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Goodbye Year 1…

We have had so much fun in Year 1. Here are some of our special memories:

  • All our wonderful Topics – On the Farm, Castles, People Who Help Us, At the Seaside & Pirates
  • The Castle party
  • Making things in Art
  • Copsegrove Farm
  • The Matthew of Bristol
  • Learning songs
  • The Pirate party
  • The birthday box and the birthday hat
  • The visit from the firefighters, police and Veterinary nurse
  • Writing our buddy letters.
  • The Nativity




Year 5 go to Archway

On Wednesday morning this week, Year 5 went on a trip to Archway school to experience what lessons at Secondary school are like. We walked up the hill to Archway and we then split in to two groups.

We experienced a Science lesson where we tested chemicals for their acidity and used powerful microscopes.

We also had a PE lesson, a music lesson and an art lesson. It was great to see what amazing facilities they have at a secondary school. Lots of us will be going to Archway school in just over a year so it was great to get a feel for what it will be like.

Next week we are looking forward to making our own chocolate bars – and getting set for the start of a fab Summer holiday.


Adventure in year 4

Another week has flown by as we get closer to the end of term. This week we have been working hard to finish our adventure stories. The children had to plan what type of adventure they would go on and then write about it. They have also been looking at which country they would like to visit on an adventure.

In  maths we have been working on the computer to create bar graphs, it is very interesting to see the types of data the children want to investigate and produce. As we come to the end of our topic I am hoping to take the children on an adventure to Stratford Park on Friday; part of the adventure will be to walk there. The children will spend this week thinking about what we can do on our adventure and organising it!



Year 3 07/07/17

We have had a super week this week!


On Tuesday we had some special visitors come to our classroom over night.  When we first arrived at school, there was a mysterious trail of breadcrumbs leading from the school field to our classroom.  We were very intrigued as to why it was there, but first we had to go to assembly.  After assembly, we came back and were desperate to follow the trail.  We went charging out of the classroom and across the field, following the chunks of bread.  Unfortunately, when we were by the long jump pits, the trail vanished!  There were lots of birds flying around and we think that they must have eaten the trail!  Luckily, some of us had run ahead and we had made our way to the forest school area.  Once inside, we started to find lots of weird and wonderful things.

We found:

A huge picture of a gingerbread house

A board game called Nibble Nibble

A DVD of a St Matthew’s Yr 4 play called Hansel and Gretel

4 packs of Ginger biscuits

1 pack of icing sugar

31 packs of Haribo

1 bag of M and M’s

2 bags of strawberry laces

1 big bag of marshmallows

And… most importantly, a letter!  The letter was from Hansel and Gretel and explained that they had visited and left some treats behind for Miss Beebee’s birthday.


When we went back to the classroom, we had brilliant fun decorating Ginger biscuits with icing and sweets.  We then watched the DVD of the production from 2013; it was great!  What a busy morning!  We managed to resist taste testing our biscuits, until after PE!


Check out the pictures on Class Dojo!

Hot, hot, hot!

We have been continuing with our hard work, even though it has been hot!

Today, as a reward for being fantastic, successful learners, we had ice lolly reading time outside under the shadiest tree!


In English, we have been innovating the story of Little Charlie, by changing characters and locations.  Everyone worked so hard to do their very best. Ava did a fantastic piece of work, trying hard to catch the reader’s attention.

In Maths, we have been working hard to explain our reasoning about number and also solve missing number problems.

In Art, we started painted some fantastic self-portraits, working hard to position facial features correctly. Pictures will follow!

Redwood Trip on Tuesday 4th July

We had a lovely day in Redwood. The weather was just perfect. In the morning we walked through the woods to find our way round. We had lunch in the outdoor picnic area and then played in the meadow. We found creatures in the long grass. After lunch we build dens and searched for creatures using magnifying glasses.
Here are some photos of the day:

Umbareen explains “No pick, No lick, be careful with that stick”


Walking in the woods


This is a perfect sitting log!


Sitting up high in the dead tree


The adults helped us climb


We are having FUN!


Wriggly Worms


The big logs are great for jumping off


We liked rolling in the long grass and looking for creatures


Is it a grasshopper or a cricket?


We caught a moth and looked at it carefully


You can find lots of bugs under logs


Our den is awesome


We tried the sleeping competition on the coach ride home but it didn’t really work! We sang the wheels on the bus and the driver joined in, washing his wipers and honking the horn!

Thanks to all the parents who volunteered their help. Have a good weekend everyone.

Dress Rehearsal!

This was the week of our dress rehearsal for our “Amazing Adventures of Superstan” play. Despite a few nerves and the very hot weather, the children did a wonderful job and enjoyed their performance to the whole school. The play was full of jokes, laughter and …. pants!? The children made the whole school very proud and they are excited to perform it to their parents next week.

Unfortunately, the children are also coming towards the end of their time at St Matthew’s and have all been to visit their secondary schools today. The classroom and school felt very quiet and empty without them!

7th July

On Monday we painted our clay tile prints. Below is Issy’s shell print. She got the certificate this week for her wonderful clay tile. She worked extremely hard on her design and even made some 3D parts!

Yesterday we adapted the class story of ‘ The Night Pirates’ and today we adapted our own stories. We’ve got all types of pirates in our stories… grandma, baby, monkey, boy, girl, puppy and children. The evil pirates in our stories are called…. Captain Lava Sword, Fish Leg, Metal Beard, Eye Patch Ellie, Captain Hook and Captain Jack Sparrow!


In Maths we have been measuring mass using pan scales. We can all now accurately tell when an object is heavier than or lighter than the other object. We even know when something is equal mass! Can you solve these mass problems?