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Challenging ourselves

In Year 6 this week we have been pushing and challenging ourselves to keep going at a task and building our resilience.

In Maths, this took the form of an NRich maths challenge, set by mathematicians at Cambridge University. It was lovely to see the children rising to the challenge, not giving up and engaging in some great mathematical chat.

In English, our we’ve been writing explanation texts. We’ve explained how electricity is made, explained how Wallace and Gromit’s crazy contraptions work and have started to design our own ‘Teacher Pleaser’ machine, which we will be writing about next week.

In Topic, the children were fascinated to learn how much food  each adult was allowed to buy during the Second World War. Next week, we will be making our own bomb shelter models.

Long division and diaries

Year 6 have been working so hard! They making Mrs Panton and Mrs Mclellan really proud. In Maths, we have worked on our division skills: we began with looking at the short written method for dividing and have moved on to long division. The children have shown amazing resilience as we’ve learnt a new skill. It might take a while, but the satisfaction we’re getting from solving problems is worth it!

In English, we have completed our end of unit ‘hot task’ – writing a fictional diary entry of a German girl during World War 2. The children wrote some amazingly powerful and mature extracts. We look forward to you seeing them at parent’s evening.

In Science, we’ve been building circuits and learning about current and volatage and in Computing we have been looking at what the Internet is and how it works. We watched the short film “A Packet’s Tale” which shows how information travels around the world.


Life in Year 6

We are *loving* Year 6. The children came in on day one, rested and ready for the challenge!

We just had time to settle in, then we were off again: on our PGL residential at Osmington Bay in Dorset.

We really had a fantastic time. We really want to thank Mr S and Mrs Bateman for coming along with us. You guys are fab!

We hope you enjoyed hearing about our adventures in our class assembly.

Now we’re back, we’ve got to work! We have really upped our game, our writing is joined and we are choosing really ambitious vocabulary to express people’s feelings. We are doing whole class reading, looking at the book Once by Morris Gleitzman.

In Science, our focus is electricity. We have been building simple circuits and are experimenting with conductors and insulators.

St Matthew’s Got Talent!

We have had an incredibly exciting week in Year 6 this week. This week we have performed our class play 3 times to both the whole school and a family audience. The children showed a huge range of different talents and skills and blew us all away!

St Matthew’s Got Talent

This week, the Year 6 children have started their “intense” rehearsals for our end of year play. On such a hot, sweaty week, they have worked really hard to put all of their rehearsal pieces together on stage. Other children in the school have been wondering what’s been going on with the all the different noises that have been coming from the hall. They will have to wait for our dress rehearsal to find out more…

Dragons Den in Year 6

The Year 6 class are now well underway with their business projects for the Enterprise project. They had a “Dragon’s Den” experience with a real-life bank manager where they had to pitch their products and business plan to see if they were approved a loan. Although some groups had a rocky start with this, they all ended up with some money to start up their business in the end. They have started to produce adverts and logos to create a brand for their businesses. Their next step is to start buying and making their products. Miss Szarko is a very enthusiastic taste tester to make sure the quality of the product is up to scratch!

27th April 2018 – Vikings

Year 6 have done lots of work on their new topic of Vikings this week. We have discovered that the famous stories of warriors and fighting only tell part of the story of this historical group. We have looked at their lives as settlers and explored some of their mythical stories. We have found out about their weapons and used this to write non-chronological reports which look beautifully presented. We have also used their longships as inspiration for some artwork which uses water colours and tissue paper to develop the colours of the sea.

STEM week in Year 6

Wow – we have come to the end of another fabulous Enrichment week; this time with a focus on STEM. STEM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and we have undertaken some great projects this week that have challenged us and really made us think.

On Monday we had a visit from Dr Harrison from Bristol University who talked to us about Chemistry and showed us some of the really cool reactions that take place when chemicals are mixed. We learnt about reversible and irreversible reactions, where new materials are created.

On Tuesday we worked with an ICT teacher from Marling. We coded and programmed controllable buggies, using the ‘Crumble’ software to create sequences of code for our buggy to follow. On Tuesday afternoon we had a teacher from ‘the problem solving company’ who brought loads of huge, hands-on puzzles and problems for us to solve.

On Wednesday we took part in a wind powered vehicle challenge which involved us working in teams to create a vehicle that could be driven by a fan. We had to buy materials with virtual money and then test and improve our design as we went.

And last but not least,…… on Friday we were visited by an Engineer from a local engineering company called Nov.com. He told us all about his job as an engineer and how he became and engineer after leaving school.

It has been a brilliant, hands-on week and we have really had a chance to think about some of our growth mindset skills such as teamwork and investigation.

We can’t wait for our trip to London next week where we will visit the Science museum and Natural history museum to continue our STEM adventure!!

Reading Buddies

This week the Year 6 children have really enjoyed setting up a new scheme with the Year 1 class. They are now Reading Buddies, twice a week, with a Year 1 child to support their reading. They are taking this responsibility very seriously and are doing a great job! The Year 1 children are very excited to see their older visitors and it will be lovely to see their confidence and reading ability to grow.

First Week Back – 5/1/18

Happy new year! The children have all made a happy return to school after a good Christmas break. We have worked towards preparing our newspaper reports which we will begin next week and have worked hard with our decimals. Some of the children were very relieved to find that decimals are not as tricky as they first seemed!

Our mini hockey tournament on Thursday was not quite as we expected – it was so windy, the balls kept blowing away before we could hit them! This gave us a good additional challenge but we, unfortunately, had to give up in the end.  It did make us all laugh though.

Christmas is coming…

We have started to feel the effects of the oncoming Christmas celebrations in Year 6 this week.

On Monday, we watched the Infant Nativity, “Born in a Barn”. The Year 6 children were very proud of their younger friends and siblings and enjoyed seeing their moment to “shine” on the stage. The songs were very catchy and we had trouble getting them out of heads for the rest of the week!

We also had a busy morning making mini Christmas puddings out of rice crispy cakes to sell at our Christmas Sparkle. This was good fun and some of got a bit messy! It was difficult for some of us to resist licking our hands! The finished pieces looked beautiful and they sold well at the Christmas Sparkle on Friday. Some of the class even volunteered to stay behind and help run the stall – we were very busy at the beginning so it was a good job!

This has all got us in the Christmassy mood and we look forward to continuing this next week at our Junior Carol Concert held at the church.

Portal Stories

This week, Year 6 have been working really hard at writing their invented portal stories. We have seen stories that send their characters forwards and backwards in time and to different worlds! The children have worked carefully to develop their settings in detail, describing them effectively for their reader. They have also created interesting problems that keep the reader excited to hear whether the character will make it back home! We have then worked incredibly hard and shown great resilience to edit our work to make it perfect before publishing. Well done Year 6.

Interhouse Netball & Rugby

Years 5 and 6 had an exciting end to the week this week. We had our first Interhouse tournament of the year! The houses were split into 2 teams of mixed ages to play either Netball or Football. We had a lovely turn out of parents who cheered the children on and provided encouragement.

Throughout the afternoon, the children showed excellent team work as everyone tried  hard to ensure the whole team was involved and working together. We also saw brilliant sportsmanship with rival teams supporting and encouraging each other – despite some fierce competitive natures!

We had some very close matches where the final goal was scored in the last 30 seconds of the match and the children all had a lovely time (as did the teachers!).

24 Game

We were testing the Year 6’s mental maths this week in a competition of 24. The aim of the game is to create 24 using the 4 basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and the 4 numbers shown on a card – at speed! For every correct solution, the children earn points. It was a very exciting competition and the children were very enthusiastic with some fierce competition! It was lovely to see the children being so keen to do their mental maths work – there will be more competitions to come!

Year 6 ’24’ competition

Today Year 6 had their first competitive game of ’24’, a great mental maths game from America. We split in to mixed groups of 4 and went in to the hall so that we could have plenty of room. In ’24’, you have to make a total of 24 by using four numbers on a card – you can add, subtract, multiply or divide the numbers but you have to use all four.


We had three rounds of ten minutes and there were three levels of difficulty (one dot, two dot and three dot cards). It was really challenging but great fun. We hope to take part in a Stroud area competition that is held at Amberley School in January.


If you want to play ’24’ at home you can visit the website: www.24game.com or you can buy a set of 24 cards online.


Dress Rehearsal!

This was the week of our dress rehearsal for our “Amazing Adventures of Superstan” play. Despite a few nerves and the very hot weather, the children did a wonderful job and enjoyed their performance to the whole school. The play was full of jokes, laughter and …. pants!? The children made the whole school very proud and they are excited to perform it to their parents next week.

Unfortunately, the children are also coming towards the end of their time at St Matthew’s and have all been to visit their secondary schools today. The classroom and school felt very quiet and empty without them!

A Scorching Week in Year 6!

It has been a very hot week this week and we’ve all found it a little difficult! However, we have still stayed busy and got lots done. As part of our Acts of Kindness, we have been giving back to the community this week. We completed a litter pick around Victory Park and along the canal and helped customers with their bagpacking at the Co-op. Thank you to the Co-op for allowing us to visit their store! We have also been working hard at our businesses and have started investing in our products. Rehearsals for our play are also well underway and we have now added in the extra challenge of no more scripts! Good luck Year 6!

First week of the Final Term!

This week has been an incredibly exciting week and we have been very busy! On the first day back, we started Bikeability. Despite the rain and the wind, we have all really enjoyed it and are looking forward to our other sessions throughout the week. We also went to Gloucester Cathedral on Wednesday to attend our Leavers’ Service. It was a lovely service where we were all blessed on new journey to our next school. We were all giving a Holding Cross to take home to remind us of this. As well as all of that, (!) we have also started our Business Projects off along with our Y6 production. We have now started getting on the stage and we are all keen to get going fully. 

Sports Week!

We have had the most exciting week! This week has been Sports Week and it was the perfect treat after our SATs week last week. On Monday, we went to South Cerney and the children were able to take part in a range of water sports. Despite the slightly soggy weather, the children kayaked, sailed, canoed and built their own rafts. The testing of the rafts meant a wet end to the day for many of us! On Tuesday, after lots of PE in school, we went to Jumptastic! We bounced away and really enjoyed watching all of the tricks that the staff could do.  It’s inspired many of us to try and rehearse trampolining to develop our own tricks and skills. A huge highlight of the week has been the Digital Climbing Wall. We have jumped back on the wall at every opportunity to climb, play games and compete against each other. It has been difficult to tear ourselves away from it – especially Miss Szarko!

We are now looking forward to our rearranged Sports Day next week and are crossing our fingers that the rain will stay away!

The week before SATs….

The Year 6 class have been working very hard this week, making the final preparations for our SATs tests next week. We have been working hard at writing stories based on suspense. The children have been trying hard to keep their reader guessing and not know what is around the corner.. this made Miss Szarko’s marking a little unsettling!


Next week, we will sit our SATs tests and the children are now feeling well prepared. Some are even looking forward to it….(?) especially the breakfasts!


Good luck to everybody in Year 6, we all know that you will do a brilliant job!