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Challenging ourselves

In Year 6 this week we have been pushing and challenging ourselves to keep going at a task and building our resilience.

In Maths, this took the form of an NRich maths challenge, set by mathematicians at Cambridge University. It was lovely to see the children rising to the challenge, not giving up and engaging in some great mathematical chat.

In English, our we’ve been writing explanation texts. We’ve explained how electricity is made, explained how Wallace and Gromit’s crazy contraptions work and have started to design our own ‘Teacher Pleaser’ machine, which we will be writing about next week.

In Topic, the children were fascinated to learn how much food  each adult was allowed to buy during the Second World War. Next week, we will be making our own bomb shelter models.

12th October

This week we have been adapting our own Pokemon reports. Here is the class version…

Miss Ward has been challenging us to improve our vocabulary choices. We have been inspirational and have been starting to choosing more ambitious words in our writing.

In Maths clinic we have been playing our dice games to improve our rapid recall of number bonds to 10 and 20. Also, double facts. In addition to this, we have been trying to beat our top scores on hit the button…. Our new favourite game.





Long division and diaries

Year 6 have been working so hard! They making Mrs Panton and Mrs Mclellan really proud. In Maths, we have worked on our division skills: we began with looking at the short written method for dividing and have moved on to long division. The children have shown amazing resilience as we’ve learnt a new skill. It might take a while, but the satisfaction we’re getting from solving problems is worth it!

In English, we have completed our end of unit ‘hot task’ – writing a fictional diary entry of a German girl during World War 2. The children wrote some amazingly powerful and mature extracts. We look forward to you seeing them at parent’s evening.

In Science, we’ve been building circuits and learning about current and volatage and in Computing we have been looking at what the Internet is and how it works. We watched the short film “A Packet’s Tale” which shows how information travels around the world.


5th October

On Monday morning, we set off to Sainbury’s bakery. We enjoyed learning about how bread and cakes are made. Katie explained how the machines have special attachments in case of a fire.

Here we are back at school making ‘Great Fire of London’ cakes…

This week, we have started our new English unit on Pokemon. Here is our Pikachu report. Why don’t you ask us to retell it to you at home?

In Maths clinic, we have been playing some super cool dice games. This is what you do:

1.) Get a 0-9 sided dice ( You can play with a 6 sided dice too!)

2.) Roll the dice.

3.) Shout out the number bond that matches to make 10. ( e.g. if you roll a 6 shout out 4)

The other game is to shout out what double that number is. ( e.g. if you roll a 6 shout out 12)

‘Hit the button’ number bonds has been set for Maths homework this week. You can play to 10, 20 or 100.