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Sports Enrichment week

We had a fantastically active week last week. We had lots of gos on the inflatable climbing frame and slide, we had several climbs on the Digi Wall and of course we went bouncing at Jumptastic!


We had to take our shoes off first and get into teams.


This week we had Sports Day and it was very, very hot but we all worked well as teams and really enjoyed the giant running race at the end in our teams. It was very close but Green Team Rowling won overall!


Thanks to all the parents who supported their children at Sports Day. Have a great half term and see you all in June. Remember we have an INSET day on the Monday!

Mrs Armstrong, Mrs Strachan, Mrs Russell and Miss Partridge.

Year 5 went to Cadbury’s World!!


In Year 5 we have just started a new topic called ‘Chocolate’ and to kick it all off we visited Cadbury’s World in Bournville, Birmingham. For anyone that doesn’t know, Cadbury’s World is a huge theme park built in the original Cadbury’s chocolate factory.

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We found out about: the history of chocolate and the Cadbury brand; how chocolate was made; how chocolate is marketed and how Cadbury’s come up with all their great ideas for chocolate bars. We had a tour of the factory and visited a 4-D cinema – which was awesome! The best part was actually tasting some of the chocolate and getting to create our own special chocolate dessert.


We found out loads of things that we didn’t know, for example that cocoa beans are white and mushy when they are first harvested!!

What a great way to start our new topic – delicious!!!


‘Get Active’ Enrichment Week

What a week we have had here at St Matthew’s!


Monday saw a KS1 Wheelie Day, some PE with Mr Szkrybieniec (learning all about how our bones are held together and which muscles we use for different things), Year 3/4 went bouncing off to Jumptastic and Yr 5/ 6 paddled off to South Cerney for a day of watersports.  We also saw the brand new (only one in the country!) Digi Wall arrive at St Matthews.  It is a climbing wall that lights up and has electromagnetic hand and foot holds, which enables you to play interactive games.


On Tuesday, it was the Year 3 and 4’s turn to go to South Cerney to take part in sailing, kayaking, Katakanus and raft building.  Year 5 and 6 went off to Jumptastic and were literally bouncing off the walls.  KS1 had PE sessions with Mr Marsland where they focussed on teamwork during games.  Year 5 and 6 also visited St Matthews Church to experience Pentecost.


Unfortunately on Wednesday the weather let us down and sports day was well and truly rained off.  However the classes still had lots of fun with more PE with Mr Szkrybieniec and more sessions on the Digi Wall.


Thursday we had the weather back on side as the wonderful Madagascar themed inflatable obstacle course turned up at school.  The classes had a blast racing each other through the course and sliding down the slide at the end.  The determination and enjoyment was really clear to see on all of their faces.  We also had more classes on the Digi Wall, some Rounders competitions between Yr 3 and 4 and a team building session with the Elite Commandos.


Friday we had our final go’s on the Digi Wall, we had a bit more Rounders in Year 6, some Football skills in Year 1 and a KS2 wheelie day.  KS2 had a ball racing each other on their wheels, even Mr Halliwell had a go!  The finale of the week was Aqua Zumba sessions for Year 4 and 5 led by Miss Beebee.  The children had great fun trying to complete some of the normal Zumba songs in the water, especially when they involved lots of splashing!


We all had an absolutely amazing week with the opportunity to take part in lots of sports/ activities that normally we wouldn’t.  It was wonderful to see so many children (and staff!) challenging their fears, getting involved and showing great Growth Mindset.  Their smiling faces and clear enthusiasm makes all the hard work worthwhile!

Year 3 ‘Get Active’ Enrichment Week

Wow!  What a week!  We have had the best and most exciting week here at St Matthew’s!


On Monday, the Digi Wall arrived at 7am!  There was a great buzz in the hall as Miss Beebee showed us how to use it and then, we were the first class on!  The Digi Wall is a mobile climbing wall that lights up and plays games.  We had great fun climbing and learning how to play some of the games.  Then we went back to the classroom and had a Zumba session.  We really enjoy Zumba, we love the music and having the chance to dance.  After break, we had an early lunch before heading out with Year 4 to Jumptastic.  We had a wonderful (but exhausting) afternoon bouncing around and literally jumping off the walls!  Lots of the teachers got involved too, we even had an adults vs children dodgeball game.  We loved somersaulting into the foam pit, slam dunking in the basketball area and leaping around on the trampolines.


Tuesday was another day full of great excitement but a few nerves too.  We set off with Year 4 on the coaches to South Cerney.  When we got there we split off into our groups before getting kitted out with wet suits, life jackets and helmets.  2 groups spent the morning sailing, 2 groups were on the katakanus, 1 group was kayaking and 1 group was raft building.  After lunch we all swapped round and did different activities.  We had great fun, we learned how to paddle, how to tie knots, how to set up a sail on a sailing boat and unfortunately we also learnt how cold the lake was!  There was lots of capsizing (some on purpose and some accidental) which was lots of fun.

On Wednesday we were meant to have sports day, but unfortunately the weather let us down.  Instead, we went up to Archway and carried on with our cooking and woodwork projects.  We got a bit wet walking up, but soon dried up inside the warm DT work shops.  The woodwork group used a variety of machinery to create wooden doorstops.  We then decorated these and attached MDF hedgehogs and dinosaurs as additional decoration.  We also saw the laser cutter in action, cutting through MDF and also engraving onto wood.  The cooking group also had a wonderful afternoon making chocolate chip cookies.  There was just about enough to let the staff have one each – they were delicious!


Thursday the weather was back on our side and we had a glorious day as the inflatable obstacle course arrived.  It was a huge, Madagascar themed, obstacle course which finished with a great slide.  When it was our turn, we had great fun racing each other and seeing how quickly we could make it to the end.  Also on Thursday, we had extra goes on the Digi Wall and had some fun playing Rounders with Yr 4 in the afternoon.


Friday saw the end to a wonderful enrichment week.  We had our final goes on the Digi Wall – we really were like little monkeys climbing up the wall by the end of the week!  We also had a KS2 wheelie day and loved racing around the playground with our friends!


We are all really glad it’s the weekend now and are looking forward to a well deserved rest!  

Sports Week!

We have had the most exciting week! This week has been Sports Week and it was the perfect treat after our SATs week last week. On Monday, we went to South Cerney and the children were able to take part in a range of water sports. Despite the slightly soggy weather, the children kayaked, sailed, canoed and built their own rafts. The testing of the rafts meant a wet end to the day for many of us! On Tuesday, after lots of PE in school, we went to Jumptastic! We bounced away and really enjoyed watching all of the tricks that the staff could do.  It’s inspired many of us to try and rehearse trampolining to develop our own tricks and skills. A huge highlight of the week has been the Digital Climbing Wall. We have jumped back on the wall at every opportunity to climb, play games and compete against each other. It has been difficult to tear ourselves away from it – especially Miss Szarko!

We are now looking forward to our rearranged Sports Day next week and are crossing our fingers that the rain will stay away!

Enrichment week.

Wowsers! We’ve had the most exciting week.

On Monday, we had our wheelie day, whizzing around the playground on our bikes and scooters.

We also were introduced to the Digiwall. It was fantastic, we loved playing all the games and we really began to work as a team to solve the problems.

On Thursday, we challenged ourselves to complete the inflatable obstacle course in the morning and in the afternoon, we went to Jumptastic. What a fantastic time we had!

We’re all a bit exhausted now!

Sports enrichment week

Wow, what a week! It has been so busy there has been no time to stop!

On Monday we were all Jumptastic! The children were amazing. Tuesday it was water all the way at South Cerney, the children enjoyed some fantastic water activities  from canoeing to building their own rafts.

Although Sports day was a wash out, the children created some fantastic pop art which included designing trainers!

Thursday we had the inflatable obstacle course which the children flew through.

All week we have had Mr S and Miss Beebee giving classes such as PE and Pool Zumba, which was brilliant!

Whenever we have had time the children have been up and down on the digiwall. I am looking forward to a restful weekend!

What’s been happening in Year 1?

Last week, Professor Collywobbles visited Year 1 to tell us all about the history of Punch and Judy. He explained it originated in Italy based on a character called Punchinello. King Charles II also played a part in the history of Punch and Judy becoming classic entertainment.


Lots of us have been looking forward to Sports Enrichment week. On Monday we had our Wheelie day alongside PE with Mr Szkrybieniec and our first experience of the digi wall.  Tuesday we had PE with Mr Marsland. Unfortunately on Wednesday Sports Day was cancelled boooooo but we did get another go on the digi wall! Thursday was the highlight of our week when we visited JUMPTASTIC! Finally on Friday we had more digi wall fun and football skills with Mr Szkrybieniec.




Year 5 Story mapping

Story-mapping an Argentinian Myth

This week Year 5 have been looking at writing Myths. We began by reading our model text, which was a Myth from Argentina called ‘El Cuco’. After we had explored this story, we began to story map it. Story-mapping is when you re-tell a story by using symbols to replace the words in the story. This approach helps us to learn the story structure and vocabulary.

We love story mapping but the best bit is when we try to use them to re-tell the story in front of the class.

After story-mapping we ‘box-up’ the story, which is when we chop it up in to paragraphs or sections and decide what ‘job’ each part does for the story as a whole. We can then use this to help us plan a story with a similar structure.


Watch out for our finished Myths soon!

Coming to America

Easter break seems a long time ago suddenly and so does our class assembly. Thank you all for coming to the assembly; I thought the children were amazing. They only had a week to practice and they worked really hard to learn their words and actions. I know the children really loved learning about the Tudors and I hope that came across to you in the assembly.

We have already made a start to our new topic on the USA. We will be looking at the geography of the North American continent, the population and the way of life.

Next week we have our sports enrichment week which looks very exciting. We will be going to Jumptastic and spending another day at South Cerney Water Park. Next week also includes sports day, so this week we will be practicing the events, please make sure the children have their PE kits in school.  Thank you.

Year 3 5th May 2017

We have had a great week in Year 3!


On Tuesday we had a brilliant PE lesson playing Tennis.  We played a game using really tiny courts to start with.  We encountered lots of problems as we couldn’t move around so we kept hitting each other.  We had a really good discussion about it and did manage to find things that had gone well too.  We then talked about what we could practice and we played a game to help us improve our skills.  We played Summer’s game first where we could score points if we hit the ball gently.  We then played tennis catch, to help us improve our accuracy.  Finally we went back to a full game and found that we had got much better.


On Wednesday we went up to Archway for DT.  This week, we swapped over and started the other activity.  The woodwork group have started the clothes pegs based on Stone Age animals.  The cooking group had great fun tasting stone age bread and making their own bread rolls.

Legoland fun

Willow class had an amazing time at Legoland last week.

Here is what Tobias wrote in his recount about the day:


Last Wednesday, Year 2 went on an incredible trip to Legoland. Would you like to find out more about it? If so, read on.

First, we went on the coach and me, Ruben, Freddie and Jack played the Mini game. When we arrived, we went to the robot workshop. We built robots out of Lego and made them move by controlling them with iPads.

Then we had a bit of time to explore the rest of the park. We went on the Lego cars. We crashed a lot (especially Jamie!) Finally we went on the logflume and we got soaked. When we went down the ramp, my tummy tingled.

When the trip was nearly over, mummy bought me an icecream. What a fantastic day we had!



They sent me a puppy. He was perfect, I kept him!

Today we had a special visitor in Rowan class, Ziggy, the puppy. Rhyleigh’s dog has had lots of puppies and his mum brought in one of them to show the class. We asked questions about what he ate, if he could go out for a walk (not yet) and if he bites! Junior told us he does growl. Everyone had a chance to hold him if they wanted to.


Rachel explained how old the puppy was and how to care for him

He was nice to stroke

We had a special blanket on our lap

The puppy was in the reading corner

Mrs Russell caught Ziggy when he got under the sofa!


He was a very calm puppy

He was fluffy 

We have learnt how to tell our story Dear Zoo and some of us have been adapting it, using different animals. Some of us have been choosing other animals to have as a perfect pet, at the end of the story, like an owl, a snake, a koala bear!


Have a good weekend.

At the seaside

Firstly, Miss Ward is very impressed with how many of us have brought in topic homework over the past couple of weeks. Lots of us have made a seaside in a box and they are making our classroom look very much like the seaside. We also have some wonderfully written reports about sea creatures and some gorgeous poems about the beach. 

We are enjoying dressing up in our role play corner.

We have enjoyed imitating and adapting a seaside poem in English. It is called Caribbean Counting Rhyme. This is the original…

1 by 1, 1 by 1 … waves are dancing in the sun.

2 by 2, 2 by 2 … seashells pink and purpley blue.

3 by 3, 3 by 3 … big boats putting out to sea.

4 by 4, 4 by 4 … children fishing on the shore.

5 by 5, 5 by 5 … little walking fish arrive.

6 by 6, 6 by 6 … pelicans performing tricks.

7 by 7, 7 by 7 … puffy clouds patrolling heaven.

8 by 8, 8 by 8 … fishes nibbling juicy bait.

9 by 9, 9 by 9 … taking home a catch that’s fine.

10 by 10, 10 by 10 … tomorrow we will come again!

Today we made changes and created a plan for our own Caribbean Counting Rhyme. We look forward to sharing them with you in our open afternoon in a few weeks time.

The week before SATs….

The Year 6 class have been working very hard this week, making the final preparations for our SATs tests next week. We have been working hard at writing stories based on suspense. The children have been trying hard to keep their reader guessing and not know what is around the corner.. this made Miss Szarko’s marking a little unsettling!


Next week, we will sit our SATs tests and the children are now feeling well prepared. Some are even looking forward to it….(?) especially the breakfasts!


Good luck to everybody in Year 6, we all know that you will do a brilliant job!