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The last hurdle…

What a busy couple of weeks it has been!

In English, we have been planning our adapted story based on Pie Corbett’s ‘Gussie goes bonkers.’ Next week we will be writing our versions. In Maths, we have been revisiting fractions. In Music, we have been learning and rehearsing our Graduation songs. In Science, we have been thinking about how to stay fit and healthy.  In PE, we have been continuing to improve our hand eye coordination in tennis rounders.

On Wednesday, the children had a lovely day with Miss Beebee for their transition day.

Next Friday 20th July Year 2 will be having an Infant Graduation Ceremony. Family members are invited to attend in the hall from 2pm onwards. The children are all very excited to celebrate their past couple of years with you. There will be singing, sharing of books, individual certificates for all children and obviously the children will be wearing mortarboards! 

St Matthew’s Got Talent!

We have had an incredibly exciting week in Year 6 this week. This week we have performed our class play 3 times to both the whole school and a family audience. The children showed a huge range of different talents and skills and blew us all away!

St Matthew’s Got Talent

This week, the Year 6 children have started their “intense” rehearsals for our end of year play. On such a hot, sweaty week, they have worked really hard to put all of their rehearsal pieces together on stage. Other children in the school have been wondering what’s been going on with the all the different noises that have been coming from the hall. They will have to wait for our dress rehearsal to find out more…


Over the past couple of weeks we have learnt a lot about our topic.

In English, we are currently reading ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We have written lots of about text so far: poems, letters and diary entries.

Here is a video link:- https://www.bbc.com/education/clips/z878q6f

We are totally loving our end of the day reads and can’t wait to find our what happens next.

Image result for the iron man

Did you know that technology has changed loads over the past 50 years? The way we travel, communicate and shop have all changed. So have our home comforts, appliances and entertainment. Just think about it! Toys have also changed dramatically over the past 50 years just take a look below.


We have been learning an interesting song called ‘I’m a friendly robot’.

Here is the video link:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hilKzY_0euY




Image result for legoland




Dragons Den in Year 6

The Year 6 class are now well underway with their business projects for the Enterprise project. They had a “Dragon’s Den” experience with a real-life bank manager where they had to pitch their products and business plan to see if they were approved a loan. Although some groups had a rocky start with this, they all ended up with some money to start up their business in the end. They have started to produce adverts and logos to create a brand for their businesses. Their next step is to start buying and making their products. Miss Szarko is a very enthusiastic taste tester to make sure the quality of the product is up to scratch!

Sports enrichment week

What a fantastic week it has been! We have made some lovely memories…

I certainly had a lot of fun! My favourite part was definitely Go Bananas because I felt like a child again. What was your favourite part of the week?


Year 3 27th April

We have had a busy start to the term in Year 3.


We have kicked off our new topic of the Ancient Greeks by learning about where ‘Ancient’ Greece sits on a History timeline.  We then ordered key events from Ancient Greece in chronological order.  We will continue adding to this as we go through our unit of work.  We also learned where Greece is on a map, which continent it is on and the fact that it also includes lots of islands.  This week we had some fun trying to order and say the Greek alphabet.  We then compared it with our own and found that there are some letters which look similar to ours and some which look very different.  We also found that there are some letters in our alphabet which are not in the Greek alphabet.  We finished our language work by looking at English words which come from Greek.  We used our SPaG knowledge to discuss Greek prefixes and suffixes.  We also explored how the Ancient Greeks wrote their numbers.  We compared this to the Roman number system and our own Arabic number system.  We found that it was similar to Romans because they both used symbols instead of digits that we recognise, however it was different because in the Greeks you can have the same symbol up to 4 times in a row, whereas Romans was only 3.


In English we have been continuing our work on portal stories, based on our model text ‘Stone Age Boy’.  Next week we are going to be planning our own portal stories before starting to write them.


We have also been continuing with our DT sessions at Archway.  In Cooking we made honey cookies this week – they were delicious!! In woodwork, we are working on an ongoing project where we are making clothes pegs out of MDF, pine and acrylic.  We will be finishing our wood work next week so look out for us bringing our projects home!

27th April 2018 – Vikings

Year 6 have done lots of work on their new topic of Vikings this week. We have discovered that the famous stories of warriors and fighting only tell part of the story of this historical group. We have looked at their lives as settlers and explored some of their mythical stories. We have found out about their weapons and used this to write non-chronological reports which look beautifully presented. We have also used their longships as inspiration for some artwork which uses water colours and tissue paper to develop the colours of the sea.

Is it really the summer term?

I can’t believe we have been back to school for two weeks already, time is flying by. The last two weeks have been really busy.  We have been exploring our new topic: the Tudors. The children have been learning songs about the wives of Henry VIII, creating a family tree for the Tudors, designing their own coats of arms as well as finding out what type of clothes the Tudors wore.

On Friday we all enjoyed a fantastic science experiment to find out how our digestive systems work. Some of the children loved it, others felt a little off colour especially by the end!

On Friday we have our class assembly. The children will be working on this over the coming week. I hope you will all be able to make it.


Mr Halliwell.



On Monday we noticed that pirates had been in the classroom and taken our treasure chest! Luckily they left a note and a map for each of us, showing us where they had buried it. We looked at the map and found that X marked the spot in Forest School. We learnt that, to read a map, you have to imagine you are a bird flying over the school because a map gives an “aerial” view of the school.

Once we got to Forest School, we found the treasure chest and it was full of………….gold chocolate coins!

Lily counted them out because she found the treasure chest, which was just behind the swing, and there were 40 coins. We all had one each and there were 10 left over.