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Year 3

Over the past couple of weeks we have been super busy in Year 3!

We have been doing forest school sessions with Mr Pritchard, where we have been learning all about plants.  This links in really well with the Science work that we have been doing with Mrs Terrett.  We have been looking at what plants need to grow well and the different parts that make a plant.  With Mr Pritchard we then built a huge plant model to show all of the different parts.


We have also been starting our art work related to our first exciting topic: Rainforests!  With Mr Halliwell we made hand print parrots and paper chain snakes.  They are really bright and colourful and look amazing up on display – if you are in school, please come and have a look at them!  We then had a go at drawing some rainforest animals.  It was really tough as we had to look really closely at pictures, to try and help us get the shapes right.  The next step to try next week, is to try different ways of shading the pictures before using oil pastels to add colour.


Finally, we have been continuing to prepare for our Benchball festival!  Our physical skills have improved lots, as have our motivation to all join in.  We are including all of the members of our team and having fun playing with lots of children who we don’t normally play with.  This week saw transfer week, where we were able to change teams if we wanted to.  We had a good shake up, which saw some interesting changes to the leaderboard.  We have a couple more weeks to change our final positions…

24 Game

We were testing the Year 6’s mental maths this week in a competition of 24. The aim of the game is to create 24 using the 4 basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and the 4 numbers shown on a card – at speed! For every correct solution, the children earn points. It was a very exciting competition and the children were very enthusiastic with some fierce competition! It was lovely to see the children being so keen to do their mental maths work – there will be more competitions to come!

Conkers and bread

Uptake and engagement with our new homework booklet has been fabulous so far, I don’t think an afternoon has gone by without some bread being tasted by us all.

And we are swimming in conkers…..although Reception have managed to squirrel many of them over to their tuff tray! But we can share….

Thanks to everyone who has sent in conkers- they are appreciated by everyone.

Nearly everyone is connected to Class Dojo now and we have started posting photos of our day in the school story section.

Reading, reading and more reading

Year 5 have been enjoying our reading this week. We know that the best readers are the best writers as it helps our vocabulary, sentence structures and ideas. We’ve been enjoying shared reading with the class; our new book “Cogheart” seems really exciting, and loving our 15 mins reading time every day after lunch. We are lucky, as we’ve just ordered lots and lots of ace books for our book corner, hopefully they’ll be delivered next weeks.

On the walls of our classroom are photos of us reading. When we’ve finished a book, we will write its title by the side of our picture. We are looking forward to seeing who is the most prolific reader in Year 5.

In Maths, we have been rounding and estimating large numbers. We are rising to the challenge of the new PAD (pracise, apply and deepen) system.

School Trip

This week we all had our first school trip to….. Stroud. We were so lucky with the weather, it was a lovely day. We met Mr Mackintosh from the Stroud Textile Trust and he gave us a Victorian tour of Stroud. During the Victorian era, Stroud grew into a town of wealth and prosperity because it was a leading town in the production of cloth. He also explained how Hill Paul became one of the first factories to mass produce off the peg clothing items.

We then went to the museum in the park for lunch, where we took part in a Victorian trail. By the time we returned to school, we had walked over 16,000 steps!  I hope the children slept well!

3 weeks in …

This term each child in Year 2 will have the chance to bake ‘The Great Fire of London’ cakes with Mrs Terret. The lucky children this week thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We’ve been busy adapting the story of Little Red Riding Hood this week. Not only have we created a class version but we have also planned our own stories. Once we finished story mapping we retold them to the Year 6 class.

Finally here is Josh playing and singing London’s Burning on the piano.


Year 6 ’24’ competition

Today Year 6 had their first competitive game of ’24’, a great mental maths game from America. We split in to mixed groups of 4 and went in to the hall so that we could have plenty of room. In ’24’, you have to make a total of 24 by using four numbers on a card – you can add, subtract, multiply or divide the numbers but you have to use all four.


We had three rounds of ten minutes and there were three levels of difficulty (one dot, two dot and three dot cards). It was really challenging but great fun. We hope to take part in a Stroud area competition that is held at Amberley School in January.


If you want to play ’24’ at home you can visit the website: www.24game.com or you can buy a set of 24 cards online.


Welcome Back! Year 3’s First Week

Hello and welcome back to school!  We have had a busy week settling back in to Year 3, getting used to our new classroom and KS2 expectations.


On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, we had great fun starting our new PE topic.  We are learning about the sport Benchball and are trying a brilliant new way of learning PE.  We are now in teams and will remain in these teams for the rest of the term.  We are using our teams to help us work together more, communicate better and be better team players.

We have a leader board in our classroom which gets changed after every PE lesson.  Currently, Team Skull are at the top of the leader board.  We can earn points based on the results of our games, for teamwork, for putting in 100% effort, for getting changed quickly, helping with equipment and lining up neatly and quietly.

At the end of term we will be having a Benchball festival, where we will be showcasing our PE skills to the parents.  Parents, keep your eye on the newsletter for the date of this festival.  We hope that you will bring your PE kits too, as we want you to join in and play Benchball with us!

New year, new classroom!

Welcome back!

The children were very excited to see not only our new classroom on Tuesday, but also their friends. We had a lovely discussion about what we had all been up to throughout the summer. Afterwards, the children wrote about what they did in their Writing Cafe books. It sounds like they all had lots of fun!

As always, the children were enthusiastic about our new topic and couldn’t wait for our first Topic lesson. We compared London in 1666 and 2017 in preparation for our learning about the Great Fire of London. The children were so excited and eager to know more that Miss Ward couldn’t keep up with all the questions they had!

Below is a copy of the ‘Earth, Air, Fire, Water’ Topic Homework sheet that went home on Friday.

First week back in Year 5

It’s great to be back! The new Year 5s seem to have grown up a lot during the summer holidays, returning with amazing learning attitudes and smiles.

We’ve been working hard all week, doing ‘cold task’ writing and maths, and some other little tests so we can see what learning we need to do. We have also begun work on our topic, The Space Race. We’ve designed topic book front covers, learned about the sun and painted rockets in the style of Peter Thorpe.


Painting in the style of Peter Thorpe.

Alfie’s ace rocket with abstract background.


Topic umbrellas and homework booklets will be coming home this week.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or worries.

It’s back to school!

Welcome to Chestnut class and year 4. The first week has already flown by and the children have settled in very well. We have started our topic which this term will focus on the history of Stroud and how it became an important wool town. The wool industry caused Stroud to grow rapidly during the Victorian era and become famous around the world for its scarlet cloth and the part it played in the industrial revolution. The children had a taste of Victorian school life on Thursday; we had typical Victorian lessons including times table chanting, handwriting and finding out the countries of the British Empire.

This Tuesday we will have forest school so please can you make sure that your children have clothes which you are happy for them to get dirty and wellies.

You children’s class dojo profiles have now been moved over to year 4. You should still be able to access them as before. However if you have any issues and you are not getting updates please do let me know.

I am sure that the children will have great time in year 4. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks Mr Halliwell.

First week back !

Welcome back to school.

We have had a lovely week, settling into the new classroom, playing with the new Reception children in the outside area and designing a label for our new drawer. We discussed and chose our new topic- Farm animals. Everyone voted…..it was very close- Farm animals won by just one vote!

I have sent all parents a link to join Class Dojo and intend to start up with Class Dojo on Monday. Children will be grouped into their houses and each Dojo Point will equal one House Point.

I have already sent home reading books and will change them weekly on Wednesdays.

Look out for our new topic umbrella and letter next week!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Armstrong and the Y1 team (Mrs Russell, Mr Szkrybieniec , Mrs Burrows and Mrs Young).