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This is one of the winners in our school competition, two more to follow.Up, Up and Awayby Ruby BrookOne blazing hot day in Africa, Harriet the Hippo and Claude the Monkey were picking ripe red berries. Claude looked up and called to Harriet “Look at the really ripe ones at the top of the tree.””Don’t worry I’ll get them for you,” called Harriet. There was a big CRACK as she started to climb the tree. “Do be careful,” yelled Claude.When Harriet had thrown all the berries down, she mumbled “Um I think I am stuck.””I’ll get the other animals t save you,” shouted Claude.First Ellie the Elephant came to rescue Harriet. She called “I will suck you down with my trunk.” Ellie sucked and she sucked but she couldn’t suck Harriet down. “Sorry,” mumbled Ellie.Next Pete the Pelican came, he yelled, “You will get into my beak.” When Harriet was about to step into Pete’s beak Claude jumped up and shouted “Harriet you’re far too big to get into Pete’s beak. “sorry I couldn’t rescue you,” sobbed Pete.Then the family of meerkats came. They chorused, “We will build a ladder using ourselves.” As soon as Harriet put one foot on the ladder it fell over! “Sorry,” screeched the falling meerkats.After that, Flora the Flamingo came. She cried, “I will push this tree down.” Flora pushed with all her might but the tree wouldn’t budge. “I’m really sorry that I couldn’t rescue you,” wept Flora sadly.Now the Tigger the Tiger came. He roared, “I will jump into the air and when I get high enough I will take you back to the ground.” Tigger jumped and jumped but he couldn’t reach Harriet. “Don’t feel upset about it,” said Harriet kindly.Next Sam the Snake came, He hissed, “I will slither up this tree and pull you down.” Unfortunately Harriet was too heavy for Sam to pull down the tree.Finally Joey the Giraffe arrived. He called up to Harriet, “You will slide down my neck and be back on the ground. “When Joey was close enough to the tree and her, she carefully crept off the thorny branch and slid all the way down Joey’s long neck.Everybody was over the moon that Joey the Giraffe was able to save Harriet the Hippo. Claude the Monkey shouted, “Three cheers for Joey the Giraffe, hip hip, hooray hip hip, hooray, hip hip hooray!”All the animals celebrated and had a big party with a midnight feast, it had been a long, exhausting day!