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This week we have started designing, building and painting our models of emergency vehicles. We are all at various stages but hope to have them finished, and photographed for our topic books for Monday!

We have used many different sized boxes and used our cutting, gluing and measuring skills to make them look like vehicles. Lots of us are doing army tanks and air ambulances as well as fire engines and police cars.



We had a really wonderful trip to Cadbury World, on Monday, to launch our new topic: Chocolate.

The children were full of excitement as we travelled up the M5 to Birmingham. After arriving, and had been handed free chocolate, we toured the exhibition- learning where chocolate comes from and something about its history. We then watched a film about the Cadbury family and looked around where chocolate is made. Then we got a pot of tasting chocolate and could add things like marshmallows or popping candy to it!

Then we looked at advertising and packaging through the ages!

After lunch and a play in the amazing play area, we went to watch the 4D film: it was incredible!




The best thing about the day was the children’s behaviour. They made myself and Mrs Mclellan really proud. Members of the public commented on how well behaved and kind they were.

What a wonderful start to our topic!

The Magic Box

We have been learning this poem by Kit Wright and this week we published our fantastic poems.

Image result for The Magic Box By Kit Wright

Here are some of the things we will put into our Magic Box:


I will put in the box….

a green sandwich (Aeryn)

a kitchen disco (Caitlin)

a rainbow chicken (William)

a cardigan with wings (Bella)

a talking mustache (Rhyleigh)

a blue sun (Evie-Mai)

some blue fire (Seb)

a dancing head (Isaac)

a talking chair (Ellie)

a sixth finger (Ray)

Hermione’s box is made of cloud, Ray’s box is made of  sunlight and Lily’s box is made of teeth.


STEM enrichment week

We have really enjoyed our STEM week. Today we had LEGO in the hall and we all built brilliant models and worked in teams. We also learnt how to code on the Ipads and laptops, with Y4 as our teachers.

STEM week in Year 6

Wow – we have come to the end of another fabulous Enrichment week; this time with a focus on STEM. STEM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and we have undertaken some great projects this week that have challenged us and really made us think.

On Monday we had a visit from Dr Harrison from Bristol University who talked to us about Chemistry and showed us some of the really cool reactions that take place when chemicals are mixed. We learnt about reversible and irreversible reactions, where new materials are created.

On Tuesday we worked with an ICT teacher from Marling. We coded and programmed controllable buggies, using the ‘Crumble’ software to create sequences of code for our buggy to follow. On Tuesday afternoon we had a teacher from ‘the problem solving company’ who brought loads of huge, hands-on puzzles and problems for us to solve.

On Wednesday we took part in a wind powered vehicle challenge which involved us working in teams to create a vehicle that could be driven by a fan. We had to buy materials with virtual money and then test and improve our design as we went.

And last but not least,…… on Friday we were visited by an Engineer from a local engineering company called Nov.com. He told us all about his job as an engineer and how he became and engineer after leaving school.

It has been a brilliant, hands-on week and we have really had a chance to think about some of our growth mindset skills such as teamwork and investigation.

We can’t wait for our trip to London next week where we will visit the Science museum and Natural history museum to continue our STEM adventure!!

What a super scientific entertaining enrichment week!

In year 4 the children have really enjoyed their STEM week. We have seen amazing teamwork when working with year 3 when we built our wind power cars and bridges with spaghetti!


In class the science has continued with the children turning solid into liquid and then solid again. Some even found it tasty when it turned out to be jelly. As a class, we also tried to make a liquid that acts like a solid by making a slime using corn flour!


I think this week has certainly uncovered some scientists, engineers and mathematicians in year 4. It has been brilliant!


STEM week excitement!


 We have had a wonderful, exciting, knowledge and problem solving sort of week: it’s been our STEM week. On Monday, we were visited by Tim Harrison, a Chemistry professor from Bristol University. He wowed us with experiments about gases around us. We loved it and learnt so much!

On Tuesday, we were lucky to have Miss Lodge from Marling School who came to show us some electrical engineering and problem solving. We had to put a circuit together and use the Crumble board to control a buggy.  We showed a lot of concentration, perseverance and resilience when things didn’t go completely to plan!

On Wednesday, Sarah from STEMworks came in to help us to make and design wind powered cars. After we had made them, we had races.

All in all, we had a great week of discovery!

Reading Buddies

This week the Year 6 children have really enjoyed setting up a new scheme with the Year 1 class. They are now Reading Buddies, twice a week, with a Year 1 child to support their reading. They are taking this responsibility very seriously and are doing a great job! The Year 1 children are very excited to see their older visitors and it will be lovely to see their confidence and reading ability to grow.

Year 3 19/01/18

We have had a great week in Year 3.


In English we have been busy learning our story of Robin Hood.  We now know the text really well and have spent the week exploring it in more detail.  We have explored the language used, the features of Rags to Riches stories and even started writing the sequel!

In Maths we have been exploring division and the different methods we can use to solve 2 digit numbers divided by 1 digit numbers.  We have looked at sharing, arrays and partitioning.  Although some of them are quite tricky, we have had to be resilient and just keep trying and now we are really starting to get the hang of it.

In Science this week we explored what we mean by the term healthy balanced diet.  We learned about the 5 main food groups and how it is important to eat a balanced amount of each group.  We then started a daily food diary, where we tracked the school hot dinners.  Luckily, they provide a good balance of all 5 food groups each day! 🙂

Diaries, division and forces.

It’s been a busy few weeks in Year 5. In Maths, we have been working on our standard written methods of long multiplication and division. It’s been tricky, but we’ve been persevering. It’s great to see the children enjoying their successes and feeling confident to ‘have a go’.

English sessions this week have brought tears to our eyes, as we’ve been working hard to imagine how passengers on the Titanic felt. We wrote diary entries, some of which were amazing; containing ambitious vocabulary and ideas. We then edited and published them to put into our topic books.

We are looking forward to the STEM week (beginning on 29th January) as Science is one of our favourite things. This week, we’ve been continuing our work on forces, looking at water resistance, gravity and upthrust. Our challenge was to design a boat which could balance weight and upthrust so it could float, carrying as many marbles as possible.


Dragon Fever

This week we performed our dragon report to Y4 and they were very impressed. 

They would like us to return to show them our written reports, which we started on Thursday and will finish on Monday. We are publishing them, like real books, with a front cover and a back cover.


In maths we have been learning how to add and how to subtract using numberlines. We are getting very good at marking our froggy jumps on the numberline, remembering to start on the right number and jump in the right direction.

We have also been learning the song “Puff the Magic Dragon” which we will hopefully learn in full to sing to parents at our assembly at the end of this term.


Our past couple of weeks …

We have been using money a lot in Maths this week and are starting to get to grips with how we can use different combinations of coins to make the same total. It would be brilliant if your child could help you this weekend when you are out shopping. Can they pay for items by totaling amounts?

We have been busy bees in English as we have been planning our adapted stories of The Tunnel. We have lots of new titles including: The Rabbit Hole, The Secret Door and The Puddle. Yesterday we retold our stories in preparation for writing them and today we started on our opening.

In Science, we have been looking at the different parts of plants and flowers and their jobs. In Geography, we have been looking at where we live and what it’s like as a place. In PE, we have been exploring different balances in gymnastics. In Computing, we have word processed our front cover pages for our Topic books. Finally, in Design Technology, we have been exploring different types of puppets and comparing them to see what kind of puppet we would like to make during our STEM enrichment week.

Several homework tasks come in recently especially the one which was to draw a map of your journey to school. It would be lovely to have some more coming in over the next few weeks.

Don’t forget it’s our class assembly next week…we literally can’t wait to share it with you!!!