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27th April 2018 – Vikings

Year 6 have done lots of work on their new topic of Vikings this week. We have discovered that the famous stories of warriors and fighting only tell part of the story of this historical group. We have looked at their lives as settlers and explored some of their mythical stories. We have found out about their weapons and used this to write non-chronological reports which look beautifully presented. We have also used their longships as inspiration for some artwork which uses water colours and tissue paper to develop the colours of the sea.

Is it really the summer term?

I can’t believe we have been back to school for two weeks already, time is flying by. The last two weeks have been really busy.  We have been exploring our new topic: the Tudors. The children have been learning songs about the wives of Henry VIII, creating a family tree for the Tudors, designing their own coats of arms as well as finding out what type of clothes the Tudors wore.

On Friday we all enjoyed a fantastic science experiment to find out how our digestive systems work. Some of the children loved it, others felt a little off colour especially by the end!

On Friday we have our class assembly. The children will be working on this over the coming week. I hope you will all be able to make it.


Mr Halliwell.



On Monday we noticed that pirates had been in the classroom and taken our treasure chest! Luckily they left a note and a map for each of us, showing us where they had buried it. We looked at the map and found that X marked the spot in Forest School. We learnt that, to read a map, you have to imagine you are a bird flying over the school because a map gives an “aerial” view of the school.

Once we got to Forest School, we found the treasure chest and it was full of………….gold chocolate coins!

Lily counted them out because she found the treasure chest, which was just behind the swing, and there were 40 coins. We all had one each and there were 10 left over.




Coding, sunshine and Maths.

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks since returning from our Easter break. Last week, the sun made a little appearance, so we were able to take a break from our hard work test out the new, amazing play area in the Infant playground.

Back in the classroom, we have been busy working with decimals: adding and subtracting them, working out complements to 1 and making decimal number sequences. We love investigating ! We used numicon to help us, which was ace!

In English, we’ve been writing some amazing ‘timeshift’ stories. We are now editing and publishing them, we are really proud of them.

We have begun to code our own games using Scratch. We have found out how to drag and drop the blocks and to change the variables. It was tricky but we enjoyed it!

Our new topic: Africa & Asia

We have had great fun with learning ‘Jambo Bwana’ with Mrs Booth. Some of us already knew the lyrics because we had learnt it as a Topic homework task. Josh even typed up the lyrics to stick into his Topic book. Here is the YouTube link if you fancy listening to the song and learning it…

In English, we have been looking at Handa’s Surprise as inspiration for our writing. We have all thoroughly enjoyed it and are looking forward to our next text.

In Maths, we have been learning to tell the time. The children are all secure with o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to the hour. We have been pausing during the day at random 5 minute intervals  to tell the time.

In Science, we have been sorting objects into the categories:  dead, alive or never been alive. In addition to this we’ve been looking at plants and animals out in Forest School.

As part of our Topic work, we’ve learnt about Nelson Mandela and have compared the life of a child in London and a child in Tokyo.