sure you’ll all agree that the children did a wonderful job today in their class assembly.  The assembly was the result of a terms worth of work; it’s amazing how much you can get done in 5 weeks!

Just before Christmas, the children learnt all about Roman mosaics and created their topic book cover pages.

This term we have learnt about where the Romans came from, the language they spoke and how they wrote their numbers.  We then explored things about Roman daily life, including clothing, homes and food.

During the afternoons, we have been reading the Horrible Histories book The Rotten Romans.  Although slightly gory at times, we have enjoyed finding out all of the disgusting facts about the emperors and the Romans.

This week, the children used actual tiles to create real mosaics – they did a brilliant job!  They worked really sensibly together and earned lots of class dojo points for working so well.  Finally we designed and created our own Roman shields.

Look out next week for the results of our Roman vs. Celts battle!

Hideouts, monkey bars and lots of stories

This past week, the playhouse was turned into a secret hideout and the children had spy books, which were top secret. The purple blanket was used as a curtain to hide behind and inside (below) children wrote in their spy books. They made plans and wrote lists of baddies.

Recently we have been enjoying some good number songs. We have a favourite, which shows numbers 1-10 playing in the park, sliding down a slide and driving a car. We love to dance to it at the end of number time.

Every Thursday we visit the Adventure Playground in the Juniors. We find the monkey bars quite challenging. Some of us can hang, some of us can move across them.


Every day we act out a story that someone has invented. Now we are more confident with our phonics, we are writing some of the words in the stories. We keep them in our Special books and we now have 2 class books full of stories!


Next Friday we are having a Rapunzel dressing up day- details to follow!


Sharks and shapes!

We’ve been looking at 2D shapes in Maths this week. We have learned how to plot vertices and draw shapes with a ruler. Josh was really aspirational with his shape drawing – aiming high and succeeding.

Displaying IMG_0248.JPG

Scarlett plotted and drew a heptagon!

In Maths circus, we played a shape game with a feely bag and revised how to use a ruler to measure.

Displaying IMG_0198.JPG

In English, we have written and published some super reports about Great White sharks. We were totally focussed when we were writing them and typing them up on the computer. We also added pictures.

On Monday, the commandos came in to present us all with a certificate for completing the challenge we did. They also kindly  gave us a little present each!

Displaying IMG_0234.JPG

SS Great Britain

On Thursday year 4 had a fantastic trip to the SS Great Britain. The children really enjoyed seeing first hand the amazing work of Isambard Brunel. We had an amazing tour guide who really brought the boat to life. He told us amazing facts about the journeys and what life on board would have been like. The children’s behaviour was outstanding.  I hope you all have a great half term.


Tea on the Titanic!!!

Tea on the Titanic!

This term Year 5 have been studying the Titanic. On Tuesday this week we dressed up as passenger from the Titanic to have ‘high tea’ in the dining room. Some of us were First class passengers but most were second or third class. The first class passengers got amazing food like cakes and cucumber sandwiches but the third class just got bread, cheese and water!

We were served by some of our parents and TA’s who were dressed up as servants and waitresses and we even got visited my Mrs Thomson, who was dressed up as Lady Astor. Half way through the meal, Mr Baird (who was dressed as a crew member) told us that the ship had hit an iceberg and that we were to make our way calmly up to the lifeboat deck – then we found out that there weren’t enough lifeboats; some of us got to go on one and some did not.

Unfortunately those who didn’t get on to a lifeboat froze to death in the Atlantic once the ship had sunk!

It was an amazing experience and we really felt what it must have been like to be a passenger on the Titanic.