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Christmas is coming…

We have started to feel the effects of the oncoming Christmas celebrations in Year 6 this week.

On Monday, we watched the Infant Nativity, “Born in a Barn”. The Year 6 children were very proud of their younger friends and siblings and enjoyed seeing their moment to “shine” on the stage. The songs were very catchy and we had trouble getting them out of heads for the rest of the week!

We also had a busy morning making mini Christmas puddings out of rice crispy cakes to sell at our Christmas Sparkle. This was good fun and some of got a bit messy! It was difficult for some of us to resist licking our hands! The finished pieces looked beautiful and they sold well at the Christmas Sparkle on Friday. Some of the class even volunteered to stay behind and help run the stall – we were very busy at the beginning so it was a good job!

This has all got us in the Christmassy mood and we look forward to continuing this next week at our Junior Carol Concert held at the church.


What a terrific show! The children did so very well- TEAM WOLF in spades. There were some backstage nerves, some itchy costumes and some over excitement but I think you will agree that they worked so well with Reception and Year 2 to create a memorable production with super- catchy tunes.

We can see some stars emerging for next year…..

Thanks to all the parents/grandparents/relatives/carers and friends who came along to watch- your presence brought out the best in them.5000-year-nativity-scene-egypt_2


Reverse Advent Calendar

As our theme for the term is compassion, Year 5 thought that it would be great to be compassionate this festive season. We have made a reverse Advent calendar, where instead of taking something everyday – we are giving. The children (and parents!) have been so completely generous it is fantastic to see! We are bringing in donations for the food bank, as well as toiletries, toothbrushes etc. The two boxes we had are full already! If you have anything to donate, please do so before Thursday, when it will be collected by the food bank.

We have been working hard writing stories about Baba Yaga, a famous Russian fairytale witch. In Maths, we have been finding and calculating area and perimeter.


Christmas is coming

As we enter the last week of term it really is beginning to feel a bit like Christmas, especially when we watched the infants’ nativity play on Monday. They were awesome and we really enjoyed seeing our siblings and friends perform so well.


In class we have been working hard to adapt our warning stories; we have looked at other dangers of where we shouldn’t play and why. The stories are set at the beach, in caves, mines and swimming pools. They are really coming together.


On Friday last week the children certainly enjoyed showing off their topic books. It was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents coming into class, the children always love it.


On Thursday the children will be making Christmas tree decorations and we need buttons. If you have any spare colourful buttons please bring them in to school for Thursday.


Have an excellent Christmas and a fabulous 2018.

Born in a Barn

Today, all of us received the Certificate of Achievement for our wonderful performances of Born in a Barn. I hope you all enjoyed watching us act as much as we enjoyed performing to you…