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Over the past couple of weeks we have learnt a lot about our topic.

In English, we are currently reading ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We have written lots of about text so far: poems, letters and diary entries.

Here is a video link:- https://www.bbc.com/education/clips/z878q6f

We are totally loving our end of the day reads and can’t wait to find our what happens next.

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Did you know that technology has changed loads over the past 50 years? The way we travel, communicate and shop have all changed. So have our home comforts, appliances and entertainment. Just think about it! Toys have also changed dramatically over the past 50 years just take a look below.


We have been learning an interesting song called ‘I’m a friendly robot’.

Here is the video link:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hilKzY_0euY




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Chloe’s dad helps us!

We had a visit from Chloe’s dad recently, who is a postman. He brought in a large Post Office map, which is on our Topic Display board now, of all the local area postcodes.

We learnt that Stroud is GL5, Nailsworth and Minchinhampton are GL6 and Stonehouse is GL10.

We are all learning our addresses because that is important if you need to call 999.


STEM week in Year 6

Wow – we have come to the end of another fabulous Enrichment week; this time with a focus on STEM. STEM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and we have undertaken some great projects this week that have challenged us and really made us think.

On Monday we had a visit from Dr Harrison from Bristol University who talked to us about Chemistry and showed us some of the really cool reactions that take place when chemicals are mixed. We learnt about reversible and irreversible reactions, where new materials are created.

On Tuesday we worked with an ICT teacher from Marling. We coded and programmed controllable buggies, using the ‘Crumble’ software to create sequences of code for our buggy to follow. On Tuesday afternoon we had a teacher from ‘the problem solving company’ who brought loads of huge, hands-on puzzles and problems for us to solve.

On Wednesday we took part in a wind powered vehicle challenge which involved us working in teams to create a vehicle that could be driven by a fan. We had to buy materials with virtual money and then test and improve our design as we went.

And last but not least,…… on Friday we were visited by an Engineer from a local engineering company called Nov.com. He told us all about his job as an engineer and how he became and engineer after leaving school.

It has been a brilliant, hands-on week and we have really had a chance to think about some of our growth mindset skills such as teamwork and investigation.

We can’t wait for our trip to London next week where we will visit the Science museum and Natural history museum to continue our STEM adventure!!

Our past couple of weeks …

We have been using money a lot in Maths this week and are starting to get to grips with how we can use different combinations of coins to make the same total. It would be brilliant if your child could help you this weekend when you are out shopping. Can they pay for items by totaling amounts?

We have been busy bees in English as we have been planning our adapted stories of The Tunnel. We have lots of new titles including: The Rabbit Hole, The Secret Door and The Puddle. Yesterday we retold our stories in preparation for writing them and today we started on our opening.

In Science, we have been looking at the different parts of plants and flowers and their jobs. In Geography, we have been looking at where we live and what it’s like as a place. In PE, we have been exploring different balances in gymnastics. In Computing, we have word processed our front cover pages for our Topic books. Finally, in Design Technology, we have been exploring different types of puppets and comparing them to see what kind of puppet we would like to make during our STEM enrichment week.

Several homework tasks come in recently especially the one which was to draw a map of your journey to school. It would be lovely to have some more coming in over the next few weeks.

Don’t forget it’s our class assembly next week…we literally can’t wait to share it with you!!!

Happy New Year!

The children have returned happy and ready to learn.

We have started our new topic “Dragons, Castles and Medieval Times” already and the topic umbrella is coming home to you tonight, along with a homework booklet and Rainbow Spellings.

We have already discovered that Isaac is the class expert on dragons, explaining the difference between a male and female dragon (to do with defending the young with fire) and learnt that there are Swedish, Hungarian and Welsh dragons. The children have shown a lot of interest in this topic already and I have gathered up their questions to  see if we can cover them during the topic. We have been describing dragons such as this scary creature in English.


Forest School starts on TUESDAY. This is a cold term so please make sure your child is well wrapped up on Tuesdays, with extra socks and a good coat. It is a good idea to send them in with some overtrousers to go over their uniform or some old trousers to wear instead.

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to a good term. At the end of this term we will be showcasing our topic work in an assembly so look out for that date in the newsletter!


2017-18 Academic Calendar

We will shortly be uploading the new calendar with key dates for 2017-18.

Remember that we have an Inset day on Monday 4th September.

The children’s first day back will be on Tuesday 5th September.

We hope you have had a great Summer break and we look forward to seeing all the children again for another action-packed year. 



Adventure in year 4

Another week has flown by as we get closer to the end of term. This week we have been working hard to finish our adventure stories. The children had to plan what type of adventure they would go on and then write about it. They have also been looking at which country they would like to visit on an adventure.

In  maths we have been working on the computer to create bar graphs, it is very interesting to see the types of data the children want to investigate and produce. As we come to the end of our topic I am hoping to take the children on an adventure to Stratford Park on Friday; part of the adventure will be to walk there. The children will spend this week thinking about what we can do on our adventure and organising it!



7th July

On Monday we painted our clay tile prints. Below is Issy’s shell print. She got the certificate this week for her wonderful clay tile. She worked extremely hard on her design and even made some 3D parts!

Yesterday we adapted the class story of ‘ The Night Pirates’ and today we adapted our own stories. We’ve got all types of pirates in our stories… grandma, baby, monkey, boy, girl, puppy and children. The evil pirates in our stories are called…. Captain Lava Sword, Fish Leg, Metal Beard, Eye Patch Ellie, Captain Hook and Captain Jack Sparrow!


In Maths we have been measuring mass using pan scales. We can all now accurately tell when an object is heavier than or lighter than the other object. We even know when something is equal mass! Can you solve these mass problems?



Sports enrichment week

Wow, what a week! It has been so busy there has been no time to stop!

On Monday we were all Jumptastic! The children were amazing. Tuesday it was water all the way at South Cerney, the children enjoyed some fantastic water activities  from canoeing to building their own rafts.

Although Sports day was a wash out, the children created some fantastic pop art which included designing trainers!

Thursday we had the inflatable obstacle course which the children flew through.

All week we have had Mr S and Miss Beebee giving classes such as PE and Pool Zumba, which was brilliant!

Whenever we have had time the children have been up and down on the digiwall. I am looking forward to a restful weekend!

What’s been happening in Year 1?

Last week, Professor Collywobbles visited Year 1 to tell us all about the history of Punch and Judy. He explained it originated in Italy based on a character called Punchinello. King Charles II also played a part in the history of Punch and Judy becoming classic entertainment.


Lots of us have been looking forward to Sports Enrichment week. On Monday we had our Wheelie day alongside PE with Mr Szkrybieniec and our first experience of the digi wall.  Tuesday we had PE with Mr Marsland. Unfortunately on Wednesday Sports Day was cancelled boooooo but we did get another go on the digi wall! Thursday was the highlight of our week when we visited JUMPTASTIC! Finally on Friday we had more digi wall fun and football skills with Mr Szkrybieniec.




A little visit from the people who help us :)

What a fun filled week we had last week…

  • Clare from Clock house Vets visited us on Monday.
  • Chris and Louise, the fire fighters, came on Wednesday. Amazingly they brought along their fire engine.
  • Bev Owen, our local PCSO, visited us on Thursday.

This week we wrote thank you letters to all our visitors and yesterday we walked along to the post box to deliver them.


We also had our Road Safety day where we learnt all about the different road signs there are. We also learnt about the Green Cross Code. After thinking about how to be safe near the roads we took part in an obstacle course on the playground. There were a variety of road signs, a pedestrian crossing and a Lollipop lady!

We have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and liked writing letters to Miss Ward about what we wanted to do this topic.

We are all very much looking forward to starting our new topic ‘At the seaside’ after the Easter holidays.

Explorers and elephants.

Year 2 have been working hard, as usual. We’ve been working hard on our Explorers topic books. We thought about questions that we’d like to ask Columbus and tried to imagine the answers he would give.

In our art lessons we have made some fabulous sea explorer pictures. and have been map making like Columbus to try to make a map to show his route to the New World.

In Maths, we’ve had a successful time working hard to learn how to tell the time! We found it tricky, but persevered! Mrs P, Mr S and Ms Marais are very proud of us.

We’ve been learning the story How Elephants got their Trunks and next week we’re going to try to write our own creation myths.

Year 5 went shopping….during their Maths lesson!

Year 5 shopping (Percentages)

On Friday we went shopping during our Maths lesson. We have been doing lots of work on percentages and especially on how to calculate percentage increase and decrease.

When we came in to the lesson, we were told that we would be working in small groups to visit shops all round the school. There were six different shops: a sports shop, a cake shop, a toy shop, a technology shop, a travel agent and a car dealer (Which were Teachers cars with prices on them!!!!)

We really enjoyed visiting each shop and practicing our percentage calculations as we explored different ‘deals’, discounts and special offers.

Visiting Mr Dallison’s sports shop (He’s our Maths governor)


“so if 20% is £80 then we need to subtract that from the original price”


40% off if you buy 3………..hmmm


Well … we have had a lot of fun over the past few weeks.

Our new topic on Castles has inspired many of us to make shields and swords as part of our Topic Homework. We have even used them in PE for our Dance. 


Last Friday we went to Scarlett House. We were invited along to make fat cakes with the residents ready for the Bird Watch weekend. Everybody loves cakes…even birds! After we made the bird food, Laura read us a story called ‘Follow the Swallow’ by Julia Donaldson.

We have thoroughly enjoyed writing about Dragons and have now moved onto our new unit of work based on the story of ‘The Paper Bag Princess.’ We love the ending were Princess Elizabeth calls Prince Ronald a toad because he was rude to her.  Next week we will be thinking about innovating the story to make it our own. Hmmm what could the title be instead? The Bin Bag Princess, The Picnic Basket Princess, The Bed Sheet Princess, The Cardboard Box Princess.

20th January – the arrival of the hats

Year 6 have started getting very exciting about our upcoming London trip. This has been spurred on by our designing competition for our class hats. Every year, the children are given a beanie hat each to keep them warm and visible amongst the busy streets of London. The children have the opportunity to choose the colour of these hats and design a small motif for them. The class voted for the colour red this year and Sean McAllister was the winner of the design.On Wednesday, the hats arrived and they were all very excited to see them. I’m sure you will all agree – it looks brilliant. The children will receive their hat when they arrive at school to depart for London. 026831ea9375

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11th November

In Maths we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We have investigated and explored their properties. Shapes are all around us. What shapes can you see when you are out and about? This week your child’s MyMaths homework is all about 2D shapes.ViviLnkViviLnkThis week we started to learn the dances for our Nativity play. Ten of us will be sheep, ten of us will be snowflakes and 10 of us will be stars.Yesterday the children enjoyed performing the songs we learnt during Ising Pop at the church. Thank you for coming along to watch the children. It was lovely to see all of them back in the evening wide eyed and eager to perform again. Their dance moves were ace and they sang beautifully. I am so proud of them all.Don’t forget to sign up to ClassDojo!Certificate of Achievement – Luca  

Last Week of Term – 21.10.16

The week has flown by in Year 6 this week! We have had more visitors in the classroom to watch us learn but we have done well not to get distracted. On Monday, we created interesting character descriptions about the Harry Potter characters and this has inspired us all so lots of us are now reading (or re-reading!) the Harry Potter series. We have revisited lots of different areas at Maths this week that we have tricky and are now much more confident. Have a lovely half term and we will see you all fresh and ready to learn next term!