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Welcome to Reception!


What a busy few weeks we have had in Reception! We have all been getting to know one another whilst settling in to our new classroom/outdoor area – with some help from Year 1.

We have been exploring and making things from boats, to baking mud pies and even creating our own funfair slide in the outdoor house! We have also enjoyed trying to beat the timer when we tidy up (we have managed to beat it most times so far… let’s keep it up!)

Last week, we enjoyed our first snack time and lunch time as a whole class. Both were very successful and the children are settling into their new routines well. This week, we are looking forward to having the children in full time – there’s lots of fun to be had!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience and co-operation over the last few weeks. As you know, this is my first class and like the children, I am also learning and getting used to new routines.

Miss Allen and the EYFS team

Redwood Trip on Tuesday 4th July

We had a lovely day in Redwood. The weather was just perfect. In the morning we walked through the woods to find our way round. We had lunch in the outdoor picnic area and then played in the meadow. We found creatures in the long grass. After lunch we build dens and searched for creatures using magnifying glasses.
Here are some photos of the day:

Umbareen explains “No pick, No lick, be careful with that stick”


Walking in the woods


This is a perfect sitting log!


Sitting up high in the dead tree


The adults helped us climb


We are having FUN!


Wriggly Worms


The big logs are great for jumping off


We liked rolling in the long grass and looking for creatures


Is it a grasshopper or a cricket?


We caught a moth and looked at it carefully


You can find lots of bugs under logs


Our den is awesome


We tried the sleeping competition on the coach ride home but it didn’t really work! We sang the wheels on the bus and the driver joined in, washing his wipers and honking the horn!

Thanks to all the parents who volunteered their help. Have a good weekend everyone.

Forest Fridays

We have been spending every Friday so far this term in Forest School- looking for caterpillars, making mud pies, hiding in dens (which are hard for teachers to get into!) swinging on the swing and climbing trees. We have also had our snack in Forest School. We stick to the rules “No Pick, No Lick, Be careful with that Stick”. On Monday, when it was very hot, we spent the morning there too so that the new Reception children could have a story with their new teacher. We were lucky- Forest School was the coolest part of school…..in so many ways! Here are some photos of us:

Mmmm mud pies

Hiding in our super hideout

Look what lives under a log

What can you see from the top of the tree?

Magnified minibeasts


On Thursday, we learnt how to brush our teeth. We also learnt why we need to brush them- to stop plaque making nasty holes in our teeth. We also need to keep our baby teeth clean for the tooth fairy. When our adult teeth come through, they’re the only ones we will have for the rest of our life. Did you know you must brush for 2 mins? We practised.

Brushing together in the boys toilets

Some of us have electric toothbrushes


Parents are warmly invited to join us on Friday afternoon from 2-3pm in Forest School to play and maybe push us on the swing for the open afternoon. Spread the word!

Elderflower fever!

We all had a role to play

This week we made elderflower cordial in class. Our homework over the half term was to find Elderflower bushes locally and we all participated in this well.

First we had to read the recipe and weighed and measured out the ingredients. We all helped with different stages- dissolving the sugar, sorting and counting the flowers, grating the lemon rind and slicing the lemons. Then we had to leave it to stand overnight and the next day we all had a taste!

Reading the recipe

Adding the flowers

Getting rid of the leaves

Grating the lemon rind

Our new topic is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We found a caterpillar on the elderflower leaves! We will start to learn the story next week.


Thanks to everyone who came to watch our class assembly today. The children really enjoyed performing for you and we were so proud of them!

Sports Enrichment week

We had a fantastically active week last week. We had lots of gos on the inflatable climbing frame and slide, we had several climbs on the Digi Wall and of course we went bouncing at Jumptastic!


We had to take our shoes off first and get into teams.


This week we had Sports Day and it was very, very hot but we all worked well as teams and really enjoyed the giant running race at the end in our teams. It was very close but Green Team Rowling won overall!


Thanks to all the parents who supported their children at Sports Day. Have a great half term and see you all in June. Remember we have an INSET day on the Monday!

Mrs Armstrong, Mrs Strachan, Mrs Russell and Miss Partridge.

They sent me a puppy. He was perfect, I kept him!

Today we had a special visitor in Rowan class, Ziggy, the puppy. Rhyleigh’s dog has had lots of puppies and his mum brought in one of them to show the class. We asked questions about what he ate, if he could go out for a walk (not yet) and if he bites! Junior told us he does growl. Everyone had a chance to hold him if they wanted to.


Rachel explained how old the puppy was and how to care for him

He was nice to stroke

We had a special blanket on our lap

The puppy was in the reading corner

Mrs Russell caught Ziggy when he got under the sofa!


He was a very calm puppy

He was fluffy 

We have learnt how to tell our story Dear Zoo and some of us have been adapting it, using different animals. Some of us have been choosing other animals to have as a perfect pet, at the end of the story, like an owl, a snake, a koala bear!


Have a good weekend.

Welly walk and Knex

We went on a Spring Welly Walk. We looked for signs of spring and ticked them off on our clipboards. We worked with a partner. We walked through Victory Park, along the canal and crossed several bridges. We saw a mummy swan sleeping in her big nest just next to the canal. We had to be very quiet not to disturb her as she was keeping her eggs warm. Soon they will hatch!

We held hands and crossed roads.

We walked safely alongside the canal in our pairs.

 We walked across many bridges and we listened to our feet crossing!

What can you see?

We saw lots of blossom and daffodils and wrote on our checklists.


Can you see the swan sleeping in her nest?


Recently lots of children have become interested in KNEX and this has helped us learn about symmetry- making our constructions the same, in colour and shape, on both sides with a line of symmetry down the centre. We have been really enjoying doing this and we have a small display of our creations up in the maths corner.

Symmetry display in the classroom

A work in progress…….

2 symmetrical and identical constructions!


Because of our interest as a class in KNEX, we teamed up with Y5 on the last day of term to make a construction strong enough to carry a heavy Easter egg across the hall! Each team was successful!

Some of us worked with our siblings

The teachers helped discuss our ideas with us.

Finally…….. we visited the Life Bus for the first time! This was very exciting and we met Harold, who wanted our ideas for helping him when he felt sad. We learnt a lot about the organs in our bodies and how to stay healthy.

Thank you Harold!

Happy Easter everyone and see you on the 24th for Whitsun term!


Marching on in March


Some of the girls invented this game and experimented with distance- how far away could they jump into the green tray? It’s been lovely having some sunshine outside this week, even though it has been cold.

We have really enjoyed scooting and cycling to school this week for The Big Pedal. OF course on Wednesday we nearly all came by wheels- 27 of us plus the teacher! We had a wet Whizzy Wednesday but we enjoyed it- scooting and cycling through puddles is very fun!

On Tuesday some of us made cupcakes with Mrs McLellan and then- got to take them home! They smelt lovely! We weighed out our ingredients and counted out the eggs.

Shhhhhh- don’t tell! We have secretly been making Mother’s Day cards this week. The children have chosen their own designs and hopefully will remember to give them to mums on Sunday. IF not- check their bookbags!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Whizzy Wednesdays

Whizzy Wednesdays are now fully under way. Everyone is very good at remembering to bring helmets, bikes and scooters on a Wednesday. In the morning we park them in the performance area in the infant playground (with some help from Y2s!) and then get whizzing in the afternoon. We also end the afternoon with some optional races. Have a look at some good whizzing here:

World Book Day was fun. We came to school dressed as a book character and took part in the book swap in the morning, where we chose a free book to keep.

Here we all are in our fab costumes! Harvey took the photos!

Look out for information soon about our Spring Welly Walk!

The Rowan class Team- Mrs A, Mrs R, Miss P and Mrs S


World Book Day- Relax and Read

World Book Day was a big event this year at St Matthew’s. We had our usual dressing up as a book character, with some truly fabulous costumes; our yearly Book swap in the hall in the morning where children bring a book they don’t want anymore and swap it for one they do, a Win Win situation with everyone going home with a free book. Then, later, we did something a bit different. We hosted an event called Relax and Read in the hall and you supported it brilliantly. Thanks to everyone who came, it was a great success!

We transformed the hall into a calm, cosy reading space, with sofas, low lighting and cushions. Thanks to the PTA who served hot chocolate, tea and coffee to everyone- we didn’t have one spilt cup! Thanks to Woody, Miss Smith, Miss Szarko, Mrs Burrows and Mrs Griffin for helping with setting up and serving hot drinks. Thanks to the teachers and TAs who helped by bringing rugs, cushions and loaning out their classroom sofas!

Here are some photos of parents and grandparents reading with children. I think they capture the magic of the afternoon.


First week back

We have had a great first week back. We have been playing well with each other and enjoying being outside in the warmer sunshine this week.

On Friday we had a special visitor called Jack Rutter. He did some fitness training with us in the hall and a great assembly all about his role as a para-Olympian Footballer. He plays for England!

He made us work hard!

On Friday afternoon we had buddy time. We haven’t had Buddy time for a while so it was really lovely to play with our Year 2 buddies again.

Working together


Chatting in the sunshine

Next week we are having our Class photo taken on Tuesday and we will be starting Whizzy Wednesdays! Don’t forget your helmets! Enjoy the weekend

The Rowan team

Hideouts, monkey bars and lots of stories

This past week, the playhouse was turned into a secret hideout and the children had spy books, which were top secret. The purple blanket was used as a curtain to hide behind and inside (below) children wrote in their spy books. They made plans and wrote lists of baddies.

Recently we have been enjoying some good number songs. We have a favourite, which shows numbers 1-10 playing in the park, sliding down a slide and driving a car. We love to dance to it at the end of number time.

Every Thursday we visit the Adventure Playground in the Juniors. We find the monkey bars quite challenging. Some of us can hang, some of us can move across them.


Every day we act out a story that someone has invented. Now we are more confident with our phonics, we are writing some of the words in the stories. We keep them in our Special books and we now have 2 class books full of stories!


Next Friday we are having a Rapunzel dressing up day- details to follow!



This week we had our second ever Forest School. Mr Pritchard had 13 cuddly animals (we counted them) he wanted us to make homes for. We also took turns on the rope swing, made mud pies and lots of us hid under the leaves, of which there were so very many! Mr Pritchard had built a shelter because rain was forecast, but in the end it was fine- but chilly!




Hiding under the leaves

On Thursday we couldn’t play in our outside area because Mr Dallison and his helpers spent all day painting our sheds, the bench under the tree and the fences. It now looks lovely and colourful and we made them a big thank you card the next day.On Remembrance Day we made ourselves poppies and watched the Cbeebies film about the war and why we remember with poppies. Harry made this poppy for Mrs Armstrong.Jpeg At the end of each day recently we have been acting out stories that the children have invented. Every day someone has a turn to invent a story and a grown up will write it for them. They then choose the characters and act it out to the class.  We sit in a story circle and perform for everyone.JpegHave a good weekend!The Rowan class team

Elmer day


All of us

We ended this first term at school with our Elmer day. Here we all are dressed as colourful elephants and if you look closely you might be able to see our patchwork face paints. Elmer sent smarties to us from the jungle to eat at snack time because they are multi coloured like he is. Chloe wrote a story about Elmer which we acted out at the end of the day.We have had a fabulous term, learning the story of Elmer and learning many new sounds. We are very proud of the children, how well they have settled, how well they play with each other and how keen they are to learn new things. We look forward to an equally enjoyable Advent term, during which we will be starting PE and Forest School.Have a lovely holiday with lots of family time and lots of rest!The Rowan Class Team

Welly Walk!

On Thursday we went on a Autumn welly walk. We put our wellies on and went looking for signs of autumn. We found some beautiful leaves, a birds nest! some sticks and seeds.




We held hands with a partner

JpegWe also found a Rowan tree, which is the name of our class! JpegJpegWe had a play in the adventure playground at the end.Jpeg This week the children have all mostly been full time and coping really well. We had buddy time with the Y2s today and their buddies looked after them really well.Don’t forget- Parents’ evening next week. Have a good weekend!The Rowan class Team.   

First Buddy Time

Today we had our first Buddy time with the Y2s. Some of us remember getting a letter in the post during the summer holidays from our buddy. The Y2s were so excited to meet us and next week they will be looking after us in the big playground after lunch. It will be so nice to have an older child to look after us and to help us when we play out after our lunch.Here are some lovely buddy photos from this morning:


High 5


Kitchen buddies


It is such fun making mud soup


Pony friendsJpeg


Ipads in Y2 classroom


I can help you


We both have the same name!


I love my buddy


In Y2 together


We made pancakes


Let’s build together


We help each other


My buddy is reading to me


Let’s decorate the cakes with leaves


We are playing outside togther

 JpegNext week the children will be having free hot lunches, if they choose. We are asking parents to indicate their child’s choice of meal on a clipboard before the school day starts. We gave you a menu in your child’s bookbag today so hopefully you can help them make their choices with them at home. We will be looking after them during their first few lunches to make sure they are happy.Have a great weekend and see everyone on Monday!The Rowan class team

Our first days in school!

What a lovely week we have had! Just take a look at these photos of us getting to know each other, our classroom and ‘garden’, as we call it!


Three on the bus!


Farm friends


Digger in the sand


Dirty water!


Going shopping with the babies


Making marks


Soup for dinner!


Fixing the pipes


Mummies and their baby animals


Mud kitchen mania


Singing for an audience


Dolls house


Fixing the tractor’s steering wheel


Police on a bike!


Wearing a baby


Reading with Mrs Russell


Jumping and balancing


Careful colouring


The hose is fun




What happens if I do this?



Next week we will be in again in our small groups until Friday, when we will all come in together for the morning, from 8.30- 12 noon. It will be exciting to be a whole class of 30 together for the first time!Enjoy the weekend!The Rowan class teamMrs Armstrong, Mrs Russell and Miss Partridge

Forest Friday

After our celebration assembly today we had Forest Friday all morning. We built a large den, climbed a small tree, swung on the swing, painted logs with water and mud, looked for little creatures, balanced on logs, played wolves, superheroes and zombies, hiding in the bushes. We had an apple and milk for snack outside and 2 blackbirds visited us just as we were sitting quietly in base camp.Jpeg


Carrying a log safely as a team


I’m the King of the Castle


More safe log carrying to build a den


Very confident tree climbing


I can do it


What can you see from the top of the tree?

After lunch we had our two focus pupil talks from Oscar and Toby. Harry Poole got the *Certificate of Achievement* for showing such perseverance daily in writing out his Hold a Sentence. He always finishes, even if it takes a long time.Parents are invited next Friday to join us for our last Forest Friday of the year! Do come if you can and look out for your invitation in your child’s bookbag soon.


Today we spent the day at Redwood. We had our snack on arrival, played in the meadow, climbed on trees and logs, went for a walk (looking for pictures from our topic story). We also built dens and looked at creatures in the pond during pond dipping. We found butterflies in the long grass. There was a LOT OF MUD in the woods! Here are some photos of our fab day.


Balancing on logs in the meadow!


The mud was super gloopy soupy


This is what wellies are for!






This tree was brilliant to sit on


Rowan class stars!

I wish I could post a photo of our class assembly here but I was too busy! But I was so impressed with the way they all confidently performed and smiled their way through it. I hope you managed to get some photos or even film some of it. I have had several teachers tell me how much they enjoyed it and even some children from other classes. I hope you are proud of them- they have come such a long way. If you do have any photos, I would love to see them- you could post them on Evernote. Thanks.Today we had our first Forest Friday. We will be having Forest Fridays every Friday until the end of term after assembly and before lunch. went for a nature walk first of all, to see if we could find any caterpillars. We didn’t, but we found a lot of evidence they had been around- many holes in leaves. We did find several ladybirds which was exciting. We also found some elderflowers in the car park. We will be using these to make elderflower cordial next week. Look out for them along the canal path and have a smell of them- they smell lovely!


What fruit is growing on this tree?


What is this creature?


A ladybird!Jpeg


It smells like butterflies!

Finding elderflower bushes in the car park!

Some of the flowers are dying. The flowers are very small.


Digging and discovering

We are already learning our topic story and Lilly has already made her own story map, with some help from mum and dad and told her own version on our storytelling chair at the end of the day.JpegMaxie received the *****Certificate of Achievement**** today for his super recent progress in reading and writing.Enjoy the weekend!