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Year 3 27th April

We have had a busy start to the term in Year 3.


We have kicked off our new topic of the Ancient Greeks by learning about where ‘Ancient’ Greece sits on a History timeline.  We then ordered key events from Ancient Greece in chronological order.  We will continue adding to this as we go through our unit of work.  We also learned where Greece is on a map, which continent it is on and the fact that it also includes lots of islands.  This week we had some fun trying to order and say the Greek alphabet.  We then compared it with our own and found that there are some letters which look similar to ours and some which look very different.  We also found that there are some letters in our alphabet which are not in the Greek alphabet.  We finished our language work by looking at English words which come from Greek.  We used our SPaG knowledge to discuss Greek prefixes and suffixes.  We also explored how the Ancient Greeks wrote their numbers.  We compared this to the Roman number system and our own Arabic number system.  We found that it was similar to Romans because they both used symbols instead of digits that we recognise, however it was different because in the Greeks you can have the same symbol up to 4 times in a row, whereas Romans was only 3.


In English we have been continuing our work on portal stories, based on our model text ‘Stone Age Boy’.  Next week we are going to be planning our own portal stories before starting to write them.


We have also been continuing with our DT sessions at Archway.  In Cooking we made honey cookies this week – they were delicious!! In woodwork, we are working on an ongoing project where we are making clothes pegs out of MDF, pine and acrylic.  We will be finishing our wood work next week so look out for us bringing our projects home!

Year 3 19/01/18

We have had a great week in Year 3.


In English we have been busy learning our story of Robin Hood.  We now know the text really well and have spent the week exploring it in more detail.  We have explored the language used, the features of Rags to Riches stories and even started writing the sequel!

In Maths we have been exploring division and the different methods we can use to solve 2 digit numbers divided by 1 digit numbers.  We have looked at sharing, arrays and partitioning.  Although some of them are quite tricky, we have had to be resilient and just keep trying and now we are really starting to get the hang of it.

In Science this week we explored what we mean by the term healthy balanced diet.  We learned about the 5 main food groups and how it is important to eat a balanced amount of each group.  We then started a daily food diary, where we tracked the school hot dinners.  Luckily, they provide a good balance of all 5 food groups each day! 🙂

Year 3 5th Jan 2018

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely, restful Christmas break!  The children have all come back happy and ready to learn.


We have started our brand new English unit this week.  We are going to be learning the story of Robin Hood, which is a ‘Rags to Riches’ story.  Next week we are going to be learning this story, using our story maps to help us.


We also started our new PE unit of Gymnastics.  We explored individual balances today, trying to create different shapes.  We will progress this next week, by trying to work together to create more interesting and complex shapes.


We have started to further our understanding of our current topic the ‘Rotten Romans’.  Although we started this last term, we only focussed on our Art work, which we used to create our topic book cover pages.  This term we will be focussing on the History side of the topic.  Keep your eye out for our big Roman v Celt battle!!

Year 3 24/11/17

We have had a busy few weeks in year 3.


Thanks to all the parents that came to see us in our assembly last week.  The children have worked really hard on their topic books and I’m sure you’ll agree that they have done brilliantly.  We look forward to welcoming parents into our classroom next Friday, when it’s our school open afternoon.  It will be a great chance for parents to have a closer look at the children’s books.


Earlier this week, we had a number of children from our class represent the school at the Yr 3/ 4 Football league competition.  They played a total of 8 matches over 2 weeks and won a totally amazing 7 matches and drew their 8th!! What an amazing result! Mr Halliwell said that he was really proud of all of them, not just for how they played, but how they encouraged each other and how well they worked as a team.  Well done guys and we look forward to hearing the result of the finals… being in 1st place currently makes you the team to beat!


In class we have just finished our Maths work on addition and subtraction.  We have learned a variety of useful methods, which we will be able to utilise when we come across addition and subtraction questions in the future.  The quickest method that we have looked at is the column method and we have even explored carrying and exchanging.


In English, we have spent the week learning our new model text: ‘Shrek’.  We can now tell the story using our story maps and have done various activities to make sure we really understand the story.

Year 3 6th October

This week we have been busy preparing for our Benchball festival!  Hopefully your children have bought home an invite, inviting their parents to come and join us for a fun afternoon of benchball.  We will be showcasing our skills, supporting our team mates and having lots of fun.  We hope you will come and join us… don’t forget your sports kit to join in! 🙂

We have also written our adaptations of our stories this week.  We then used the laptops to type up our stories and turn them into books.  Look out for them next time you are in the classroom.

Year 3

Over the past couple of weeks we have been super busy in Year 3!

We have been doing forest school sessions with Mr Pritchard, where we have been learning all about plants.  This links in really well with the Science work that we have been doing with Mrs Terrett.  We have been looking at what plants need to grow well and the different parts that make a plant.  With Mr Pritchard we then built a huge plant model to show all of the different parts.


We have also been starting our art work related to our first exciting topic: Rainforests!  With Mr Halliwell we made hand print parrots and paper chain snakes.  They are really bright and colourful and look amazing up on display – if you are in school, please come and have a look at them!  We then had a go at drawing some rainforest animals.  It was really tough as we had to look really closely at pictures, to try and help us get the shapes right.  The next step to try next week, is to try different ways of shading the pictures before using oil pastels to add colour.


Finally, we have been continuing to prepare for our Benchball festival!  Our physical skills have improved lots, as have our motivation to all join in.  We are including all of the members of our team and having fun playing with lots of children who we don’t normally play with.  This week saw transfer week, where we were able to change teams if we wanted to.  We had a good shake up, which saw some interesting changes to the leaderboard.  We have a couple more weeks to change our final positions…

Welcome Back! Year 3’s First Week

Hello and welcome back to school!  We have had a busy week settling back in to Year 3, getting used to our new classroom and KS2 expectations.


On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, we had great fun starting our new PE topic.  We are learning about the sport Benchball and are trying a brilliant new way of learning PE.  We are now in teams and will remain in these teams for the rest of the term.  We are using our teams to help us work together more, communicate better and be better team players.

We have a leader board in our classroom which gets changed after every PE lesson.  Currently, Team Skull are at the top of the leader board.  We can earn points based on the results of our games, for teamwork, for putting in 100% effort, for getting changed quickly, helping with equipment and lining up neatly and quietly.

At the end of term we will be having a Benchball festival, where we will be showcasing our PE skills to the parents.  Parents, keep your eye on the newsletter for the date of this festival.  We hope that you will bring your PE kits too, as we want you to join in and play Benchball with us!

Year 3 07/07/17

We have had a super week this week!


On Tuesday we had some special visitors come to our classroom over night.  When we first arrived at school, there was a mysterious trail of breadcrumbs leading from the school field to our classroom.  We were very intrigued as to why it was there, but first we had to go to assembly.  After assembly, we came back and were desperate to follow the trail.  We went charging out of the classroom and across the field, following the chunks of bread.  Unfortunately, when we were by the long jump pits, the trail vanished!  There were lots of birds flying around and we think that they must have eaten the trail!  Luckily, some of us had run ahead and we had made our way to the forest school area.  Once inside, we started to find lots of weird and wonderful things.

We found:

A huge picture of a gingerbread house

A board game called Nibble Nibble

A DVD of a St Matthew’s Yr 4 play called Hansel and Gretel

4 packs of Ginger biscuits

1 pack of icing sugar

31 packs of Haribo

1 bag of M and M’s

2 bags of strawberry laces

1 big bag of marshmallows

And… most importantly, a letter!  The letter was from Hansel and Gretel and explained that they had visited and left some treats behind for Miss Beebee’s birthday.


When we went back to the classroom, we had brilliant fun decorating Ginger biscuits with icing and sweets.  We then watched the DVD of the production from 2013; it was great!  What a busy morning!  We managed to resist taste testing our biscuits, until after PE!


Check out the pictures on Class Dojo!

Year 3

We have had a super busy couple of weeks in Year 3, hence a slightly delayed blog!

We have been cracking on with our brand new topic of Japan, by looking at traditional Japanese art.  We explored the symbolism behind pictures of Koi Carp, before attempting to design our own.  We then researched and designed our own Japanese fans, which we are in the process of folding to turn into our fans.  Our most recent piece of art work has been creating origami.  We absolutely loved the challenge of folding the paper to create Koi Kites.  These are used by Japanese people to decorate their homes during the festival of Children’s Day.  They hope that their children will grow up strong and healthy and be prosperous.


We have also had a few sporting events.  On Tuesday, we took part in Miss Beebee’s inter school competition against King Stanley.  It was a trial competition that was run very similarly to our sports day.  We started off with an exciting and upbeat Zumba warm up.  Then we took part in a sports circuit where we completed 9 different activities practising a whole range of sports skills.  Finally, while the points were being added up, we did the ‘Mammoth Relay!’  We then had a couple of our Year 3’s head out to the Cricket tournament where they played brilliantly and worked really well as a team.  They did fantastically in the first round to finish 1st in their group meaning that they went through to the finals.  Unfortunately in the finals, we lost both of our games, but we kept smiling, kept cheering and tried our very best right to the bitter end!  This meant that we came out 4th overall, out of a total of 14 schools.

Year 3 ‘Get Active’ Enrichment Week

Wow!  What a week!  We have had the best and most exciting week here at St Matthew’s!


On Monday, the Digi Wall arrived at 7am!  There was a great buzz in the hall as Miss Beebee showed us how to use it and then, we were the first class on!  The Digi Wall is a mobile climbing wall that lights up and plays games.  We had great fun climbing and learning how to play some of the games.  Then we went back to the classroom and had a Zumba session.  We really enjoy Zumba, we love the music and having the chance to dance.  After break, we had an early lunch before heading out with Year 4 to Jumptastic.  We had a wonderful (but exhausting) afternoon bouncing around and literally jumping off the walls!  Lots of the teachers got involved too, we even had an adults vs children dodgeball game.  We loved somersaulting into the foam pit, slam dunking in the basketball area and leaping around on the trampolines.


Tuesday was another day full of great excitement but a few nerves too.  We set off with Year 4 on the coaches to South Cerney.  When we got there we split off into our groups before getting kitted out with wet suits, life jackets and helmets.  2 groups spent the morning sailing, 2 groups were on the katakanus, 1 group was kayaking and 1 group was raft building.  After lunch we all swapped round and did different activities.  We had great fun, we learned how to paddle, how to tie knots, how to set up a sail on a sailing boat and unfortunately we also learnt how cold the lake was!  There was lots of capsizing (some on purpose and some accidental) which was lots of fun.

On Wednesday we were meant to have sports day, but unfortunately the weather let us down.  Instead, we went up to Archway and carried on with our cooking and woodwork projects.  We got a bit wet walking up, but soon dried up inside the warm DT work shops.  The woodwork group used a variety of machinery to create wooden doorstops.  We then decorated these and attached MDF hedgehogs and dinosaurs as additional decoration.  We also saw the laser cutter in action, cutting through MDF and also engraving onto wood.  The cooking group also had a wonderful afternoon making chocolate chip cookies.  There was just about enough to let the staff have one each – they were delicious!


Thursday the weather was back on our side and we had a glorious day as the inflatable obstacle course arrived.  It was a huge, Madagascar themed, obstacle course which finished with a great slide.  When it was our turn, we had great fun racing each other and seeing how quickly we could make it to the end.  Also on Thursday, we had extra goes on the Digi Wall and had some fun playing Rounders with Yr 4 in the afternoon.


Friday saw the end to a wonderful enrichment week.  We had our final goes on the Digi Wall – we really were like little monkeys climbing up the wall by the end of the week!  We also had a KS2 wheelie day and loved racing around the playground with our friends!


We are all really glad it’s the weekend now and are looking forward to a well deserved rest!  

Year 3 5th May 2017

We have had a great week in Year 3!


On Tuesday we had a brilliant PE lesson playing Tennis.  We played a game using really tiny courts to start with.  We encountered lots of problems as we couldn’t move around so we kept hitting each other.  We had a really good discussion about it and did manage to find things that had gone well too.  We then talked about what we could practice and we played a game to help us improve our skills.  We played Summer’s game first where we could score points if we hit the ball gently.  We then played tennis catch, to help us improve our accuracy.  Finally we went back to a full game and found that we had got much better.


On Wednesday we went up to Archway for DT.  This week, we swapped over and started the other activity.  The woodwork group have started the clothes pegs based on Stone Age animals.  The cooking group had great fun tasting stone age bread and making their own bread rolls.

Year 3 24/03/17

At the end of last week we made Greek theatre masks.  We had great fun looking at previous designs and having a go at making our own.  We learnt that generally they showed two emotions, happy or sad and were used in either comedies or tragedies.


This week we had a great PE lesson playing benchball.  We are currently trialling a new and exciting way of learning PE.  We play the game first and Miss Beebee puts a problem in.  After that we talk about what went well and what went badly.  We then practice the skills that went badly and then play the game again.  Finally we talk about the final game and the difference between the two games.  We really enjoy playing more games and talking about them.


Finally, this afternoon, we researched Greek food before writing a a menu for a Greek dinner party.  We then thought about which Greek Gods/ Goddesses/ heroes we would like to invite and wrote them an invitation letter.


Don’t forget… Next Friday is open afternoon! Please come in and see our wonderful topic books!!!


Year 3 10/03/17

We have had a super busy week in Year 3 this week.  We have been trying to increase our levels of physical activity to help us become fitter.  This coincides with the school starting the Daily mile last week.  We have run the mile twice, we have been doing Zumba, instead of our normal wake and shake.  We did some extra running on Thursday morning, as we didn’t need to go to assembly.  And, we have been timing how many minutes we have actually been active in PE – to make sure that Miss Beebee didn’t do too much talking!  In Thursday’s PE lesson we played Hockey.  We learnt how to hold and carry the hockey stick correctly and safely, we then learnt how to dribble the ball using the stick and how to dribble quickly in and out of cones.  Finally we played some 3 v 3 games.  We took it in turns to be the umpires of our own games, which was great fun.  We did a brilliant job, we were very fair and even started to coach the children playing.  We are aiming for 60 mins of physical activity each day.  This week we managed: 5hr 5 min and 20 sec.

World Book Day- Relax and Read

World Book Day was a big event this year at St Matthew’s. We had our usual dressing up as a book character, with some truly fabulous costumes; our yearly Book swap in the hall in the morning where children bring a book they don’t want anymore and swap it for one they do, a Win Win situation with everyone going home with a free book. Then, later, we did something a bit different. We hosted an event called Relax and Read in the hall and you supported it brilliantly. Thanks to everyone who came, it was a great success!

We transformed the hall into a calm, cosy reading space, with sofas, low lighting and cushions. Thanks to the PTA who served hot chocolate, tea and coffee to everyone- we didn’t have one spilt cup! Thanks to Woody, Miss Smith, Miss Szarko, Mrs Burrows and Mrs Griffin for helping with setting up and serving hot drinks. Thanks to the teachers and TAs who helped by bringing rugs, cushions and loaning out their classroom sofas!

Here are some photos of parents and grandparents reading with children. I think they capture the magic of the afternoon.


Jack Rutter!!!

Wow! What an exciting morning.  Today we had an amazing visit from ex-premier league and current captain of the Paralympic Cerebral Palsy Football Team Jack Rutter.  He worked with every class, before doing a whole school assembly, it was a great morning and he demonstrated our Growth Mindset ethos beautifully!  Here are some of the highlights…

Year 3 03/02/17

What a day!

After much excitement, I’m sure you’ll all agree that the children did a wonderful job today in their class assembly.  The assembly was the result of a terms worth of work; it’s amazing how much you can get done in 5 weeks!

Just before Christmas, the children learnt all about Roman mosaics and created their topic book cover pages.

This term we have learnt about where the Romans came from, the language they spoke and how they wrote their numbers.  We then explored things about Roman daily life, including clothing, homes and food.

During the afternoons, we have been reading the Horrible Histories book The Rotten Romans.  Although slightly gory at times, we have enjoyed finding out all of the disgusting facts about the emperors and the Romans.

This week, the children used actual tiles to create real mosaics – they did a brilliant job!  They worked really sensibly together and earned lots of class dojo points for working so well.  Finally we designed and created our own Roman shields.

Look out next week for the results of our Roman vs. Celts battle!

Year 3 – Happy Christmas!

We have had such a busy week in Year 3!First, the reindeer came…  Then we practiced for our carol concert performance.  We all had important roles to play during our Native American Huron Indian Carol.  We had chiefs, cowboys, choir, ‘Mary and Joseph’, dancers, instrument players and even angels! On Wednesday we saw the results of our Science experiment, it was gross!  We had put egg shells into different liquids to see what would happen.  We did this because egg shells are made of enamel, the same as our teeth.  So we could see the effects of these liquids on our teeth.  The effects were quite shocking, but we did discuss how our teeth aren’t ever left to soak in these liquids like the egg shells were, and the fact that our teeth are also made up of more than just enamel. On Thursday we did some cooking.  We made coconut mice by mixing together desiccated coconut, condensed milk and icing sugar.  Some of us then used food colouring to colour our mice red.  Finally we used sweets to decorate our mice.  They looked ace! Pictures to follow, due to technical problems! Year 3 – I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and see you in the New Year!  Love Miss Beebee x

Year 3 – 11/11/16

Wow, another busy week in Year 3. At the start of the week, we had brilliant fun writing simple stories, which we then acted out using shadow puppets.  We had to experiment how to appear to change the size of our puppets, depending on how close to the light source they were.  On Tuesday afternoon we went into the hall and had a go at acting them out ourselves behind a screen.  Again we had to use our shadow knowledge to help us to show the stories really clearly.  They were great!  Can you tell which group was yours?!20161108_133739 20161108_134010 20161108_134140 20161108_135347 20161108_135838 20161108_135942 20161108_140313 20161108_140703 20161108_141449  Also this week, another group of us went out with Mrs Terrett to do some cooking.  We are making Roman Honey Biscuits.  Keep an eye out for when we bring some home, they are really tasty!

Year 3 WB 17th October 2016

So we have had yet another busy week in Year 3!On Monday we did PE and we continued our personal fitness activities.  We started with some aerobics to warm us up, then went on to playing bench ball.  We had great fun and started to learn about tactics that we might employ in a game of Bench ball. On Tuesday, we learned about bison.  We learned where they lived, what they ate and how they were important to the native americans.  We learned that the Native Americans used every single part of the bison, because they didn’t believe in killing something for the sake of it.  Therefore they believed it was worth it to kill one animal, as long as they made the most of every part.  Some parts were used for food, clothing and the tail was even used as a fly swatter!  The only part of the bison that wasn’t used was the heart.  The heart was buried to put the soul of the animal back into the Earth.I hope you all have a wonderful half term, have a rest and have fun!

Year 3 Acebook

p1050126This is one of the optional homeworks that Leo chose to complete. The task was to design a new flag for the U.S.A.  Leo chose to draw an apple because New York is known as the ‘big apple’. I love that he has kept the same colours but changed the design.