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Busy in Year 5

We have been incredibly busy in Year 5 lately. In Maths, we have been enjoying the challenge of our PAD (Practise, Apply, Deepen) sheets. We have been investigating factors, multiples, prime, square and cube numbers! The work we have been doing is heavily reliant on times table knowledge. Whatever help you could give to your child in the learning of these facts would be hugely appreciated.

In English, we finished off our unit on non-chronolgical reports by writing about mythical creatures. The children really enjoyed researching or making up facts to include in their texts. For our new unit, we will be focussing on a traditional Russian character, Baba-Yaga.

Year 3 24/11/17

We have had a busy few weeks in year 3.


Thanks to all the parents that came to see us in our assembly last week.  The children have worked really hard on their topic books and I’m sure you’ll agree that they have done brilliantly.  We look forward to welcoming parents into our classroom next Friday, when it’s our school open afternoon.  It will be a great chance for parents to have a closer look at the children’s books.


Earlier this week, we had a number of children from our class represent the school at the Yr 3/ 4 Football league competition.  They played a total of 8 matches over 2 weeks and won a totally amazing 7 matches and drew their 8th!! What an amazing result! Mr Halliwell said that he was really proud of all of them, not just for how they played, but how they encouraged each other and how well they worked as a team.  Well done guys and we look forward to hearing the result of the finals… being in 1st place currently makes you the team to beat!


In class we have just finished our Maths work on addition and subtraction.  We have learned a variety of useful methods, which we will be able to utilise when we come across addition and subtraction questions in the future.  The quickest method that we have looked at is the column method and we have even explored carrying and exchanging.


In English, we have spent the week learning our new model text: ‘Shrek’.  We can now tell the story using our story maps and have done various activities to make sure we really understand the story.

Cinema and Storytelling.

It has been another busy two weeks in Chestnut Class, we have been on two trips as well as all of our usual activities!

Last Friday, as part of the “Into Film Festival”, we went to the cinema in Stroud. After the year 3 assembly we did a quick march/walk into Stroud centre where we were able to relax and watch Cars 3. The film promoted many of our growth mind-set characteristics such as team work and resilience. The children had to eat their lunch at the cinema as we then had to rush back to school in time for swimming. I hope children enjoyed the trip – I am sure they slept well on Friday after all that exercise!

This week we have been storytelling. On Tuesday, to begin our new unit of English, we went to the canal to listen to a warning story and to see the dangers for ourselves. On Thursday we heard more stories when year 2 came for a visit to relate their new story.

As the countdown to Christmas begins we have made some sheep which the children will be selling at the Christmas Spark on the 8th of December so look out for our stall! You can have a sneaky peak at them on Class Dojo. If you haven’t signed up to Class Dojo please come and see me as it is very simple and we update it regularly with your children’s achievements and pictures of what is happening in Chestnut class.

Portal Stories

This week, Year 6 have been working really hard at writing their invented portal stories. We have seen stories that send their characters forwards and backwards in time and to different worlds! The children have worked carefully to develop their settings in detail, describing them effectively for their reader. They have also created interesting problems that keep the reader excited to hear whether the character will make it back home! We have then worked incredibly hard and shown great resilience to edit our work to make it perfect before publishing. Well done Year 6.

Nativity and more …

We have been very busy practicing, without our scripts, for the Nativity performances. Please don’t forget to secure your tickets for Wednesday 6th December & Thursday the 7th December at 2pm.

A selection of cake and bread has filled the classroom recently. Of course this all links to the children’s homework on how the Great Fire of London started in a bakery. Here is Oscar and Liam with their delicious delights…

Yesterday, we enjoyed visiting the KS2 classes to retell our adapted stories based on Rudyard Kipling’s ‘How the elephant got its trunk.’ Our new stories link to our topic on Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These are the titles we chose from:

  • How Pidgeot got its wings
  • How Bulbasaur got its bulb
  • How Charmander got its fire
  • How Squirtle got its shell

Money, money, money

Image result for 10p coin           


This week we got our money belts! We have been paying for our fruit snack daily (10p) and paying for a hot lunch (20p). Packed lunches are free!

We decided that they are called morning money belts because we didn’t want to spill our lunch on them. Every morning we check we have enough money for the day in our belt and every day someone is the shopkeeper.

It’s great to see lots of children wearing watches and asking what the time is- we look at the clock several times a day and they are checking with their watches.

Look out for more things to pay for in Y1 as Christmas approaches. Your child’s beautiful Christmas card design came home with them this week- do check bookbags and get them ordered in time for Christmas.


Also- it’s the Advent service on Friday. Hope to see lots of you there.


Enrichment week

Last week was amazing, we certainly put the rich into enrichment! The children learned dances from so many different cultures. On Monday the children did incredible Indian dancing; on Tuesday they tamed a dragon as part of Chinese dancing! On Wednesday the children zoomed to New Zealand to perform a Haka!

In comparison, this week has been quite ordinary! However, the children have still been dancing, although moving to a different beat as we have started our country dancing!

We have also finished adapting our Oliver Twist stories – the children have shown great imagination in changing their characters.

In maths next week we will be looking at perimeter so be prepared to measure the perimeter of your gardens or the

rooms in your house!


This week we had three different audiences for our story. On Tuesday we visited Year 2 and told them the story, on Wednesday we visited Reception and told them the story and on Monday, visiting parents heard us tell the story because they arrived just at the right moment! Mrs Armstrong is so proud of how well we tell the story now, with expression in our voice for the different animals.

We have been writing about the Little red hen and describing what we think she is like. We have looked at different versions of the story and decided that this is a Gloucestershire farm story.

Homework booklets for this term are going home in bookbags tonight.