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Down on the Farm

As part of our farms topic, the Year 1 children went to Copesgrove Farm this week. We were a little worried about the weather but..it was kind and stayed dry for us all day! We had a really exciting day where we met Elvis the bull, did Autumn treasure hunts in the wood, toasted marshmallows and built dens for Bertie the badger. The children loved being outside all day and we were told that we were the politest Year 1 class that Kate had ever had at the farm!!

When we got back to school, we wrote our first ever recount, all about our day and all the lovely things that we had done. 

Kindness Week in Year 1

It has been a wonderful first week back in Year 1 with lots of exciting things happening! We have had lots of visitors to teach us about kindness. This has involved the Tooth Fairy who has taught us how to be kind to our teeth, a zoo which has taught us how to be kind to animals and representative of Stroud Food Bank who has given us ways to look after people in our community.

In class, we have talked about “Colouring our world with Kindess” and making it a nicer places. We have explored different ways that we can make our world more kind and colourful, both in and out of school. We even wrote our own stories about animals that learned how to be kind!

We ended the week on a high, dressed as Superheroes – our new Superhero power is KINDNESS!

A Creative Week in Year 1

Year 1 have been busy bees this week working on our farm topic. We have been moving from writing labels to captions about food from the farm as well as creating tractor paintings and singing farmyard songs. We even made our own class band and were using percussion instruments to accompany our singing. In Maths, we have been looking at repeating patterns and finding missing numbers in number lines. Miss Szarko has been putting some tricks into our number lines to grow our brains even more but we are starting to spot them!



On Monday we noticed that pirates had been in the classroom and taken our treasure chest! Luckily they left a note and a map for each of us, showing us where they had buried it. We looked at the map and found that X marked the spot in Forest School. We learnt that, to read a map, you have to imagine you are a bird flying over the school because a map gives an “aerial” view of the school.

Once we got to Forest School, we found the treasure chest and it was full of………….gold chocolate coins!

Lily counted them out because she found the treasure chest, which was just behind the swing, and there were 40 coins. We all had one each and there were 10 left over.





This week we have started designing, building and painting our models of emergency vehicles. We are all at various stages but hope to have them finished, and photographed for our topic books for Monday!

We have used many different sized boxes and used our cutting, gluing and measuring skills to make them look like vehicles. Lots of us are doing army tanks and air ambulances as well as fire engines and police cars.


The Magic Box

We have been learning this poem by Kit Wright and this week we published our fantastic poems.

Image result for The Magic Box By Kit Wright

Here are some of the things we will put into our Magic Box:


I will put in the box….

a green sandwich (Aeryn)

a kitchen disco (Caitlin)

a rainbow chicken (William)

a cardigan with wings (Bella)

a talking mustache (Rhyleigh)

a blue sun (Evie-Mai)

some blue fire (Seb)

a dancing head (Isaac)

a talking chair (Ellie)

a sixth finger (Ray)

Hermione’s box is made of cloud, Ray’s box is made of  sunlight and Lily’s box is made of teeth.


STEM enrichment week

We have really enjoyed our STEM week. Today we had LEGO in the hall and we all built brilliant models and worked in teams. We also learnt how to code on the Ipads and laptops, with Y4 as our teachers.

Dragon Fever

This week we performed our dragon report to Y4 and they were very impressed. 

They would like us to return to show them our written reports, which we started on Thursday and will finish on Monday. We are publishing them, like real books, with a front cover and a back cover.


In maths we have been learning how to add and how to subtract using numberlines. We are getting very good at marking our froggy jumps on the numberline, remembering to start on the right number and jump in the right direction.

We have also been learning the song “Puff the Magic Dragon” which we will hopefully learn in full to sing to parents at our assembly at the end of this term.



What a terrific show! The children did so very well- TEAM WOLF in spades. There were some backstage nerves, some itchy costumes and some over excitement but I think you will agree that they worked so well with Reception and Year 2 to create a memorable production with super- catchy tunes.

We can see some stars emerging for next year…..

Thanks to all the parents/grandparents/relatives/carers and friends who came along to watch- your presence brought out the best in them.5000-year-nativity-scene-egypt_2


Money, money, money

Image result for 10p coin           


This week we got our money belts! We have been paying for our fruit snack daily (10p) and paying for a hot lunch (20p). Packed lunches are free!

We decided that they are called morning money belts because we didn’t want to spill our lunch on them. Every morning we check we have enough money for the day in our belt and every day someone is the shopkeeper.

It’s great to see lots of children wearing watches and asking what the time is- we look at the clock several times a day and they are checking with their watches.

Look out for more things to pay for in Y1 as Christmas approaches. Your child’s beautiful Christmas card design came home with them this week- do check bookbags and get them ordered in time for Christmas.


Also- it’s the Advent service on Friday. Hope to see lots of you there.



This week we had three different audiences for our story. On Tuesday we visited Year 2 and told them the story, on Wednesday we visited Reception and told them the story and on Monday, visiting parents heard us tell the story because they arrived just at the right moment! Mrs Armstrong is so proud of how well we tell the story now, with expression in our voice for the different animals.

We have been writing about the Little red hen and describing what we think she is like. We have looked at different versions of the story and decided that this is a Gloucestershire farm story.

Homework booklets for this term are going home in bookbags tonight.

Making stuff!




This week the shelter was finally built! Mr Armstrong came in, after letters had been written inviting him in to help create a shelter behind the den. The children helped use the drill and saw the wood and found a waterproof camouflage cover to tie to the fence. So far, it is working well. Great teamwork children! And thank you Mr A!

Other children have also been making stuff from recycled materials and have been filling out design sheets, detailing how they made their creations. Finally, they photograph it and then the photo shows the final product. This has been very popular.

We are learning to tell the story of The Little Red hen and everyone has a story map in their bookbags, ready to be experts on return to school, late October. We have been acting it out as we tell it this week.


Happy half term everyone.

Over Farm


On Monday we visited Over Farm. We learnt about the different crops they grow, the different machines they use and we fed the animals. At the end of the day we had a tractor ride. It was brilliant fun.


Conkers and bread

Uptake and engagement with our new homework booklet has been fabulous so far, I don’t think an afternoon has gone by without some bread being tasted by us all.

And we are swimming in conkers…..although Reception have managed to squirrel many of them over to their tuff tray! But we can share….

Thanks to everyone who has sent in conkers- they are appreciated by everyone.

Nearly everyone is connected to Class Dojo now and we have started posting photos of our day in the school story section.

First week back !

Welcome back to school.

We have had a lovely week, settling into the new classroom, playing with the new Reception children in the outside area and designing a label for our new drawer. We discussed and chose our new topic- Farm animals. Everyone voted…..it was very close- Farm animals won by just one vote!

I have sent all parents a link to join Class Dojo and intend to start up with Class Dojo on Monday. Children will be grouped into their houses and each Dojo Point will equal one House Point.

I have already sent home reading books and will change them weekly on Wednesdays.

Look out for our new topic umbrella and letter next week!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Armstrong and the Y1 team (Mrs Russell, Mr Szkrybieniec , Mrs Burrows and Mrs Young).

Goodbye Year 1…

We have had so much fun in Year 1. Here are some of our special memories:

  • All our wonderful Topics – On the Farm, Castles, People Who Help Us, At the Seaside & Pirates
  • The Castle party
  • Making things in Art
  • Copsegrove Farm
  • The Matthew of Bristol
  • Learning songs
  • The Pirate party
  • The birthday box and the birthday hat
  • The visit from the firefighters, police and Veterinary nurse
  • Writing our buddy letters.
  • The Nativity




7th July

On Monday we painted our clay tile prints. Below is Issy’s shell print. She got the certificate this week for her wonderful clay tile. She worked extremely hard on her design and even made some 3D parts!

Yesterday we adapted the class story of ‘ The Night Pirates’ and today we adapted our own stories. We’ve got all types of pirates in our stories… grandma, baby, monkey, boy, girl, puppy and children. The evil pirates in our stories are called…. Captain Lava Sword, Fish Leg, Metal Beard, Eye Patch Ellie, Captain Hook and Captain Jack Sparrow!


In Maths we have been measuring mass using pan scales. We can all now accurately tell when an object is heavier than or lighter than the other object. We even know when something is equal mass! Can you solve these mass problems?



How to be a pirate…

How to be a pirate

Have you ever thought about being a pirate? Have you ever wanted to sail to seven seas? If so read on!

What you need:

A parrot, a horrid crew, some ragged clothes, an eye patch and a ship.

What you do:

  • First, leave home but make sure you pack an eye patch and some ragged clothes.
  • Next, swap your cat or dog for a parrot and teach it rude words!
  • After that, round up a horrid crew full of bandits and thieves.
  • Then, steal a ship so you can sail the seven seas.
  • Finally, go on a quest to steal a treasure chest.

Top tip – Don’t forget you must learn to speak pirate. Aye aye captain! Land Ahoy! Shiver me timbers!

We have enjoyed adapting our own versions and publishing them for our topic books. 


Ahoy Mateys! Shiver me timbers! Land Ahoy!

Well what a brilliant day we have had…..

Firstly we sailed along Bristol Harbour front on The Matthew of Bristol. We learnt all about the different parts of a ship, what pirates ate and not forgetting the scallywag Blackbeard!


Afterwards we went to M Shed and had a fantastic workshop all about Ships and Sailors. We learnt all about the different jobs the sailors had on the ship, what they ate and how they traded with others.

We are excited to find out what the rest of our Pirate Topic will bring………

What’s been happening in Year 1?

Last week, Professor Collywobbles visited Year 1 to tell us all about the history of Punch and Judy. He explained it originated in Italy based on a character called Punchinello. King Charles II also played a part in the history of Punch and Judy becoming classic entertainment.


Lots of us have been looking forward to Sports Enrichment week. On Monday we had our Wheelie day alongside PE with Mr Szkrybieniec and our first experience of the digi wall.  Tuesday we had PE with Mr Marsland. Unfortunately on Wednesday Sports Day was cancelled boooooo but we did get another go on the digi wall! Thursday was the highlight of our week when we visited JUMPTASTIC! Finally on Friday we had more digi wall fun and football skills with Mr Szkrybieniec.