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‘Get Active’ Enrichment Week

What a week we have had here at St Matthew’s!


Monday saw a KS1 Wheelie Day, some PE with Mr Szkrybieniec (learning all about how our bones are held together and which muscles we use for different things), Year 3/4 went bouncing off to Jumptastic and Yr 5/ 6 paddled off to South Cerney for a day of watersports.  We also saw the brand new (only one in the country!) Digi Wall arrive at St Matthews.  It is a climbing wall that lights up and has electromagnetic hand and foot holds, which enables you to play interactive games.


On Tuesday, it was the Year 3 and 4’s turn to go to South Cerney to take part in sailing, kayaking, Katakanus and raft building.  Year 5 and 6 went off to Jumptastic and were literally bouncing off the walls.  KS1 had PE sessions with Mr Marsland where they focussed on teamwork during games.  Year 5 and 6 also visited St Matthews Church to experience Pentecost.


Unfortunately on Wednesday the weather let us down and sports day was well and truly rained off.  However the classes still had lots of fun with more PE with Mr Szkrybieniec and more sessions on the Digi Wall.


Thursday we had the weather back on side as the wonderful Madagascar themed inflatable obstacle course turned up at school.  The classes had a blast racing each other through the course and sliding down the slide at the end.  The determination and enjoyment was really clear to see on all of their faces.  We also had more classes on the Digi Wall, some Rounders competitions between Yr 3 and 4 and a team building session with the Elite Commandos.


Friday we had our final go’s on the Digi Wall, we had a bit more Rounders in Year 6, some Football skills in Year 1 and a KS2 wheelie day.  KS2 had a ball racing each other on their wheels, even Mr Halliwell had a go!  The finale of the week was Aqua Zumba sessions for Year 4 and 5 led by Miss Beebee.  The children had great fun trying to complete some of the normal Zumba songs in the water, especially when they involved lots of splashing!


We all had an absolutely amazing week with the opportunity to take part in lots of sports/ activities that normally we wouldn’t.  It was wonderful to see so many children (and staff!) challenging their fears, getting involved and showing great Growth Mindset.  Their smiling faces and clear enthusiasm makes all the hard work worthwhile!

Gymnastics Level 2 Competition

6 children from Yr 3 and 4 represented the school brilliantly at the Level 2 School Games Gymnastics competition.

Theo (Yr 4) and Summer, Izzy, Kayla, Avery and Caitlin (Yr 3) did a beautiful job at their first ever Gymnastics competition.  The competition was designed for children who do not currently attend more than 1 hour of Gymnastics coaching per week.  They all had to perform a floor routine and were awarded marks for how well they performed each move.  Some of the moves included forwards roll, backwards roll, press ups and cartwheel.

Here are some pictures of the event…


Jack Rutter!!!

Wow! What an exciting morning.  Today we had an amazing visit from ex-premier league and current captain of the Paralympic Cerebral Palsy Football Team Jack Rutter.  He worked with every class, before doing a whole school assembly, it was a great morning and he demonstrated our Growth Mindset ethos beautifully!  Here are some of the highlights…

Year 5/6 Netball Tournament 11/11/16

This afternoon, 7 Year 5/6’s came to Stratford Park to play in the Year 5/6 Netball tournament with schools from all over the Stroud District.We had 4 games in our group of the tournament:St Matts v Minchinhampton – 4 v 0.St Matts v Leonard Stanley – 0 v 4.St Matts v Birdlip – 4 v 0.St Matts v Calowell – 2 v 0. This meant that overall:5th – Birdlip4th – Minch.3rd – Calowell.2nd – St Matts1st – Leonard Stanley.The top two schools from each group go through to the finals in 3 weeks time.  Keep your eyes peeled for the results!After the tournament had finished, we then played some friendly games, using what we had learnt.St Matts v Leonard Stanley – 1 v 3.St Matts v Minchinhampton – 3 v 0.St Matts v Birdlip – 3 v 0.St Matts v Calowell A team – 0 v 3.What a successful afternoon, 5 out of 8 games won!  Well done to: Sean, Thomas, Emma, Gracie, Lara, Leona and Emily.

Netball Friendlies

Over the past few weeks we have played three Netball friendlies. Firstly, a team of 6 Year 5/6 girls and a team of 7 Year 5/6 boys went up to Calowell for a friendly match.The girls lost 4 v 1, but learnt a lot over the game.  By the end, their skills were really starting to improve!  Well done to Lara, Leona, Gracie, Emily, Felicity and Emma.20161031_163311   At the same time, the boys were busy playing their match.  They won 3 v 2!  It was a really close game and there were some well matched players from both teams.  Well done boys: Charlie, Thomas, Sean, Jack, Max, Elias and Solly.20161031_162805 At the start of this week, our Year 4’s had their first ever Netball match.  They played so well, worked brilliantly as a team and learnt absolutely tonnes from the game.  We look forward to seeing them out more and more!  We had possession of the ball for the majority of the game and kept the ball at our shooting end.  However, lots of unlucky shots from us, and one very lucky shot from Callowell we lost 2 v 1.  Huge well done to Ellie, Tayla, Kyesha, Tom and Alfie.20161108_111948

Active Kids Vouchers

Over the summer holidays we have had a very exciting delivery of things from Sainsbury’s.20160908_164338 20160908_165439 20160908_165453We ordered a variety of things which will add to school equipment we currently have.  We now have new saucepans, sieves, chopping boards, cake tins and weighing scales, to improve our cooking facilities. We also ordered some new small balls including 3 buckets of tennis balls, bean bags, skipping ropes and rounders balls, to enable more of us to be active at the same time in PE lessons. Finally, Mrs Bateman placed a large order of things to add to our playground games equipment.  She will be sorting it out and distributing it soon, so look out for it on the playground! Thank you to everyone for collecting the vouchers, they really do get us lots of great, FREE equipment!

Swimming Gala 15/07/2016

On Friday a team of 6 Year 5’s and 6 Year 6’s represented St Matthew’s brilliantly at the Stroud Schools Swimming Gala.  Their behaviour was fantastic and as always, we were by far the loudest school; cheering on every single team member in their races.  They were a credit to us!  The competition was tough and included some schools who swim much more than once a week.  This is the first time that St Matthew’s has competed in the Swimming gala in over 6 years, so we were thrilled to be there, whatever the outcome.  We also had illness and injury affecting the team and some last minute changes to the team and the races they were participating in, which everyone coped with extremely well.20160715_090957[1]Results in the heats:Girls Breastroke – Emily Kovac – 4thBoys Breastroke – Fin Hill – 3rdGirls Backstroke – Ruby Brook – 2ndBoys Backstroke – Harry Bunn – 4thGirls Front Crawl – Isobel Harper – 2ndBoys Front Crawl – Barney Nicholls – 2ndGirls Relay – Lucy Harrison (Backstroke), Ella-Mae Ahmad (Breastroke) and Eva Casey (Front Crawl) – 2ndBoys Relay – Sean McAllister (backstroke), Charlie Boulton (Breastroke) and Noah Wilkins (Front Crawl) – 3rdThe finals were then chosen by time.  The 4 fastest swimmers over the two heats were then in the finals.Girls Backstroke – Ruby Brook – 3rdGirls Front Crawl – Isobel Harper – 2ndBoys Front Crawl – Barney Nicholls – 2nd. Overall Results:8th – Gastrells7th – Nailsworth6th – St Matthew’s!5th – Rodborough4th – Leonard Stanley3rd – Chalford Hill2nd – King Stanley1st – MinchinhamptonWe are chuffed with that result for our first time in the gala in such a long time and it is shown us that our Swimming lessons are heading in exactly the right direction, with more lane swimming planned for the future!20160715_110904[1] 

District Sports – Track Events

Last week 27 children represented St Matthew’s at the final evening of District Sports.  They took part in a variety of running races, including individual races and relays.IMG_0617Year 3 Individual Races – Isabelle (9th), Tayla (4th), Jack (4th) and Archie (9th).IMG_0673      Year 4 Individual Races – Maddy (1st, final = 3rd), Ruby (2nd), Tyler (1st, final = 2nd) and Max (1st, final = 3rd)IMG_0685      Year 5 Individual Races – Leona (3rd), Lara (7th), Elias (6th) and Charlie (1st, final = 2nd).IMG_0674      Year 6 Individual Races – Eva (2nd, final = 1st), Ruby (1st, final = 2nd), Fin (3rd, final = 5th) and Toby (6th).IMG_0677      Junior Girls Relay Team – Izzy, Tayla, Maddy and Ruby – 5thIMG_0627      Junior Boys Relay Team – Solly, Tyler, Max and Theo – 1st, final = 1st!IMG_0634      Senior Girls Relay Team – Eva, Daisie, Lily and Emily – 5thIMG_0641      Senior Boys Relay Team – Fin, Toby, Elias and Charlie – 5thIMG_0650        Junior Mixed Relay Team – Ellie, Emma, Billy and Dylan – 7thIMG_0656      Senior Mixed Relay Team – Ruby, Lara, Alfie and Ollie – 6thIMG_0682IMG_0670IMG_0642IMG_0630IMG_0628IMG_0620Overall we came 3rd!!  Well Done team St Matts (and as ever we were by far the loudest school!)IMG_0687IMG_0690

St Matthew’s staff Pretty Muddy Race For Life

On Saturday a group of 8 staff took part in the Race for Life, Pretty Muddy at Cheltenham racecourse.We started with a big warm up with people from across the county before heading off together. We encountered some fantastic obstacles on the way, slowly covering us in more and more mud. As well as the obstacles there were also people throwing buckets of mud at you, some of us avoided them quite well. Others weren’t quite so lucky… Miss Szarko.Final amount of team sponsorship is still to be calculated but we raised nearly £50 in donations into the buckets at school. Thank you for your help! We hope you enjoy our before and after pictures….20160709_104522 T shirts kindly ssponsored by Batemans Stroud, in return we all donated on their behalf! Thank you Mrs B!20160709_110816Team selfie…before!20160709_110946 20160709_110953 After…20160709_12382920160709_123849As you can tell from our faces, great fun was had by all! 

District Sports Day 1 – Throwing and Jumping

On Tuesday, 12 children from St Matthew’s represented our school in the throwing and jumping events as part of District Sports.  Our results from this event will be combined with our results this coming Tuesday at the Running events night.IMG_0551[1]Our jumping team:IMG_0547[1] Our throwing team: IMG_0543[1]Some of our jumpers in action:IMG_0578[1] IMG_0593[1] IMG_0581[1] IMG_0597[1] IMG_0600[1] IMG_0585[1]Some of our throwers in action:IMG_0602[1] IMG_0586[1]Look out for our results next week!

Year 5 and 6 Cricket Tournament

Today I took 10 children from Year 5 and 6 to the Kwik Cricket tournament at Stroud Cricket Club.We played two games.Our first was against Miserden, where we won with a great score difference!Our second game was against Whitminster.  It was a really close game and we really closed the gap in the last two overs.  Unfortunately it wasn’t quite enough and we were 10 points down.  This loss meant that we didn’t go through to the finals but we had all played well we so we were proud of ourselves anyway!100_2263 100_2272 100_2299 100_2309 100_2315 100_2319 100_2321 100_2323 100_2327 100_2328

‘Get Active’ Enrichment Week – May 2016

Wow! What a week!  The children must be exhausted by now, I know I certainly am.  This week has seen the whole school taking part in a huge variety of different sporting activities and challenges.KS2 South CerneyThe children took part in a range of activities including sailing, canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and windsurfing.IMG_0662 IMG_0635 IMG_0616 20160516_101829 100_2208 100_2189 100_2182 100_2163Whole School JumptasticOver the week the whole school visited Jumptastic.  All the children had brilliant fun bouncing and were certainly tired at the end of the hour!IMG_4531 IMG_1138



 KS1 Wheelie DayThe infants all brought in their scooters, bikes and heelies to wheel around the playground.


100_3023 100_3016Yr 2 RowingYear 2 had an afternoon learning how to use the rowing machines with Mr Pritchard.IMG_4496There have also been lots of PE lessons going on over the week with class teachers.IMG_1262 100_3036Year 1 and 2 PE with Miss BeebeeYear 1 and 2 had a fun and games session with me.  We played the pirate game, volcanoes and craters, target throw, tennis, relays and hurdles.IMG_0985 IMG_0929 IMG_0917 IMG_0914 IMG_0898 IMG_0828 IMG_0815 IMG_0685Year 2 and 3 Cheerleading/ AerobicsThe two classes had a session with Louise Sweetland.  They did Zumba, Cheerleading and Aerobics.IMG_4501 IMG_1162Whole School Inflatable Obstacle CourseOn Friday there was a great buzz around the school as the 52ft obstacle course arrived.IMG_1180 IMG_1173 IMG_0397 Yr 1 – 6 Climbing WallAll of the children showed great courage and determination as they scaled the climbing wall.  The speed at which some of them flew to the top was incredible!  It was also lovely to see the team spirit and the children cheering on their classmates.IMG_0678 IMG_1377 IMG_1383 Gloucester Rugby ClubKingsley, the club’s mascot, arrived to meet and greet us all on our way into school.  We then had an assembly from some ex-Gloucester players (who had also played for England U21’s and Terry, who had played for England in 2 World Cups!).  Don’t forget to look out for the letters inviting you to join the Junior Supporters Club.  This is a free club, which gets the children free tickets to Kingsholm as well as huge discounts to other major attractions in the county!  I’m only upset that I am not under 15!IMG_1223 IMG_1190 IMG_1187 IMG_1183 IMG_1182 IMG_1178 IMG_1176 IMG_1175 IMG_1174 IMG_1239Finally, the staff have also been busy having fun with the children!IMG_1398 IMG_1394 IMG_0782 IMG_0781 IMG_0779 IMG_0776 IMG_0521 100_2185 IMG_0426 IMG_0385 IMG_4591IMG_0655

Year 3’s Exciting ‘Get Active’ Enrichment Week

This week we have had an incredibly busy but exciting week at school. On Monday, Year 3 and 4 were off to South Cerney.  We had bags as big as us, full of things we might need; luckily we all fitted on the coaches!  When we got there we were sorted into groups and went to get changed.  One group did Kayaking, 1 group did Katakanu’s, 2 groups did canoeing and 2 groups did sailing.  We wore waterproof overalls to keep us slightly drier and warmer.  We also wore lifejackets, just in case we fell in!  After a busy morning of activities we all stopped for lunch.  Luckily it was nice and sunny so we didn’t get too cold.  After lunch we swapped activities, before getting changed and making our way back to school.20160516_101829 IMG_0540 IMG_0545 IMG_0566 IMG_0603 IMG_0615 Tuesday had us playing Football with Mr Szkrybieniec.  We played different games which worked on different Football skills, including our teamwork.IMG_0884On Tuesday we also went to Jumptastic – a particular highlight for some of us!  We had great fun bouncing on the trampolines, flinging ourselves into the foam pit, playing dodgeball and practicing our acrobatic skills!IMG_1138 IMG_1110 IMG_1106 IMG_1069 IMG_1051On Thursday we had a cheerleading and aerobics session with Louise Sweetland.  We warmed up, then learnt two new cheerleading/ dance routines.  This was great fun!  In the afternoon, we then played a mammoth game of Rounders, with Yr 4 and Yr 6, while Miss Beebee took Yr 5 Swimming.IMG_0278 IMG_0312 IMG_0337On Friday morning, Kingsley (Gloucester Rugby Club’s mascot) came to school to meet us.  We then had an assembly with players and coaches from Gloucester Rugby Club.  Adam and Terry told us all about their careers as professional rugby players – Adam playing for England in the U21’s and Terry getting to play in two world cups!  We saw some of their kit from different teams and saw Terry’s world cup medal.  They also told us about the Junior Supporters Club, a completely free club and a great way to get discounts and free tickets to lots of places across Gloucestershire, including Kingsholm!IMG_1178 IMG_1210 IMG_1239We then went outside and played a modified game of Kwik Cricket, before tackling the 52ft Inflatable Obstacle Course!  This was quite a challenge, particularly climbing the steps up to the top of the slide, but we all managed it.  We had great fun racing our friends and flying through the obstacles.IMG_1373 IMG_1335 IMG_1296 IMG_0397 IMG_0410 IMG_0413 IMG_0378 In the afternoon we had our final challenge: to scale the climbing wall.  Some of us flew to the top, incredibly quickly, others found it more tricky but the determination, courage and team spirit that we all showed, was fantastic.IMG_0706 IMG_0705 IMG_0547 IMG_0525 (2) IMG_0514I think we all need a well deserved rest over the weekend now, before a short 4 day week next week.  Fingers crossed sports day will be on on Wednesday!

Y3/4 Water Sports at South Cerney

w1                                                               Hadyn, Max and Joe get ready to head out sailing!  w2Beautiful weather for sailing!w3                                            What do you get if you tie two canoes together?……..an awesome raft!!!

Gymnastics Club Open Afternoon 23.03.16

This afternoon we invited the parents (and some of the teachers) to watch the gymnastics club perform the things that they have been working on for the past two terms.  2 people at a time performed their routines, showcasing some of the skills that they have learnt, while the rest of us were vaulting or performing rhythmic routines using ribbons.IMG_0229 IMG_0230 IMG_0232 IMG_0234 IMG_0235 IMG_0238 IMG_0241 IMG_0243 IMG_0248 A huge well done to all of the children who have attended the club, thank you for your commitment, you did brilliantly tonight!

Sports Relief Part 1 – St Matthew’s Double Marathon!

We were joined in school today by a range of sporting superstars, from cricketers to gymnasts, horse riders to cyclists, footballers to skiers!This afternoon the whole school (including teachers) took part in running a double marathon!  This was approx. 540 laps of the Football pitch.Here are some action shots of some of us going round!IMG_0389 IMG_0392 IMG_0395 IMG_0441 IMG_0444 IMG_0446 IMG_0448 IMG_0449 IMG_0451 IMG_0459 IMG_0461 IMG_0465

St-Matthew’s B team football match

On Thursday 17th March the St-Matthews Football B Team played an away match against Callowell School. It was a closely fought game with some great skill displayed by both teams, but we were eventually defeated by two late goals. A special mention goes to Toby Hodges for some great goal-keeping and to Charlie Griffin for stepping in as captain.The team was: Toby Hodges, Jack Bedwell, Elliott King, Luke Faruggia, Kyra Cooke, Charlie Griffin, Hannah Owen and Casey Aylott. 

Elliott King, Luke Faruggia, Kyra Cooke, Jack Bedwell, Casey Aylott, Charlie Griffin, Toby Hodges, Hannah Owen


Football in the sun!


Gymnastics Club 16/03/16

Last night we had our final Gymnastics club of the term.  We practised the skills that we have been learning for the past two terms and combined them to begin making routines.Next week we would like to invite parents in to come and watch us perform our routines to music as well as showcase some of our other skills.IMG_0295 Eva and LucyIMG_0297 Eva and LucyIMG_0304 Eva, Lucy, Kiara and EmilyIMG_0306Eva, Emily and Kiara.IMG_0309Lucy and EmilyIMG_0311Eva – she isn’t falling over, just mid round off!IMG_0312Emily, Kiara and Lucy.IMG_0313Emily, Kiara and Lucy.IMG_0318Kiara, Emily, Eva and Lucy.IMG_0327Hannah and FaithIMG_0329 Hannah. IMG_0336Hannah and FaithIMG_0337Hannah and FaithIMG_0343Ruby, Aaron and Amy.IMG_0349Ruby, Aaron and Amy.IMG_0358Aaron.IMG_0364Thomas.IMG_0374Ruby, Aaron, Amy and Thomas.IMG_0379Ruby, Aaron, Amy and Thomas.IMG_0381Ruby, Aaron, Amy and Thomas.IMG_0389Ruby.IMG_0391Ruby, Aaron, Amy and Thomas.IMG_0392 Ruby, Amy and Thomas.

Yr 5 and 6 Netball Tournament Finals

We qualified a couple of weeks ago, having played the group stages at Leonard Stanley.We won against Kings Stanley and Bussage.  We then drew against Leonard Stanley, but because they had scored more goals in the previous two games, they went through as the winners of our group and we went through as the runners up.  Our captain was Eva.20160302_13384620160302_13541220160302_14002520160302_140422 Today we then played the finals.We lost against Gastrells and Callowell, but we won against Nailsworth and Woodchester.This meant, with our score from last week against Leonard Stanley, that overall we came 4th.  Today we were captained by Daisie.  This means that we have the 4th best Netball team in the whole of the Stroud Area!! A fantastic achievement, the team should be very proud of themselves.Team: Lucy, Hannah M, Daisie, Eva and Ruby – Yr 6.  Jack Br and Elias – Yr 5.More pictures will be added tomorrow….