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Sports enrichment week

What a fantastic week it has been! We have made some lovely memories…

I certainly had a lot of fun! My favourite part was definitely Go Bananas because I felt like a child again. What was your favourite part of the week?


Year 3 27th April

We have had a busy start to the term in Year 3.


We have kicked off our new topic of the Ancient Greeks by learning about where ‘Ancient’ Greece sits on a History timeline.  We then ordered key events from Ancient Greece in chronological order.  We will continue adding to this as we go through our unit of work.  We also learned where Greece is on a map, which continent it is on and the fact that it also includes lots of islands.  This week we had some fun trying to order and say the Greek alphabet.  We then compared it with our own and found that there are some letters which look similar to ours and some which look very different.  We also found that there are some letters in our alphabet which are not in the Greek alphabet.  We finished our language work by looking at English words which come from Greek.  We used our SPaG knowledge to discuss Greek prefixes and suffixes.  We also explored how the Ancient Greeks wrote their numbers.  We compared this to the Roman number system and our own Arabic number system.  We found that it was similar to Romans because they both used symbols instead of digits that we recognise, however it was different because in the Greeks you can have the same symbol up to 4 times in a row, whereas Romans was only 3.


In English we have been continuing our work on portal stories, based on our model text ‘Stone Age Boy’.  Next week we are going to be planning our own portal stories before starting to write them.


We have also been continuing with our DT sessions at Archway.  In Cooking we made honey cookies this week – they were delicious!! In woodwork, we are working on an ongoing project where we are making clothes pegs out of MDF, pine and acrylic.  We will be finishing our wood work next week so look out for us bringing our projects home!