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Welly walk and Knex

We went on a Spring Welly Walk. We looked for signs of spring and ticked them off on our clipboards. We worked with a partner. We walked through Victory Park, along the canal and crossed several bridges. We saw a mummy swan sleeping in her big nest just next to the canal. We had to be very quiet not to disturb her as she was keeping her eggs warm. Soon they will hatch!

We held hands and crossed roads.

We walked safely alongside the canal in our pairs.

 We walked across many bridges and we listened to our feet crossing!

What can you see?

We saw lots of blossom and daffodils and wrote on our checklists.


Can you see the swan sleeping in her nest?


Recently lots of children have become interested in KNEX and this has helped us learn about symmetry- making our constructions the same, in colour and shape, on both sides with a line of symmetry down the centre. We have been really enjoying doing this and we have a small display of our creations up in the maths corner.

Symmetry display in the classroom

A work in progress…….

2 symmetrical and identical constructions!


Because of our interest as a class in KNEX, we teamed up with Y5 on the last day of term to make a construction strong enough to carry a heavy Easter egg across the hall! Each team was successful!

Some of us worked with our siblings

The teachers helped discuss our ideas with us.

Finally…….. we visited the Life Bus for the first time! This was very exciting and we met Harold, who wanted our ideas for helping him when he felt sad. We learnt a lot about the organs in our bodies and how to stay healthy.

Thank you Harold!

Happy Easter everyone and see you on the 24th for Whitsun term!


Build up to Easter

It’s been a busy term in Year 6 and we have all been working hard. Despite this, we found some time to create Easter art in our final week. This involved a nice carousel of Easter activities, including: Easter biscuit decorating, wrapping paper creation and Easter sketching. During this, we discovered a love of working to music – we’ve started using it for our writing too!

Some of our Year 6 children took on the brave task of running a whole school collective worship this week. They had originally only planned to show this to the Year 5 and 6 children and were therefore very brave to step up and present it to over 200 children! We were all very proud of the level of thought and effort that had gone into preparing such a great assembly. Well done.


Happy Easter from all of Year 6 – we hope you have a lovely holiday

Robots, robots everywhere!

This week we started work on our new topic, Robots. We designed and made our very own robot pals.


It was a hectic, but really enjoyable afternoon.

The next day, we wrote some amazing descriptions of our robots to put on display.

In Maths, we have been dividing numbers, we find it’s the trickiest of the four operations, but we persevered and made good progress.

I hope that you have a restful and sunny Easter break! We’ve got lots to do in the new term, starting with our trip to LEGOLAND!



Happy Easter

It has been a great final week in Class 4. The children have been very excited about breaking up for Easter. On Monday we finished our topic about the Tudors by finding out about Henry VIII wives.

The children also had a visit from the life bus where we learnt about our bodies and how they work.

In English the children had a week of inventing their own traditional tales based on ones they knew, they were excellent and we are making a book. Which we hope to share  in our assembly on the Friday when we get back.

Last week was the country dance festival which the children performance was amazing. Thank you for all the support.

Have a happy Easter and see you next term!



A little visit from the people who help us :)

What a fun filled week we had last week…

  • Clare from Clock house Vets visited us on Monday.
  • Chris and Louise, the fire fighters, came on Wednesday. Amazingly they brought along their fire engine.
  • Bev Owen, our local PCSO, visited us on Thursday.

This week we wrote thank you letters to all our visitors and yesterday we walked along to the post box to deliver them.


We also had our Road Safety day where we learnt all about the different road signs there are. We also learnt about the Green Cross Code. After thinking about how to be safe near the roads we took part in an obstacle course on the playground. There were a variety of road signs, a pedestrian crossing and a Lollipop lady!

We have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and liked writing letters to Miss Ward about what we wanted to do this topic.

We are all very much looking forward to starting our new topic ‘At the seaside’ after the Easter holidays.