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Red Nose Day: Love or Justice?

The annual mix of merriment and madness that is Red Nose Day!

Mrs. Thomson showed us a very moving video which reminded the school just how lucky we are in this wonderful country of ours. She pointed out how unfair it is that some people have so much and others have so little. It was a fitting addition to our Collective Worship theme of Justice.

Did you know that in early translations of the Bible, the word LOVE was spelled “CHARITY” and this charity/ love, was seen as the greatest virtue? Jesus suggested that, like the Good Samaritan, we should all be on the lookout to care for others. “Charity begins at home” doesn’t mean our care  is restricted to those at home; rather,  it is a place from which to reach out to others.

To quote Shakespeare: (We need) a tear for pity and a hand open as day for melting charity.

So what did you do for charity on Red Nose Day? Any fun photos sent our way would be greatly appreciated!!!


Explorers and elephants.

Year 2 have been working hard, as usual. We’ve been working hard on our Explorers topic books. We thought about questions that we’d like to ask Columbus and tried to imagine the answers he would give.

In our art lessons we have made some fabulous sea explorer pictures. and have been map making like Columbus to try to make a map to show his route to the New World.

In Maths, we’ve had a successful time working hard to learn how to tell the time! We found it tricky, but persevered! Mrs P, Mr S and Ms Marais are very proud of us.

We’ve been learning the story How Elephants got their Trunks and next week we’re going to try to write our own creation myths.

Year 5 went shopping….during their Maths lesson!

Year 5 shopping (Percentages)

On Friday we went shopping during our Maths lesson. We have been doing lots of work on percentages and especially on how to calculate percentage increase and decrease.

When we came in to the lesson, we were told that we would be working in small groups to visit shops all round the school. There were six different shops: a sports shop, a cake shop, a toy shop, a technology shop, a travel agent and a car dealer (Which were Teachers cars with prices on them!!!!)

We really enjoyed visiting each shop and practicing our percentage calculations as we explored different ‘deals’, discounts and special offers.

Visiting Mr Dallison’s sports shop (He’s our Maths governor)


“so if 20% is £80 then we need to subtract that from the original price”


40% off if you buy 3………..hmmm

Year 4 24/3/2017

Another week has flown past and we have been very busy! At the start of the week we looked at crime and punishment during Tudor times. One thing was certain – we were glad some of those punishments don’t exist any more!! The Tudors were very violent and some of the punishments were very harsh indeed.

We have also been looking after our new class pet, Sally Slow-mo Snailer, who is an African Land Snail. The children have taken great interest in what she does (which isn’t very much!).  I’m not sure Sally is very interested in what the class is doing!

This coming week we will be attending the country dance festival at Stratford Park and we are looking forward to showing you the results of all of our hard work this term. I hope to see as many of you there as possible to join in with the dancing!

Year 3 24/03/17

At the end of last week we made Greek theatre masks.  We had great fun looking at previous designs and having a go at making our own.  We learnt that generally they showed two emotions, happy or sad and were used in either comedies or tragedies.


This week we had a great PE lesson playing benchball.  We are currently trialling a new and exciting way of learning PE.  We play the game first and Miss Beebee puts a problem in.  After that we talk about what went well and what went badly.  We then practice the skills that went badly and then play the game again.  Finally we talk about the final game and the difference between the two games.  We really enjoy playing more games and talking about them.


Finally, this afternoon, we researched Greek food before writing a a menu for a Greek dinner party.  We then thought about which Greek Gods/ Goddesses/ heroes we would like to invite and wrote them an invitation letter.


Don’t forget… Next Friday is open afternoon! Please come in and see our wonderful topic books!!!


People Who Help Us

This week we have had lots of fun learning about multiplication and division arrays. We used Numicon to solve some number sentences. We have been continuing with our letter writing and have just finished writing a postcard to a traditional tale character. Yesterday we learnt all about how Grace Darling was a helpful person from the past.



Next week we have a range of ‘People who help us’ visiting the school. On Monday a vet is coming in to talk about how she helps animals. She will be showing us what she does in the surgery. Miss Ward has asked us to bring in a soft, cuddly toy to ‘inject’ and bandage up like the vert does. On Wednesday, we are very lucky to be having the fire fighter visit us with their fire engine. Finally, on Thursday, we have a PCSO coming in to talk about how she helps the local community. On Thursday, Miss Ward is dressing up as a lollipop lady because we will be learning about road signs and taking part in an obstacle course. Please could you make sure that your child brings in a scooter or bike with helmets so they can take part.





Marching on in March


Some of the girls invented this game and experimented with distance- how far away could they jump into the green tray? It’s been lovely having some sunshine outside this week, even though it has been cold.

We have really enjoyed scooting and cycling to school this week for The Big Pedal. OF course on Wednesday we nearly all came by wheels- 27 of us plus the teacher! We had a wet Whizzy Wednesday but we enjoyed it- scooting and cycling through puddles is very fun!

On Tuesday some of us made cupcakes with Mrs McLellan and then- got to take them home! They smelt lovely! We weighed out our ingredients and counted out the eggs.

Shhhhhh- don’t tell! We have secretly been making Mother’s Day cards this week. The children have chosen their own designs and hopefully will remember to give them to mums on Sunday. IF not- check their bookbags!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Of cabbages and kings…

World Book Day, and I hold a galaxy of books in a brown paper bag, each little world imprisoned in a brightly coloured  cover. BUT… open the pages and out pours a cascade of characters, rivers of adventure, torrents of excitement and humour and emotion.The words are magic spells to brighten children’s eyes, then they gasp and chaffinch-chatter as they recognise old favourites or are intrigued by new ones.

Today, leading Collective Worship, I am dressed as a rather grumpy Goldilocks encouraged to practice Restorative Justice on behalf of the poor victimised bears. (In my defence, I hadn’t thought through being in costume ALL day. Some of us were even more exotically dressed but it may be kinder to move on! ) I feel like the Pied Piper with a flute full of tales to entice and tantalise, tease and enthrall. The children follow after as the story unfolds. They chase a shining ribbon of prose to the threshold of fantasy and plunge through the open door.

In stories, their imaginations explore new countries where kittens can talk and Viking warriors can defeat terrifying sea dragons. They can hitch a ride on a broom with an accident-prone witch in death-defying aerodynamic feats or laugh at kleptomaniac aliens who have a penchant for underpants. Children can have adventures abroad or on their doorstep: it all depends which book they open.

I saw that the £1 book vouchers were as valuable to many as  Willy Wonka’s golden ticket- as precious as pirate dubloons. Hastily, they were squirreled away as the promise of free passage to foreign lands. May that excitement and enjoyment never fade as they learn to climb the story mountain for themselves.


Spring is in the air.

I love snowdrops and white narcissi in the spring.  I love that their whiteness is like the remnants of winter snow (not that we’ve had more than a smattering this year) and that their fragile stems belie the strength which pushes them through frozen soil to reach the day.

All bulbs are fascinating: looking as lifeless as a stone but really as full of potential as an egg or acorn. They are not like seeds, with an outside and an inside; they are mysteriously layered, full of their own strange food and instinct for growth. It’s hard to see where their roots and shoots come from, but they invariably appear as the weather loses its chill.

And they’re not just “one hit wonders”. They can repeat the miracle year after year, hiding in the dark until it’s warm enough to sally forth, parading their fresh frocks for the new season.They saunter languidly on the arm of some roguish mossy bank, tossing their pristinely-coiffed petals to tempt our winter-jaded eyes.

Bulbs are like children: full of surprises and the energy of Spring. 

Cold, wet, windy and loving it!

News Flash!

We’ve just come to the end of our enrichment week and Growth mindset characters have been created, coloured and generally run wild through our imaginations.We are settling on the following, so see if you can match them to our mindset attitudes:

  • Curious Caterpillar who is always asking questions.
  • Team Wolf
  • Tiffany Tiger who can think for herself.
  • Leo Lion
  • Reilly the resilient penguin (my personal favourite)
  • Pluto the dog who aims high.

Do come into school to see your children’s wonderful artwork. I can see this term’s certificates are going to be a lot of fun, especially if you are called Leo or Reilly!

On the theme of perseverance in the face of adversity :  a group of us teachers took the Year 5s and 6s commando training on a wet and windy hillside. We ALL ran the obstacle course in pairs.(I can hear that laughter at the back!)  Mayanna beat me muddy hands down:she was Fierce! I was amazed at the sheer energy of so many of our wonderful children and their immense determination to impress our real live Army officers.

You can teach an “old dog” new tricks!

A New Year,a new term, a new school value to unpack. New beginnings are exciting…full of unfulfilled potential. As Anne of Green Gables said, each morning is a fresh new start with no mistakes in it -yet!

We are also at the start of a fantastic new learning tool in school. It’s more of a learning atmosphere really: Growth Mindset. This is a world away from the fixed attitude that there is only one right way to do things and a giant leap into flexible, creative learning. We are all encouraged to have-a-go and not be afraid to fail at times. This is is reinforced by this term’s value: Perseverance. “Just keep swimming,” to quote Dory.

Our brains are always capable of learning something new. There is scientific evidence to show that continuing to challenge ourselves, by learning new skills throughout our lives, keeps our brains healthy well into old age.


In school, our Growth Mindset qualities are:

  • Aspirational-aim high
  • Resilient-don’t give up
  • Brave-I can do it.
  • Investigative-I wonder if…
  • Independent-I can think by myself
  • Collaborative-I can work as part of a team.

What challenge have you set yourself this year: learn Russian, take up the bassoon, train your dog to sit on command? Sorry…I must be off, I fancy learning to Salsa!

Year 4 Tudor Roses

The children have been working on finishing their own explanation texts. The children have been writing the texts on a subject of their choice. We have been able to explain how to support Tottenham to how to be an amazing gymnast. The children have been really creative and used fantastic examples.

As part of our Tudor Topic the children have made amazing Tudor Roses which have really brightened up the class room.

In Maths the children have been working on decimals, over the coming week we will be rounding and ordering. So if you need help shopping please take the children and test them.


Titanic DT

TITANIC dioramas

Our topic work this week has centred around designing and making Titanic dioramas (dioramas are miniature scenes with lots of detail). We have tried to make a scene from the story of the Titanic – some of us showed the Titanic sinking, some showed it just as it hit the iceberg; and some when it was being built in Belfast.


We used cardboard and painted the scenes carefully to get as much detail as possible. Mr Baird supervised some people as they used a glue gun to fix tricky its on. We are really pleased with the results – the models are all on display outside the Year 5 classroom.


Whizzy Wednesdays

Whizzy Wednesdays are now fully under way. Everyone is very good at remembering to bring helmets, bikes and scooters on a Wednesday. In the morning we park them in the performance area in the infant playground (with some help from Y2s!) and then get whizzing in the afternoon. We also end the afternoon with some optional races. Have a look at some good whizzing here:

World Book Day was fun. We came to school dressed as a book character and took part in the book swap in the morning, where we chose a free book to keep.

Here we all are in our fab costumes! Harvey took the photos!

Look out for information soon about our Spring Welly Walk!

The Rowan class Team- Mrs A, Mrs R, Miss P and Mrs S


World Book Day and Mousehole cat

Last week, we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book character.  The children looked fantastic! Mrs Terrett made everyone smile in her Gingerbreadman suit! The day was filled with book activities and reading! We had a great day.


We’ve been doing a lot of work using The Mousehole Cat by Antonia Barber to inspire us. We wrote a poem that we thought the cat Mowzer would sing to calm the storm.  Tobias used really ambitious words in his poem.



We used drama to help us put ourselves in the place of the characters in the book. Here is William, being the storm cat!

Then we wrote the story from a different point of view. The children did so well, choosing their words carefully to imagine that they were Old Tom.

The end of Castles … The beginning of People Who Help Us

At the beginning of the week we made front covers for our Topic book ‘People Who Help Us.’ A very jolly postman came into school (Miss Ward) on his bicycle. He cycled around our playground delivering letters to Mr & Mrs Bear, Goldilocks, Mr Wolf and Cinderella. When we got back into the classroom we opened the letters and read the story of The Jolly Postman. Our new English unit is all about writing letters.  Lots of us have written letters to Miss Ward about what we would like to do this Topic, including having firefighters in with their fire engine, a nurse and a policeman. Miss Ward has promised to do her best to organise all these things.

On Thursday, we learnt all about Florence Nightingale A.K.A the Lady with the lamp. She was famous because went to the Crimean war to nurse wounded soldiers.  She made hospitals cleaner places, showed that trained nurses and clean hospitals helped sick people get better and was the founder of modern nursing.

This week we have changed what we do at 10:10. We used to do Wake and Shake but now it’s either Zumba or a mile run. We all very much enjoy running a mile, including Miss ward and Mrs Davies-James!





Year 3 10/03/17

We have had a super busy week in Year 3 this week.  We have been trying to increase our levels of physical activity to help us become fitter.  This coincides with the school starting the Daily mile last week.  We have run the mile twice, we have been doing Zumba, instead of our normal wake and shake.  We did some extra running on Thursday morning, as we didn’t need to go to assembly.  And, we have been timing how many minutes we have actually been active in PE – to make sure that Miss Beebee didn’t do too much talking!  In Thursday’s PE lesson we played Hockey.  We learnt how to hold and carry the hockey stick correctly and safely, we then learnt how to dribble the ball using the stick and how to dribble quickly in and out of cones.  Finally we played some 3 v 3 games.  We took it in turns to be the umpires of our own games, which was great fun.  We did a brilliant job, we were very fair and even started to coach the children playing.  We are aiming for 60 mins of physical activity each day.  This week we managed: 5hr 5 min and 20 sec.