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Welcome to Year 4

Year 4

The term is flying by and we are hitting our stride in year 4. We have already had a trip into Stroud to look at the Victorian building and to see how Stroud was built up during the Victorian era.

In year Four this year we will be having a big focus on our times-tables so any practise at home will be crucial. I will be sending how a different practise sheet every Friday.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Mr Halliwell


Is it really the summer term?

I can’t believe we have been back to school for two weeks already, time is flying by. The last two weeks have been really busy.  We have been exploring our new topic: the Tudors. The children have been learning songs about the wives of Henry VIII, creating a family tree for the Tudors, designing their own coats of arms as well as finding out what type of clothes the Tudors wore.

On Friday we all enjoyed a fantastic science experiment to find out how our digestive systems work. Some of the children loved it, others felt a little off colour especially by the end!

On Friday we have our class assembly. The children will be working on this over the coming week. I hope you will all be able to make it.


Mr Halliwell.

What a super scientific entertaining enrichment week!

In year 4 the children have really enjoyed their STEM week. We have seen amazing teamwork when working with year 3 when we built our wind power cars and bridges with spaghetti!


In class the science has continued with the children turning solid into liquid and then solid again. Some even found it tasty when it turned out to be jelly. As a class, we also tried to make a liquid that acts like a solid by making a slime using corn flour!


I think this week has certainly uncovered some scientists, engineers and mathematicians in year 4. It has been brilliant!


Year 4 blog

What a busy start to the year – Christmas feels like a distant memory! This term we have started learning about France.  We have been learning the words for different items of school equipment and how to say them. This week we have been looking at food and the links between our food and French food in their names.

As part of our English lessons we have been looking at the train crash at Gare Montparnasse in 1895; I am really looking forward to the children’s own reports coming up! This week year 1 came and told us their dragon report; it was amazing.

For Maths this term we will be concentrating on multiplication, so any times table practice at home would be very beneficial in helping your children to feel more confident in class.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to me in school or at the gate. Thank you, Mr Halliwell.

Christmas is coming

As we enter the last week of term it really is beginning to feel a bit like Christmas, especially when we watched the infants’ nativity play on Monday. They were awesome and we really enjoyed seeing our siblings and friends perform so well.


In class we have been working hard to adapt our warning stories; we have looked at other dangers of where we shouldn’t play and why. The stories are set at the beach, in caves, mines and swimming pools. They are really coming together.


On Friday last week the children certainly enjoyed showing off their topic books. It was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents coming into class, the children always love it.


On Thursday the children will be making Christmas tree decorations and we need buttons. If you have any spare colourful buttons please bring them in to school for Thursday.


Have an excellent Christmas and a fabulous 2018.

Cinema and Storytelling.

It has been another busy two weeks in Chestnut Class, we have been on two trips as well as all of our usual activities!

Last Friday, as part of the “Into Film Festival”, we went to the cinema in Stroud. After the year 3 assembly we did a quick march/walk into Stroud centre where we were able to relax and watch Cars 3. The film promoted many of our growth mind-set characteristics such as team work and resilience. The children had to eat their lunch at the cinema as we then had to rush back to school in time for swimming. I hope children enjoyed the trip – I am sure they slept well on Friday after all that exercise!

This week we have been storytelling. On Tuesday, to begin our new unit of English, we went to the canal to listen to a warning story and to see the dangers for ourselves. On Thursday we heard more stories when year 2 came for a visit to relate their new story.

As the countdown to Christmas begins we have made some sheep which the children will be selling at the Christmas Spark on the 8th of December so look out for our stall! You can have a sneaky peak at them on Class Dojo. If you haven’t signed up to Class Dojo please come and see me as it is very simple and we update it regularly with your children’s achievements and pictures of what is happening in Chestnut class.

Enrichment week

Last week was amazing, we certainly put the rich into enrichment! The children learned dances from so many different cultures. On Monday the children did incredible Indian dancing; on Tuesday they tamed a dragon as part of Chinese dancing! On Wednesday the children zoomed to New Zealand to perform a Haka!

In comparison, this week has been quite ordinary! However, the children have still been dancing, although moving to a different beat as we have started our country dancing!

We have also finished adapting our Oliver Twist stories – the children have shown great imagination in changing their characters.

In maths next week we will be looking at perimeter so be prepared to measure the perimeter of your gardens or the

rooms in your house!

Bridge building

Another week gone by and half term is fast approaching. This week in year 4 we have been finishing our first maths unit and moving onto the second. Over the next couple of weeks we will be adding and subtracting so if you need help adding up or balancing the books make sure you give your children the chance to show off their skills!

On Tuesday we had our last forest school and the children had a great time! We were Victorian bridge builders and all of the children showed fabulous growth mind set attitudes to working as a team and designing a bridge.

On Thursday afternoon the children were amazingly creative in the style of William Morris and they drew some amazing wall paper designs which will be on show soon.





School Trip

This week we all had our first school trip to….. Stroud. We were so lucky with the weather, it was a lovely day. We met Mr Mackintosh from the Stroud Textile Trust and he gave us a Victorian tour of Stroud. During the Victorian era, Stroud grew into a town of wealth and prosperity because it was a leading town in the production of cloth. He also explained how Hill Paul became one of the first factories to mass produce off the peg clothing items.

We then went to the museum in the park for lunch, where we took part in a Victorian trail. By the time we returned to school, we had walked over 16,000 steps!  I hope the children slept well!

It’s back to school!

Welcome to Chestnut class and year 4. The first week has already flown by and the children have settled in very well. We have started our topic which this term will focus on the history of Stroud and how it became an important wool town. The wool industry caused Stroud to grow rapidly during the Victorian era and become famous around the world for its scarlet cloth and the part it played in the industrial revolution. The children had a taste of Victorian school life on Thursday; we had typical Victorian lessons including times table chanting, handwriting and finding out the countries of the British Empire.

This Tuesday we will have forest school so please can you make sure that your children have clothes which you are happy for them to get dirty and wellies.

You children’s class dojo profiles have now been moved over to year 4. You should still be able to access them as before. However if you have any issues and you are not getting updates please do let me know.

I am sure that the children will have great time in year 4. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks Mr Halliwell.

Adventure in year 4

Another week has flown by as we get closer to the end of term. This week we have been working hard to finish our adventure stories. The children had to plan what type of adventure they would go on and then write about it. They have also been looking at which country they would like to visit on an adventure.

In  maths we have been working on the computer to create bar graphs, it is very interesting to see the types of data the children want to investigate and produce. As we come to the end of our topic I am hoping to take the children on an adventure to Stratford Park on Friday; part of the adventure will be to walk there. The children will spend this week thinking about what we can do on our adventure and organising it!



The last term!!

This year seems to have flown by; I can’t believe we are going into our last term of year 4.  This term our topic is based on mountains and cycling. We will be looking at the geography of mountains including why they make excellent holiday destinations.  If you have been on holiday to any mountainous regions and would be happy to share your photos please do.

This week the children have been looking at symmetry and finding lines of symmetry in different shapes. On Friday they made their own symmetrical designs and passed them to each other to solve.

In English we are looking at adventures; I have talked about some of my own real life adventures, however I am sure the children would love to hear more. If you, or your family or friends, have undertaken any adventures you are able to share, please let me know as the children would love to hear about them.

Sports enrichment week

Wow, what a week! It has been so busy there has been no time to stop!

On Monday we were all Jumptastic! The children were amazing. Tuesday it was water all the way at South Cerney, the children enjoyed some fantastic water activities  from canoeing to building their own rafts.

Although Sports day was a wash out, the children created some fantastic pop art which included designing trainers!

Thursday we had the inflatable obstacle course which the children flew through.

All week we have had Mr S and Miss Beebee giving classes such as PE and Pool Zumba, which was brilliant!

Whenever we have had time the children have been up and down on the digiwall. I am looking forward to a restful weekend!

Coming to America

Easter break seems a long time ago suddenly and so does our class assembly. Thank you all for coming to the assembly; I thought the children were amazing. They only had a week to practice and they worked really hard to learn their words and actions. I know the children really loved learning about the Tudors and I hope that came across to you in the assembly.

We have already made a start to our new topic on the USA. We will be looking at the geography of the North American continent, the population and the way of life.

Next week we have our sports enrichment week which looks very exciting. We will be going to Jumptastic and spending another day at South Cerney Water Park. Next week also includes sports day, so this week we will be practicing the events, please make sure the children have their PE kits in school.  Thank you.

Happy Easter

It has been a great final week in Class 4. The children have been very excited about breaking up for Easter. On Monday we finished our topic about the Tudors by finding out about Henry VIII wives.

The children also had a visit from the life bus where we learnt about our bodies and how they work.

In English the children had a week of inventing their own traditional tales based on ones they knew, they were excellent and we are making a book. Which we hope to share  in our assembly on the Friday when we get back.

Last week was the country dance festival which the children performance was amazing. Thank you for all the support.

Have a happy Easter and see you next term!



Year 4 24/3/2017

Another week has flown past and we have been very busy! At the start of the week we looked at crime and punishment during Tudor times. One thing was certain – we were glad some of those punishments don’t exist any more!! The Tudors were very violent and some of the punishments were very harsh indeed.

We have also been looking after our new class pet, Sally Slow-mo Snailer, who is an African Land Snail. The children have taken great interest in what she does (which isn’t very much!).  I’m not sure Sally is very interested in what the class is doing!

This coming week we will be attending the country dance festival at Stratford Park and we are looking forward to showing you the results of all of our hard work this term. I hope to see as many of you there as possible to join in with the dancing!

Year 4 Tudor Roses

The children have been working on finishing their own explanation texts. The children have been writing the texts on a subject of their choice. We have been able to explain how to support Tottenham to how to be an amazing gymnast. The children have been really creative and used fantastic examples.

As part of our Tudor Topic the children have made amazing Tudor Roses which have really brightened up the class room.

In Maths the children have been working on decimals, over the coming week we will be rounding and ordering. So if you need help shopping please take the children and test them.


World Book Day- Relax and Read

World Book Day was a big event this year at St Matthew’s. We had our usual dressing up as a book character, with some truly fabulous costumes; our yearly Book swap in the hall in the morning where children bring a book they don’t want anymore and swap it for one they do, a Win Win situation with everyone going home with a free book. Then, later, we did something a bit different. We hosted an event called Relax and Read in the hall and you supported it brilliantly. Thanks to everyone who came, it was a great success!

We transformed the hall into a calm, cosy reading space, with sofas, low lighting and cushions. Thanks to the PTA who served hot chocolate, tea and coffee to everyone- we didn’t have one spilt cup! Thanks to Woody, Miss Smith, Miss Szarko, Mrs Burrows and Mrs Griffin for helping with setting up and serving hot drinks. Thanks to the teachers and TAs who helped by bringing rugs, cushions and loaning out their classroom sofas!

Here are some photos of parents and grandparents reading with children. I think they capture the magic of the afternoon.


Wow what a week

Wow – what a really busy first week back! This week we have been to Victorian School where Mr Halliwell, Miss Oxford and Mrs Burrows all went back in time to show us how to be successful Victorians. We were called by our surnames and made to do hand writing! This was all to help us learn our story telling text. In maths we have been learning to tell the time, converting times from analogue to digital and back again. We have also been converting the different time units e.g. how many seconds are there in 4 minutes? So please do test us. On Thursday we went to Cashes Green School to watch a play about internet safety. The play highlighted the dangers we may face online and how to be careful with passwords and privacy settings. Do discuss this with your children and feel free to ask if you have any queries. On Friday we had a visit from Jack Rutter the Great Britain Paralympic  Football Captain. He demonstrated different exercises and we were all able to have a go. The exercises were really hard but we had loads of fun with music playing and we showed how within Team Wolf we are always encouraging each other to do well

SS Great Britain

On Thursday year 4 had a fantastic trip to the SS Great Britain. The children really enjoyed seeing first hand the amazing work of Isambard Brunel. We had an amazing tour guide who really brought the boat to life. He told us amazing facts about the journeys and what life on board would have been like. The children’s behaviour was outstanding.  I hope you all have a great half term.