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 A very warm welcome back to all our old and new St Matthew’s Families. I hope your holiday’s were peaceful and restful, and if not, I hope they were packed with fun and frivolity!The new term has started off with a very positive feel, shiny new classrooms, shiny new teachers and very shiny new, happy pupils! (If not new, relaxed and ready to tackle whatever is thrown at them!)Happy Gardeners! prayer week 2 019prayer week 2 015prayer week 2 020 We have already had some very keen parent volunteers in to weed the new flower border in the spiritual garden. Its really starting to take shape now, as Mr Armstrong (Mrs Armstrong’s better half) has also laid our patio that had been kindly donated by a St Matthew’s family. We are expecting a donation of topsoil and gravel to arrive shortly to finish the hard landscaping and then the garden club can plant the other borders for us. Its amazing how little miracles happen with a lot of generosity and good will. Prayer WeekI wanted to share with you some of the lovely photos from our Prayer/Reflection week. The children really surpassed themselves by demonstrating their empathy and resilience. We asked them to reflect on some very challenging topics. prayer week 2 007 prayer week 2 014 prayer week 2015 067 prayer week 2015 068 prayer week 2015 072 prayer week 2015 079 prayer week 2015 092 prayer week 2015 109 prayer week 2015 058