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Year 3

We have had a super busy couple of weeks in Year 3, hence a slightly delayed blog!

We have been cracking on with our brand new topic of Japan, by looking at traditional Japanese art.  We explored the symbolism behind pictures of Koi Carp, before attempting to design our own.  We then researched and designed our own Japanese fans, which we are in the process of folding to turn into our fans.  Our most recent piece of art work has been creating origami.  We absolutely loved the challenge of folding the paper to create Koi Kites.  These are used by Japanese people to decorate their homes during the festival of Children’s Day.  They hope that their children will grow up strong and healthy and be prosperous.


We have also had a few sporting events.  On Tuesday, we took part in Miss Beebee’s inter school competition against King Stanley.  It was a trial competition that was run very similarly to our sports day.  We started off with an exciting and upbeat Zumba warm up.  Then we took part in a sports circuit where we completed 9 different activities practising a whole range of sports skills.  Finally, while the points were being added up, we did the ‘Mammoth Relay!’  We then had a couple of our Year 3’s head out to the Cricket tournament where they played brilliantly and worked really well as a team.  They did fantastically in the first round to finish 1st in their group meaning that they went through to the finals.  Unfortunately in the finals, we lost both of our games, but we kept smiling, kept cheering and tried our very best right to the bitter end!  This meant that we came out 4th overall, out of a total of 14 schools.

How to be a pirate…

How to be a pirate

Have you ever thought about being a pirate? Have you ever wanted to sail to seven seas? If so read on!

What you need:

A parrot, a horrid crew, some ragged clothes, an eye patch and a ship.

What you do:

  • First, leave home but make sure you pack an eye patch and some ragged clothes.
  • Next, swap your cat or dog for a parrot and teach it rude words!
  • After that, round up a horrid crew full of bandits and thieves.
  • Then, steal a ship so you can sail the seven seas.
  • Finally, go on a quest to steal a treasure chest.

Top tip – Don’t forget you must learn to speak pirate. Aye aye captain! Land Ahoy! Shiver me timbers!

We have enjoyed adapting our own versions and publishing them for our topic books. 


Forest Fridays

We have been spending every Friday so far this term in Forest School- looking for caterpillars, making mud pies, hiding in dens (which are hard for teachers to get into!) swinging on the swing and climbing trees. We have also had our snack in Forest School. We stick to the rules “No Pick, No Lick, Be careful with that Stick”. On Monday, when it was very hot, we spent the morning there too so that the new Reception children could have a story with their new teacher. We were lucky- Forest School was the coolest part of school…..in so many ways! Here are some photos of us:

Mmmm mud pies

Hiding in our super hideout

Look what lives under a log

What can you see from the top of the tree?

Magnified minibeasts


On Thursday, we learnt how to brush our teeth. We also learnt why we need to brush them- to stop plaque making nasty holes in our teeth. We also need to keep our baby teeth clean for the tooth fairy. When our adult teeth come through, they’re the only ones we will have for the rest of our life. Did you know you must brush for 2 mins? We practised.

Brushing together in the boys toilets

Some of us have electric toothbrushes


Parents are warmly invited to join us on Friday afternoon from 2-3pm in Forest School to play and maybe push us on the swing for the open afternoon. Spread the word!

A Scorching Week in Year 6!

It has been a very hot week this week and we’ve all found it a little difficult! However, we have still stayed busy and got lots done. As part of our Acts of Kindness, we have been giving back to the community this week. We completed a litter pick around Victory Park and along the canal and helped customers with their bagpacking at the Co-op. Thank you to the Co-op for allowing us to visit their store! We have also been working hard at our businesses and have started investing in our products. Rehearsals for our play are also well underway and we have now added in the extra challenge of no more scripts! Good luck Year 6!

Ahoy Mateys! Shiver me timbers! Land Ahoy!

Well what a brilliant day we have had…..

Firstly we sailed along Bristol Harbour front on The Matthew of Bristol. We learnt all about the different parts of a ship, what pirates ate and not forgetting the scallywag Blackbeard!


Afterwards we went to M Shed and had a fantastic workshop all about Ships and Sailors. We learnt all about the different jobs the sailors had on the ship, what they ate and how they traded with others.

We are excited to find out what the rest of our Pirate Topic will bring………

First week of the Final Term!

This week has been an incredibly exciting week and we have been very busy! On the first day back, we started Bikeability. Despite the rain and the wind, we have all really enjoyed it and are looking forward to our other sessions throughout the week. We also went to Gloucester Cathedral on Wednesday to attend our Leavers’ Service. It was a lovely service where we were all blessed on new journey to our next school. We were all giving a Holding Cross to take home to remind us of this. As well as all of that, (!) we have also started our Business Projects off along with our Y6 production. We have now started getting on the stage and we are all keen to get going fully. 

The last term!!

This year seems to have flown by; I can’t believe we are going into our last term of year 4.  This term our topic is based on mountains and cycling. We will be looking at the geography of mountains including why they make excellent holiday destinations.  If you have been on holiday to any mountainous regions and would be happy to share your photos please do.

This week the children have been looking at symmetry and finding lines of symmetry in different shapes. On Friday they made their own symmetrical designs and passed them to each other to solve.

In English we are looking at adventures; I have talked about some of my own real life adventures, however I am sure the children would love to hear more. If you, or your family or friends, have undertaken any adventures you are able to share, please let me know as the children would love to hear about them.

Elderflower fever!

We all had a role to play

This week we made elderflower cordial in class. Our homework over the half term was to find Elderflower bushes locally and we all participated in this well.

First we had to read the recipe and weighed and measured out the ingredients. We all helped with different stages- dissolving the sugar, sorting and counting the flowers, grating the lemon rind and slicing the lemons. Then we had to leave it to stand overnight and the next day we all had a taste!

Reading the recipe

Adding the flowers

Getting rid of the leaves

Grating the lemon rind

Our new topic is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We found a caterpillar on the elderflower leaves! We will start to learn the story next week.


Thanks to everyone who came to watch our class assembly today. The children really enjoyed performing for you and we were so proud of them!

Science, hats and maths

We’ve started our final half term in a really busy way. In Science we are investigating plant growth, we’ve set up an experiment to see what conditions seeds need to germinate.  We will keep a watchful eye on them throughout the next few weeks.


In Maths, we finished the week with a Maths circus which we always enjoy.

We’ve been reading the story about a bear who lost his hat. After writing letters to the Woodland Court to protest the rabbit’s innocence, we made puppet shows and filmed our work.